Only Dead On The Inside

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Only Dead On The Inside

Author : James Breakwell
ISBN : 9781944648640
Genre : Humor
File Size : 35.12 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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It's not easy being a parent these days. There are bills to pay. Kids to feed. And hordes of undead monsters to keep at bay. There are plenty of guides out there about how to survive the zombie apocalypse. All of them assume readers are young, fit, and unencumbered by children. In that scenario, the only living humans left will be smug, outdoorsy Millennials. That's hell on earth, even without the zombies. Only Dead on the Inside is the answer for the rest of us. Written by professional comedy writer and amateur father-of-four James Breakwell (@XplodingUnicorn), Only Dead on the Inside blends traditional parenting advice with zombie survival tips, bringing together two totally unrelated genres in a book no one asked for but everyone needs. This step-by-step manual teaches you how to raise happy, healthy children in a world overrun by the undead. Motivated moms and dads want it all, and that won't change at the end of the world. There's no reason you can't be a zombie killing machine AND parent of the year, but you have to work for it. If you want to make sure your family is apocalypse-ready, Only Dead on the Inside is your best—and only—chance at survival. No pressure, but if you don't read this book, your children will die.
Category: Humor

Reborn Dead Inside

Author : Deanna Fae Prall
ISBN : 9781477178201
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 89.13 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In Deannas first book of poetry, she cronichles an approximate 6-month period in her life at the age of twenty-one where she battled addiction, overcame depression, and encountered many other trials and tribulations. The book was left raw to some degree to reflect the honest pain and anguish she was experiencing when writing through all of this. It is written in a revealing and honest light with hope for readers on similar paths near the end. Reader Review: "I read your book today and found it to be very straight to the point revealing the exact reality of your life. It touched my heart in many ways. I found myself being able to relate to so many of your emotions. I passed the book on to my mother and she has already said that she can relate to it. I want to congratulate you on your success....on being able to find the strength to overcome many obstacles in life. All I can say is well done, my friend, well done." ~T.S. Wilkins~ Another book review available at:
Category: Poetry

Dead Inside

Author : Cyndy Etler
ISBN : 9781492635741
Genre : Young Adult Nonfiction
File Size : 39.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"[An] unnerving and heartrending memoir..."—Publishers Weekly A fast-paced memoir that gives readers a glimpse into the unbelievable reality of a young girl's 16 months in the notorious "tough love" program the ACLU called "a concentration camp for throwaway kids." I never was a badass. Or a slut, a junkie, a stoner, like they told me I was. I was just a kid looking for something good, something that felt like love. I was a wannabe in a Levi's jean jacket. Anybody could see that. Except my mother. And the professionals at Straight. From the outside, Straight Inc. was a drug rehab. But on the inside it was...well, it was something else. All Cyndy wanted was to be loved and accepted. By age fourteen, she had escaped from her violent home, only to be reported as a runaway and sent to a "drug rehabilitation" facility that changed her world. To the public, Straight Inc. was a place of recovery. But behind closed doors, the program used bizarre and intimidating methods to "treat" its patients. In her raw and fearless memoir, Cyndy Etler recounts her sixteen months in the living nightmare that Straight Inc. considered "healing."
Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Dead Inside

Author : Gareth Wood
ISBN : 9781618682338
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The people of the Mission Safe Zone have a problem. Nine years have passed since the dead rose and civilisation crumbled. The Mission Safe Zone, established in the first year of the outbreak, has managed to keep thousands of living humans safe from the undead hordes. But now people are going missing, vanishing without trace, and Sheriff Jim Reilly suspects a new threat exists inside the Wall that surrounds the Safe Zone. Reilly believes that a serial killer lives among the survivors. For salvagers Robyn Cartwright and Amanda Martin, a serial killer is the least they have to worry about. Something is going on with the undead outside the Wall, something that could have deadly repercussions for the Safe Zone, and every living thing within it.
Category: Fiction

One Tough Ombre

Author : John Sandifer
ISBN : 9781469157146
Genre : History
File Size : 79.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The 90th Texas Oklahoma Division was nick-named The Tough Ombres. The men wore a T/O patch on their shoulders. But it was anything but tough when it hit Utah Beach and tried to move inland. Taking terrible casualties and making stupid mistakes, the Division was called the worst on the continent by top brass. Charles Sarge Goodson, a farm kid from Childress, Texas, came to the 90th Division as another green replacement. He was intensely proud of the Tough Ombres. But both Charles and the 90th Division had some fast growing up to do if they were going to survive.
Category: History

Dead Inside

Author : M. Mathews
ISBN : 1480853399
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 84.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Janmarie Mathis grows up abnormally curious about the real world, and she sets out on a coming-of-age journey. But she suffers from recurring nightmares about being a victim of a horrendous assault. When her college roommate is attacked and left for dead, the now twenty-three-year-old Janmarie begins receiving harassing calls from stalkers. After her date is beaten one night in front of her eyes, Janmarie's real-life nightmare begins. She is snatched by the two thugs and transported to a strange place where she awakens chained to a bed only to realize that there are two other women held captive with her. As she attempts to survive daily torture, Janmarie waits for the right moment, overpowers her captors, and manages to escape along with her two cellmates. After she becomes the sole survivor, her journey leads her into the witness protection program where she meets Luke Mills, a bachelor district attorney and every woman's dream. Now only time will tell if Janmarie will be able to live within her new identity and move forward away from her dangerous past and into a happily-ever-after. Dead Inside shares the gripping tale of one woman's scrappy quest to survive and find true love after she is the victim of a heinous crime.
Category: Fiction

Don T Open Dead Inside

Author : Brithney Dirkets P
ISBN : 1097349136
Genre :
File Size : 75.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lost Souls

Author : Sunwon Hwang
ISBN : 9780231520508
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 28.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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These captivating short stories portray three major periods in modern Korean history: the forces of colonial modernity during the late 1930s; the postcolonial struggle to rebuild society after four decades of oppression, emasculation, and cultural exile (1945 to 1950); and the attempt to reconstruct a shattered land and a traumatized nation after the Korean War. Lost Souls echoes the exceptional work of China's Shen Congwen and Japan's Kawabata Yasunari. Modernist narratives set in the metropolises of Tokyo and Pyongyang alternate with starkly realistic portraits of rural life. Surrealist tales suggest the unsettling sensation of colonial domination, while stories of the outcast embody the thrill and terror of independence and survival in a land dominated by tradition and devastated by war. Written during the chaos of 1945, "Booze" recounts a fight between Koreans for control of a former Japanese-owned distillery. "Toad" relates the suffering created by hundreds of thousands of returning refugees, and stories from the 1950s confront the catastrophes of the Korean War and the problematic desire for autonomy. Visceral and versatile, Lost Souls is a classic work on the possibilities of transition that showcases the innovation and craftsmanship of a consummate and widely celebrated storyteller.
Category: Literary Criticism

Destiny In The Desert

Author : Jonathan Dimbleby
ISBN : 9781847654670
Genre : History
File Size : 61.30 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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It was the British victory at the Battle of El Alamein in November 1942 that inspired one of Winston Churchill's most famous aphorisms: 'This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning'. And yet the significance of this episode remains unrecognised. In this thrilling historical account, Jonathan Dimbleby describes the political and strategic realities that lay behind the battle, charting the nail-biting months that led to the victory at El Alamein in November 1942. It is a story of high drama, played out both in the war capitals of London, Washington, Berlin, Rome and Moscow, and at the front in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morrocco and Algeria and in the command posts and foxholes in the desert. Destiny in the Desert is about politicians and generals, diplomats, civil servants and soldiers. It is about forceful characters and the tensions and rivalries between them. Drawing on official records and the personal insights of those involved at every level, Dimbleby creates a vivid portrait of a struggle which for Churchill marked the turn of the tide - and which for the soldiers on the ground involved fighting and dying in a foreign land. Now available in paperback in time, Destiny in the Desert, which was shortlisted for the Hessell-Tiltman prize 2012-13, is required reading for anyone with an interest in the Desert War.
Category: History

Only The Dead

Author : Hamilton Wende
ISBN : 9780143529811
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 88.29 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Deep in the Ugandan jungle, a mysterious new presence has infiltrated the Claws of God - a cult army of child soldiers led by the depraved General Faustin. The children are now being controlled by the sinister Papa Mephisto, and believe he is possessed by the magic and power of the lion. Psychologist Tania Richter is struggling to penetrate the minds of these dangerous and brainwashed children. She calls on Sebastian Burke who, while trying to escape his traumatic past and failed relationship, has been researching lion mythology and its tangled history in human culture. Sebastian soon finds himself embroiled in a war that extends to the conflict between Islamic extremists and the American government. With the world under threat of a nuclear terrorist attack and the lives of the children at stake, he and Tania must race to uncover the tangled history of lions and humans through the ages, and face its horrifying implications.
Category: Fiction

The Mysteries Of Life

Author : K.C. Castle
ISBN : 9781469163796
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 73.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Konahamru is telling the story of the Great Yamanaka, but what happens when the past catches up with reality? What hidden secrets are revealed between Yamanaka and Konahamru? This is a spiritual story that deals with the struggles of everyday life and the gambles of truth. This story captures the life of Yamanaka and those that have helped her with her endeavors. The beauty of nature is a powerful thing for Yamanaka. She lives off the land with no boundaries, while trying to cope with different mysteries throughout her life.
Category: Fiction

Electronic Access Control

Author : Thomas L. Norman
ISBN : 9780123820280
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 81.27 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Access Control Systems are difficult to learn and even harder to master due to the different ways in which manufacturers approach the subject and the myriad complications associated with doors, door frames, hardware, and electrified locks. Electronic Access Control consolidates this information, covering a comprehensive yet easy-to-read list of subjects that every Access Control System Designer, Installer, Maintenance Tech or Project Manager needs to know in order to develop quality and profitable Alarm/Access Control System installations. Within these pages, Thomas L. Norman, a master at electronic security and risk management consulting and author of the industry reference manual for the design of Integrated Security Systems, describes the full range of EAC devices -- credentials, readers, locks, sensors, wiring, and computers, showing how they work, and how they are installed. The book presents an arcane and complex subject with a conversational and layered learning approach that results in a thorough understanding of each point, thus offering quick career advancement potential to students and prospective security professionals. A comprehensive introduction to all aspects of electronic access control Provides information in short bursts with ample illustrations Each chapter begins with outline of chapter contents and ends with a quiz May be used for self-study, or as a professional reference guide
Category: Business & Economics

Critique Of Information

Author : Scott Lash
ISBN : 9781847876522
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 28.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This penetrating book raises questions about how power operates in contemporary society. It explains how the speed of information flows has eroded the separate space needed for critical reflection. It argues that there is no longer an 'outside' to the global flows of communication and that the critique of information must take place within the information itself. The operative unit of the information society is the idea. With the demise of depth reflection, reflexivity through the idea now operates external to the subject in its circulation through networks of humans and intelligent machines. It is these ideas that make the critique of information possible. This book is a major testament to the prospects of culture, politics and theory in the global information society.
Category: Social Science

The First Rule

Author : Robert Crais
ISBN : 9781409107231
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 66.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Joe Pike is out for revenge and no cop, no bad guy, no one alive, is going to stop him. Frank Meyer had got out of 'the life' safely. He had put an end to his mercenary days, turned over a new leaf and settled down with his wife and children. It had been a hard decision but, encouraged by his boss and friend Joe Pike, he had walked away. Ten years later, a group of armed men break into his Los Angeles home and brutally gun down him and his family. It's a vicious, cold and professional job. The crew leave no trace behind except the bodies. But they have made one catastrophic, and almost certainly terminal, mistake - Joe Pike. Because Pike is now determined to hunt down and eliminate everyone involved in the attack, one by one. And it doesn't matter that, as he starts to investigate, he discovers that these criminals are bigger and better organised than he ever could have imagined, because they are about to learn the first rule: Don't make Joe Pike mad...
Category: Fiction

Daily Words Of Encouragement To Live By

Author : Dr. Jim Bostic Th. DS.
ISBN : 9781449780159
Genre : Religion
File Size : 33.93 MB
Format : PDF
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Life for many people does not offer much to be celebrated. Finances are tight, relationships have gone badly, health concerns have risen, children are becoming unmanageable, and it has caused many people to feel defeated. The Daily Words of Encouragement will lift the broken hearted, give hope to the hopeless, and bring healing for your soul.
Category: Religion

Dreams And Dead Ends

Author : Jack Shadoian
ISBN : 0198032633
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 29.18 MB
Format : PDF
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Dreams and Dead Ends provides a compelling history of the twentieth-century American gangster film. Beginning with Little Caesar (1930) and ending with Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead (1995), Jack Shadoian adroitly analyzes twenty notable examples of the crime film genre. Moving chronologically through nearly seven decades, this volume offers illuminating readings of a select group of the classic films--including The Public Enemy, D.O.A., Bonnie and Clyde, and The Godfather--that best define and represent each period in the development of the American crime film. Richly illustrated with more than seventy film stills, Dreams and Dead Ends details the evolution of the genre through insightful and precise considerations of cinematography, characterization, and narrative style. This updated edition includes new readings of three additional movies--Once Upon a Time in America, Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead, and Criss Cross--and brings this clear and lively discussion of the history of the gangster film to the end of the twentieth century.
Category: Performing Arts

Congress From The Inside

Author : Sherrod Brown
ISBN : 0873386760
Genre : Political parties
File Size : 50.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Four decades of Democratic control of Congress abruptly came to an end with the 1994 elections, which propelled the Republican party to an unfamiliar role as the majority party in both houses of Congress. Second-term congressman from Ohio Sherrod Brown was thrust into this frenetic first 100 days which were very partisan and often very nasty. Congress from the Inside takes freshman Congressman Brown through the halls of the Capitol as he learns his job; depicts the inner-working and deal-making of Congress; shows how legislation is crafted; and visits the offices of other members and small meetings where much of the work of Congress is done. Brown's third term, still as a member of the minority party, exposes the strengths and weaknesses of Congress as an institution, its successes and failures, its diversity and its elitism. This account of the transition from a political majority status to minority status discloses the trauma felt by one party and the exhilaration experienced by the other as one era ended and a new one began.
Category: Political parties