Only Lycans Need Apply

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Only Lycans Need Apply

Author : Michele Bardsley
ISBN : 9781101599570
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 33.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A vampire finds herself in a hair-raising situation in this Broken Hearts novel from New York Times bestselling author Michele Bardsley. Archaeologists like me, Moira Jameson, are ready for trouble. Okay, maybe not human-species-threatening trouble. Or the kind of trouble that arrives in the form of a sexy werewolf named Drake. Yeah. Werewolf. And I thought ancient curses and walking corpses were a joke. Um…not so much. ’Cause a walking corpse named Karn wants to reveal vampires, and all of parakind, to the humans. And everyone else thinks that’s a bad idea. Then a pyramid mysteriously appears in Broken Heart, Oklahoma, and I’m appointed to get inside, survive booby traps, and awaken two very old, very hungry vampires. Luckily, Drake has my back (and my front). Unfortunately, archaeology sometimes reveals some very nasty surprises. And I'll have to decide between saving myself…or saving the world.
Category: Fiction

Some Lycan Hot

Author : Michele Bardsley
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.86 MB
Format : PDF
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Lycan prince Darrius discovers his former fiancee, the once High Priestess of the Moon Goddess Order, did not die in the fire that claimed their werewolf village more than seventy years ago. Now that he knows the truth, nothing can stop him from finding Alaya ... and he tracks her down to Broken Arrow, Oregon. What Darrius doesn't know is that Alaya made a bargain with Nemesis to save his life. The price? His love. If he ever sees her face again, he will die. But with a little intervention from Aphrodite, her love crew, and the citizens of Broken Heart … love will find a way to break a curse and reunite two werewolves who deserve a happy ending. The Broken Heart Series #1 I’m the Vampire, That’s Why #2 Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire #3 Because Your Vampire Said So #4 Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home #5 Over My Dead Body #6 Come Hell or High Water #7 Cross My Heart #8 Must Love Lycans #9 Only Lycans Need Apply #10 Broken Heart Tails #11 Some Lycan Hot #12 You’ll Understand When You’re Dead #13 Lycan on the Edge Broken Heart Holidays #1 Valentine’s Day Sucks (Valentine’s Day) #2 Harry Little, Leprechaun (St. Patrick’s Day) #3 Dead on the Fourth of July (Independence Day)
Category: Fiction

Your Lycan Or Mine

Author : Michele Bardsley
ISBN : 1519969023
Genre : Demonology
File Size : 43.98 MB
Format : PDF
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Ash the Destroyer, the only soul shifter in existence, walked away from the Convocation and never looked back. As their assassin, she’d eaten souls of the most evil creatures in existence—but it’s the innocent souls she’s taken that haunt her. Jarod Dante, the world’s last therianthrope, works for the new Convocation.When the Vedere psychics predict the end of mankind if Ash doesn’t defeat the demon queen Lilith, Jarod must convince the fearsome beauty to forget the past and save the future.Ash and Jarod are unprepared for their instant combustible attraction, but their unexpected connection may be the only way to defeat Lilith and save everyone they love.The Broken Heart Series#1 I’m the Vampire, That’s Why#2 Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire#3 Because Your Vampire Said So#4 Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home#5 Over My Dead Body#6 Come Hell or High Water#7 Cross My Heart#8 Must Love Lycans#9 Only Lycans Need Apply#10 Broken Heart Tails#11 Some Lycan Hot#12 You’ll Understand When You’re Dead#13 Lycan on the Edge #14 Your Lycan or Mine?#15 Blind Date with a Vampire#16 Lycan the Holidays#17 Grin and Bear ItBroken Heart Holidays#1 Valentine’s Day Sucks#2 Harry Little, Leprechaun#3 Some Lycan Hot#4 Lycan, Interrupted#5 A Zombie for Christmas#6 Cat Scratch FeverBroken Heart Worlds#1 Cupid’s Christmas#2 Cupid’s Valentine#3 Cupid’s Birthday
Category: Demonology

Broken Heart Tails

Author : Michele Bardsley
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 56.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Bardsley has created a collection of short stories set in everyone's favorite parakind community: Broken Heart, Oklahoma! This volume contains these humorous paranormal, tales: List of Stories: Gravely Yours You Don’t Know Jack O’ Lantern Dragon Me to Broken Heart The Tale of Princess Glitter and Her Really Stupid, Stinky Brother He Said, Sidhe Said The Warrior and the Maiden Soul Shifter Tax Not the Zombie This Werewolf Walks Into a Dentist's Office... Wish Upon a Zombie The Broken Heart Series #1 I’m the Vampire, That’s Why #2 Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire #3 Because Your Vampire Said So #4 Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home #5 Over My Dead Body #6 Come Hell or High Water #7 Cross My Heart #8 Must Love Lycans #9 Only Lycans Need Apply #10 Broken Heart Tails #11 Some Lycan Hot #12 You’ll Understand When You’re Dead #13 Lycan on the Edge Broken Heart Holidays #1 Valentine’s Day Sucks (Valentine’s Day) #2 Harry Little, Leprechaun (St. Patrick’s Day) #3 Dead on the Fourth of July (Independence Day)
Category: Fiction

You Ll Understand When You Re Dead Broken Heart 12

Author : Michele Bardsley
ISBN : 1310721858
Genre :
File Size : 72.37 MB
Format : PDF
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From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Michele Bardsley...You'll Understand When Your Dead is Book 12 in the popular, bestselling paranormal Broken Heart series...When vampire Natalie Haltom starts receiving an influx of ghost suitors, she can't seem to escape their amorous attentions. And with a ghost cow chasing her everywhere in town, she's having the worst week ever.Vedere psychic Matthew Dennison has moved to Broken Heart to escape the Vedere legacy and to start a new life as a psychic for the vampire queen. He manages to rescue Natalie from a persistent date-happy spirit by announcing his engagement to the beautiful vampire.Just another day in Broken Heart with lonely ghosts, zombie dance-offs, spellcasting teenagers, wedding-planning fae, Little People fertility rituals, and maybe, just maybe, a vampire and psychic finding forever love.THE BROKEN HEART SERIES#1 I'm the Vampire, That's Why#2 Don't Talk Back To Your Vampire#3 Because Your Vampire Said So#4 Wait Until Your Vampire Gets Home#5 Over My Dead Body#6 Come Hell or High Water#7 Cross My Heart#8 Must Love Lycans#9 Only Lycans Need Apply#10 Broken Heart Tails#11 Some Lycan Hot#12 You'll Understand When You're Dead#13 Lycan on the EdgeBROKEN HEART HOLIDAYS SERIES#1 Valentine's Day Sucks (Valentine's Day)#2 Harry Little, Leprechaun (St. Patrick's Day)#3 Dead on the Fourth of July (Independence Day)


Author : Kristen Callihan
ISBN : 9780349406022
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 26.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Once the seeds of desire are sown . . . Finally free of her suffocating marriage, widow Daisy Ellis Craigmore is ready to embrace the pleasures of life that have long been denied her. Yet her newfound freedom is short lived. A string of unexplained murders has brought danger to Daisy's door, forcing her to turn to the most unlikely of saviors . . . Their growing passion knows no bounds . . . Ian Ranulf, the Marquis of Northrup, has spent lifetimes hiding his primal nature from London society. But now a vicious killer threatens to expose his secrets. Ian must step out of the shadows and protect the beautiful, fearless Daisy, who awakens in him desires he thought long dead. As their quest to unmask the villain draws them closer together, Daisy has no choice but to reveal her own startling secret, and Ian must face the undeniable truth: Losing his heart to Daisy may be the only way to save his soul. For fans of Cassandra Clare, Gail Carriger and Amanda Quick - this is a dark, paranormal romance you won't want to miss. 'Evocative and deeply romantic' - Nalini Singh 'A sizzling paranormal with dark history and explosive magic! Calligan is an impressive new talent' - Larissa Ione
Category: Fiction

Taming The Pack Boxed Set

Author : Wendy Sparrow
ISBN : 9781633758858
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
Download : 194
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Sometimes a wolf is all you need. What do you get when you mix Alphas and sheriffs and park rangers? Three sexy tales of wolf shifter romance from the talented Wendy Sparrow sure to keep you up past your bedtime! With one click, immerse yourself in a rich world of danger, intrigue, a little humor, and more than a little heat. Past My Defenses After a feline danderbomb takes Vanessa down, she wakes up naked in a cage staring at a hot park ranger who has no idea what he’d trapped. Dane Hansen had hoped to tame the silver wolf in his kennel, but all bets are off with the deliciously sweet Vanessa on two legs. They’re hot as a forest fire even before they scent-match. Meanwhile, Lycans are being poached, and Vanessa has been targeted. Dane will have to keep her close to protect her, but with Vanessa in heat and mad to mate, who will protect him? This Weakness for You Jordan Hill is his pack’s Alpha wolf, and after his last breakup, he’s opting to be the lone wolf, too. But when his rival’s little sister—a human—comes to his door, what should be a tasty snack turns out to be something more than Jordan could ever imagine. Christa Hansen is simply looking for a place to stay. Yet the dark shifter smells irresistibly like forever. But getting involved with the wolf who tried to kill her brother—twice—is lunacy. Falling for her family’s enemy won’t just be her will be his, too. Crazy Over You Waking up with a naked woman holding a knife at his throat is just about the last thing Sheriff Travis Flynn expected. And the brother she’s looking for? A murderer. And dead. Probably. But the real shock comes when she insists she’s not a Lycan. Once LeAnn Wilcox finds her brother, she’ll get out of the pack’s territory and go back to her regular, nonfurry life. But LeAnn’s life is at stake if she won’t claim her place in the pack, especially once Travis’s control over the pack is challenged and her brother’s fate is questioned.
Category: Fiction

The Alpha

Author : Leni Barber
ISBN : 9781326638122
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 27.8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 953
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Growing up is hard enough. For Lyssa, who had never been like the ‘ordinary’ girls and had always felt that she didn’t fit into this world, it is long, cruel and lonely. When love drags her into a different world, a world of Lycans and Weres, Lyssa discovers just how extraordinary she really is. There is a place for Lyssa in this world, but she is going to have to fight for it, for the right to be with her love, and for her life. Being different made Lyssa an outsider but now she is centre-stage and she is about to show everyone exactly what she is capable of. Lyssa certainly isn’t ordinary, but does she have what it takes to belong to this world?
Category: Fiction

Lycan Unleashed

Author : Tiffany Allee
ISBN : 9781622669936
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 67.5 MB
Format : PDF
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A paranormal category romance novella from Entangled's Covet imprint... To lead a lycan into temptation... Detective Astrid Holmes is a sensitive with the gift of being able to sense the presence and powers of Otherworlders. But when a vampire turns up dead and key evidence disappears, Astrid is pulled from both the case and Chicago Police's "freak squad" Paranormal Unit. Now she's out to clear her name....and there's only one man who can help her. Mason Sanderson is an investigator with the Otherworlder Enforcement Agency-and a lycan with a few control issues. While Mason needs Astrid's help almost as much she needs his, he can't afford any wildcards. As it is, he's already playing with fire...the kind that led to a sizzling kiss at last year's Christmas party. But this killer will do anything to get away with murder...and the only thing standing between Astrid and disaster is one seriously bad-ass lycan. Previously released on Entangled's Ever After imprint - January 2013
Category: Fiction

Lycan Prince

Author : Anastasia Maltezos
ISBN : 9781771110167
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 64.98 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 324
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He is a Lycan Prince sworn to protect his people. She is a warrior woman who fights with silver. Prince Vasilis does not believe there is one true mate for every werewolf. Yet, he begins to wonder if he is bedding two, three wenches at a time to quench his mounting hunger, a lust he cannot sate, or because the legend is true, that his time to mate has come. Is there one woman destined to be his? One woman for all eternity who can satisfy his relentless hunger? No. The human woman he needs does not exist. His mate must be brave, strong, fear nothing and have more fire in her veins than all his Lycan guards combined. Alexandra is on a mission. She must wed the prince to save her little sisterês life. The fates conspire and bring her to him, but on first sight she tries to kill him. She is a beautiful warrior woman who makes men stop dead in their tracks, who fears nothing and no one, who above all, will not fall under the princeês seductive, sensual spell.
Category: Fiction

A Touch Of Crimson

Author : Sylvia Day
ISBN : 9781101544655
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79.6 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 164
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From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Crossfire series comes the first novel in a hot-blooded paranormal romance series... Adrian Mitchell is an angel of immense power and insatiable desire. Leading an elite Special Ops unit of the Seraphim, his task is to punish the Fallen—angels who have become vampires—and command a restless pack of indentured lycans. But Adrian has suffered his own punishment for becoming involved with mortals—losing the woman he loves again and again. Now, after nearly two hundred years, he has found her—Shadoe, her soul once more inhabiting a new body with no memory of him. This time he won’t let her go. With no memory of her past as Shadoe, Lindsay Gibson only knows she can’t help being fiercely attracted to the smoldering, seductive male who crosses her path. Swept into a dangerous world of tumultuous passion and preternatural conflict, Lindsay is soon caught in the middle between her angel lover, her vampire father, and a full-blown lycan revolt. There’s more at stake than her love and her life—this time she could lose her very soul...
Category: Fiction

Dark Lycan

Author : Christine Feehan
ISBN : 9780349401942
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 50.34 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 119
Read : 1137

Tatijana of the Dragonseekers spent centuries encased in ice with her sister, trapped in limbo between life and death, never speaking to a soul other than those who tormented her. Now, she has been freed from her frozen prison by an unknown descendent. Awakened in human form, Tatijana yearns to explore the modern world in which she now lives-a world with more mysteries than she is prepared for. Fenris Dalka has returned to the Carpathian Mountains after a long absence to be with his brother. He is scarred by centuries of battle, and every hard-won victory. But the real reason for his return home could prove deadly if discovered by the wrong man-or woman. Upon his arrival, he is compelled by a beautiful and enigmatic stranger who carries the scent of fresh earth, of forest, of the night itself. In time Tatijana and Fenris will discover all that unites them-their secrets and pasts, their predators, and the hot flush of passion that stirs their souls. Yet just as surely, seduced into the silvery darkness of a full-moon night, they'll also discover everything ancient and evil that exists to destroy them.
Category: Fiction

Dark Blood

Author : Christine Feehan
ISBN : 9780698139350
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 726
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The fates of a warrior reborn and a seductive Dragonseeker are irrevocably entwined in this thrilling Carpathian novel by #1 New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan. Zev Hunter was an elite warrior, a dark-blood dealer of death to Lycans who preyed on mankind. But he begins to question his past when he awakens in the sacred cave of warriors—and is soothed back to consciousness by the sensuously familiar voice of the woman who has haunted his fantasies for centuries: Branislava, member of the Dragonseeker clan. Now, with a blood-sworn vow of honor, mercy and endurance, and under the influence of a siren as bewitching as Branislava, Zev begins to wonder what his purpose is, what it means for the future of the Carpathians and what it is about his rebirth that he has to fear... INCLUDES BONUS CONTENT!
Category: Fiction

Lycan King

Author : Anastasia Maltezos
ISBN : 9781771111119
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.80 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
Download : 337
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Lycans and vampires do not mate. When Eve, a beautiful vampire, journeys to King Dragoês castle, she doesnêt expect the contempt and dislike the king shows her. He wants her off his royal grounds because he doesnêt want to place his people in harmês way with her vile thirst. Vampires are evil, he says, ruled by the devil, feeding off innocents to survive. Eve doesnêt care what he thinks. She has arrived at his castle for one reason. She wants her daughter. Drago, a two-hundred-year-old Lycan King, cannot explain the lust heating his loins for this undead beauty. She has the face of an angel, yet she splays her sword like a warrior and fights like his best royal guard. In time, it is more than her beauty and fighting skills that interests him. It is her courage and bravery, her compassion and honour that makes him realise he may have done her a great injustice calling her evil. He soon discovers he is lusting after her like no other because she is his one, his soul mate. How can that be? He knows of no Lycan in existence who has ever claimed a vampire.
Category: Fiction

A Priori Knowledge

Author : Albert Casullo
ISBN : UOM:49015002585314
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 51.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 965
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Tackling some of the issues concerning a priori knowledge, this book attempts to identify the primary epistemological issues and explore the relationships among them. Four main questions are tackled: what is a priori knowledge?; is there a priori knowledge?; what is the relationship between the a priori and the necessary?; and what is the relationship between the a priori and the analytic?
Category: Philosophy

Consciousness And Experience

Author : William G. Lycan
ISBN : 0262121972
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 71.37 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 171
Read : 902

This sequel to Lycan's Consciousness (1987) continues the elaboration of his general functionalist theory of consciousness, answers the critics of his earlier work, and expands the range of discussion to deal with the many new issues and arguments that have arisen in the intervening years—an extraordinarily fertile period for the philosophical investigation of consciousness. Lycan not only uses the numerous arguments against materialism, and functionalist theories of mind in particular, to gain a more detailed positive view of the structure of the mind, he also targets the set of really hard problems at the center of the theory of consciousness: subjectivity, qualia, and the felt aspect of experience. The key to his own enlarged and fairly argued position, which he calls the "hegemony of representation," is that there is no more to mind or consciousness than can be accounted for in terms of intentionality, functional organization, and in particular, second-order representation of one's own mental states. A Bradford Book
Category: Psychology

Philosophy Of Language

Author : William G Lycan
ISBN : 9781135907631
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 62.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 738
Read : 600

Philosophy of Language: A Contemporary Introduction introduces the student to the main issues and theories in twentieth century philosophy of language, focusing specifically on linguistic phenomena. Topics are structured in four parts in the book. Part I, Reference and Referring Expressions, includes topics such as Russell's Theory of Desciptions, Donnellan's distinction, problems of anaphora, the description theory of proper names, Searle's cluster theory, and the causal-historical theory. Part II, Theories of Meaning, surveys the competing theories of linguistic meaning and compares their various advantages and liabilities. Part III, Pragmatics and Speech Acts, introduces the basic concepts of linguistic pragmatics, includes a detailed discussion of the problem of indirect force and surveys approaches to metaphor. Part IV, new to this edition, examines the four theories of metaphor. Features of Philosophy of Language include: new chapters on Frege and puzzles, inferentialism, illocutionary theories of meaning and relevance theory chapter overviews and summaries clear supportive examples study questions annotated further reading glossary.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Tempted Knights

Author : V. R. Vogt
ISBN : 9781503517851
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 86.51 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 251
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LIVES WILL BE LOST, love will be tested, and allegiances will be broken, as the war raging between vampires and Knights grows dangerously close. The Alliance is forced to call upon their allies, a powerful breed of warriors known as the Lycans, to fight against the impending onslaught of destruction. Angelo, the warrior king and Tempted Knight, is struggling with his own inner demons, resisting his thirst for blood, while his one true soul mate, Whitney, seeks to save Angelo from those out to harm him and from himself. They will stop at nothing to save each other from certain doom or die trying against all odds. When imminent danger arises, Will their love endure? Can the Alliance prevail? Find out who survives and who becomes a casualty of war.
Category: Fiction

Underworld Rise Of The Lycans

Author : Greg Cox
ISBN : 9781439155936
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 679
Read : 764

The official movie novelization of the latest film in the blockbuster action/horror movie series, Underworld—coming to theaters in January 2009 from Sony Pictures! Centuries ago...two ageless and terrifying races—the aristocratic vampires and the feral lycans—are bound by a cruel, ancestral relationship between master and servant, and eternally separated by the ongoing, violent rivalry between their two species. But unknown to both nobility and enslaved alike, a clandestine—and forbidden—affair between the lycan servant Lucian and the beautiful vampire noblewoman Sonja burns brightly with an unbridled passion. Seeking to escape Sonja’s tyrannical father, Viktor, and a future in which their love is considered an abomination, Lucian risks the ever-present machinations of the court and his very life to cast himself and his beloved free of their bonds...a daring tactic that will eventually give all lycans the courage to rise up against their oppressive vampire overlords. New alliances are forged even as the chains of slavery are broken...and all that Lucian and Sonja hold dear will be threatened with utter annihilation....
Category: Fiction