Nelson Navy Nation

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Nelson Navy Nation

Author : Quintin Colville
ISBN : 9781844862252
Genre : History
File Size : 43.69 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Nelson, Navy & Nation explores the Royal Navy's relationship with Britain from the Glorious Revolution to the Napoleonic Wars. The book encompasses the realities of naval life in this period; the navy's connection to society; culture and national identity; and the story of Nelson's life and career. It brings together a distinguished panel of leading historians including Roger Knight, Andrew Lambert, Brian Lavery, N.A.M. Rodger and Dan Snow. Together, they give a fascinating contextual overview, from the terrifying realities of battle in the age of sail to the lives of ordinary people ashore who celebrated the navy's achievements. It places the extraordinary achievements of Horatio Nelson within a wider context that makes sense of his dazzling celebrity. In so doing, it reveals that the story of the Royal Navy and Nelson is also the story of the fears and ambitions of the British people. Beautifully illustrated throughout from the world-leading collections of the National Maritime Museum, the book combines accessible narrative history for the general reader with superb visual appeal. It is an ideal companion to the Museum's new permanent 'Nelson, Navy, Nation' gallery, which opened in October 2013.
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The Navy And The Nation

Author : George Sydenham Clarke Baron Sydenham of Combe
ISBN : NYPL:33433008149118
Genre : Great Britain
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The Rough Guide To London

Author : Rough Guides
ISBN : 9780241258415
Genre : Travel
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The Rough Guide to London is the ultimate travel guide to one of the world's most exciting cities. With full color throughout and dozens of photos to illustrate London's great buildings, iconic landmarks, and distinctive neighborhoods, this updated guidebook will show you the best the city has to offer, from Big Ben, the London Eye, and Olympic Park to markets and museums, gourmet restaurants, and hidden pubs. London has something for everyone--art galleries and shopping arcades, spacious parks and grand palaces--and The Rough Guide to London uncovers it all. Detailed color maps for each neighborhood, plus a tube map and practical information on all the essentials, make getting around easy. With chapters dedicated to the best hotels, restaurants and cafés, pubs and bars, live music and clubs, shops, theater, kids' activities, and more, you'll be sure to make the most of your time in this city with The Rough Guide to London. Series Overview: For more than thirty years, adventurous travelers have turned to Rough Guides for up-to-date and intuitive information from expert authors. With opinionated and lively writing, honest reviews, and a strong cultural background, Rough Guides travel books bring more than 200 destinations to life. Visit to learn more.
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Lonely Planet Great Britain

Author : Lonely Planet
ISBN : 9781788685313
Genre : Travel
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Lonely Planet Great Britain is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Ponder the mysteries of Stonehenge, explore the many sides of Edinburgh, or try new versions of British pub favourites at a gastropub; all with your trusted travel companion.
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Ship English

Author : Sally Delgado
ISBN : 9783961101511
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 36.96 MB
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This book presents evidence in support of the hypothesis that Ship English of the early Atlantic colonial period was a distinct variety with characteristic features. It is motivated by the recognition that late-seventeenth and early-eighteenth century sailors’ speech was potentially an influential variety in nascent creoles and English varieties of the Caribbean, yet few academic studies have attempted to define the characteristics of this speech. Therefore, the two principal aims of this study were, firstly, to outline the socio-demographics of the maritime communities and examine how variant linguistic features may have developed and spread among these communities, and, secondly, to generate baseline data on the characteristic features of Ship English. The methodology’s data collection strategy targeted written representations of sailors’ speech prepared or published between the dates 1620 and 1750, and prioritized documents that were composed by working mariners. These written representations were then analyzed following a mixed methods triangulation design that converged the qualitative and quantitative data to determine plausible interpretations of the most likely spoken forms. Findings substantiate claims that there was a distinct dialect of English that was spoken by sailors during the period of early English colonial expansion. They also suggest that Ship English was a sociolect formed through the mixing, leveling and simplification processes of koinization. Indicators suggest that this occupation-specific variety stabilized and spread in maritime communities through predominantly oral speech practices and strong affiliations among groups of sailors. It was also transferred to port communities and sailors’ home regions through regular contact between sailors speaking this sociolect and the land-based service-providers and communities that maintained and supplied the fleets. Linguistic data show that morphological characteristics of Ship English are evident at the word-level, and syntactic characteristics are evident not only in phrase construction but also at the larger clause and sentence levels, whilst discourse is marked by characteristic patterns of subordination and culture-specific interjection patterns. The newly-identified characteristics of Ship English detailed here provide baseline data that may now serve as an entry point for scholars to integrate this language variety into the discourse on dialect variation in Early Modern English period and the theories on pidgin and creole genesis as a result of language contact in the early colonial period.
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Author : Andrew Lambert
ISBN : 9780571265701
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 28.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'Fascinating . . . Shot through with fresh insights . . . No previous biography has attempted anything so comprehensive.' Observer Nelson is a thrilling new appraisal of Horatio Nelson, the greatest practitioner of naval command the world has ever seen. It explores the professional, personal, intellectual and practical origins of one man's genius, to understand how the greatest warrior that Britain has ever produced transformed the art of conflict, and enabled his country to survive the challenge of total war and international isolation. In Nelson, Andrew Lambert - described by David Cannadine as 'the outstanding British naval historian of his generation' - is able to offer new insights into the individual quality which led Byron rightly to celebrate Nelson's genius as 'Britannia's God of War'. He demonstrates how Admiral Nelson elevated the business of naval warfare to the level of the sublime. Nelson's unique gift was to take that which other commanders found complex, and reduce it to simplicity. Where his predecessors and opponents saw a particular battle as an end in itself, Nelson was always a step ahead - even in the midst of terrifying, close-quarters action, with officers and men struck down all around him. 'Excellent . . . Worthy of the stirring events [it celebrates].' Independent
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Men Of War Life In Nelson S Navy

Author : Patrick O'Brian
ISBN : 9780393089165
Genre : History
File Size : 24.53 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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A concise overview, richly illustrated, of the historical background to the acclaimed Aubrey/Maturin novels. This book is a companion to Patrick O'Brian's sea novels, a straightforward exploration of what daily life in Nelson's navy was really like, for everyone from the captain down to the rawest recruit. What did they eat? What songs did they sing? What was the schedule of watches? How were the officers and crew paid, and what was the division of prize-money? These questions and many more are answered in Patrick O'Brian's elegant narrative, which includes wonderful anecdotal material on the battles and commanders that established Britain's naval supremacy. Line drawings and charts help us to understand the construction and rigging of the great ships, the types and disposition of the guns, and how they were operated in battle. A number of contemporary drawings and cartoons illustrate aspects of naval life from the press gang to the scullery. Finally, a generous selection of full-color paintings render the majesty and the excitement of fleet actions in the age of fighting sail.
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Broke Of The Shannon

Author : Tim Voelcker
ISBN : 9781473831322
Genre : History
File Size : 47.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Captain Broke's victory in 1813 over Captain Lawrence of USS Chesapeake, which was to have far reaching influence on the future of North America, did much to restore the morale of the Royal Navy, shattered by three successive defeats in single-ship duels with US frigates, and stunned the American nation which had come to expect success.2013 sees the bicentenary of the battle and this new book seeks to reverse the neglect shown by most modern historians of one of Britain's finest frigate captains, who by his skill, determination and leadership won one of the bloodiest naval duels the world has seen. Even now both Britain and the USA claim to have won the war but only Canada, the third country heavily involved, can fully claim to have done so, for the peace that followed established her as an independent nation.Leading historians from all three countries have joined to give their sometimes conflicting views on different aspects in a way to interest and entertain general readers, as well as challenge academics. It is a tale of political and military blunders, courage and cowardice in battle, a bloody ship-to-ship fight, and technical innovation in the hitherto crude methods of naval gunnery. It also tells the human story of Broke's determination to achieve victory so he could return to his wife and children after seven lonely years at sea.The near-fatal wound Broke received in hand-to-hand fighting as he boarded the Chesapeake meant that he never served again at sea, but his work on naval gunnery, paid for out of his own pocket, transformed Admiralty thinking and led to the establishment of the British naval school of gunnery, HMS Excellent. This Bicentenary year of his victory is timely for an up-to-date, wide-ranging work incorporating the latest thinking; this is the book.As seen in the East Anglian Daily Times and the Ipswich Star.
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British State Romanticism

Author : Anne Frey
ISBN : 9780804773485
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 76.11 MB
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British State Romanticism contends that changing definitions of state power in the late Romantic period propelled authors to revisit the work of literature as well as the profession of authorship. Traditionally, critics have seen the Romantics as imaginative geniuses and viewed the supposedly less imaginative character of their late work as evidence of declining abilities. Frey argues, in contrast, that late Romanticism offers an alternative aesthetic model that adjusts authorship to work within an expanding and bureaucratizing state. She examines how Wordsworth, Coleridge, Austen, Scott, and De Quincey portray specific state and imperial agencies to debate what constituted government power, through what means government penetrated individual lives, and how non-governmental figures could assume government authority. Defining their work as part of an expanding state, these writers also reworked Romantic structures such as the imagination, organic form, and the literary sublime to operate through state agencies and to convey membership in a nation.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Nation And The Navy

Author : W. Mark Hamilton
ISBN : UVA:X001210098
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 50.24 MB
Format : PDF
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The Critic

Author : Jeannette Leonard Gilder
ISBN : OSU:32435051124311
Genre :
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The Critic

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B5213898
Genre :
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The Nelson Navy Book

Author : James Cuthbert Hadden
ISBN : NYPL:33433008489639
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 83.79 MB
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Who S Who In Nelson S Navy

Author : Nicholas Tracy
ISBN : IND:30000109858344
Genre : History
File Size : 35.10 MB
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This new collection of short biographies tells of the heroic deeds of two hundred prominent officers who fought at sea through the wars against the French Republic and Empire. The circumstances of a war for national survival and social order put an end to the political divisions which had characterized the officer class of the Royal Navy in the preceding two centuries and produced a remarkable body of men whose competence, commitment and ability where to lead to Britain's complete command of the oceans; the most outstanding of these form the core of this book. Each biography, of around one thousand words, describes the events in these men's careers and sets their achievements within the context of the wars. Their early lives and promotions are detailed as well as their marriages and family lives. Indeed, the extraordinary web of personal and service relationships that emerges is one of the fascinating themes of the book; connections made a vast difference between languishing as a lieutenant and being remembered when a ship needed a commander. Drawing on contemporary and nineteenth-century sources the author has put together a fascinating collection of lives which make for rousing reading; but the details of promotions and other events will also make the book an important reference work for scholars and enthusiasts of the period.
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The Nation

Author :
ISBN : MINN:31951001355182X
Genre : Literature
File Size : 82.24 MB
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