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Nurturing Children S Talents A Guide For Parents

Author : Kenneth A. Kiewra
ISBN : 9781440867934
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 22.69 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Explains steps that parents can take to help their child develop talent in any activity that has sparked his or her interest. • Covers early experience, environmental factors, and parental roles spurring talent development, from artistry and athleticism to culinary, musical, academic, dance, and other abilities • Explains the importance of practice and steps to mentor and manage ability • Details the SOAR system—Selection, Organization, Association, and Regulation • Includes interviews with well-known talent stars like Olympic speed skater Bonnie Blair, nature photographer Joel Sartore, and pianist Jim Brickman; championship coaches like John Cook (college volleyball) and Robert Sabalvarro (Olympic fencing); and parents of dozens of talented children in domains such as chess, music, rodeo, swimming, baton twirling, football, and many more • Includes a chapter on academic talent
Category: Family & Relationships

Nurturing Children

Author : A. R. Colón
ISBN : 0313310807
Genre : Medical
File Size : 68.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Examines chronologically the medical and societal antecedents of current child care.
Category: Medical

Early Gifts

Author : Paula Olszewski-Kubilius
ISBN : 9781882664917
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.37 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Early Gifts: Recognizing and Nurturing Children's Talentsoffers solid advice and guidance for parents of gifted and talented children of preschool and elementary school age. The book shows parents and educators ways to identify a child's area of talent; support and nurture that talent both at home and at school; and strategies parents can use to ensure their gifted child grows to be a happy, healthy adult. The authors, leading experts in the field of gifted and talented education, discuss how to recognize and nurture talent in preschool and elementary school-aged children. An introductory chapter provides a framework for understanding the major contributing factors to the development of talent, including the home, the school, outside programs, and the personality of the individual child. The following seven chapters each deal with a major area of talent. The talent areas discussed include: science, mathematics, language arts, musical talent, dramatic arts, performing arts, and sports. In each chapter and for each talent, early behaviors indicative of potential talent are presented. The authors of each chapter discuss how parents can create a home environment that both elicits and develops their child's special abilities through activities, games, and play.
Category: Education

Nurturing Children

Author : Graham Music
ISBN : 9780429794353
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 59.57 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Nurturing Children describes children’s lives transformed through therapy. Drawing on decades of experience, internationally respected clinician and trainer Graham Music tackles major issues affecting troubled children, including trauma, neglect, depression and violence. Using psychoanalysis alongside modern developmental thinking from neurobiology, attachment and trauma theory and mindfulness, Music creates his own distinctive blend of approaches to help even the most traumatised of children. A mix of personal accounts and therapeutic riches, Nurturing Children will appeal to anyone helping children, young people and families to lead fuller lives.
Category: Psychology

Nurturing Child And Adolescent Spirituality

Author : Karen-Marie Yust
ISBN : 074254463X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 57.45 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Nurturing Child and Adolescent Spirituality: Perspectives from the World's Religious Traditions provides a forum for prominent religious scholars to examine the state of religious knowledge and theological reflection on spiritual development in childhood and adolescence. Featuring essays from thinkers representing the world's major religious traditions, the book introduces new voices, challenges assumptions, raises new questions, and broadens the base of knowledge and investment in this important domain of life. Nurturing Child and Adolescent Spirituality will set the stage for new waves of scholarship and dialogue within and across traditions, disciplines, and cultures that will enrich understanding and strengthen how the world's religious traditions, and others, understand and cultivate the spiritual lives of children and adolescents around the globe.
Category: Religion

Nurturing Spirituality In Children

Author : Peggy Joy Jenkins
ISBN : 1439102708
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 70.87 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The greatest gifts that a child can receive are an opened mind, a caring heart, and ignited creativity. This fully expanded, illustrated edition of Nurturing Spirituality in Children includes sixty-two simple and thought-provoking lessons that can be shared with children in less than ten minutes each. The lessons are easy to prepare and understand; they use commonly available materials and complement a wide variety of religious perspectives. Children who develop a healthy balance of mind and spirit are better able to respond to life's challenges when given the tools to think and discover for themselves. Dr. Jenkins gives scores of age-appropriate activities that help children learn empathy, trust, forgiveness, growth, and inner peace.
Category: Self-Help

Nurturing Children S Spirituality

Author : Holly Catterton Allen
ISBN : 9781556355585
Genre : Religion
File Size : 70.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Children's spiritual development is currently a hot topic in Christian circles, as well as in other fields and disciplines such as educational psychology, medicine, developmental psychology, education, and sociology. The key question for Christian scholars and educators is How do Christian beliefs and practices uniquely interrelate with children's spirituality? In 2003 and again in 2006, a national conference entitled Children's Spirituality Conference: Christian Perspectives examined children's spirituality from a distinctly Christian standpoint. This book is a collection of the best materials from the 2006 conference. The first half of the book addresses definitional, historical, and theological concerns related to spiritual development in children. The second half explores best practices for fostering spiritual growth among our children--in our homes, families, churches, Christian schools, and among special populations of children--from a wide spectrum of Christian scholars and practitioners. The volume closes with John Westerhoff's moving keynote address and Catherine Stonehouse and Scottie May's eloquent, culminating plenary address. Nurturing Children's Spirituality provides a rich cross section of the current research and writing by Christian scholars on children's spirituality. Contributors: Holly Catterton Allen, Michael J. Anthony, Stacy Berg, Chris J. Boyatzis, MaLesa Breeding, Marilyn Brownlee, Linda V. Callahan, Jane Carr, Mara Lief Crabtree, Karen Crozier, James Riley Estep Jr., Jeffrey E. Feinberg, Stephanie Goins, Judy Harris Helm, Dana Kennamer Hood, Sungwon Kim, Kevin Lawson, Scottie May, Marcia McQuitty, Heidi Schultz Oschwald, Donald Ratcliff, Pam Scranton, Timothy A. Sisemore, Catherine Stonehouse, La Verne Tolbert, T. Wyatt Watkins, John H. Westerhoff III
Category: Religion

Nurturing Children And Families

Author : Barry M. Lester
ISBN : 9781444351781
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 22.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This volume celebrates the work and influence of T. Berry Brazelton, one of the world's foremost pediatricians, by bringing together contributions from researchers and clinicians whose own pioneering work has been inspired by Brazelton's foundations in the field of child development. Includes contributions from experts influenced by the work of Brazelton from a wide range of fields, including pediatrics, psychology, nursing, early childhood education, occupational therapy, and public policy Provides an overview of the field of child development, from the explosion of infant research in the 1960s to contemporary studies Outlines the achievements and influence of T. Berry Brazelton, one of the world's foremost pediatricians, and his lasting influence in continuing research, practice, and public policy
Category: Psychology

Nurturing Future Generations

Author : Rosemary Thompson
ISBN : 9780415950978
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 90.74 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book blends resilience theory and the lessons learnt from intervention programs to promote youth well-being. By adopting a systems approach the author identifies her method of treating troubled and at risk youth. Practitioners who work with marginalised youth will benefit from this text.
Category: Psychology

Nurturing Creative Children

Author : Yew Kam Keong
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 45.12 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Every child is a creative being. The challenge we have as parents, teachers and caregivers is to tap that creativity and maximize a child's potential. This is no small responsibility. The closer we come to nurturing that creativity in our children the greater the potential for raising a global network of happy adults. Once children reach the age where they are launched into the world via public education they are suddenly burdened with the pressure to succeed. Parents and teachers alike turn their focus on getting good grades rather than succeeding as a human being. This focus on academic excellence is extremely damaging to children. Of course, academics are important. But not important enough to bring tremendous pressure to bear on our children. Especially when the cost affects the goal of happy, well-rounded kids. Parents would never intentionally apply harmful behaviours upon their children. Usually the parent is following the mold begun by his or her own parents, thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Is academic success the most important element to a child's development? Or, is it better to expose children to an environment where children are allowed to play and explore the world around them? How can you introduce the element of creativity to your child-rearing process? Glad you asked. "Nurturing Creative Children" is the perfect guide to helping you identify and develop creativity in your child. In addition to learning why nurturing creative children is so important, "Nurturing Creative Children" take a peek at What is inside: Why nurturing creative children is so important Choosing the right toys Developing a love for music Having fun with empty boxes Why a father's involvement is so important Jigsaw puzzles Having fun with coins Brain food Animal magic 21 other tips to nurturing creativity in your child! The chapter on creative mischief is priceless as is the chapter in praise of "black sheep!" If you have a child with learning challenges the information on high achievers with learning problems is a must read. Unless you are willing to turn your children over to the "community" to raise, having a copy of "Nurturing Creative Children" is an absolute must for your home library. With our 100% money back guarantee you have absolutely no risk at giving it a try. We are certain you will find important tools to add to your arsenal of child-rearing activities. Get your copy now and put it to work right away. Your kids will thank you!
Category: Family & Relationships