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No Way Home

Author : Carlos Acosta
ISBN : 1416567313
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 45.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Carlos Acosta, the Cuban dancer considered to be one of the world's greatest performers, fearlessly depicts his journey from adolescent troublemaker to international superstar in his captivating memoir, No Way Home. Carlos was just another kid from the slums of Havana; the youngest son of a truck driver and a housewife, he ditched school with his friends and dreamed of becoming Cuba's best soccer player. Exasperated by his son's delinquent behavior, Carlos's father enrolled him in ballet school, subjecting him to grueling days that started at five thirty in the morning and ended long after sunset. The path from student to star was not an easy one. Even as he won dance competitions and wowed critics around the world, Carlos was homesick for Cuba, crippled by loneliness and self-doubt. As he traveled the world, Carlos struggled to overcome popular stereotypes and misconceptions; to maintain a relationship with his family; and, most of all, to find a place he could call home. This impassioned memoir is about more than Carlos's rise to stardom. It is about a young man forced to leave his homeland and loved ones for a life of self-discipline, displacement, and physical hardship. It is also about how the heart and soul of a country can touch the heart and soul of one of its citizens. With candor and humor, Carlos vividly depicts daily life in communist Cuba, his feelings about ballet -- an art form he both lovesand hates -- and his complex relationship with his father. Carlos Acosta makes dance look effortless, but the grace, strength, and charisma we see onstage have come at a cost. Here, in his own words, is the story of the price he paid.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

No Way Home

Author : Tyler Wetherall
ISBN : 9781250112200
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 35.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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One of PureWow's "20 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018" and "Books to Read in April" • One of InStyle UK's "Best New Books to Read in 2018" • One of LitHub's 20 Books You Should Read This April • One of Bustle's "5 Gripping Memoirs Under 300 Pages To Read In One Weekend" A memoir of growing up on the run—and what happens when it comes to a stop. "Lucid, tender, exquisitely re-imagined, and compulsively readable." —Jessica Nelson, author of If Only You People Could Follow Directions "In this wondrous and richly detailed coming of age story, Tyler Wetherall follows the breadcrumbs of her childhood to discover a family home that is unlike any other." —Katy Lederer, author of Poker Face Tyler had lived in thirteen houses and five countries by the time she was nine. A willful and curious child, she never questioned her strange upbringing, that is, until Scotland Yard showed up outside her ramshackle English home, and she discovered her family had been living a lie: Her father was a fugitive and her name was not her own. In sunny California, ten years earlier, her father’s criminal organization first came to the FBI’s attention. Soon after her parents were forced on the run taking their three young children with them, and they spent the following years fleeing through Europe, assuming different identities and hiding out in a series of far-flung places. Now her father was attempting one final escape—except this time, he couldn’t take her with him. In this emotionally compelling and gripping memoir, Tyler Wetherall brings to life her fugitive childhood, following the threads that tie a family together through hardship, from her parents’ first meeting in 1960s New York to her present life as a restless writer unpacking the secrets of her past. No Way Home is about love, loss, and learning to tell the story of our lives.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

No Way Home

Author : Amarjit Sidhu
ISBN : 9780143064640
Genre : Domestic fiction
File Size : 65.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Category: Domestic fiction

No Way Home

Author : David S. Wilcove
ISBN : 9781559639859
Genre : Nature
File Size : 89.89 MB
Format : PDF
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A review of the major animal migrations on land, in the sea, and in the air includes the conservation status of the populations involved and covers such great migratory species as bison, salmon, monarch butterflies, and shorebirds.
Category: Nature

No Way Home

Author : Richard Boswell
ISBN : 9781456733582
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 31.24 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The book is a story about a young investigator who was recruited to go undercover in the Organized Crime Strikeforce in Chicago, Illinois. The assignment was initially only to be for a few months, but months turned into years and Robert became what he hated. He became one of the family and liked it. The story tells of the adventures, crimes, challenges and changes which happened to Robert. It followes his life, his criminal activity, the killings, the robberies, the betrayal of all he had believed. The tale is one of failed promises, of loss of faith in the system and finally of resolution of the internal struggle.
Category: Fiction

No Way Home

Author : Sue Martin
ISBN : 9781407026091
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 54.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Sue Martin was not three years old when she began life at her first children's home: a home that could at best be described as cold and regimented; at worst, torturous and terrifying. When her mother abandoned her to the protection of the home, Sue was soon to discover that behind the welcoming doors of this reputedly kind-hearted organisation lay a world steeped in lies, cover-ups, victimisation and abuse. At its heart was Boagey, whose perverse bullying was targeted at Sue. Her attacks quickly progressed from the gratuitous punishment of an innocent child to sordid gratification of her sexual whims. Sue's story is one of institutional abuse - of physical, mental and emotional torture of the most appalling kind - but it also a story full of joy, humour and many victories - small and large - against her abusers. Utterly compelling and shockingly revelatory, No Way Home will astound, move and inspire.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

No Way Home

Author : Patricia MacDonald
ISBN : 9781416548355
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 34.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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With chilling echoes of a notorious, real-life murder in Connecticut, Patricia MacDonald's gripping novel unwraps the layers of fear and guilt in a small town where nothing bad ever happens -- until a pretty teenager disappears.... Founder's Day in Felton, Tennessee, should be a joyous occasion. But it's the day Michele Burdette never returns home from the festivities...the day Michele is found murdered. Now, as her mother Lillie tries to heal her shattered life, haunting questions emerge about the identity of Michele's killer -- and Lillie realizes no one in her family or in Felton can be presumed innocent. A ring of suspicion is tightening around Michele's father, stepfather, and her football hero brother, and Lillie's quest for justice will reveal the deadly lies hidden behind the closed doors of her town, and her past....
Category: Fiction

No Way Home

Author : John Parsons
ISBN : 074875931X
Genre : Readers (Elementary)
File Size : 44.89 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bookwise is a carefully graded reading scheme organized into five cross-curricular strands, encouraging links to other subjects. Comprising 16 fiction and ten non-fiction titles, the 25 books at each level span a two-year reading age and the three-tier levelling system within each level facilitates an accurate match of reading ability and text. The full-colour readers are accompanied by teacher's guides and resource sheets to help teachers get the most out of their guided reading and writing sessions.
Category: Readers (Elementary)

No Way Home

Author : Andrew Coburn
ISBN : 9781440545061
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 49.39 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The first murder seemed senseless. The second death a tragic accident. And the killer...a total mystery to Chief of Police James Morgan. Chief Morgan’s job had been, up to now, a cinch—his principal occupation being to sexually service the dissatisfied wives of the town’s wealthiest citizens. The troubled town is Bensington, a bedroom suburb of Boston, where respectable natives live in old Victorians, rich newcomers in mock mansions, and the poor in wood-heaped frame houses. Just beneath Bensington’s sedate surface are some very off-centered residents whose quirky cravings and guilts tend to be overlooked, or neatly concealed. Then a brutal double murder blows everyone’s deep, dark secrets into the open air, and for once rich and poor alike are caught up in the same net of passion and violence. James Morgan, Bensington born and bred, is a lean and handsome widower whose love for his dead wife spurs an unending series of sexual conquests, and whose warm compassion wars with the icy imperatives of his profession. Although he is expected to solve the mysterious murders and put the town back together, local coffee-shop critics question his competence, even as they relish the rumors of his trysts. The women who sleep with Morgan—for reasons ranging from boredom to desperate loneliness—are included in his investigation, as is a rich man on the brink of ruin, and a policeman nursing a hidden hate, and a degenerate family consisting of a brutal father and two very different sons—one retarded, the other frighteningly gifted. And complicating it all is Morgan’s newest conquest, the daughter of the victims, who herself may be a target. Filled with insight and irony, this electrifying thriller blends roller-coaster action with the sensitive probing of men and women driven by private demons of love and hate, need and desire. Edgar nominee Andrew Coburn masterfully splices psychological suspense with police procedure as he turns his keen eye on small-town America and the secrets it keeps.
Category: Fiction

No Way Back

Author : Theodor Fontane
ISBN : 9780141392165
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 72.63 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A rich and enjoyable novel about marriage, love and betrayal, from the great German realist Theodor Fontane. Charming, cheerful Count Holk is delighted to be called away from his solemn wife to the distant court of a Danish princess. Swept up in the romance of his new, lively surroundings at a 'castle by the sea', the Count does not realize that not everyone there is what they seem - and that a wrong decision may have fatal consequences. Published in 1892, this tragicomic work of failing marriage and modern sexual politics is full of the irony, elegance and masterful dialogue for which Theodor Fontane is acclaimed. Theodor Fontane was born in the Prussian province of Brandenburg in 1819. After qualifying as a pharmacist, he made his living as a writer. From 1855 to 1859, he lived in London and worked as a freelance journalist and press agent for the Prussian embassy. While working as a war correspondent during the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1 he was taken prisoner, but released after two months. His first novel, Before the Storm, was published when he was fifty-eight and was followed by sixteen further novels, of which Effi Briest, No Way Back and On Tangled Paths are all published in Penguin Classics. He died in 1898. Hugh Rorrison and Helen Chambers have both published extensively on German literature, and translated together the Penguin Classics translation of Fontane's Effi Briest. 'No Way Back has the amplitude, the social and personal varieties, we expect of the major social novel; it surely ranks among the most imaginatively challenging and intellectually satisfying attainments in that dominant nineteenth-century form' - Paul Binding, The Spectator 'Helen Chambers and Hugh Rorrison have improved on the previous English version...natural, idiomatic' - Ritchie Robertson, Times Literary Supplement 'Theodor Fontane's standing in Germany is comparable to Jane Austen's in the English-speaking world...his best work is an elegant and engaging blend of irony, penetration and compassion' Helen Chambers
Category: Fiction