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Okinawan Goju Ryu

Author : Seikichi Toguchi
ISBN : 0897500180
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 74.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Discusses about etiquette, kata, stances, and techniques of the goju-ryu system as practiced in Okinawa. This book includes a detailed section on sanchin breathing and step-by-step photos with foot patterns.
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Classical Kata Of Okinawan Karate

Author : Pat McCarthy
ISBN : 0897501136
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 33.21 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Pat McCarthy, a shorinji-ryu stylist and triple-crown winner of the North American Karate Championships in 1974, demonstrates 11 karate kata. A detailed history of Okinawan karate and biographies of 37 of its greatest patriarchs are also included.
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Zen Odyssey An Okinawan Karate Martial Arts Journey

Author : Mark D Bishop
ISBN : 9781326905217
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 30.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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An entertaining odyssey by all means, which all readers, not only karate-ka, can enjoy. The work describes a fascinating 'voyage of discovery' through the Okinawan martial arts during the author's younger years. Both informative & factual, the work leads the reader on a journey of initiation from the preliminary stages of being a 'live-in disciple' of Goju-ryu & trainee of Matayoshi Kobudo in post-Reversion Okinawa, as he travels with the reader through the exploration of Uechi-ryu, Shorin-ryu & Okinawan te; also of a vast spectrum of connected Ryukyuan cultural entities. His attention to detail is commendable, as the shared expedition becomes an esoteric odyssey to find the zen spark of enlightenment that evades so many seekers, but which can be found within one's own nature. Mark D Bishop is arguably the foremost authority on historical Okinawa karate & martial arts. He continues to write, travel, research and teach extensively on various aspects of these, including its related anma bodywork & zen.
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The Essence Of Okinawan Karate Do

Author : Shoshin Nagamine
ISBN : 0804821100
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 75.38 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Shoshin Nagamine was the last of the legendary pre-war karate masters and a well-known disciple of peaceful non-violence. His classic work, The Essence of Okinawan Karate-do, documents eighteen of the Okinawan karate kata and seven partner exercises (kumite), as well as a number of basic techniques, transmitting the secrets of Okinawan karate from its greatest masters to the modern reader. Used for generations as a practical and pictorial guide, it contains over rare 1,000 photographs of pre-war masters demonstrating their martial arts. But it is an unusual reference in another way as well: Shoshin Nagamine's wisdom integrates stunning martial arts capability with non-violence and spiritual peace.
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Essence Of Okinawan Karate Do

Author : Shoshin Nagamine
ISBN : 9781462902484
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 41.19 MB
Format : PDF
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The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do presents the teachings of legendary martial arts master Shoshin Nagamine, founder of the Matsubayashi school of Shorin-ryu karate-do. Used for generations as a practical and pictorial guide, it contains over 1,000 photographs to document eighteen classic karate kata (preset forms) and seven yakusoku kumite (prearranged partner exercises), as well as basic techniques. This book is a precise and easily accessible pictorial guide to performance and perfection of traditional karate. The only book in English with photos of one of the great prewar masters demonstrating the proper execution of Okinawan karate, The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do is a bridge between karate's legendary past and the practitioners of today. This ingenious and imaginative text explains the historical landmarks in the development of style, vividly outlines its leading forms and techniques, and recalls noted Okinawan karate men of the past, including the author's teachers Ankichi Arakaki, Choki Motobu, and Chotoku Kyan.
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Ryu Te No Michi

Author : Seiyu Oyata
ISBN : LCCN:00702363
Genre : Karate
File Size : 59.36 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Karate

Okinawan Karate Teachers Styles Secret Techniques Revised Expanded Second Edition Master Version

Author : Mark D Bishop
ISBN : 9780244145958
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 85.86 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Progression is a positive trait, as long as one keeps in touch with the past and has a staple backdrop to focus or fall back on. Although the Revised Expanded Third Edition contains all the wording and photographs that are reproduced in both the first edition, as well as this Revised and Expanded Second Edition, it comparatively represents a step into what was, for these latter two books, the future. The year 2019, in which I am writing this foreword, represents respectively 30 years and 20 years into the future since the publication of these two books, so I think this faithful reproduction of the Master Version by Q&I Publications is well timed. For some readers it might bring about nostalgia, for others it might be an eye-opener into a world that is not always truthfully represented, due to commercial or other reasons. For the teachers who I interviewed and have been embodied herein, I hope this Master Version will remain a testament into how they wished to be represented for time immemorial.
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Wandering Along The Way Of Okinawan Karate

Author : Giles Hopkins
ISBN : 9781623174484
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 76.57 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A personal, philosophical, and historical exploration of Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate written by an experienced master. In Wandering Along the Way of Okinawan Karate, Giles Hopkins draws on his fifty years of martial arts experience to take the reader on a journey through the meaning of kata (form) and bunkai (application) in Okinawan Goju-Ryu karate. Hopkins offers his personal reflections on the enigma of karate kata while explaining many of its little-understood applications. With skill and insight into kata's connection to nature, the book addresses key topics such as why some movements are done slowly while others are fast, the significance of steps and turns, and the role of tradition in karate. The purpose of kata solo patterns is to solidify specific self-defense techniques. Contrary to the commonly held belief that kata techniques can have multiple interpretations, Hopkins argues that kata embodies specific martial principles that must be followed rigorously for it to be truly effective. He also reveals the spiritual dimensions of martial arts by explaining its deep connection to nature. Providing new understanding of kata structure, themes, and martial art principles, Hopkins sheds light on the practitioner's journey.
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The Secrets Of Okinawan Karate

Author : Kiyoshi Arakaki
ISBN : 4770027591
Genre : Sports & Recreation
File Size : 81.68 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A new perspective, going back to the essentials as developed in the island culture where karate began. Karate developed in the islands of Okinawa as a weaponless method of self-defense. In traditional Okinawan karate, kata (form) and kumite (fighting) were not divided, they were taught together as one art. Today, however, as a result of Western influences which treat it mainly as a sport, karate is taught quite differently. The author learned the secrets of karate from masters in Okinawa, fighting in full-contact karate matches, while also competing in Muay-Thai kickboxing in Thailand, and teaching hundreds of students at his dojo in the United States. Readers will find in this book the key to the fundamentals of an ancient martial art, before it was diluted by later interpretations, and will also discover a completely different perspective on karate than any they have ever seen or practiced before.
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