Occupational Therapy And Mental Health

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Occupational Therapy And Mental Health

Author : Jennifer Creek
ISBN : 9780702048760
Genre : Medical
File Size : 81.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a comprehensive textbook for occupational therapy students and occupational therapists working in the field of mental health. It presents different theories and approaches, outlines the occupational therapy process, discusses the context of practice and describes a wide range of techniques used by occupational therapists. These include physical activity, cognitive approaches, group work, creative activities, play and life skills. The book covers all areas of practice in the field, including mental health promotion, acute psychiatry, community work, severe and enduring mental illness, working with older people, child and adolescent mental health, forensic occupational therapy, substance misuse and working with people on the margins of society. The theory chapters are written by occupational therapists who are recognised experts in their fields and the applied chapters are written by practitioners. An innovation in this edition is the inclusion of commentaries by service users on some of the chapters. This fourth edition has been extensively revised and updated. The new structure reflects changes in service delivery and includes sections on: philosophy and theory base the occupational therapy process ensuring quality the context of occupational therapy occupations client groups. Important new areas that are covered include mental health promotion, evidence-based practice, community development and continuing professional development. Addresses the needs of the undergraduate course - covers all the student needs for this subject area in one volume. Links between theory and practice are reinforced throughout Written by a team of experienced OT teachers and practitioners Comprehensive - covers theory, skills and applications as well as management The clear structure with the division of chapters into six distinct sections makes it easy to learn and revise from as well as easy to refer to for quick reference in the clinical situation. Provides key reading and reference lists to encourage and facilitate more in-depth study on any aspect. It is written in a style that is easy to read and understand; yet there is enough depth to take students through to their final year of education. Chapters on the application of occupational therapy are written by practising clinicians, so they are up-to-date and realistic. For qualified occupational therapists, the book includes a review of current theories and approaches to practice, with references so that they can follow up topics of particualr interest. Suitable for BSc and BSc (Hons) occupational therapy courses.
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Occupational Therapy In Psychiatry And Mental Health

Author : Rosemary Crouch
ISBN : 9781118624227
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.3 MB
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Comprehensive and informative, the extensively revised fifth edition of Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health is an accessible overview of occupational therapy in psychiatry, providing key information on a range of international models of occupational therapy as well as their practical applications. The fifth edition includes: • Case studies throughout to illustrate application of theory to practice • Coverage of key concepts and issues in occupational therapy • New material on emerging areas of practice • Comprehensive information on assessment and treatment for children, adolescents and adults, covering key mental health conditions Occupational Therapy in Psychiatry and Mental Health is an ideal resource for students in occupational therapy, newly qualified and experienced practitioners, and other allied health professionals seeking an up-to-date, globally relevant resource on psychiatry and mental health care.
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Creek S Occupational Therapy And Mental Health E Book

Author : Wendy Bryant
ISBN : 9780702049507
Genre : Medical
File Size : 57.34 MB
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Now in its fifth edition, this seminal textbook for occupational therapy students and practitioners has retained the comprehensive detail of previous editions with significant updates, including the recovery approach informed by a social perspective. Emerging settings for practice are explored and many more service users have been involved as authors, writing commentaries on 14 chapters. All chapters are revised and there are also new chapters, such as mental health and wellbeing, professional accountability, intersectionality, green care and working with marginalized populations. Chapter 11 is written by two people who have received occupational therapy, examining different perspectives on the experience of using services. This edition is divided into clear sections, exploring theory and practice issues in detail. The first section covers the historical, theoretical and philosophical basis for occupational therapy in the promotion of mental health and wellbeing. The second section examines the occupational therapy process, followed by a third section on ensuring quality in contemporary practice. The fourth section offers insights into issues arising from the changing contexts for occupational therapy including an analysis of the implications for occupational therapy education. The fifth section has eight chapters on specific occupations that can be applied across the varied settings which are covered in the sixth and final section. Occupational Therapy and Mental Health is essential reading for students and practitioners across all areas of health and/or social care, in statutory, private or third (voluntary) sectors, and in institutional and community-based settings. Presents different theories and approaches Outlines the occupational therapy process Discusses the implications of a wide range of practice contexts Describes a broad range of techniques used by occupational therapists Provides many different perspectives through service user commentaries Coverage of trust as part of professional accountability, leadership, green care, ethical practice using a principled approach Additional and extended service user commentaries An editorial team selected and mentored by the retired editors, Jennifer Creek and Lesley Lougher
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Advancing Occupational Therapy In Mental Health Practice

Author : Elizabeth McKay
ISBN : 9781118965252
Genre : Medical
File Size : 52.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Advancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice looks at the contribution that occupational therapists make to the lives of clients living with mental illness. It examines current practice developments and the innovative research that is shaping occupational therapy within the mental health arena, nationally and internationally. The book employs a distinctive and engaging narrative approach, bringing to life key issues in practice and research. It introduces the reader to the mental health context, opening with a historical overview and then exploration of the current developments in occupational therapy before moving on to discuss the cultural context and the need for cultural sensitivity in practice. Service users and expert clinicians offer their narratives, through which the clinical utility and cultural appropriateness of existing occupational therapy concepts, assessments and outcome measures are discussed and the associated implications for practice highlighted. Advancing Occupational Therapy in Mental Health Practice introduces and explores a variety of specialised work contexts from practicing in acute inpatient settings to crisis intervention, home treatment, forensic mental health settings and the specialist role of occupational therapy in community mental health and social services. Chapters are enriched with case stories, personal narratives and guided reflection.
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Assessments In Occupational Therapy Mental Health

Author : Barbara J. Hemphill-Pearson
ISBN : 1556427735
Genre : Medical
File Size : 68.26 MB
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Assessments in Occupational Therapy Mental Health, Second Edition proposes an exciting integrated approach to assessing multiple systems. the chapters in this text also present a thorough process for approaching client evaluation. In addition, the reasoning process is explored in a way that is helpful to occupational therapy students and practitioners at all levels.
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Occupational Therapy In Mental Health

Author : Catana Brown
ISBN : 9780803659292
Genre : Medical
File Size : 68.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This revision of a well-loved text continues to embrace the confluence of person, environment, and occupation in mental health as its organizing theoretical model, emphasizing the lived experience of mental illness and recovery. Rely on this groundbreaking text to guide you through an evidence-based approach to helping clients with mental health disorders on their recovery journey by participating in meaningful occupations. Understand the recovery process for all areas of their lives—physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental—and know how to manage co-occurring conditions.
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Mental Health Practice For The Occupational Therapy Assistant

Author : Christine A. Manville
ISBN : 161711250X
Genre : Medical
File Size : 26.33 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mental Health Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant is a comprehensive text that delineates the role of the occupational therapy assistant in the delivery of mental health services. Christine Manville and Jeremy Keough provide information and learning activities that enable the student to build knowledge of mental health practice, incorporating approaches used in the traditional medical model, as well as the community. The impact of mental illness on occupational performance across the lifespan is also examined. Mental Health Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant guides the reader in how to analyze the service environment, including cultural, societal and political factors; explore the client's participation in age-appropriate, meaningful occupations; and, under supervision of the occupational therapist, provide treatment that includes 1:1 and group interventions. Mental Health Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant structures each chapter to provide an enhanced approach to student learning by incorporating concepts from Bloom's Taxonomy. Current and emerging trends in mental health practice are discussed, as well as service provision in the traditional medical model. The appendices include a discussion of additional factors that impact the provision and efficacy of therapy services, including pharmacology and ethical and legal issues. Features: Provides an overview of the DSM-5 and the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health. These classification systems provide a common language for practitioners from a variety of disciplines to communicate about the impact of mental illness on occupational performance and participation Describes the use of general educational strategies to enhance the teaching/learning process in the provision of occupational therapy services Terminology from the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, Third Edition is utilized to enhance the development of clinical reasoning and practice skills Provides information on how to communicate effectively with clients Mental health practice is viewed across the lifespan Instructor's materials include PowerPoint presentations, student study sheets, tests questions, and application questions for each chapter Instructors in educational settings can visit www.efacultylounge.com for additional materials to be used in the classroom. Mental Health Practice for the Occupational Therapy Assistant is an excellent side-by-side resource for the occupational therapy assistant, occupational therapist, or any practitioner working in a mental health setting.
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Occupational Therapy Evidence In Practice For Mental Health

Author : Cathy Long
ISBN : 9781118990469
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Occupational Therapy Evidence in Practice for Mental Health is an accessible and informative guide to the application of theory and the evidence-base to contemporary clinical practice. Fully updated throughout, chapters cover a range of mental health issues, approaches and settings, including service user and carer involvement, group work, services for older people, interventions, forensic mental health, and managing depression. Key Features Written by an expert author team, drawing on a wide range of evidence, service contexts, national policy and legislation. Focus on person-centred practice in mental health services. Each chapter also contains a variety of learning features, including task boxes, reflective questions and further readings, to aid understanding and demonstrate the use of evidence to inform clinical decision-making. The second edition of this easy-to-read and practical textbook is an ideal resource for occupational therapy students, clinical practitioners, and anyone looking for a concise, accessible guide to evidence-based practice and how it informs occupational therapy in mental health.
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Occupational Therapy For Child And Adolescent Mental Health

Author : Lesley Lougher
ISBN : 0443061343
Genre : Medical
File Size : 74.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Occupational Therapy for Child and Adolescent Mental Health is a practical textbook which provides occupational therapists working in this area with a theoretical framework for practice. It outlines the work of the occupational therapist in this area of mental health and introduces a variety of theoretical approaches and therapeutic interventions used with child and adolescent mental health clients. The role of the occupational therapist as part of a multidisciplinary team is emphasised throughout. This textbook will fill a real gap in the literature for occupational therapists, students and practitioners alike. It will alsobe welcomed by members of the other health care professions in the multidisciplinary team who need to understand each others roles so that they may work together more effectively. Addresses an area in which many occupational therapists are now likely to become involved and which is now receiving more attention within the student curriculum Covers the full range of pre-adult age groups Written by a team of highly experienced therapists with many years of experience in the field Includes examples of practice by international contributors (eg USA and New Zealand ) Includes relevant theory and presents it related to practice both in the community and in specialised units
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Psychosocial Occupational Therapy

Author : Elizabeth Cara
ISBN : 1401812325
Genre : Medical
File Size : 80.62 MB
Format : PDF
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This reorganization mirrors the general trend in psychiatry and mental health to intervene more aggressively using medicine and assessments, to evaluate and treat more briefly, to focus on function, and to use community settings. Thoroughly revised and restructured, this text is an important addition to any occupational therapy library."--BOOK JACKET.
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Psychiatric Occupational Therapy In The Army

Author : Paul D. Ellsworth
ISBN : 0866562346
Genre : Medical
File Size : 57.43 MB
Format : PDF
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This unique volume focuses on the historical contributions, current trends, and future directions of army occupational therapists practicing in the military mental health arena. Experts explore many key issues, including the evolution of a philosophical base for army OT practice, work adjustment and the adolescent soldier, and strategies for assessing occupational behavior.
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Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines For Mental Health Promotion Prevention And Intervention For Children And Youth

Author : Susan Bazyk
ISBN : 1569003416
Genre : Child mental health services
File Size : 72.12 MB
Format : PDF
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Of the estimated 70 million children in the United States, 6 million to 9 million have a serious emotional disturbance. However, only 1 in 5 of these children receives any professional help. Over the years, the view of children's mental health services has changed. This new thinking has altered how occupational therapy services are perceived and implemented. In addition to providing services to children diagnosed with a mental illness, occupational therapy professionals can help children develop and maintain mental health in school, community, and mental health settings. Using an evidence-based perspective and public health model, this Practice Guideline provides an overview of the occupational therapy process for mental health promotion, prevention, and intervention for children ages 3 to 21 years. It defines the occupational therapy domain, process, and interventions that occur within the boundaries of acceptable practice with this underserved population. Interventions include those for promotion, prevention, and intensive individualized care on topics such as social skills, health promotion, play/recreation/leisure, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.
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Australian Competency Standards For Occupational Therapists In Mental Health

Author : Australian Association of Occupational Therapists
ISBN : 0957784600
Genre : Mental health consultation
File Size : 44.44 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Australian Competency Standards for Occupational Therapists in Mental Health provide therapists with a framework for the development and assessment of their professional competence.
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Occupational Therapy Practice Guidelines For Adults With Serious Mental Illness

Author : Catana Brown
ISBN : 1569003319
Genre : Mental illness
File Size : 22.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The leading cause of disability in the United States is serious mental illness, which poses political, economic, and social challenges. About 26% of American adults have a mental illness, and 6% have a serious mental illness. This population is the disability group least likely to be employed, with recent unemployment estimates ranging from 35% to 62%. This Practice Guideline provides an overview of the occupational therapy process for adults with serious mental illness, defining the domain and interventions that occur within acceptable practice. It provides evidence for intervention with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression, as well as those related to education and supported education, work and supported employment, community living, health and wellness, and cognition.
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