Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry And Physics

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Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry And Physics

Author : Jurgen Meichsner
ISBN : 9781420059212
Genre : Science
File Size : 35.91 MB
Format : PDF
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In addition to introducing the basics of plasma physics, Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics is a comprehensive presentation of recent developments in the rapidly growing field of nonthermal plasma chemistry. The book offers a detailed discussion of the fundamentals of plasma chemical reactions and modeling, nonthermal plasma sources, relevant diagnostic techniques, and selected applications. Elucidating interconnections and trends, the book focuses on basic principles and illustrations across a broad field of applications. Expert contributors address environmental aspects of plasma chemistry. The book also includes selected plasma conditions and specific applications in volume plasma chemistry and treatment of material surfaces such as plasma etching in microelectronics, chemical modification of polymer surfaces and deposition of functional thin films. Designed for students of plasma physics, Nonthermal Plasma Chemistry and Physics is a concise resource also for specialists in this and related fields of research.
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Plasma Chemistry

Author : Alexander Fridman
ISBN : 9781139471732
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Providing a fundamental introduction to all aspects of modern plasma chemistry, this book describes mechanisms and kinetics of chemical processes in plasma, plasma statistics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and electrodynamics, as well as all major electric discharges applied in plasma chemistry. Fridman considers most of the major applications of plasma chemistry, from electronics to thermal coatings, from treatment of polymers to fuel conversion and hydrogen production and from plasma metallurgy to plasma medicine. It is helpful to engineers, scientists and students interested in plasma physics, plasma chemistry, plasma engineering and combustion, as well as chemical physics, lasers, energy systems and environmental control. The book contains an extensive database on plasma kinetics and thermodynamics and numerical formulas for practical calculations related to specific plasma-chemical processes and applications. Problems and concept questions are provided, helpful in courses related to plasma, lasers, combustion, chemical kinetics, statistics and thermodynamics, and high-temperature and high-energy fluid mechanics.
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Plasma Chemistry And Catalysis In Gases And Liquids

Author : Vasile I. Parvulescu
ISBN : 9783527649549
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60.95 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Filling the gap for a book that covers not only plasma in gases but also in liquids, this is all set to become the standard reference for this topic. It provides a broad-based overview of plasma-chemical and plasmacatalytic processes generated by electrical discharges in gases, liquids and gas/liquid environments in both fundamental and applied aspects by focusing on their environmental and green applications and also taking into account their practical and economic viability. With the topics addressed by an international group of major experts, this is a must-have for scientists, engineers, students and postdoctoral researchers specializing in this field.
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Cold Plasma In Food And Agriculture

Author : NN Misra
ISBN : 9780128014899
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 20.77 MB
Format : PDF
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Cold Plasma in Food and Agriculture: Fundamentals and Applications is an essential reference offering a broad perspective on a new, exciting, and growing field for the food industry. Written for researchers, industry personnel, and students interested in nonthermal food technology, this reference will lay the groundwork of plasma physics, chemistry, and technology, and their biological applications. Food scientists and food engineers interested in understanding the theory and application of nonthermal plasma for food will find this book valuable because it provides a roadmap for future developments in this emerging field. This reference is also useful for biologists, chemists, and physicists who wish to understand the fundamentals of plasma physics, chemistry, and technology and their biological interactions through applying novel plasma sources to food and other sensitive biomaterials. Examines the topic of cold plasma technology for food applications Demonstrates state-of-the-art developments in plasma technology and potential solutions to improve food safety and quality Presents a solid introduction for readers on the topics of plasma physics and chemistry that are required to understand biological applications for foods Serves as a roadmap for future developments for food scientists, food engineers, and biologists, chemists, and physicists working in this emerging field
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Industrial Plasma Engineering

Author : J Reece Roth
ISBN : 0750305452
Genre : Science
File Size : 47.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Written by a leading expert in the field, the paperback edition of Industrial Plasma Engineering, Volume 2: Applications to Nonthermal Plasma Processing provides a background in the principles and applications of low temperature, partially ionized Lorentzian plasmas that are used industrially. The book also presents a description of plasma-related processes and devices that are of commercial interest. The text is suitable for students or in-service users with a physics and calculus background at the sophomore level. These two volumes are intended to be used as textbooks at the senior or first-year graduate level by students from all engineering and physical science disciplines and as a reference source by in-service engineers.
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Biophysical Effects Of Cold Atmospheric Plasma On Glial Tumor Cells

Author : Julia Köritzer
ISBN : 9783319062242
Genre : Science
File Size : 31.41 MB
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Cold atmospheric plasma is an auspicious new candidate in cancer treatment. Cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) is a partially ionized gas in which the ion temperature is close to room temperature. It contains electrons, charged particles, radicals, various excited molecules and UV photons. These various compositional elements have the potential to inhibit cancer cell activity whilst doing no harm to healthy cells. Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common and lethal primary brain tumor in adults; treatment including surgery, radio- and chemotherapy remains palliative for most patients as a cure remains elusive. The successful combination of the standard chemotherapeutic temozolomide (TMZ) and CAP treatment features synergistic effects even in resistant glioma cells. In particular in glioma therapy, CAP could offer an innovative approach allowing specific cancer cell / tumor tissue inhibition without damaging healthy cells. Thus CAP is a promising candidate for combination therapy especially for patients suffering from GBMs showing TMZ resistance.
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Plasma Catalysis

Author : Xin Tu
ISBN : 9783030051891
Genre : Science
File Size : 33.44 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the field of plasma catalysis, regarded as a promising alternative to thermal processes for energy and environmental applications. It bridges the gap between the plasma and catalysis research communities, covering both the fundamentals of plasma catalysis and its application in environmental and energy research. The first section of the book offers a broad introduction to plasma catalysis, covering plasma-catalyst systems, interactions, and modeling. The core of the book then focuses on different applications, describing a wide range of plasma-catalytic processes in catalyst synthesis, environmental clean-up, greenhouse gas conversion and synthesis of materials for energy applications. Chapters cover topics ranging from removal of NOx and VOCs to conversion of methane, carbon dioxide and the reforming of ethanol and methanol. Written by a group of world-leading researchers active in the field, the book forms a valuable resource for scientists, engineers and students with different research backgrounds including plasma physics, plasma chemistry, catalysis, energy, environmental engineering, electrical engineering and material engineering.
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Low Temperature Plasma Physics

Author : Rainer Hippler
ISBN : UOM:39015053520519
Genre : Science
File Size : 89.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Low-temperature plasma physics is a very active area of research located on the boundaries between physics, chemistry and materials science. Recent technological developments, e.g. in plasma etching or plasma deposition, have led to a revived interest in plasma physics and technology. This volume describes in detail fundamentals and applications of low-temperature plasma physics including newest achievements. The authors of this volume are top scientists from the USA and Europe who present most recent successes in our understanding of how plasmas behave and put a strong focus on the links between theory and experiment or technological process.
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Frontiers Of Multifunctional Nanosystems

Author : Eugenia V. Buzaneva
ISBN : 140200561X
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Frontiers in Molecular-Scale Science and Technology of Fullerence, Nanotube, Nanosilicon, Biopolymer (DNA, Protein) Multifunctional Nanosystems, Kyiv, Ukraine, 9-12 September 2001
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New Enhanced Sensitivity Infrared Laser Spectroscopy Techniques Applied To Reactive Plasmas And Trace Gas Detection

Author : Stefan Welzel
ISBN : 9783832523459
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.89 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Infrared laser absorption spectroscopy (IRLAS) employing both tuneable diode and quantum cascade lasers (TDLs, QCLs) has been applied with both high sensitivity and high time resolution to plasma diagnostics and trace gas measurements. TDLAS combined with a conventional White type multiple pass cell was used to detect up to 13 constituent molecular species in low pressure Ar/H2/N2/O2 and Ar/CH4/N2/O2 microwave discharges, among them the main products such as H2O, NH3, NO and CO, HCN respectively. The hydroxyl radical has been measured in the mid infrared (MIR) spectral range in-situ in both plasmas yielding number densities of between 1011 ... 1012 cm-3. Strong indications of surface dominated formation of either NH3 or N2O and NO were found in the H2-N2-O2 system. In methane containing plasmas a transition between deposition and etching conditions and generally an incomplete oxidation of the precursor were observed. The application of QCLs for IRLAS under low pressure conditions employing the most common tuning approaches has been investigated in detail. A new method of analysing absorption features quantitatively when the rapid passage effect is present is proposed. If power saturation is negligible, integrating the undisturbed half of the line profile yields accurate number densities without calibrating the system. By means of a time resolved analysis of individual chirped QCL pulses the main reasons for increased effective laser line widths could be identified. Apart from the well-known frequency down chirp non-linear absorption phenomena and bandwidth limitations of the detection system may significantly degrade the performance and accuracy of inter pulse spectrometers. The minimum analogue bandwidth of the entire system should normally not fall below 250 MHz. QCLAS using pulsed lasers has been used for highly time resolved measurements in reactive plasmas for the first time enabling a time resolution down to about 100 ns to be achieved. A temperature increase of typically less than 50 K has been established for pulsed DC discharges containing Ar/N2 and traces of NO. The main NO production and depletion reactions have been identified from a comparison of model calculations and time resolved measurements in plasma pulses of up to 100 ms. Considerable NO struction is observed after 5 ... 10 ms due to the impact of N atoms. Finally, thermoelectrically cooled pulsed and continuous wave (cw) QCLs have been employed for high finesse cavity absorption spectroscopy in the MIR. Cavity ring down spectroscopy (CRDS) has been performed with pulsed QCLs and was found to be limited by the intrinsic frequency chirp of the laser suppressing an efficient intensity build-up inside the cavity. Consequently the accuracy and advantage of an absolute internal absorption calibration is not achievable. A room temperature cw QCL was used in a complementary cavity enhanced absorption spectroscopy (CEAS) configuration which was equipped with different cavities of up to 1.3 m length. This spectrometer yielded path lengths of up to 4 km and a noise equivalent absorption down to 4 x 10-8 cm-1Hz-1/2. The corresponding molecular concentration detection limit (e.g. for CH4, N2O and C2H2 at 1303 cm-1/7.66 Aem) was generally below 1 x 1010 cm-3 for 1 s integration times and one order of magnitude less for 30 s integration times. The main limiting factor for achieving even higher sensitivity is the residual mode noise of the cavity. Employing a 0.5 m long cavity the achieved sensitivity was good enough for the selective measurement of trace atmospheric constituents at 2.2 mbar.
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Plasma Chemistry And Gas Conversion

Author : Nikolay Britun
ISBN : 9781789848403
Genre : Science
File Size : 78.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Low-temperature non-equilibrium gaseous discharges represent nearly ideal media for boosting plasma-based chemical reactions. In these discharges the energy of plasma electrons, after being received from the electromagnetic field, is transferred to the other degrees of freedom differently, ideally with only a small part going to the translational motion of heavy gas particles. This unique property enables the important application of non-equilibrium plasmas for greenhouse gas conversion. While the degree of discharge non-equilibrium often defines the energetic efficiency of conversion, other factors are also of a great importance, such as type of discharge, presence of plasma catalysis, etc. This book is focused on the recent achievements in optimization and understanding of non-equilibrium plasma for gas conversion via plasma modeling and experimental work.
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Advances In Atomic Molecular And Optical Physics

Author :
ISBN : 0080561543
Genre : Science
File Size : 28.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This series, established in 1965, is concerned with recent developments in the general area of atomic, molecular, and optical physics. The field is in a state of rapid growth, as new experimental and theoretical techniques are used on many old and new problems. Topics covered also include related applied areas, such as atmospheric science, astrophysics, surface physics, and laser physics. Articles are written by distinguished experts who are active in their research fields. The articles contain both relevant review material as well as detailed descriptions of important recent developments.
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Plasma Physics

Author : Andreas Dinklage
ISBN : 3540252746
Genre : Science
File Size : 25.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Plasma Physics: Confinement, Transport and Collective Effects provides an overview of modern plasma research with special focus on confinement and related issues. Beginning with a broad introduction, the book leads graduate students and researchers – also those from related fields - to an understanding of the state-of-the-art in modern plasma physics. Furthermore, it presents a methodological cross section ranging from plasma applications and plasma diagnostics to numerical simulations, the latter providing an increasingly important link between theory and experiment. Effective references guide the reader from introductory texts through to contemporary research. Some related exercises in computational plasma physics are supplied on a special web site
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Plasma Medicine

Author : Alexander Fridman
ISBN : 9781118437650
Genre : Science
File Size : 65.75 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This comprehensive text is suitable for researchers and graduatestudents of a ‘hot’ new topic in medical physics. Written by the world’s leading experts, this bookaims to present recent developments in plasma medicine, bothtechnological and scientific, reviewed in a fashion accessible tothe highly interdisciplinary audience consisting of doctors,physicists, biologists, chemists and other scientists, universitystudents and professors, engineers and medical practitioners. The book focuses on major topics and covers the physics requiredto develop novel plasma discharges relevant for medicalapplications, the medicine to apply the technology not onlyin-vitro but also in-vivo testing and the biology to understandcomplicated bio-chemical processes involved in plasma interactionwith living tissues.
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Plasma Physics And Engineering

Author : Alexander Fridman
ISBN : 1560328487
Genre : Science
File Size : 67.6 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Plasma engineering is a rapidly expanding area of science and technology with increasing numbers of engineers using plasma processes over a wide range of applications. An essential tool for understanding this dynamic field, Plasma Physics and Engineering provides a clear, fundamental introduction to virtually all aspects of modern plasma science and technology, including plasma chemistry and engineering, combustion, chemical physics, lasers, electronics, methods of material treatment, fuel conversion, and environmental control. The book contains an extensive database on plasma kinetics and thermodynamics, many helpful numerical formulas for practical calculations, and an array of problems and concept questions.
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Ppc 2003

Author : Michael Giesselmann
ISBN : 0780379152
Genre : Electric switchgear
File Size : 21.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"IEEE Catalog Number: 03CH37472"--T.p. verso
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Non Thermal Plasma Techniques For Pollution Control

Author : Bernie M. Penetrante
ISBN : 3540571744
Genre : Science
File Size : 57.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion, and smog are preeminent environmental problems facing the world today. Non-thermal plasma techniques offer an innovative approach to the solution of some of these problems. There are many types of non-thermal plasma devices that have been developed for environmental applications. The potential of these devices for the destruction of pollutants or toxic molecules has already been demonstrated in many contexts, such as nitrogen oxides (NOX) and sulfur dioxide (SO2) in flue gases, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in industrial effluents, and chemical agents such as nerve gases. This book contains a comprehensive account of the latest developments in non-thermal plasma devices and their applications to the disposal of a wide variety of gaseous pollutants.
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Chemical Reactions Using Gliding Arc Plasma

Author : Antonius Indarto
ISBN : 9780557486182
Genre :
File Size : 49.35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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This book deals with the application of Gliding Arc plasma to convert some gaseous chemicals. It covers the decomposition of some chlorinated compounds, the conversion of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2).