Oaxaca Crossroads

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Contested Histories In Public Space

Author : Daniel Walkowitz
ISBN : 9780822391425
Genre : History
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Contested Histories in Public Space brings multiple perspectives to bear on historical narratives presented to the public in museums, monuments, texts, and festivals around the world, from Paris to Kathmandu, from the Mexican state of Oaxaca to the waterfront of Wellington, New Zealand. Paying particular attention to how race and empire are implicated in the creation and display of national narratives, the contributing historians, anthropologists, and other scholars delve into representations of contested histories at such “sites” as a British Library exhibition on the East India Company, a Rio de Janeiro shantytown known as “the cradle of samba,” the Ellis Island immigration museum, and high-school history textbooks in Ecuador. Several contributors examine how the experiences of indigenous groups and the imperial past are incorporated into public histories in British Commonwealth nations: in Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum; in the First Peoples’ Hall at the Canadian Museum of Civilization; and, more broadly, in late-twentieth-century Australian culture. Still others focus on the role of governments in mediating contested racialized histories: for example, the post-apartheid history of South Africa’s Voortrekker Monument, originally designed as a tribute to the Voortrekkers who colonized the country’s interior. Among several essays describing how national narratives have been challenged are pieces on a dispute over how to represent Nepali history and identity, on representations of Afrocuban religions in contemporary Cuba, and on the installation in the French Pantheon in Paris of a plaque honoring Louis Delgrès, a leader of Guadeloupean resistance to French colonialism. Contributors. Paul Amar, Paul Ashton, O. Hugo Benavides, Laurent Dubois, Richard Flores, Durba Ghosh, Albert Grundlingh, Paula Hamilton, Lisa Maya Knauer, Charlotte Macdonald, Mark Salber Phillips, Ruth B. Phillips, Deborah Poole, Anne M. Rademacher, Daniel J. Walkowitz
Category: History

At A Crossroads

Author : María Marta Ferreyra
ISBN : 9781464810152
Genre : Education
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"Higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean has expanded dramatically in the past 15 years, as the average gross enrollment rate has more than doubled, and many new institutions and programs have been opened. Although higher education access has become more equitable, and higher education supply has become more varied, many of the 'new' students in the system are, on average, less academically ready than are their more advantaged counterparts. Furthermore, only half of higher education students, on average, complete their degree, and labor market returns to higher education vary greatly across institutions and programs. Thus, higher education is at a crossroads today. Given the region's urgency to raise productivity in a low-growth, fiscally constrained environment, going past this crossroads requires the formation of skilled human capital fast and efficiently. 'At a Crossroads: Higher Education in Latin America and the Caribbean' contributes to the discussion by studying quality, variety, and equity of higher education in Latin America and the Caribbean. The book presents comprehensive evidence on the recent higher education expansion and evolution of higher education labor market returns. Using novel data and state-of-the-art methods, it studies demand and supply drivers of the recent expansion. It investigates the behavior of institutions and students and explores the unintended consequences of large-scale higher education policies. Framing the analysis are the singular characteristics of the higher education market and the market segmentation induced by the variety of students and institutions in the system. At this crossroads, a role emerges for incentives, information, accountability, and choice."
Category: Education

North America At The Crossroads

Author : A. Imtiaz Hussain
ISBN : 6074170452
Genre : Foreign trade regulation
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Category: Foreign trade regulation

Islands At The Crossroads

Author : L. Antonio Curet
ISBN : 9780817356552
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 64.18 MB
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Scholars from the Caribbean, the United States and Europe who look beyond cultural boundaries and colonial frontiers to explore the ways in which both distant and more intimate sociocultural, political and economic interactions have shaped Caribbean societies from 7,000 years ago to today. Simultaneous.
Category: Social Science

Crossing Borders

Author : Kimberly M. Grimes
ISBN : 0816519072
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 58.37 MB
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"Defining borders is a complex task, especially today as globalization accelerates at an unprecedented rate. We have entered a transnational age, one in which borders are more porous." So says Kimberly M. Grimes in Crossing Borders: Changing Social Identities in Southern Mexico, her investigation of migration to the United States from Putla de Guerrero, Oaxaca. Featuring testimonies of residents and migrants, Grimes allows local voices to describe the ways in which Putlecans find themselves negotiating among competing social values. The testaments of the Putlecans indicate that the changes occurring in their small town as a result of the circular migration to and from such immigrant enclaves as Atlantic City, New Jersey, are viewed with mixed emotions. Putlecans recognize the financial need to migrate north but they rue the increased consumerism, pollution, and trash that comes with the rising wealth. Men show off by driving their fancy cars with New Jersey tags around the tiny Mexican town, but influenced by Anglo culture, they also provide greater assistance in child care and housework. Women find the sexual and social freedoms of the United States liberating, but they still return home to baptize their babies. Grimes reminds us, however, that the Putlecans are not passive recipients of change but are actively embracing it, creating it, and mediating it. By reaching across the border to investigate migration, Grimes shows us that social and cultural change are not just the result of national and transnational influences, but are also locally negotiated phenomena.
Category: Social Science


Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015079688027
Genre :
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The Saa Archaeological Record

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000125079495
Genre : America
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The magazine of the Society for American Archaeology.
Category: America

Visiting The Calvario At Mitla Oaxaca

Author : William R. Arfman
ISBN : 9789088900082
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 42.42 MB
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In the centre of the Mexican town of Mitla stands a run-down chapel on an overgrown pre-colonial pyramid. The chapel, housing three crosses, is the town's Calvario, the local representation of the hill on which Christ died. Although buses full of tourists on their way to Chiapas or on daytrips from Oaxaca City swarm the town every day almost none of them ever visit the Calvario. Instead they stick to the tourist zone to marvel at the famous mosaic friezes of the pre-colonial temples and shop for traditional souvenirs in the tourist market. If they would climb the steep steps to the chapel they would discover that despite appearances the building still sees extensive use as pilgrims from the wide Zapotec region visit it to bring offerings to and ask favours of the souls of their dearly departed. And as these offerings consist of elaborate arrangements of flowers, fruits, black candles, cacao beans and bundles of copal incense, such tourists might well start to wonder where the origins of these practices lie. It is this question that this thesis seeks to answer. To achieve this, current theories on cultural continuity, syncretism, the materiality of religion and ritual theory are combined with a study of archaeological, historical, iconographical and anthropological sources. In addition ethnographic fieldwork has been conducted to come to a better understanding of the offerings made in the Calvario today. In three parts, the thesis first addresses the history of Mitla as 'The Place of the Dead', then of the Calvario as a ritual location and finally of the offerings for the dead. Combining these three lines of research an interesting image is formed of the continuity of ancestor veneration in this busy tourist town.
Category: Social Science


Author : Robert Ryal Miller
ISBN : 9780806148830
Genre : History
File Size : 75.40 MB
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This book is a skillful synthesis of Mexico's complex and colorful history from pre-Columbian times to the present. Utilizing his many years of research and teaching as well as his personal experience in Mexico, the author incorporates recent archaeological evidence, posits fresh interpretations, and analyzes such current problems as foreign debt, dependency on petroleum exports, and providing education and employment for an expanding population. Combining political events and social history in a smooth narrative, the book describes events, places, and individuals, the daily life of peasants and urban workers, and touches on cultural topics, including architecture, art, literature, and music. As a special feature, each chapter contains excerpts from contemporary letters, books, decrees, or poems, firsthand accounts that lend historical flavor to the discussion of each era. Mexico has an exciting history: several Indian civilizations; the Spanish conquest; three colonial centuries, during which there was a blending of Old World and New World cultures; a decade of wars for independence; the struggle of the young republic; wars with the United States and France; confrontation between the Indian president, Juárez, and the Austrian born emperor, Maximilian; a long dictatorship under Diaz; the Great Revolution that destroyed debt peonage, confiscated Church property, and reduced foreign economic power; and the recent drive to modernize through industrialization. Mexico: A History will be an excellent college-level textbook and good reading for the thousands of Americans who have visited Mexico and those who hope to visit.
Category: History

The Mixe Of Oaxaca

Author : Frank J. Lipp
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173017227355
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 68.67 MB
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Category: Social Science

Mexican Folk Art From Oaxacan Artist Families

Author : Arden Rothstein
ISBN : PSU:000065282465
Genre : Art
File Size : 20.75 MB
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This beautiful reference introduces contemporary Mexican folk art by featuring prominent artists from Oaxaca in southeastern Mexico. Their unique artworks are introduced and illustrated. Crafted from natural materials, their ceramics, weaving, woodcarving, embroidery, tin work, toys, jewelry, candles, dried flower crafts, basketry, and celebrations of Day of the Dead handicrafts incorporate unique blends of indigenous myths with ancient patterns from Zapotec ruins. These folk art traditions have been preserved for hundreds of years. This sampler features 87+ artists belonging to 45+ families, many useful maps, and over 500 color photographs of their distinctive works. A useful resource section includes a list of shops and markets of Oaxaca City and 12 of its surrounding pueblos, and a glossary identifies the frequently-used Mexican terms that apply to these folk arts. This will be a treasured source of reference and inspiration for all who love folk art.
Category: Art


Author : Judith Cooper Haden
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173011700825
Genre : History
File Size : 25.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Explores the culture and customs of the Mexican region of Oaxaca.
Category: History

Mexico At The Crossroads

Author : Sebastian Brett
ISBN : STANFORD:36105021852327
Genre : Elections
File Size : 43.62 MB
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Category: Elections


Author : Berlitz Editors
ISBN : 2831517036
Genre :
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Crossroads Of Culture

Author : Chip Colwell
ISBN : UOM:39076002881055
Genre : Art
File Size : 61.8 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"One of the great institutions" : an introduction -- American ethnology collection -- American archaeology collection -- World archaeology collection -- World ethnology collection -- "Never finished" : the anthropology collections today and tomorrow
Category: Art

At The Crossroads

Author : Frank D. Bean
ISBN : UTEXAS:059173004361286
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 54.96 MB
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Mexico is becoming increasingly important as a focus of U.S. immigration policy, and the movement of people across the U.S.-Mexico border is a subject of intense interest and controversy. The U.S. approach to cross-border flows is in flux, the economic climate in Mexico is uncertain, and relations between the two neighbors have entered a new stage with the launching of NAFTA. This volume draws together original essays by distinguished scholars from a variety of disciplines and both sides of the border to examine current impetuses to migration and policy options for Mexico and the U.S.
Category: Political Science

Social Justice

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015066267579
Genre : Communism
File Size : 27.35 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Communism

Mexico 97

Author : Fodor's
ISBN : 0679031820
Genre : Mexico
File Size : 60.2 MB
Format : PDF
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The perfect series for budget-minded travelers who want more than just a good deal, these guides provide solid coverage of arts and politics, as well as outdoor activities and nightlife. Updated each year with new budget restaurants and lodgings that are comfortable and inexpensive, this book insures that travelers on a budget can dive into a culture without staying at dives.
Category: Mexico


Author : Stephen Wolf
ISBN : 0679003835
Genre : Travel
File Size : 76.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides inside information for budget travelers to Mexico, including transportation, accommodations, restaurants, sightseeing, amusements, and other points of interest throughout the country.
Category: Travel