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Out Of Babylon

Author : Walter Brueggemann
ISBN : 9781426710056
Genre : Religion
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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"One of the persistent questions for people of faith throughout history is how are we to live faithfully in the empires of the world? In Out of babylon, Walter Brueggemann, one of the best interpreters of the Hebrew Bible, takes a fresh look at the prophetic paradigm of exile and restoration in Babylon and the realism of balancing `resistance' and `accommodation' in Persia, examining characters like Daniel and Esther. He asks what those biblical precedents might mean for living within `American Empire,' prompting reflections and lessons for Christians who reside in the midst of the world's last remaining super-power." Jim Wallis, President of Sojourners and author of God's Politics and Rediscovering Values "If Left Behind eschatology and the politics of Christian Zionism represent the worst and least responsible in applying biblical texts to contemporary realities, to whom would we turn to find the best and most responsible? Surely we would turn to Walter Brueggemann, and this new book would provide a primer---not only in its material conclusions but also in its manner of reaching them. Brueggemann offers his signature biblical insight and writes with exceptional vigor." Brian McLaren, author of A New Kind of Christianity (brianmclaren.net) "Walter Brueggemann is stunningly brilliant here. Besides surveying most of the First Testament prophets to show the relationship of the contemporary Church to the metaphor of `Babylon,' this volume takes some surprising turns and gives us fresh directions. Out of Babylon is a must for All Christians!" Marva Dawn, author of Keeping the Sabbath Wholly, Being Well When We're lll, and In the Beginning GOD "This book drips with prophetic flavor and imagination. For decades, Brueggemann has been a gentle, steadfast voice in the wilderness---inviting cultural refugees, political misfits, and religious burnouts to set up camp and build a new world. In an age that is growing tired of militarism and materialism, here is a book that dares you not only to say NO to the empire but to say YES to another world. Let this book inspire you to look from a distance at Babylon as the falls and Wall Street as she falters and sing songs of deliverance and freedom, songs about the God who lifts up the lowly and casts the mighty from their thrones; these are the songs of Zion." Shane Claiborne, author, activist, and freelance troublemaker
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Out Of Exile Not Out Of Babylon

Author : Glissmann, Volker
ISBN : 9789996060601
Genre : Religion
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Exile and the disruptioon of the exilic period are prominent features in scholarly reconstructions of what influenced the shaping of biblical books and the development of theological thinking. The Babylonian golah community, as an exilic community, is credited by a growing number of scholars with influencing large parts of the Hebrew Bible. This study addresses the question whether the redactions show signs of an exilic mindset (first generation exiles) or are better understood as a reflection of a diaspora mindset (second/third and subsequent generations). This study also reviews all known archaeological diaspora findings from Mesopotamia in the pre-Hellenistic period (aided by insights from Elephantine) in order to build an as comprehensive as possible picture of Jewish diaspora life in Mesopotamia.
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Out Of Babylon

Author : Richard Grossinger
ISBN : 1883319579
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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"This is a strong, deeply moving book. I can't think of another example in which the details and particularities of childhood have been evoked so fully, with such painstaking care and precision". -- Paul Auster, author of Moon Palace, Mr. Vertigo, and Smoke.
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Out Of Babylon

Author : S. Joseph Kidder
ISBN : 0816363846
Genre : Christianity
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Category: Christianity

Chanting Down Babylon

Author : Nathaniel Samuel Murrell
ISBN : 1566395844
Genre : Religion
File Size : 74.92 MB
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A comprehensive and indispensable study of the Rastafarian Movement
Category: Religion

Revelation And The Antichrist

Author : William Edward Dewberry
ISBN : 9781449772307
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.47 MB
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Before the end of time, there will be a short period when Satan will be free to cause great tribulation and distress to the people on earth. God has foreknowledge and has determined the future events that will take place during Satans time on earth. Revelation was written to warn mankind what God has determined for the future. Those who have remained faithful to God will not be harmed during the tribulation and distress. Revelation and the Antichrist is the climax of the story of Gods redeeming plan.
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Solving The Mystery Of Babylon The Great

Author : Edward Hendrie
ISBN : 9780983262725
Genre : Religion
File Size : 60.7 MB
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"Attorney and Christian researcher Edward Hendrie investigates and reveals one of the greatest exposes of all time. . . . a book you don't want to miss. Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great is packed with documentation. Never before have the crypto-Jews who seized the reins of power in Rome been put under such intense scrutiny." Texe Marrs, Power of Prophecy. People have wondered and debated for centuries about the identity of the mysterious Babylon the Great in the book of Revelation. Solving the Mystery of BABYLON THE GREAT examines the historical evidence in light of the scriptures and solves the mystery. The evidence leads to the ineluctable conclusion is that the Roman Catholic Church was established by crypto-Jews as a false "Christian" front for a Judaic/Babylonian religion. That religion is the nucleus of a world conspiracy against man and God. That is not a soft conspiracy theory based upon speculation, but rather the hard truth based upon authoritative evidence, which is documented in this book. Texe Marrs explains in his foreword to the book: "Who is Mystery Babylon? What is the meaning of the sinister symbols found in these passages? Which city is being described as the 'great city' so full of sin and decadence, and who are its citizens? Why do the woman and beast of Revelation seek the destruction of the holy people, the saints and martyrs of Jesus? What does it all mean for you and me today? Solving the Mystery of Babylon the Great answers these questions and more. Edward Hendrie's discoveries are not based on prejudice but on solid evidence aligned forthrightly with the 'whole counsel of God.' He does not condone nor will he be a part of any project in which Bible verses are taken out of context, or in which scriptures are twisted to mean what they do not say. Again and again you will find that Mr. Hendrie documents his assertions, backing up what he says with historical facts and proofs. Most important is that he buttresses his findings with scriptural understanding. The foundation for his research is sturdy because it is based on the bedrock of God's unshakeable Word."
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We Had A Cat When We Lived In Babylon

Author : Bob Battersby
ISBN : 9781493115037
Genre : History
File Size : 23.14 MB
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Bob has written this book as a tribute to the people of an era in our nation’s history. The events in the book are seen through the eyes of pre-teen boys in living on Long Island, New York in the late 1930s and early 40s. It is not so much a tale of survival as it is about the resiliency of youth and how they found ways not only to cope with but to and try to understand the horrific events of December 1941 and the days and years after.
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