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Neutron Stars Theory And Observation

Author : J.E Ventura
ISBN : 0792313976
Genre : Science
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Some twenty-three years after the discovery of pulsars and their identification as rotating neutron stars, neutron star physics may be regarded as comingofage. Pul sars and accreting neutron stars have now been studied at every wavelength, from the initial radio observations, through optical, X-, and "{-ray, up to the very recent observations in the TeV region, while theorists have studied in some detail relevant physical processes both outside and inside neutron stars. As a result, comparisonof theory with observation provides a test ofour theoretical ideas in fields as diverse as neutron and nuclear matter, superfluidity and superconductivity, the acceleration of high energy particles, and the generation and maintenance of intense magnetic fields. For example, through observations of glitches and post glitch behavior of pulsars, it has become possible to establish the presence ofsuperfluid neutron mat ter in the inner crust of neutron stars, and to determine some of its properties, while neutron stars in compact binary systems offer one ofthe most efficient energy generation mechanisms known. It is in fact the interactive interpretation of these ,diverse pieces of information that can lead to major advances in our understanding of the physics of these exotic objects, and justifies the characterization of neutron stars as hadron physics laboratories.
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Neutron Stars 1

Author : P. Haensel
ISBN : 9780387335438
Genre : Science
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The book gives an extended review of theoretical and observational aspects of neutron star physics. With masses comparable to that of the Sun and radii of about ten kilometres, neutron stars are the densest stars in the Universe. This book describes all layers of neutron stars, from the surface to the core, with the emphasis on their structure and equation of state. Theories of dense matter are reviewed, and used to construct neutron star models. Hypothetical strange quark stars and possible exotic phases in neutron star cores are also discussed. Also covered are the effects of strong magnetic fields in neutron star envelopes.
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Neutron Stars And Pulsars

Author : Werner Becker
ISBN : 9783540769651
Genre : Science
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Neutron stars are the most compact astronomical objects in the universe which are accessible by direct observation. Studying neutron stars means studying physics in regimes unattainable in any terrestrial laboratory. Understanding their observed complex phenomena requires a wide range of scientific disciplines, including the nuclear and condensed matter physics of very dense matter in neutron star interiors, plasma physics and quantum electrodynamics of magnetospheres, and the relativistic magneto-hydrodynamics of electron-positron pulsar winds interacting with some ambient medium. Not to mention the test bed neutron stars provide for general relativity theories, and their importance as potential sources of gravitational waves. It is this variety of disciplines which, among others, makes neutron star research so fascinating, not only for those who have been working in the field for many years but also for students and young scientists. The aim of this book is to serve as a reference work which not only reviews the progress made since the early days of pulsar astronomy, but especially focuses on questions such as: "What have we learned about the subject and how did we learn it?", "What are the most important open questions in this area?" and "What new tools, telescopes, observations, and calculations are needed to answer these questions?". All authors who have contributed to this book have devoted a significant part of their scientific careers to exploring the nature of neutron stars and understanding pulsars. Everyone has paid special attention to writing educational comprehensive review articles with the needs of beginners, students and young scientists as potential readers in mind. This book will be a valuable source of information for these groups.
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The Electromagnetic Spectrum Of Neutron Stars

Author : Altan Baykal
ISBN : 9781402038617
Genre : Science
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Neutron stars hold a central place in astrophysics, not only because they are made up of the most extreme states of the condensed matter, but also because they are, along with white dwarfs and black holes, one of the stable configurations that stars reach at the end of stellar evolution. Neutron stars posses the highest rotation rates and strongest magnetic fields among all stars. They radiate prolifically, in high energy electromagnetic radiation and in the radio band. This book is devoted to the selected lectures presented in the 6th NATO-ASI series entitled "The Electromagnetic Spectrum of Neutron Stars" in Marmaris, Turkey, on 7-18 June 2004. This ASI is devoted to the spectral properties of neutron stars. Spectral observations of neutron stars help us to understand the magnetospheric emission processes of isolated radio pulsars and the emission processes of accreting neutron stars. This volume includes spectral information from the neutron stars in broadest sense, namely neutrino and gravitational radiation along with the electromagnetic spectrum. We believe that this volume can serve as graduate level of text including the broad range of properties of neutron stars.
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Recent Progress In Many Body Theories

Author : Raymond F. Bishop
ISBN : 9810243189
Genre : Science
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Quantum many-body theory as a discipline in its own right dates largely from the 1950's. It has developed since then to its current position as one of the cornerstones of modern theoretical physics. The field remains vibrant and active, vigorous and exciting. Indeed, its successes and importance were vividly illustrated prior to the conference by the sharing of the 1998 Nobel Prizes in both Physics and Chemistry by three many-body theorists. Two of those Nobel laureates, Walter Kohn and Bob Laughlin, delivered invited lectures at this meeting, the tenth in the series of International Conferences on Recent Progress in Many-Body Theories. This series is universally recognized as being the premier series of meetings on this subject, and its proceedings have always summarized the current state of the art through the lectures of its leading practitioners. The present volume is no exception. A major aim of this conference series has been to foster the exchange of ideas between physicists working in all the diverse fields of application of quantum many-body theory. These include nuclear and subnuclear physics, quantum fluids, strongly correlated electronic systems, and low-dimensional condensed-matter systems and materials. All of these fields and others are represented in the present volume. Other topical themes covered include density functional theory and its applications to nuclear and electronic systems, quantum dots and chaos, and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates. Through this breadth of applications the reader will get a clear illustration of the power of the tools of modern microscopic quantum many-body theory, and their usefulness both in achieving a commonality of approach andunderstanding, and in transferring powerful ideas from one field to another.
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Neutron Stars In Supernova Remnants

Author : Patrick O. Slane
ISBN : 1583811117
Genre : Science
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Annotation Slane and Gaensler (both of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) present the proceedings of an August 2001 workshop devoted to young neutron stars and their associated supernova remnants, organized in light of observational advances since a similarly themed conference in 1998. Ninety-seven papers are organized into seven sections covering rotation-powered pulsars in supernova remnants, pulsar wind theory, evolution of pulsar nebulae, observations of pulsar nebulae, exotic neutron stars and their supernova remnants, isolated and binary neutron stars, and supernovae and supernova remnants. Annotation (c)2003 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (
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The Lives Of The Neutron Stars

Author : NATO Advanced Study Institute Staff
ISBN : 0792332466
Genre : Science
File Size : 24.51 MB
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As the most compact known observable form of matter, neutron stars offer a fascinating range of problems to astrophysicists. This book offers a collection of reviews of current research on neutron stars, variously observed as radio pulsars, X-ray binaries, gamma-ray sources and sources of thermal X-ray emission. The reviews are meant for an audience of graduate students and scientists in the field, so they combine a tutorial approach with the objectives of a scientific review. The central theme of the book is evolution, stressing the changes of thermal, magnetic and dynamical properties throughout the lives of neutron stars.
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The Many Faces Of Neutron Stars

Author : R. Buccheri
ISBN : UVA:X004325446
Genre : Science
File Size : 77.22 MB
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A survey of recent progress in research on neutron stars, emphasising radio pulsars, accreting neutron stars in X-ray binaries, and the rotation-powered high-energy emission from isolated neutron stars. Among the subjects reviewed are: the broad history of neutron star research; the properties of high-density matter in neutron stars; thermal and magnetic field evolution; dynamics of neutron star crusts and glitches; detection of radio emission from pulsars; radio pulsar population; millisecond and binary radio pulsars; gamma-ray emission from radio pulsars; accreting neutron stars (and black holes) in X-ray binaries; the recently discovered kHz oscillations in low-mass X-ray binaries; anomalous X-ray pulsars; the Bursting Pulsar; X-ray emission from isolated neutron stars; neutron star atmosphere; coalescing neutron star binaries; and gamma ray bursts.
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Physics Of Neutron Star Interiors

Author : D. Blaschke
ISBN : 9783540423409
Genre : Science
File Size : 53.60 MB
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Neutron stars are the densest observable bodies in our universe. Born during the gravitational collapse of luminous stars - a birth heralded by spectacular supernova explosions - they open a window on a world where the state of the matter and the strengths of the fields are anything but ordinary. This book is a collection of pedagogical lectures on the theory of neutron stars, and especially their interiors, at the forefront of current research. It addresses graduate students and researchers alike, and should be particularly suitable as a text bridging the gap between standard textbook material and the research literature.
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Theory Of Neutron Star Magnetospheres

Author : F. Curtis Michel
ISBN : 0226523314
Genre : Science
File Size : 73.19 MB
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An incomparable reference for astrophysicists studying pulsars and other kinds of neutron stars, Theory of Neutron Star Magnetospheres sums up two decades of astrophysical research. It provides in one volume the most important findings to date on this topic, essential to astrophysicists faced with a huge and widely scattered literature. F. Curtis Michel, who was among the first theorists to propose a neutron star model for radio pulsars, analyzes competing models of pulsars, radio emission models, winds and jets from pulsars, pulsating X-ray sources, gamma-ray burst sources, and other neutron-star driven phenomena. Although the book places primary emphasis on theoretical essentials, it also provides a considerable introduction to the observational data and its organization. Michel emphasizes the problems and uncertainties that have arisen in the research as well as the considerable progress that has been made to date.
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