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On Weathering

Author : Mohsen Mostafavi
ISBN : 026263144X
Genre : Architecture
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In a clear and direct account, supplemented by photographs, Mostafavi and Leatherbarrow examine buildings and other projects to show that continual refinishing of a building by natural forces is a continuation of the building process rather than a force antagonistic to it. Original paperback.
Category: Architecture

Physical And Chemical Weathering In Geochemical Cycles

Author : NATO Advanced Study Institute on Physical and Chemical Weathering in Geochemical Cycles, (
ISBN : 9027728216
Genre : Nature
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute, Aussois, France, September 4-15, 1985
Category: Nature

Chemical Weathering Rates Of Silicate Minerals

Author : Arthur F. White
ISBN : 9781501509650
Genre : Science
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Volume 31 of Reviews in Mineralogy reviews current thinking on the fundamental processes that control chemical weathering of silicates, including the physical chemistry of reactions at mineral surfaces, the role of experimental design in isolating and quantifying these reactions, and the complex roles that water chemistry, hydrology, biology, and climate play in weathering of natural systems. The chapters in this volume are arranged to parallel this order of development from theoretical considerations to experimental studies to characterization of natural systems. Secondly, the book is meant to serve as a reference from which researchers can readily retrieve quantitative weathering rate data for specific minerals under detailed experimental controls or for natural weathering conditions. Toward this objective, the authors were encouraged to tabulate available weathering rate data for their specific topics. Finally this volume serves as a forum in which suggestions and speculations concerning the direction of future weathering research are discussed.
Category: Science

Handbook Of Material Weathering

Author : George Wypych
ISBN : 9781927885321
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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Handbook of Material Weathering, Sixth Edition, is an essential guide to the effects of weathering on polymers and industrial products, presenting theory, stress factors, methods of weathering and testing and the effects of additives and environmental stress cracking. The book provides graphical illustrations and numerical data to examine the weathering of major polymers and industrial products, including mechanisms of degradation, effect of thermal processes, and characteristic changes in properties. The book also discusses recycling, corrosion and weathering, and the weathering of stone. This sixth edition updates this seminal work with recent developments and the latest data. Polymers and industrial plastics products are widely used in environments where they are vulnerable to the effects of weathering. Weathering stress factors can lead to deterioration or even complete failure. Material durability is therefore vital, and products for outdoor usage or actinic exposure are designed so that the effects of artificial and natural weathering are minimized. This book is an important reference source for those involved in studying material durability, producing materials for outdoor use and actinic exposure, research chemists in the photochemistry field, chemists and material scientists designing new materials, users of manufactured products, those who control the quality of manufactured products and students who want to apply their knowledge to real materials. Offers detailed coverage of theory, stress factors and methods of weathering Provides specific information and numerical data for 52 polymers and 42 groups of industrial products, including characteristic changes and degradation mechanisms Discusses major additional topics, such as weathered materials for recycling and the interrelation between corrosion and weathering Provides graphical illustrations and numerical data to examine the weathering of major polymers and industrial products
Category: Technology & Engineering

Weathering And The Riverine Denudation Of Continents

Author : Pedro José Depetris
ISBN : 9789400777170
Genre : Science
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In this monograph the authors present an overview of the state-of-the-art and use examples or case histories to illustrate the combined role of rock decay and rivers on continental denudation. The Earth’s surface dynamics would not be conceivable without the fundamental component of rock weathering and the subsequent transport of solid debris and dissolved components to the coastal ocean through riverine drainage pathways. In other words, continental wear away is highly dependent on the mechanisms that control mineral decay. Moreover, besides the significant role played by rivers in shaping the Earth’s outer skin, there is the important function that rivers perform in all geochemical cycles, mediating between the lithosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere and the hydrosphere. Drainage basins and the weathering of rocks that occur therein may be significant sources (or sinks) of carbon dioxide and, hence, play a significant role in affecting the Earth’s climate.
Category: Science

Rock Weathering

Author : Dorothy Carroll
ISBN : 9781468417944
Genre : Science
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Soil science is perhaps one of the oldest practical sciences, having been of concern to man probably from the time he progressed from a strictly preda tory life to one in which agriculture became important. In view of the anti quity of concern with the subject, it is perhaps surprising that it can be approached from a fresh viewpoint, as is done in this book. Because soil science is an applied science, it is not surprising that the approach is usually descriptive, rather than imaginative. For agriculturalists and other land users, perhaps the most important part of soil science is the description of soils and the capacities of such soils to maintain crops, and this is reflected by the fact that soil science is usually treated ima highly descriptive manner, with soil classification being one of the main efforts. The treatment of the subject from a geological point of view, with considerable emphasis on the evolution of soils and the reasons governing their composition and form, makes this a highly readable book. Books on soil science are timely, with present-day concern with such major problems as the pollution of our environment and the possibility of overreaching our capacity for producing food for an expanding population.
Category: Science

The Chemistry Of Weathering

Author : J.I. Drever
ISBN : 9027719624
Genre : Science
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Several important developments in our understanding of the chemistry of weathering have occurred in the last few years: 1. There has been a major breakthrough in our understanding of the mechanisms controlling the kinetics of sil icate dissolution, and there have been major advances in computer modeling of weathering processes. 2. There has been a growing recognition of the importance of organic solutes in the weathering process, and hence of the inter-relationships between mineral weathering and the terrestrial ecosystem. 3. The impact of acid deposition ("acid rain") has been widely recognized. The processes by which acid deposition is neutral ized are closely related to the processes of normal chemical weathering; an understanding of the chemistry of weathering is thus essential for predicting the effects of acid deposition. 4. More high-qual ity data have become available on the chemical dynamics of smal I watersheds and large river systems, which represent the integrated effects of chemical weathering.
Category: Science

Weathering And Landscape Evolution

Author : Alice V. Turkington
ISBN : 0444520317
Genre : Science
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In recognition of the fundamental control exerted by weathering on landscape evolution and topographic development, the 35th Binghamton Geomorphology Symposium was convened under the theme of Weathering and Landscape Evolution. The papers and posters presented at the conference imparted the state-of-the-art in weathering geomorphology, tackled the issue of scale linkage in geomorphic studies and offered a vehicle for interdisciplinary communication on research into weathering and landscape evolution. The papers included in this book are encapsulated here under the general themes of weathering mantles, weathering and relative dating, weathering and denudation, weathering processes and controls and the 'big picture'. * Contains 15 papers on the techniques and methodologies of research * Provides an up-to-date overview of various aspects of weathering and landscape evolution complemented by a number of excellent case studies * Contains a wealth of basic field data and relevant information
Category: Science