My Vegetable Adventures

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My Vegetable Adventures

Author : Arielle "Dani" Lebovitz
ISBN : 1947001167
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do you have a favorite food? My Vegetable Adventures, a colorful, guided journal based on the book Where Does Broccoli Come From? A Book of Vegetables is designed to help you discover yours! Let your vegetable exploration begin with worksheets that spark self-discovery, creative activities, and fun facts. Grow your interest in food through hands-on learning and taste-test experiments that use your five senses. Plus, there is a 100-word glossary to help you describe what you eat. This journal invites you to explore vegetables by writing down your thoughts, drawing about your experiences, creating recipes, and answering questions such as, "How do you choose what new veggies you will try?" The perfect tool for a budding foodie or picky eater, this journal guides your senses and encourages observation, curiosity, and creativity. Learn about what you like to eat in a way that is fun and pressure-free. You get to be in charge! Now, put your Food Explorer hat on and get ready to experience delicious!

The Southern Vegetable Book

Author : Rebecca Lang
ISBN : 9780848747527
Genre : Cooking
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Gather around the table to celebrate the versatility of vegetables with Southern flair.

As more and more Americans turn to locally-sourced and home-grown ingredients to help create their meals, vegetables have returned to the center of the plate, and there are few people who appreciate vegetables the way that Southerners do. Whether it's the incomparable sweetness of corn fresh from the stalk, a tomato so ripe and ready that you can almost taste the sunshine, or the versatility of the sweet potato - the garden workhorse that can serve as main, side, or dessert - Southerners know the secrets to preparing their favorite vegetables in the most delicious ways.

Now, in The Southern Vegetable Book, the wisdom of years spent in the garden, in the fields, and finally in the kitchen are yours in an accessible cookbook highlighting the Southern ability to create satisfying flavors from the simplest, freshest ingredients. The classic vegetables that we all know and love are represented, but lesser-known but equally-celebrated ones, such as Jerusalem artichokes and ramps, also make an appearance. The recipes in the book pay homage to classic Southern dishes while offering modern interpretations for the home cook, whether you call the South home or not.

Divided by season, The Southern Vegetable Book features 30 types of vegetables along with recipes as diverse as Balsamic Corn Salad, Salmon Tostadas with Zucchini-Radish Slaw, a BLT Benedict with Avocado-Tomato Relish, or a new take on Sweet Potato Pie. This book will guide you on how to select the freshest vegetables at the grocery store or the farmers' market, tips on storage, special features, and tips and hints on extracting the best flavor from your produce.

Whether you're a Southerner born and bred, hail from parts unknown, or just appreciate that the South has a way with vegetables, The Southern Vegetable Book will become your go-to guide to make vegetables the star of the show.
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Veg Patch

Author : Mark Diacono
ISBN : 9781408896327
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 26.93 MB
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In the fourth River Cottage handbook, Mark Diacono tells us everything we need to know to create our own productive, organic garden, no matter where we live. Drawing directly from his experience as an acclaimed climate-change gardener, and of setting up a kitchen garden from scratch for River Cottage, Mark explains the practical aspects of organic growing, introduces us to a whole world of vegetables we may not have previously considered, and does away with alienating gardening jargon once and for all. Mark begins with a catalogue of vegetables that will grow in this country, explaining for each their benefits, what varieties to go for, dos and don'ts, and popular culinary uses. He then invites us to create a wish list of foods, and shows us his own list from his early gardening days. Next, he explains how to turn this wish list into a coherent kitchen garden plan appropriate for our space, whether it be a patch of acidic soil, a roof-top garden or an allotment, whether we put on our wellies in every free moment or are 'time-poor' gardeners. Then he puts all the theory into practice, showing us how to look after nutrients in the soil, how to resist pests and diseases, and how to make our garden sustainable and organic. In clear, concise sections we learn about seed trays, supporting plants with climbing structures, mulching, composting, companion planting, irrigation and promoting pollination, and there are additional tables showing sowing and harvesting times, plant sizes, and alternative varieties of plants for different sites. About thirty recipes and a directory of useful addresses finish the book, and the handbook is complemented by bright colour photography throughout. Practical and inspiring, with a textured hard cover and an introduction by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Veg Patch is destined to join Handbooks No. 1, 2 and 3 as an indispensible household reference.
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Pnw Veg

Author : Kim O'Donnel
ISBN : 9781632170545
Genre : Cooking
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Simply delicious, healthy “vegetable-forward” recipes are at the heart of this cookbook that celebrates the bounty of the Pacific Northwest. From simple weeknight meals to on-the-go snacks and sweet- tooth satisfying desserts, this book gives you over 100 ways to celebrate seasonal produce, with recipes like Sweet Corn and Red Lentil Soup, Baked Pasta and Greens Casserole, Cherry Fro-Yo, and more. Vegetarians and omnivores alike will be eager to eat their vegetables, and the convenient gluten-free and dairy-free symbols make navigating the book a breeze for reader with dietary restrictions.
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Wild West Adventures In The Great African Bush

Author : David Robert Dalton
ISBN : 9781469189949
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 54.98 MB
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Kindly please read this and then send this message to your relatives, friends, and business associates in South Africa and overseas. "Wild West Adventures in the Great African Bush" by David Robert Dalton (with contributions by Mike, Trevor & Garth Dalton) Embark on Wild West Adventures in the Great African Bush with author David Robert Dalton, who takes you to the African bush in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Inspired by his and his brothers’ fond memories of growing up in the little copper mining town of Messina (now called Musina) in South Africa, with written contributions from his three elder brothers, he pens a wacky, side-splitting tale of his adventures growing up in the little bushveld town. Set in the African bushveld (a.k.a. “the Great Arizona Desert”), the three elder Dalton cowpokes are members of a gang dubbed the Messina “Dalton Gang”, after the infamous Wild West Dalton Gang, who roar around on their two-wheeler steeds and talk in tough Western jargon. The youngest Dalton cowpoke, six-year-old, David, calls himself “Gunslinger” and his main ambition in life is to become a recognized member of the gang. Together with his little African “Pawnee” sidekick-hombre, Tokoloshie-Two-Feathers, and his three-legged Jack Russell dog, Jock, Gunslinger tries hard to impress, but continually messes up. The story, told in a light-hearted tongue-in-cheek fashion, as told through the fertile imagination of a six-year-old boy, but is written for adults. There’s a delightful array of wacky small-town characters that help the story come alive, making you feel part of it. There’s the delicious Danish Tart, who runs the Mine Rec Club bar, Speedy, the town’s beefy Harley-riding policeman, Paparazzo, the long-nosed Italian crime reporter, Frank&Earnest (the same person!), the hip Holy father, the disapproving Dominee, Mrs Bogey, the Mine Manager’s snooty wife, and the gang’s all-suffering parents, the Old Man and Daisy-Anne, who all contribute to the hilarity! Dredging up one’s own childhood memories, it’s a wonderful nostalgic tale to touch the hearts of all ages! “It’s so darned funny; it’ll have you laughing out loud! A charming and endearing must-read story for all ages! I simple loved it!” – Brenda George, author of Falling Leaves and Mountain Ashes. “I warmed to this delightful and endearing book – a unique African TO-KILL-A-MOCKINGBIRD look into the mind of a child of those nostalgic times.” – Gloria Keverne, international bestselling author of A Man Cannot Cry and Broken Wings. Available in EBook and paperback format, see: or; or or
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My Adventures Afloat

Author : Raphael Semmes
ISBN : BL:A0017595179
Genre : Alabama (Confederate cruiser)
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