Online Professional Development

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Online Professional Development Through Virtual Learning Communities

Author : Sonja Hollins-Alexander
ISBN : 9781452276717
Genre : Education
File Size : 63.91 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Create a 21st-century professional development program! Can online learning deliver high-caliber professional development (PD) with lower costs? This timely book shows you how, and the answer lies in combining well-designed online instruction with the energy of peer-to-peer collaboration. Sonja Hollins-Alexander writes from her own experience building a successful online professional development program for a large urban district. Readers will find: Research-based support for online PD and the learner-learner model A thorough planning guide and ten action steps for program development Best practices for managing staffing and resources Strategies for establishing virtual learning communities that thrive
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Online Conferences

Author : Lynn Anderson
ISBN : 1617351385
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.19 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The professional conference has been, for many years, the primary tool for continuing education and networking in many professions. Now, however, the economic and environmental costs associated with travel, and the opportunity costs associated with absence from the workplace, compel organizers, trainers and executives to weigh the costs versus the benefits of this form of professional development. Online conferences offer an effective alternative that is economical, environmentally friendly and convenient. These factors position online professional conferences as poised to emerge as a mainstream form of lifelong learning in all professions. This book looks at the elements of effective continuing professional education, the affordances of interactive technologies, and the lessons learned by experienced online conference organizers. It is designed to provide guidance and advice to those wishing to coordinate, sponsor or participate effectively in an online professional development conference. The text describes various ways in which a variety of networking technologies are being used to support successful online professional development events. Resources for conference organizers are given in the form of links to commercial and open source software, and companies providing platforms and comprehensive support for the organization of online conferences. The text contains the results of interviews with 12 organizers of the most successful online conferences to date. Finally, a list of best practices, based on the research literature, experiences of the authors and experienced online conference organizers, is presented in the final chapter.
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Online Professional Development

Author : John D. Ross
ISBN : 9781452269580
Genre : Education
File Size : 59.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Much-needed direction for navigating online professional development Online professional development expert John D. Ross’s practical framework will help you ask the right questions and make sound development and purchasing decisions. Based on proven principles of professional learning and instructional design, he guides you through charting your course to success and provides a path to answering these fundamental questions: Why do I need OPD? How much does it cost? How do I get started? What does high-quality online learning look like? What technologies are right for me? Did it work?
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Virtual Mentoring For Teachers Online Professional Development Practices

Author : Keengwe, Jared
ISBN : 9781466619647
Genre : Computers
File Size : 72.1 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A major investment in professional development is necessary to ensure the fundamental success of instructors in technology-integrated classrooms and in online courses. However, while traditional models of professional development rely on face-to-face instruction, online methods are also gaining traction-viable means for faculty development. Virtual Mentoring for Teachers: Online Professional Development Practices offers peer-reviewed essays and research reports contributed by an array of scholars and practitioners in the field of instructional technology and online education. It is organized around two primary themes: professional development models for faculty in online environments and understanding e-Learning and best practices in teaching and learning in online environments. The objective of this scholarship is to highlight research-based online professional development programs and best practices models that have been shown to enhance effective teaching and learning in a variety of environments.
Category: Computers

Teacher Training And Professional Development Concepts Methodologies Tools And Applications

Author : Management Association, Information Resources
ISBN : 9781522556329
Genre : Education
File Size : 43.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Regardless of the field or discipline, technology is rapidly advancing, and individuals are faced with the challenge of adapting to these new innovations. To remain up-to-date on the current practices, teachers and administrators alike must constantly stay informed of the latest advances in their fields. Teacher Training and Professional Development: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications contains a compendium of the latest academic material on the methods, skills, and techniques that are essential to lifelong learning and professional advancement. Including innovative studies on teaching quality, pre-service teacher preparation, and faculty enrichment, this multi-volume book is an ideal source for academics, professionals, students, practitioners, and researchers.
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Teacher Learning In The Digital Age

Author : Chris Dede
ISBN : 1612508979
Genre : Education
File Size : 41.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) training, Teacher Learning in the Digital Age examines exemplary models of online and blended teacher professional development, including information on the structure and design of each model, intended audience, and existing research and evaluation data. From video-based courses to just-in-time curriculum support platforms and MOOCs for educators, the cutting-edge initiatives described in these chapters illustrate the broad range of innovative programs that have emerged to support preservice and in-service teachers in formal and informal settings. "As teacher development moves online," the editors argue, "it's important to ask what works and what doesn't and for whom," They address these questions by gathering the feedback of many of the top researchers, developers, and providers working in the field today. Filled with abundant resources, Teacher Learning in the Digital Age reveals critical lessons and insights for designers, researchers, and educators in search of the most efficient and effective ways to leverage technology to support formal, as well as informal, teacher learning.
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Enhancing Professional Development For Teachers

Author : National Research Council
ISBN : 9780309111119
Genre : Education
File Size : 34.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Teachers, like other professionals, need to stay informed about new knowledge and technologies. Yet many express dissatisfaction with the professional development opportunities made available to them in schools and insist that the most effective development programs they have experienced have been self-initiated. Enhancing Professional Development for Teachers explores how the provision of professional development through online media has had a significant influence on the professional lives of an increasing number of teachers. Growing numbers of educators contend that online teacher professional development (OTPD) has the potential to enhance and even transform teachers' effectiveness in their classrooms and over the course of their careers. They also acknowledge that it raises many challenging questions regarding costs, equity, access to technology, quality of materials, and other issues. Enhancing Professional Development for Teachers suggests that teachers be active participants in planning and implementation of any new technologies that enhance professional development. The book recommends that federal and state policy makers take on the responsibility of promoting equal access to technology while the federal government and foundations play an important role by supporting the development, evaluation, and revision of OTPD.
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Professional Development In Online Teaching And Learning In Technical Communication

Author : Beth L. Hewett
ISBN : 9780429683756
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 41.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Technical communication instructors need professional development opportunities that will aid them in creating their online courses; in developing curricula; and in teaching in what may be a new environment. Although instructors can turn to instructional design teams for assistance in using Learning Management System and its functions, they specifically need their own first-hand, immersive learning within their pedagogical training. In other words, teachers need to learn in an online context like the environment that their students will use; such direct training helps instructors to facilitate student learning in a technologically distributed classroom. Beyond learning technological skills to facilitate a course, these teachers need to learn to use the technology effectively to keep students on track and to teach them skills and material. This collection—which includes three contributions from 2007 and 10 from 2017—focuses on the types of professional development instructors need to be successful in the online technical communication classroom. Formed as a 10-year retrospective of the field and its advances in online education professional development, the book offers instructors theoretical and practical suggestions for creating and teaching successful online courses and managing entire online technical communication programs. This book was originally published as a special issue of Technical Communication Quarterly (TCQ).
Category: Social Science

Professional Development

Author : Sally J. Zepeda
ISBN : 9781596671935
Genre : Education
File Size : 60.28 MB
Format : PDF
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This top-selling book will serve as the compass and road map to your school s professional development journey. A comprehensive and authoritative resource you will go to again and again, this book helps guide principals, directors of professional development, school/district committees, and other leaders in creating an effective professional development program that moves ideas from knowledge to action. Topics include: Learning Communities Job-Embedded Learning Coaching Teacher Study Groups Critical Friends Lesson Study Portfolios And more! Additionally, this book features helpful case studies, useful forms and templates, sample agendas, and other invaluable resources for professional development. The second edition contains the following enhancements: Expanded coverage of job-embedded learning, which is a cost-effective way for administrators to enhance professional development with their staff More information on the theoretical grounding of professional development with applications that can be readily adapted for use in schools Updated references and figures to reflect newly published literature on the topics covered User-friendly tabs, so you can find and return to your favorite sections time after time "
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Continuing Professional Development

Author : David Megginson
ISBN : 9780749482503
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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To maximise enjoyment of work and life requires a continual response to the changing world in which we live. Are you living to work or working to live? What would you like to be doing? We need to look within at our latent skills and abilities and explore ways of building on our current talents and developing new aspects of ourselves. Continuing Professional Development explores the importance of continuing professional development (CPD) and the different methods that can be used to analyse development needs and create and implement a CPD plan. It provides practical guidance and a theoretical overview of CPD, including examples and case studies. This fully updated 2nd edition of Continuing Professional Development includes increased coverage of the critical debate about issues in CPD, outlines how to organize and encourage CPD and provides guidance on how senior members of the profession can use and benefit from CPD. Activities and self-diagnostic tools, critical debates about issues and coverage of how to organize and encourage CPD all bring the topic to life for CIPD students undertaking the Professional Development Scheme as well as general readers seeking to encourage CPD in the workplace. Online supporting resources include an instructor's manual and lecture slides.
Category: Business & Economics

Pedagogy Development For Teaching Online Music

Author : Johnson, Carol
ISBN : 9781522551102
Genre : Music
File Size : 33.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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With the shift towards online education, teaching and learning music has evolved to incorporate online environments. However, many music instructors, faculty, and institutions are being challenged on how to evolve their curriculum to meet these demands and successfully foster students. Pedagogy Development for Teaching Online Music is a critical scholarly resource that examines the nature of teaching and learning music in the online environment at the post-secondary level. Featuring a broad range of topics such as online and face-to-face instruction, instructional design, and learning management system, this book is geared towards educators, professionals, school administrators, academicians, researchers, and students seeking current research on designing online music courses using a social constructivist framework.
Category: Music

Handbook Of Professional Development In Education

Author : Linda E. Martin
ISBN : 9781462515271
Genre : Education
File Size : 57.53 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This comprehensive handbook synthesizes the best current knowledge on teacher professional development (PD) and addresses practical issues in implementation. Leading authorities describe innovative practices that are being used in schools, emphasizing the value of PD that is instructive, reflective, active, collaborative, and substantive. Strategies for creating, measuring, and sustaining successful programs are presented. The book explores the relationship of PD to adult learning theory, school leadership, district and state policy, the growth of professional learning communities, and the Common Core State Standards. Each chapter concludes with thought-provoking discussion questions. The appendix provides eight illuminating case studies of PD initiatives in diverse schools.
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Evidence Based Instruction In Reading

Author : Gay Fawcett
ISBN : 013287542X
Genre : Education
File Size : 38.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Accessible and focused, this book offers dozens of easy-to-implement, research-based family involvement techniques and strategies teachers can use to get families involved in their child's literacy development. An early chapter captures family involvement strategies that can be implemented at the classroom level—such as vocabulary development activities, read to your child routines, and a family involvement homework calendar. A follow-up chapter focuses on effective school-wide family involvement programs—from easy first steps to effective parent volunteer initiatives. Focused coverage includes discussion of high-impact assessment techniques, as well as conversation-starting questions that work with book clubs, professional learning communities, and professional development workshops.
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Handbook Of Research On Professional Development For Quality Teaching And Learning

Author : Petty, Teresa
ISBN : 9781522502050
Genre : Education
File Size : 56.83 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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As educational standards continue to transform, it has become essential for educators and pre-service teachers to receive the support and training necessary to effectively instruct their students and meet societal expectations. However, there is not a clear consensus on what constitutes teacher effectiveness and quality within the education realm. The Handbook of Research on Professional Development for Quality Teaching and Learning provides theoretical perspectives and empirical research on educator preparation and methods for enhancing the teaching process. Focusing on teacher effectiveness and support provided to current and pre-service educators, this publication is a comprehensive reference source for practitioners, researchers, policy makers, graduate students, and university faculty.
Category: Education

Teacher Education And Professional Development In Tesol

Author : JoAnn Crandall
ISBN : 9781317279488
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 39.47 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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At the forefront of research on English language teacher education and professional development, this volume presents new empirical research situated in different contexts around the world, including Canada, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Korea, Qatar, Sudan, and the U.S. It is framed by the volume editors’ insightful overview and analyses of previous and ongoing work in a variety of related domains and an epilogue by David Nunan. The chapter studies are organized around three themes: teacher identity in ESL/EFL teacher education and professional development programs, second language teacher education programs for diverse contexts, and professional development for diverse contexts. All chapters focus on the applied nature of the research and include a section on implications. To provide balance and a range of views, the volume includes both chapters reporting on empirical research funded by TIRF grant recipients and several from invited authors who are senior scholars in the field. This is the third volume in the Global Research on Teaching and Learning English Series, co-published by Routledge and TIRF.
Category: Foreign Language Study

Massive Open Online Courses For Professional Development For Teachers Of Higher Education An Indian Perspective

Author : Pratibha Mallu
ISBN : 9783346396945
Genre : Education
File Size : 37.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Academic Paper from the year 2021 in the subject Pedagogy - The Teacher, Educational Leadership, grade: A, , language: English, abstract: The main aim of the present paper is to explore the importance and contribution of MOOCs for the professional development of teachers in higher education institutes. MOOCs are online courses for anyone with internet access. A qualitative research has been conducted to find out the opinion of teachers. At present MOOCs are popular in higher education institutes particularly in engineering and management. In general, teachers’ attitude towards MOOCs is positive. MOOCs can be used for teachers who need: additional insights into topic of their choice, to update their skills, to expand their knowledge and to learn innovatory and current trends in teaching-learning. MOOCs require some more momentum in the form of teachers’ awareness, credit recognition, etc. In the future, there will be high demand for MOOCS for professional development, since professionals can continue their services, apart from updating their skills. Thus, MOOCs can be incorporated gradually in a step-by-step manner to cope with the current trends of teachers’ professional development along with the updated rules and regulations.
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