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Necropolis Of Gonur

Author : Victor Sarianidi
ISBN : 9607037855
Genre : History
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Gonur was the most important city in the kingdom of Margiana (Turkmenistan). The cemetery of Gonur, which was excavated by Victor Sarianidi, yielded about 3,000 tombs, dating from the end of the 3rd to the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. This book contains the results of the excavations, anthropological observations based on the skeletons found, and a large number and wide variety of finds. These works bear witness to the splendid flowering of the art of Margiana in the 2nd millennium BC.
Category: History

The Elamite World

Author : Javier Álvarez-Mon
ISBN : 9781317329831
Genre : Social Science
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Amongst the civilizations to participate in the dynamic processes of contact and interchange that gave rise to complex societies in the ancient Near East, Elam has remained one of the most obscure, at times languishing in the background of scholarly inquiry. In recent years, however, an increasing body of academic publications have acknowledged its relevance and suggested that its legacy was more considerable and long-lasting than previously estimated. The Elamite World assembles a group of 40 international scholars to contribute their expertise to the production of a solid, lavishly illustrated, English language treatment of Elamite civilization. It covers topics such as its physical setting, historical development, languages and people, material culture, art, science, religion and society, as well as the legacy of Elam in the Persian empire and its presence in the modern world. This comprehensive and ambitious survey seeks for Elam, hardly a household name, a noteworthy place in our shared cultural heritage. It will be both a valuable introductory text for a general audience and a definitive reference source for students and academics.
Category: Social Science

Papers On Anthropology

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000124349204
Genre : Anthropology
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Category: Anthropology

A Global History Of Architecture

Author : Mark M. Jarzombek
ISBN : 9780470902486
Genre : Architecture
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Praise for the First Edition "Because of its exceptionally wide perspective, even architectural historians who do not teach general survey courses are likely to enjoy and appreciate it." —Annali d'architettura "Not only does A Global History of Architecture own the territory (of world architecture), it pulls off this audacious task with panache, intelligence, and—for the most part—grace." —Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians Revised and updated—the compelling history of the world's great architectural achievements Organized along a global timeline, A Global History of Architecture, Second Edition has been updated and revised throughout to reflect current scholarship. Spanning from 3,500 b.c.e. to the present, this unique guide is written by an all-star team of architectural experts in their fields who emphasize the connections, contrasts, and influences of architectural movements throughout history. The architectural history of the world comes to life through a unified framework for interpreting and understanding architecture, supplemented by rich drawings from the renowned Frank Ching, as well as brilliant photographs. This new Second Edition: Delivers more coverage of non-Western areas, particularly Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, and Pre-Columbian America Is completely re-designed with full-color illustrations throughout Incorporates additional drawings by Professor Ching, including new maps with more information and color Meets the requirements set by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB) for "non-Western" architecture in history education. Offers new connections to a companion Web site, including Google EarthTM coordinates for ease of finding sites. Architecture and art enthusiasts will find A Global History of Architecture, Second Edition perpetually at their fingertips.
Category: Architecture

Pal Orient

Author :
ISBN : NWU:35556039245246
Genre : Archaeology
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Category: Archaeology

Complex Societies Of Central Eurasia From The 3rd To The 1st Millennium Bc Ethnos Language Culture General Problems Studying Sintashta The Eneolithic And Bronze Ages

Author : Karlene Jones-Bley
ISBN : 0941694836
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 71.74 MB
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I. COMPLEX SOCIETIES OF CENTRAL EURASIAżETHNOS, LANGUAGE, CULTURE: The Indo-European Problem and the Exploitation of the Eurasian SteppesEthnic and Cultural Interconnections between Iran and Turan in the 2nd Millennium BCTowards A Possible Linguistic Interpretation of the ArkaimArkaim and the Indo-Iranian VarAvestan żYimażs Townż in Historical and Archaeological PerspectiveIndo-European Burial, the żRig Veda,ż and żAvestażArchaeological Mythology and Some Real Problems of the Current Archaeology.II. COMPLEX SOCIETIES OF CENTRAL EURASIAżGENERAL PROBLEMS:Social Landscape of Central Eurasia in the Bronze and Iron AgesżTendencies, Factors, and Limits of Transformation.III. COMPLEX SOCIETIES OF CENTRAL EURASIAżSTUDING SINTASHTA:Planography of the Fortified Centers of the Middle Bronze Age in the Southern Trans-UralsComplex Societies and the Possibilities to Diagnose them on the Basis of Archaeological DataThe Sintashta Culture and the Indo-European ProblemżProto-townsż of the Bronze Age in the South Urals and Ancient KhorasmiaOn the Problem of Chronological Correlation between Sintashta Type and MRC SitesThe Cemetery of Bestamak and the Structure of the CommunitySintashta Burial SacrificeżThe Bolshekaragansky Cemetery in FocusAnimals in the Burial Rite of the Population of the Volga-Ural AreaIV. COMPLEX SOCIETIES OF CENTRAL EURASIAżTHE ENEOLITHIC AND BRONZE AGES:Yamnaya (Pit-Grave) Culture in the South Urals AreaThe Trans-Ural Eneolithic Sanctuaries with Astronomical Reference PointsCircular Settlements in the Lower Tobal AreaThe Regional Differences of the Prestige Bronze Ages Burials SpearsRegional Peculiarities of Technology of the Shield Cheekpiece Production
Category: Social Science

Treasures From The Oxus

Author : Massimo Vidale
ISBN : 9781838609764
Genre : Art
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In history, this grand arterial 1500-mile waterway was always seen as the natural frontier between the northern provinces of the Iranian empires and the outer Turanian lands. It was for centuries central to Achaemenid and later Persian power. But, as the author shows, it has a prehistory which goes very much further back: and a succession of skilled yet still elusive Bronze Age cultures flourished here well before the rise of Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BCE. This richly illustrated book explores the fascinating history, art and archaeology of the region, including its primal trade in silk and foodstuffs; the mineral wealth of the Oxus basin; its exotic myths and beliefs; and the converging tribes and peoples which led to a new stability, economic growth and urbanism. The volume contains 150 full-colour photographs of notable artefacts, including silver decorated vessels, inlaid stone pots, agate beads and 25 'Bactrian Princesses': remarkable statuettes made in chlorite and limestone. Most of these rare objects have never been seen, let alone published, before.
Category: Art

Tying The Threads Of Eurasia

Author : Toby C. Wilkinson
ISBN : UCSD:31822039648142
Genre : History
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The famous 'Silk Roads' have long evoked a romantic picture of travel through colourful civilizations, but how far back can we trace these trade-networks?
Category: History