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Our Cosmic Ancestors

Author : Maurice Chatelain
ISBN : 9781622336722
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 77.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Our Cosmic Ancestors is a dynamic work unraveling the messages of these 'universal astronauts' and decoding the symbols and visual mathematics they have left for us in the Egyptian Pyramids, Stonehenge, the Mayan calendar, the Maltese Cross and the Sumerian zodiac. The book is captivating reading from beginning to end. However Mr. Chatelain's purpose in sharing these exciting discoveries lies in the hope that all humans will extend their horizons, to release fear of the unknown just enough that another generation will exhibit growing curiosity to continue the search for signs of purposeful nurturing of this planet.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Our Cosmic Ancestry Origins Evolution Metamorphosis Of Life From Other Planets

Author : Rhawn Gabriel Joseph
ISBN : 1938024540
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.83 MB
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"If life were to suddenly appear on a desert island we wouldn't claim it was randomly assembled in an organic soup or created by the hand of god; we'd conclude it washed to shore or fell from the sky. The Earth too, is an island, orbiting in a sea of space, and living creatures and their DNA have been washing to shore and falling from the sky since our planets creation" --Joseph (2000). What has taken place on Earth represents not a random evolution, but the metamorphosis and replication of living creatures which long ago lived on other planets. --Joseph 2000 "Our ancient ancestors, and their genes, journeyed here, from the stars." --Joseph 1997 The discoveries and theories detailed in this text can be summarized as follows: (1) Life on Earth has extraterrestrial origins. (2) These extraterrestrials are descendants of prokaryotes and eurkayotes which had long ago "fallen" unto other planets where they engaged in interplanetary horizontal gene exchange. (3) The genetic information for the evolution of life on Earth has extraterrestrial origins, (4) Once on Earth extraterrestrial genes, including "silent genes" and the genetic material for the generation of additional genes, were transferred into the eukaryotic genome from viruses and bacteria which "fell" to Earth and (5) and their DNA contained all the genetic information necessary for the evolution of every species which has walked, crawled, swam or slithered across this planet--including species which never evolved on Earth. (6) Over the course of evolution on Earth, various species with their "libraries" of extraterrestrial genetic information, genetically and biologically altered the environment via the liberation or secretion of oxygen and calcium and other substances which (7) acted on gene selection leading to new species adapted to a world which had been genetically engineered for their survival. (8) When sufficient oxygen, calcium etc. had been secreted, and with the formation of the ozone layer, silent and other genes were activated giving rise to the Cambrian explosion (9) and the evolution of the eye, brain and skeletal system. (10) Bacteria, archae, and viruses, and perhaps even more complex species, continually fall from space and (11) continue to insert genes, via horizontal gene transfer, into the eukaryotic genome. (12) All these factors explain the step-wise, punctuated equilibrium which characterizes evolution on this planet, leading to the multi-regional evolution and metamorphosis of numerous species of human which indicates (13) Earth was genetically seeded to "grow" every species which has appeared on Earth culminating in woman and man (14) according to the genetic principles of "evolutionary metamorphosis." -Contents- 1. Overview: The Evolution of Alien Life From Other Planets 2. Origins and Evolution of Life From Space 3. Cambrian Explosion: Silent Genes, HGT, Cyanobacteria, Bones, Brains, Eukaryotic Metamorphosis, Genetic Engineering of the Environment 4. Viruses, Genetic Libraries, Evolution, Interplanetary Horizontal Gene Transfer 5. Meteors, Microbes, Viruses: Genetic Seeds of Life Keep Falling to Earth 6. Extinction, Metamorphosis, Evolutionary Apoptosis, Genetically Programmed Mass Death 7. Evolutionary Metamorphosis, Embryogenesis, and the DNA-Supra Organism 8. Multi-Regional Human Metamorphosis 9. Evolution in the Ancient Corners of the Cosmos: Even the Gods Have Gods Who Have Gods 10. REFERENCES
Category: Science

Avebury And The Cosmos Of Our Ancestors

Author : Nicholas Mann
ISBN : 9781846946806
Genre : History
File Size : 67.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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A fresh look at the World Heritage Site that includes Avebury henge, West Kennet long barrow and Silbury Hill. Mann combines archaeology, astronomy and anthropology to offer an original and convincing account of the building of these extraordinary Neolithic monuments. The ancient Britons were inspired by a profound knowledge of the heavens when they erected the monumental stones of Avebury. Mann throws light on the motive behind the creation of its awe-inspiring mounds and megaliths by demonstrating that they were aligned to the cycles of the Sun, Moon and stars. This book will help visitors and readers to see Avebury in a wholly new light - the light of the heavenly bodies that guided its Neolithic builders. Avebury Cosmos will reawaken our ancient reverence for the stars and deepen our respect for the extraordinary abilities and forgotten knowledge of our prehistoric ancestors.
Category: History

God Gametes And The Planet Of The Butterfly Queen

Author : Robert Jameson
ISBN : 9781326179915
Genre : Religion
File Size : 62.61 MB
Format : PDF
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The God Gametes theory is a refreshing look at what may be both the meaning of life and the reason for its creation. It argues that life on earth and in fact our human consciousness, are universal entities. A model is presented that assumes our universe is a tiny part of a multiverse, arguing that the multiverse is a hierarchical structure, each level a reproductive system of intelligent living systems on the next higher level. We take a fictional look at our parent species on that next higher level to find they are far more complex creatures than us but their universe is older and will soon run out of fuel, to then die. Parent species know that to preserve their life and the billions of years of heritage they created they must reproduce on a lower multiverse level. This, we believe, is why humans have developed many features such as a large brain that make our survival on earth more difficult. Yet these features have evolved because they are needed by the reproductive system of the parent species.
Category: Religion

Planetary Dance At Dawn

Author : Dennis Mammana
ISBN : 9781945630156
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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By explaining the mysteries of the cosmos in a friendly and fresh manner, astronomer Dennis Mammana pulls the reader up into a celestial world beyond our world. This is a collection of his columns from 2014, as the summer sky dipped into winter wonders.
Category: Science

The New Age Primer

Author : Various
ISBN : 0929385489
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 68.71 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Welcome to the New Age. It is here. Now. Everywhere. From the way medicine treats the body, mind, and spirit to quantum physics and the films you see, you are noticing a changing reality. Whether you are a newcomer to this age or an adept, you will find this overview fascinating, informative, and empowering. It is a textbook designed to clarify concepts once considered alien to Western thinking. As a guidebook to expand your reality, it can change your ideas about time, space, matter, and even who you are.
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Star Dreaming

Author : Bilawara Lee
ISBN : 9781477149300
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 45.21 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bilawara Lee is a spiritual healer and teacher whose life is completely dedicated to helping us discover the wholeness and boundless beauty within our spirits and hearts. Her true gift is the ability to help you understand how you can discover your inner wisdom. The spiritual revelations she illuminates awaken us to the special path of our spirit without soul influences. This book will guide you to discover your spirits purpose. The book is full of information and instructions on how to live spiritually in todays rapidly changing society. It is a guidebook for your spiritual journey in life and beyond and how to do this without negative soul influences. It tells of Bilawaras journey in writing the book, the philosophies behind the beliefs and ceremonies, and finally the ceremonies that will help anyone who is interested in living their life with Spirit. She brings words of wisdom from our Ancestral Spirits and Cosmic Grandparents. As a Grandmother from the oldest, continues cultures on Earth, Bilawara will share with you wisdoms from the Ancestors for your spiritual journey to the stars.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

We Are Our Ancestors

Author : Richard F. Weaver
ISBN : 9781434992383
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 82.87 MB
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Category: Philosophy

The Reason

Author : Ian Beardsley
ISBN : 9781312238008
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60.27 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An astronomer goes on a Gypsy Shamanistic Journey where he learn extraterrestrial activity on Earth is connected to Christopher Columbus, Queen Isabella The Catholic, and Granada Spain. Reality masquerades as fiction.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Discover And Contact Two

Author : Ian Beardsley
ISBN : 9781312191020
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 28.4 MB
Format : PDF
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What starts out as a simple trip to the Gypsy Caves of Granada, Spain turns into a discovery of the connection of Nature and Number, to the what seems to be the central extraterrestrial activity here on Earth. Starts with a Gypsy Shaman in Spain, then takes a turn in Italy, and ends in California with a connection to Columbus, Homer, and 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Category: Technology & Engineering