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Occidentalisms In The Arab World

Author : Robbert Woltering
ISBN : 9781848854765
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 36.41 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Presents an overview and commentary on the works in the field of occidentalist studies, providing fresh insight on the interplay between ideology and image in the formulation of 'the West'. This title looks at the ways in which multiple representations - occidentalisms - of the West have developed in Egypt since the end of the Cold War.
Category: Political Science

Arab Occidentalism

Author : Eid Mohamed
ISBN : 9780857739971
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
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When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, his foreign policy was at first seen to be the antithesis of that of his predecessor, George W. Bush. Eid Mohamed highlights how in the wake of this change of US administration, Arab media, literature and cinema began to assert the value of America as a potential source of ‘change’ while attempting to renegotiate the Arab world’s position in the international system. Arab cultural representation of the United States has variously changed and developed since 9/11, and again in the wake of the protests in 2011 and the ensuing political turmoil in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and of course, Syria. Taking this into account, Mohamed offers an examination of the ways in which stereotypes of America are both presented and challenged through cinema, fiction and the wider media and intellectual production. Rather than seeing this process as one where the Middle East reacts to and attempts to negotiate with western modernity, Mohamed instead highlights the significant interplay of religion, pop culture and politics and the role they play in shaping the complex relation between America and the nations of the Middle East
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Occidentalism In Turkey

Author : Meltem Ahiska
ISBN : 9780857718136
Genre : History
File Size : 73.84 MB
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NJR do not use blurb in raw form This book aims to re-think the question of ‘nation building’ in Turkey in connection to the use of modern technologies, such as radio broadcasting. However, rather than looking for universal tendencies or deficiencies and errors in Turkish history, as most accounts of modernisation theories do, it brings to attention how a particular subjectivity and the accompanying truth claims are dialogically produced and historically sustained. Through the analysis of the organization, programmes, missions and criticisms of radio broadcasting, the book raises the question: what happens when the ‘Orient’, that supposedly silent Other, placed outside of history, and marked as ‘backward’, speaks and answers back? ‘Orient’ is not only represented by the Western subject as in Orientalism. The Other’s inhabiting the space of the Other and speaking for itself produces Occidentalism of the non-west. Then, the locus of enunciation of modernity shifts from West to non-West generating dialogic yet competing truths. The book offers Occidentalism as an alternative way of reading non-Western modernities in connection to the Western constructions of modernity. Occidentalism is re-defined in this context, as different from its current usages in existing literature, to mean both Westernism and anti-Westernism at the same time. Occidentalism provides the aspiration to catch the time of modern history, but at the same time promises to restore the lost authenticity brought by ‘modernization’. But the promise is impossible to keep. Occidentalism can only offer authenticity in nation form, which is maintained by the denial of the past and the present as lived experience. Therefore, Occidentalism also functions as a discourse of power, which creates its own ‘orientalised’ Others within the society. The study of radio broadcasting, which exists in a temporally redefined space in between public and private spheres, provides an important opening to go beyond the monolithic expressions of the official discourse. Instead, the case of radio shows that other voices and desires are always on the air, and that the national-political subjectivity is a site of fragmentation and splitting
Category: History


Author : Ian Buruma
ISBN : 9781101099414
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 75.70 MB
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Twenty-five years ago, Edward Said's Orientalism spawned a generation of scholarship on the denigrating and dangerous mirage of "the East" in the Western colonial mind. But "the West" is the more dangerous mirage of our own time, Ian Buruma and Avishai Margalit argue, and the idea of "the West" in the minds of its self-proclaimed enemies remains largely unexamined and woefully misunderstood. Occidentalism is their groundbreaking investigation of the demonizing fantasies and stereotypes about the Western world that fuel such hatred in the hearts of others. We generally understand "radical Islam" as a purely Islamic phenomenon, but Buruma and Margalit show that while the Islamic part of radical Islam certainly is, the radical part owes a primary debt of inheritance to the West. Whatever else they are, al Qaeda and its ilk are revolutionary anti-Western political movements, and Buruma and Margalit show us that the bogeyman of the West who stalks their thinking is the same one who has haunted the thoughts of many other revolutionary groups, going back to the early nineteenth century. In this genealogy of the components of the anti-Western worldview, the same oppositions appear again and again: the heroic revolutionary versus the timid, soft bourgeois; the rootless, deracinated cosmopolitan living in the Western city, cut off from the roots of a spiritually healthy society; the sterile Western mind, all reason and no soul; the machine society, controlled from the center by a cabal of insiders—often Jews—pulling the hidden levers of power versus an organically knit-together one, a society of "blood and soil." The anti-Western virus has found a ready host in the Islamic world for a number of legitimate reasons, they argue, but in no way does that make it an exclusively Islamic matter. A work of extraordinary range and erudition, Occidentalism will permanently enlarge our collective frame of vision
Category: Political Science

The Conceptual Politics Of Democracy Promotion

Author : Christopher Hobson
ISBN : 9781136643606
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 73.59 MB
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How do different meanings of the concept of ‘democracy’ operate in democracy promotion? How do conceptual decisions influence real political events? How is policy and reflection on democracy promotion shaped by the way different practitioners and scholars understand democracy? The Conceptual Politics of Democracy Promotion explores the way in which the meaning, content and context of ‘democracy’ are interpreted by different actors in democracy promotion, and how these influence political decisions. Introducing a theoretically new approach to the study of democracy promotion, the volume shows how the alternate ways that democracy can be understood reflects specific interpretations of political and normative ideals, as well as being closely tied to social power relations, interests, and struggles between political actors. With original contributions from some of the most prominent specialists on democracy promotion and democratization, the book examines a number of concrete cases of democracy promotion and contestation over democracy’s meaning. Re-examining democracy promotion at its time of crisis, this book will be of interest scholars and students of democracy and democratization, politics and international relations, international law, development studies and political theory.
Category: Political Science

Orientalism Versus Occidentalism

Author : Laetitia Nanquette
ISBN : 9781848859784
Genre : History
File Size : 22.60 MB
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"At a time when Iran is represented in the French media as a rogue state obsessed with its nuclear program, and when France is portrayed in the Iranian media as a decadent and imperialist country, this book highlights the role of cultural representations and perceptions. Here, Laetitia Nanquette examines the functions, processes and mechanisms of stereotyping and imagining the "other" that have pervaded the literary traditions of France and Iran when writing about each other. She furthermore analyses Franco-Iranian relations, exploring the literary traditions of this relationship, the ways in which these have affected individual authors and reflect socio-political realities. With themes that feed into popular debates about the nature of Orientalism and Occidentalism, and how the two interact, this book will be vital for researchers of Middle Eastern literature and its relationship with writings from the West, as well as those working on the cultures of the Middle East."--From the publisher's website.
Category: History

The Tablet

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000093078636
Genre : Religion
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The international Catholic weekly.
Category: Religion

Occidentalism In Novels Of Malaysia And Singapore 1819 2004

Author : Tamara S. Wagner
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114533669
Genre : History
File Size : 88.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents a thematic analysis of the English-language novels of Malaysia and Singapore focusing upon the ways that occidentalism and orientalism interact, influence, shape, and redefine each other. This book focuses on the central place that commerce and monetary values have in these works.
Category: History

The Islamic World System

Author : Masudul Alam Choudhury
ISBN : 9781134356836
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 45.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This highly original book presents an alternative vision of globalization and explores the epistemology, derived from the Qur'an and the Prophetic guidance Sunnah, that underpins the systemic unity at the heart of the Islamic concept of world-system. Choudhury's investigation reveals the ethical foundations that influence the development of law, markets and social contract in Islamic societies. He then applies his methodology to issues and problems such as property rights, money, political economy, technology diffusion, microenterprise development and asset evaluation.
Category: Political Science

Environment And Planning

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015047304681
Genre : Sociology, Urban
File Size : 27.67 MB
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International interdisciplinary journal discussing the relations between Society and Space. Space is broadly conceived: from landscapes of the body to global geographies; from cyberspace to old growth forests; as metaphorical and material; as theoretical construct and empirical fact. Covers both practical politics and the abstractions of social theory.
Category: Sociology, Urban