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Optimal Control For Chemical Engineers

Author : Simant Ranjan Upreti
ISBN : 9781439838952
Genre : Science
File Size : 82.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Optimal Control for Chemical Engineers gives a detailed treatment of optimal control theory that enables readers to formulate and solve optimal control problems. With a strong emphasis on problem solving, the book provides all the necessary mathematical analyses and derivations of important results, including multiplier theorems and Pontryagin’s principle. The text begins by introducing various examples of optimal control, such as batch distillation and chemotherapy, and the basic concepts of optimal control, including functionals and differentials. It then analyzes the notion of optimality, describes the ubiquitous Lagrange multipliers, and presents the celebrated Pontryagin principle of optimal control. Building on this foundation, the author examines different types of optimal control problems as well as the required conditions for optimality. He also describes important numerical methods and computational algorithms for solving a wide range of optimal control problems, including periodic processes. Through its lucid development of optimal control theory and computational algorithms, this self-contained book shows readers how to solve a variety of optimal control problems.
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The Optimal Control Of Chemical Processes

Author : Coleman B. Brosilow
ISBN : STANFORD:36105046452905
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 30.58 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Attention is focused on obtaining a near optimal controller, for chemical processes, which is simple to design and inexpensive to implement. Pontryagin's technique is used to show that for a quadratic objective function, and a process which is described by a set of ordinary differential equations, linear in the controllable variables, the optimal control is on-off control, when the controllable variables are assumed to be bounded. A technique of parameter optimization is developed and used to obtain the equations which specify the switching times. These equations are restricted to processes which can be approximated by stable, linear, sationary differential equations. For the special case of one switch it is shown that the control law can be transformed into a switching criterion which is linear in the process outputs. Employing this criterion continuously results in a feedback controller which requires only a relay and a summing device for implementation. Analog computer studies on the control of both underdamped and overdamped systems with the 'one switch into the future' optimal controller show that this controller gives a virtually dead beat type of response even for severe disturbances. (Author).
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Instrument Engineers Handbook Volume Two

Author : Bela G. Liptak
ISBN : 1420064002
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 25.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The latest update to Bela Liptak's acclaimed "bible" of instrument engineering is now available. Retaining the format that made the previous editions bestsellers in their own right, the fourth edition of Process Control and Optimization continues the tradition of providing quick and easy access to highly practical information. The authors are practicing engineers, not theoretical people from academia, and their from-the-trenches advice has been repeatedly tested in real-life applications. Expanded coverage includes descriptions of overseas manufacturer's products and concepts, model-based optimization in control theory, new major inventions and innovations in control valves, and a full chapter devoted to safety. With more than 2000 graphs, figures, and tables, this all-inclusive encyclopedic volume replaces an entire library with one authoritative reference. The fourth edition brings the content of the previous editions completely up to date, incorporates the developments of the last decade, and broadens the horizons of the work from an American to a global perspective. Béla G. Lipták speaks on Post-Oil Energy Technology on the AT&T Tech Channel.
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Optimization Of Chemical Plant Simulation Using Double Collocation

Author : Josef Illes
ISBN : 9783832480271
Genre : Science
File Size : 73.78 MB
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Inhaltsangabe:Problemstellung: Für die Lösung einer breiten Klasse der chemischen Betriebssimulationsmodelle, einschließlich Differentialgleichungen und Optimierung ist eine Methode konstruiert worden: Die doppelte orthogonale Kollokation und die Finite Elemente Methode werden angewendet, um das Modell in ein NLP Problem zu konvertieren. Das NLP Problem wird dann entweder durch den nichtlinearen Optimierungscode VF13AD, der auf der sukzessiven quadratischer Programmierung basiert oder durch den nichtlinearen Optimierungscode GRG2, der auf dem generalisierten Gradientenverfahren basiert, gelöst. Dieses Verfahren wird simultane Optimierung und Lösungsstrategie genannt. Das Zielfunktional kann dabei Integralterme enthalten und die Zustandsvariablen sowie die Entscheidungsvariablen können zeitliche Verzögerung haben. Das Modell kann Zustandsvariablen und Entscheidungsvariablen enthaltende Gleichungen, algebraische Gleichungen und Ungleichungen enthalten. Die Höchstzahl der unabhängigen Veränderlichen in den partiellen Differentialgleichungen ist zwei. Die Probleme, die drei unabhängige Veränderliche enthalten, können mit der Differenzenmethode in zwei unabhängige Veränderliche enthaltende Probleme konvertiert werden. Die Höchstzahl der NLP Variablen sowie die der Nebenbedingungen beträgt 1500. Die Methode ist auch für das Lösen der gewöhnlichen und partiellen Differentialgleichungen verwendbar. Die Zustandsfunktionen werden durch eine lineare Kombination der Lagrange Interpolationspolynomen approximiert. Die Kontrollfunktion kann entweder durch eine lineare Kombination der Lagrange Interpolationspolynomen oder durch eine Funktion, die stückweise konstant ist, approximiert werden. Der Wert der Funktion und die Zahl der inneren Kollokationspunkte kann je nach dem finiten Element variieren. Der residuale Fehler wird an äquidistanten Knotenpunkten ausgewertet und ermöglicht so die Genauigkeit der Lösung zwischen Kollokationspunkten zu überprüfen. Die Lösungsfunktionen können tabellarisiert werden. Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit, die Kontrollvektor-Parametrisierung zu verwenden, um die dynamischen Optimierungsprobleme zu lösen, wenn das Modell aus Anfangswertaufgaben besteht. Diese Methode soll angewendet werden, wenn das Modell viele Differentialgleichungen enthält oder die obere Grenze der Integration gleichzeitig eine zu optimal wählende Variable ist. Das Programm ist von VAX FORTRAN 77 in IBM FORTRAN 77 und SUN SPARC 2000 FORTRAN 77 konvertiert [...]
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Fast Motions In Biomechanics And Robotics

Author : Moritz Diehl
ISBN : 9783540361190
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 82.93 MB
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In the past decades, much progress has been made in the field of walking robots. The current state of technology makes it possible to create humanoid robots that nearly walk like a human being, climb stairs, or avoid small - stacles. However, the dream of a robot running as fast and as elegantly as a human is still far from becoming reality. Control of such fast motions is still a big technological issue in robotics, and the maximum running speed of contemporary robots is still much smaller than that of human track runners. The conventional control approach that most of these robots are based on does not seem to be suitable to increase the running speeds up to a biological level. In order to address this challenge, we invited an interdisciplinary community of researchers from robotics, biomechanics, control engineering and applied mathematics to come together in Heidelberg at the Symposium “Fast Motions in Biomechanics and Robotics – Optimization & Feedback Control” which was held at the International Science Forum (IWH) on September 7–9, 2005. The number of participants in this symposium was kept small in order to promote discussions and enable a fruitful exchange of ideas.
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Time Dependent Chemical Processes

Author : Eric Robert Robinson
ISBN : STANFORD:36105031674083
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 41.55 MB
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Scientific Computing In Chemical Engineering Ii

Author : Frerich Keil
ISBN : 3540658513
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 82.55 MB
Format : PDF
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The application of modern methods in numerical mathematics on problems in chemical engineering is essential for designing, analyzing and running chemical processes and even entire plants. Scientific Computing in Chemical Engineering II gives the state of the art from the point of view of numerical mathematicians as well as that of engineers. The present volume as part of a two-volume edition covers topics such as computer-aided process design, combustion and flame, image processing, optimization, control, and neural networks. The volume is aimed at scientists, practitioners and graduate students in chemical engineering, industrial engineering and numerical mathematics.
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