On Jews And Judaism In Crisis

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On Jews And Judaism In Crisis

Author : Gershom Scholem
ISBN : 9781589880740
Genre : Religion
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Essays, letters, and articles written by the distinguished Jewish scholar over a fifty-year period. Includes three essays on Walter Benjamin.
Category: Religion

Judaism And Crisis

Author : Armin Lange
ISBN : 9783525542088
Genre : History
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The political, social, cultural, and religious crises Jews encountered in their long history influenced the development of Jewish culture, thought, and religion. The authors describe how Jews coped with these threatening events, especially how they consequently had to rethink and shape their Jewish identity anew.
Category: History

Anti Semitism In Times Of Crisis

Author : Sander L. Gilman
ISBN : 9780814730560
Genre : History
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Lawyer, activist, teacher, writer: for over 40 years, Derrick Bell has provoked his critics and challenged his readers with uncompromising candor and progressive views on race and class in America. A founder of Critical Race Theory and pioneer of the use of allegorical stories as tools of analysis, Bell's groundbreaking work shatters conventional legal orthodoxies and turns comfortable majoritarian myths inside out. Edited and with an extensive introduction by leading critical race theorists Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, The Derrick Bell Reader reflects the tremendous breadth of issues that Bell has grappled with over his phenomenal career, including affirmative action, black nationalism, legal education and ethics. Together, the selections offer the most complete collection of Derrick Bell's writing available today.
Category: History

First Century Judaism In Crisis

Author : Jacob Neusner
ISBN : 9781597525398
Genre : Religion
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No generation in the history of Jewry has been so roundly, universally condemned by posterity as that of Yohanan ben Zakkai. A crisis was taking place in Palestine Ð a conflict between the Romans' need for expanding their empire, trade, and strategic locale, and the Jews' need for continuing to serve God with their laws and their holy land. Beginning with the destruction by the Romans of the second temple in A.D. 70, we have a continuing picture of Pharisee Rabbi Yohanan ben Zakkai, leader of Jewish reconstruction and founder of contemporary Judaism as we know it today: how the Torah affected Yohanan's education, war activities, social problems, and theological issues. Especially important to Jews and Christians alike is the picture of Pharisees and Pharisaism that emerges and the enlightening story of what happened to the many Jews of this first-century who did not become Christians. First-Century Judaism in Crisis is a popularized version of the author's prize-winning biography of Yohanan ben Zakkai (Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1970).
Category: Religion

Crisis And Covenant

Author : Jonathan Sacks
ISBN : 0719042038
Genre : Covenants
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Discusses various issues in contemporary Jewish theology. Ch. 2 (p. 25-53), "The Valley of the Shadow", is dedicated to the theological interpretation of the Holocaust. The Holocaust poses several problems to Jewish thought: Is God present in the post-Auschwitz world? Did the Holocaust renew the Covenant or did it survive intact? May the Holocaust be interpreted in terms of punishment, or is its meaning different, maybe inexplicable, in the extant categories of human ethics? May the Holocaust be regarded as a necessary transitional point on the way to the Jewish state? What lessons may be extracted from the Holocaust? Presents various solutions of modern-day Jewish theologians. Argues that the only lesson of the Holocaust is the reality of a common Jewish fate.
Category: Covenants

Jewish Philosophy And The Crisis Of Modernity

Author : Leo Strauss
ISBN : 9781438421445
Genre : History
File Size : 32.12 MB
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Explores the impact on Jews and Judaism of the crisis of modernity, analyzing modern Jewish dilemmas and providing a prescription for their resolution.
Category: History

The World Of Jesus

Author : John Riches
ISBN : 0521386764
Genre : Religion
File Size : 63.49 MB
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This book examines the social, economic, political, and cultural context of first-century Judaism. Precipitated by the coming of the Romans during the previous century, Judaism experienced a crisis of cultural erosion in the first century A.D. The author first describes the ways in which foreign domination threatened the Jewish community - for example, by causing a migration away from the countryside into cities. He then discusses how various groups of Jews tried to preserve their cultural identity through their definitions of Jewishness and through the ethical codes they devised. Groups examined include the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Zealots, the Essenes, and John the Baptist and his followers. The author locates Jesus' teaching in relation to the teachings of these groups, arguing that Jesus was deeply committed to the values of the Jewish tradition even while he proposed radical change that he believed would bring renewal.
Category: Religion

Crisis Revolution And Russian Jews

Author : Jonathan Frankel
ISBN : 9780521513647
Genre : History
File Size : 89.66 MB
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This collection of essays examines the politicization and the politics of the Jewish people in the Russian empire during the late tsarist period. The focal point is the Russian revolution of 1905, when the political mobilization of the Jewish youth took on massive proportions, producing a cohort of radicalized activists - committed to socialism, nationalism, or both - who would exert an extraordinary influence on Jewish history in the twentieth-century in Eastern Europe, the United States, and Palestine. Frankel describes the dynamics of 1905 and the leading role of the intelligentsia as revolutionaries, ideologues, and observers. But, elsewhere, he also looks backwards to the emergent stage of modern Jewish politics in both Russia and the West and forward to the part played by the veterans of 1905 in Palestine and the United States.
Category: History

Jewish Values And Social Crisis

Author : Albert Vorspan
ISBN : UOM:39015005347441
Genre : Judaism and social problems
File Size : 78.53 MB
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Gift of Rabbi W. Gunther Plaut.
Category: Judaism and social problems

The Messianic Idea In Judaism And Other Essays On Jewish Spirituality

Author : Gershom Gerhard Scholem
ISBN : UVA:X000114404
Genre : Eschatology, Jewish
File Size : 74.39 MB
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Gershom Scholem was the master builder of historical studies of the Kabbalah. When he began to work on this neglected field, the few who studied these texts were either amateurs who were looking for occult wisdom, or old-style Kabbalists who were seeking guidance on their spiritual journeys. His work broke with the outlook of the scholars of the previous century in Judaicádie Wissenschaft des Judentums, the Science of Judaisḿwhose orientation he rejected, calling their ́disregard for the most vital aspects of the Jewish people as a collective entity: a form of ́censorship of the Jewish past.́ The major founders of modern Jewish historical studies in the nineteenth century, Leopold Zunz and Abraham Geiger, had ignored the Kabbalah; it did not fit into their account of the Jewish religion as rational and worthy of respect by ́enlightened́ minds. The only exception was the historian Heinrich Graetz. He had paid substantial attention to its texts and to their most explosive exponent, the false Messiah Sabbatai Zevi, but Graetz had depicted the Kabbalah and all that flowed from it as an unworthy revolt from the underground of Jewish life against its reasonable, law-abiding, and learned mainstream. Scholem conducted a continuing polemic with Zunz, Geiger, and Graetz by bringing into view a Jewish past more varied, more vital, and more interesting than any idealized portrait could reveal. ́from the Foreword by Arthur Hertzberg, 1995
Category: Eschatology, Jewish

Judaism In Contemporary Context

Author : Jacob Neusner
ISBN : UOM:39015067641392
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 65.99 MB
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The essays collected here form a contribution to a half-century of Jewish public life. From the 1950s to the present day, Jacob Neusner has served as one of the public intellectuals of the English-speaking community of Judaism. The essays, beginning a half-century ago and continuing to the present day, claim a hearing for two reasons. First, the issues persist for a new generation to confront. Second, there is the story of a generation now passing that remains to be told. The essays collected here form a contribution to the narrative. These concern both Judaism the religion viewed in its own terms, and also Judaism the amalgam of religious and ethnic components viewed in the political setting of the Jewish People, with special reference to the English-speaking component of that People. These enduring issues are captured by the words 'Holocaust' and 'State of Israel'. The impact of the Holocaust has defined the condition and consciousness of world Jewry from the Second World War onward. For not a few it takes the place of Judaism. So too, the State of Israel and Zionism define paramount parts of that amalgam, and for many these two substitute for Judaism. The Holocaust, Zionism, and the State of Israel represent claims upon the consciousness and conscience of the diaspora that none would contemplate dismissing. Neusner has spent the last 50 years engaging with the perennial issues that Judaism confronts, which remain as relevant in the twenty-first century as ever.
Category: Social Science

Israel S Jewish Identity Crisis

Author : Yaacov Yadgar
ISBN : 9781108488945
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 22.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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An innovative and provocative study tackling the main assumptions surrounding Israel's claim to Jewish identity.
Category: Political Science

Judaism As A Civilization

Author : Mordecai M. Kaplan
ISBN : 9780827610507
Genre : Religion
File Size : 71.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A transformative work on modern Judaism
Category: Religion

Judaism And Global Survival

Author : Richard H. Schwartz
ISBN : 1930051875
Genre : Religion
File Size : 47.89 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book discusses the challenges facing humanity and the Jewish teaching related to these challenges, in order to Galvanize Jews to help repair the world, as required by Jewish law.
Category: Religion

Israel And The World

Author : Martin Buber
ISBN : 0815604815
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 57.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Written over 40 years, this text seeks to: clarify the relation of certain aspects of Jewish thinking and Jewish living to contemporary intellectual movements; and to analyze those trends within Jewish life, which, surrendering to many ideologies, tend to weaken the teachings of Israel.
Category: Political Science

Blacks In The Jewish Mind

Author : Seth Forman
ISBN : 9780814726808
Genre : Religion
File Size : 32.91 MB
Format : PDF
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Investigates what Jewish thinking on African Americans reveals about Jewish identity in the United States, and argues that the commitment of Jews to liberalism led them to act in ways that were contrary to their own interests
Category: Religion

Defenses Of The Imagination

Author : Professor of Hebrew and Comparative Literature Robert Alter
ISBN : UOM:39015008154018
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.46 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Explores the encounter of literary imagination and modern history through an analysis of the works of such Jewish writers as Gershom Scholen, Lea Goldberg, and Charles Reznikoff
Category: Religion

Why The Jews

Author : Dennis Prager
ISBN : 1416591230
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.59 MB
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From the bestselling authors of The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism comes a completely revised and updated edition of a modern classic that reflects the dangerous rise in antisemitism during the twenty-first century. The very word Jew continues to arouse passions as does no other religious, national, or political name. Why have Jews been the object of the most enduring and universal hatred in history? Why did Hitler consider murdering Jews more important than winning World War II? Why has the United Nations devoted more time to tiny Israel than to any other nation on earth? In this seminal study, Dennis Prager and Joseph Telushkin attempt to uncover and understand the roots of antisemitism -- from the ancient world to the Holocaust to the current crisis in the Middle East. This postmillennial edition of Why the Jews? offers new insights and unparalleled perspectives on some of the most recent, pressing developments in the contemporary world, including: • The replicating of Nazi antisemitism in the Arab world • The pervasive anti-Zionism/antisemitism on university campuses • The rise of antisemitism in Europe • Why the United States and Israel are linked in the minds of antisemites Clear, persuasive, and thought provoking, Why the Jews? is must reading for anyone who seeks to understand the unique role of the Jews in human history.
Category: Religion

Open Wounds

Author : David Patterson
ISBN : 9780295986456
Genre : History
File Size : 90.99 MB
Format : PDF
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In this book, David Patterson sets out to describe why Jews must live -- but especially think -- in a way that is distinctly Jewish. For Patterson, the primary responsibility of post-Holocaust Jewish thought is to avoid thinking in the same categories that led to the attempted extermination of the Jewish people. The Nazis, he says, were not anti- Semitic because they were racists; they were racists because they were anti-Semitic, and their anti-Semitism was furthered by a Western ontological tradition that made God irrelevant by placing the thinking ego at the center of being. If the Jewish people, in their particularity, are "chosen" to attest to the universal "chosenness" of every human being, then each human being is singled out to assume an absolute responsibility to and for all human beings. And that, Patterson says, is why the anti-Semite hates the Jew: because the very presence of the Jew robs him of his ego and serves as a constant reminder that we are all forever in debt, and that redemption is always yet to be. Thus the Nazis, before they killed Jewish bodies, were compelled to murder Jewish souls through the degradations of the Shoah. But why is the need for a revitalized Jewish thought so urgent today? It is not only because modern Jewish thought, hoping to accommodate itself to rational idealism, is thereby obliged to put itself in league with postmodernists who "preach tolerance for everything except biblically based religion, beginning with Judaism," and who effectively call on Jews, as fellow "citizens of the global village," to disappear. It is also because without the Jewish reality of Jerusalem, there is only the Jewish abstraction of Auschwitz, for in Auschwitz the Jews were murdered not as husbands and wives, parents and children, but as efficiently numbered units. If the Jews, Patterson claims, are not a people set apart by "a Voice that is other than human," then the Holocaust can never be understood as evil rather than simply immoral. With Open Wounds, Patterson aims to make possible a religious response to the Holocaust. Post-Holocaust Jewish thinking, confronting the work of healing the world -- of tikkun haolam -- must recover not just Jewish tradition but also the category of the holy in human beings' thinking about humanity.
Category: History