My Grandmother Lives In A Shotgun House

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My Grandmother Lives In A Shotgun House

Author : Daisy Harrison
ISBN : 1455623024
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 50.29 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Illustrations and simple, rhyming text celebrate the history and culture of New Orleans as seen by a seven-year-old, his brother, and their grandmother, who lives in a shotgun house.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

A Journey By Faith

Author : Harold Lewis
ISBN : 9781642931235
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 45.23 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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“Most people never live their dreams as entrepreneurs because they give up. Afraid of the risk. By reading Tina and Harold Lewis’s book A Journey by Faith, those who are searching for what makes a successful business can discover the two most vital things: God and Family.”—Rolland Martin, Journalist, TV commentator, TV One, CNN “Everyone loves a love story. Here it is. A perfect love between Tina and Harold and their super successful entrepreneurial achievements, against all odds. It’s beautiful, heart-touching, and profoundly inspiring. I predict you will like it.”—Mark Victor Hansen Co-Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul series “Harold and Tina know the meaning of Success from the ground up. They understand the Value of hard work, drive and dedication. They just don't talk about it they live it. A remarkable story and remarkable couple!”—Stedman Graham, Author, Speaker From the foreword by Andrew Young: “Harold and Tina’s book, aptly titled A Journey of Faith, revisits the essence of trust in a modern context. This includes everything from corporate politics to raising children to facing dire health challenges. From the beginning, everything Tina and Harold undertake is for creating a legacy for their children—as they themselves were given a legacy from their own parents of integrity, hard work, and unwavering faith. “While the goal of Tina and Harold’s life is success, I want to emphasize again that this means success in a broad definition. It doesn’t mean getting rich. In fact, I don’t believe the word ‘rich’ occurs even once in the book. From the beginning, everything Tina and Harold undertake is for creating a legacy for their children—as they themselves were given a legacy from their own parents of integrity, hard work, and unwavering faith.”
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Friends A Love Story

Author : Angela Bassett
ISBN : 9781426827426
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 31.5 MB
Format : PDF
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What if you met your future soul mate, but were too busy living in the here and now to realize you'd found "the one"? That's what happened when Courtney B. Vance met Angela Bassett…. They ran for years as friends in the same small circles. They had some hits, but mostly misses with other partners, and they shared one spectacularly dreadful first date together. And then, Courtney and Angela connected. Experience the up-close-and-personal, real-life love story of this inspirational African-American celebrity couple. Learn how they navigate the fickle tides of fame while keeping their relationship fresh and true. See how they've carved a meaningful life together in spite of humble beginnings, family tragedy and the ups and downs of stardom, with love, faith and determination.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Rhetorical Public Speaking

Author : Nathan Crick
ISBN : 9781351868310
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 77.85 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Tawakkol Karman: "In the End, This New World Will Inevitably Emerge"--Wasteland -- Rachel Carson: "Everywhere Was a Shadow of Death"--Virtue -- Pope Francis: "You Carry Out Your Work Inspired by Fraternal Love" -- Vice -- Steven Spielberg: "It Is All Big One Hate" -- Saint -- Lonnie Ali: "He Wanted Us to Use His Life and His Death as a Teaching Moment" -- Sinner -- Camille Paglia: "I'm Sick and Tired of These New Historicists with Trust Funds" -- Idol -- Malala Yousafzai: "The Extremists Are Afraid of Books and Pens" -- Abomination -- Wael Ghonim: "My Online World Became a Battleground Filled with Trolls" -- Summary -- 10 Eloquence -- Form -- Thomas Jefferson: "We Hold These Truths to Be Self-Evident, That All Men Are Created Equal" -- Dramatistic Symbol -- Elizabeth Cady Stanton: "Even Jesus of Nazareth, in These Last Sad Days on Earth, Felt the Awful Solitude of Self" -- Poetic Categories -- The Heroic -- Dolores Ibárruri: "We Are Here. Your Cause, Spain's Cause, Is Ours" -- The Tragic -- Robert F. Kennedy: "To Tame the Savageness of Man and Make Gentle the Life of This World" -- The Comic -- Shazia Mirza: "These People Want to Live" -- Summary -- Glossary -- Index
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Paint Me A Boy

Author : Tommie L. White
ISBN : 9781481701723
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 74.14 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book is a spin-off of the original titled book called “Missing You”, in which I wrote memoirs about in the late eighties. You the reader, will find this book enlightening, intriguing, refreshing, sad, funny, and educational. So please, go out and purchase a copy of my book. If for nothing else, but to support a sailor who has put his life on the line so that freedom and democracy can continue to exist as we have grown to love it.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Back To The Family

Author : Art Smith
ISBN : 9781418576882
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 78.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Back to the Family is a companion to Art Smith's New York Times bestseller and James Beard award-winning cookbook, Back to the Table. Smith is the personal chef to Oprah Winfrey and a contributing editor to O Magazine. This book encourages readers to better understand the importance of valuing the ones you love through cooking and communing with food. Most importantly Back to the Family stresses the importance of recognizing old food traditions (family recipes, meals, memories, etc.) and the equal importance of creating new and healthier food traditions. More than 150 recipes and more than 140 photographs provide a wonderful evocative eating and reading experience.
Category: Cooking

Orange County Noir

Author : Gary Phillips
ISBN : 9781936070572
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 79.10 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Orange County, California, brings to mind the endless summer of sand and surf, McMansion housing tracts, a conservative stronghold, and tony shopping centers. It's a place where pilates classes are run like boot camps, real estate values are discussed at your weekly colonic, and ice cream parlors on Main Street, USA, exist side-by-side with pho shops and taquerias. Orange County Noir pulls back the veil to reveal what lurks behind the curtain. Features brand-new stories by: Susan Straight, Robert S. Levinson, Rob Roberge, Nathan Walpow, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Dan Duling, Mary Castillo, Lawrence Maddox, Dick Lochte, Robert Ward, Gary Phillips, Gordon McAlpine, Martin J. Smith, and Patricia McFall. Editor Gary Phillips is the author of many novels and short stories. He lives in Southern California.
Category: Fiction

Katori Hall Plays One

Author : Katori Hall
ISBN : 9781408177761
Genre : Drama
File Size : 64.82 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An important new voice for African-American theatre, Katori Hall explores the lives of black and often invisible Americans with vivid language, dynamic narratives and richly textured characterisation. Hoodoo Love is Hall's debut play, a tale of love, magic, jealousy and secrets in 1930s Memphis, written in vivid language which captures the spirit of the Blues. Saturday Night/Sunday Morning is set in a Memphis beauty shop/boarding house during the final days of WWII. Rich with humor and history, it is a story about friendship and finding love in unexpected places. Winner of the Olivier Award for Best New Play 2009, The Mountaintop is a historical-fantastical two hander, portraying the penultimate day in the life of Martin Luther King. Hurt Village won the 2011 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. Set in a real-life Memphis housing project, it explores in vivid and at times brutal detail a long-lasting legacy of drug abuse, child abuse, crime, and self-hatred within a poor, working-class, multi-generational Black family. This first collection of Katori Hall's dramatic works demonstrate her unique voice for the theatre, which is visceral, passionate and energetic. Hall portrays disenfranchised portions of society with fearless humanity and startling accomplishment.
Category: Drama

Bastard Out Of Carolina

Author : Dorothy Allison
ISBN : 1101007176
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 39.32 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Classic work of fiction that dramatically illuminates the lives described in current nonfiction bestsellers like J.D. Vance's Hillbilly Elegy and Nancy Isenberg's White Trash The modern literary classic that has been compared to To Kill a Mockingbird and Catcher in the Rye "As close to flawless as any reader could ask for." —The New York Times Book Review The publication of Dorothy Allison's Bastard Out of Carolina was a landmark event. The novel's profound portrait of family dynamics in the rural South won the author a National Book Award nomination and launched her into the literary spotlight. Critics have likened Allison to William Faulkner, Flannery O'Connor, and Harper Lee, naming her the first writer of her generation to dramatize the lives and language of poor whites in the South. Since its appearance, the novel has inspired an award-winning film and has been banned from libraries and classrooms, championed by fans, and defended by critics. Greenville County, South Carolina, is a wild, lush place that is home to the Boatwright family-a tight-knit clan of rough-hewn, hard- drinking men who shoot up each other's trucks, and indomitable women who get married young and age too quickly. At the heart of this story is Ruth Anne Boatwright, known simply as Bone, a bastard child who observes the world around her with a mercilessly keen perspective. When her stepfather Daddy Glen, "cold as death, mean as a snake," becomes increasingly more vicious toward her, Bone finds herself caught in a family triangle that tests the loyalty of her mother, Anney-and leads to a final, harrowing encounter from which there can be no turning back. Now available in a twentieth anniversary keepsake edition with a new afterword by the author.
Category: Fiction

In The Shadows Of The Appalachians

Author : Cowboy Loop
ISBN : 9781479773510
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 89.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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It was first in my thoughts for these writings to be viewed by my children and grand children. But I was compelled to set my memories, experiences, thoughts, hopes, and dreams for all youth of todays fast world. If you were raised in rural back woods, do not forget the beauty of the landscape and all living things that mother nature has blessed upon you. If you were raised in or near the city, make yourself a promise to visit rural America. Climb our mountains, explore our fields and streams, smell the vegetation, study our wildlife and you will become complete. When you think you are at the end of your rope, look to yourself for strength and guidance. You may be the wisest counselor you know.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Starve The Vulture

Author : Jason Carney
ISBN : 9781617753381
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 51.42 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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A “compelling” memoir of self-destruction, recovery, and redemption from a four-time National Poetry Slam finalist (Booklist). This mesmerizing memoir recounts Jason Carney’s twisting journey as he overcomes his own racism, homophobia, drug addiction, and harrowing brushes with death to find redemption and unlikely fame on the national performance poetry circuit. Woven into Carney's path to recovery is a powerful family story, depicting the roots of prejudice and dysfunction through several generations. “Before he was a sex-addict-crackhead-boozer-porn-salesman sliding downward in the Dallas demimonde, Jason Carney was a poet, a lowlife who prized his thesaurus as much as his speed pipe...He made it out, and Starve the Vulture tells how he did it, how poetic ecstasy trumped sordid pleasure. Brisk, electric, and moving, his story recalls both Baudelaire's Intimate Journals and Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.”—J. Michael Lennon, author of Norman Mailer: A Double Life “It seems impossible to me that a reader could fail to be gripped by Carney's straightforward, vulnerable voice, which is able to imbue the harrowing events of his life with beauty, humor, and deep meaning.”—Hippocampus Magazine “Carney will easily win sympathy for his life, in which he has persevered to show others the hard work of his salvation.”—Kirkus Reviews
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Virginia Folk Legends

Author : Thomas E. Barden
ISBN : 0813913357
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 82.39 MB
Format : PDF
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Presents a collection of legends and tales that were gathered by field workers of the Virginia Writers' Project of the WPA.
Category: Social Science

Good Call

Author : Jase Robertson
ISBN : 9781476763569
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 41.13 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 267
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The straight-faced, funny man of Duck Dyanasty has a real story to tell. Not a repeat of the previous Duck Dynasty books, Jase opens up about his personal family life, his childhood days with a drunken father, and how he came to faith. This open book from Jase may surprise some fans who love him for his dry humor and rivalry with younger brother Willie. This hilarious, yet thoughtful book, is structured around lessons of faith in the blind on topics like respect, passion, forgiveness, generosity, humility, kindness, and honesty. Chapters discuss: the highlights of Jase's memory of the early days with his drunken, disruptive father; his high school days and his strong commitment to not be like Phil had been, opting for total abstinence from drinking and sex; the moment he forgave Phil for being such a terrible father in his younger days; his first hunt with Phil, where he saw an excitement in Phil that he'd never seen before; his first date with Missy, which was a "fake date" to make another girl jealous; and of course, a chapter on Uncle Si, with stories not told in previous books. Other chapters include stories of his brothers, frog hunting and fishing, and his most memorable road trips. And finally, Jase shares a chapter on hunting in heaven. Here, Jase shares his love for the land and our responsibility to care for it. More than a behind-the-scenes look at this beloved Duck Dynasty character, readers will be inspired and encouraged to implement Jase's lessons from the blind into their own lives.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Crossing The Tracks

Author : Dolphus Weary
ISBN : 9780825488658
Genre : Religion
File Size : 38.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An inspiring story of how God called one man to "go back and make a difference" Dolphus Weary knows from personal experience just how harmful racial division can be. Growing up in rural Mississippi, he leared that if poverty, hunger, and disease didn't kill him, racism, bigotry, or the Klan just might. So when a college basketball scholarship gave him the opportunity to get away from the broken, racially divided city of Mendenhall, he jumped at the chance. But he couldn't outrun racism. Eventually God called him back to his hometown--to the city where the railroad tracks not only separate economic classes but also represent a divide in the church. Believing that prejudice is ultimately a spiritual issue, Weary went back to Mississippi and worked to break down racial divides and promote productive dialogue, greater understanding, and ultimately racial reconciliation. The founder and part-time president of R.E.A.L. (Rural Education and Leadership) Christian Foundation, Weary helps ministries and communities realize that a "kingdom mentality" is possible only when we stop limiting God's work to a denomination or racial group. "Crossing the Tracks" offers an insider's look at Weary's life and experiences. It recounts both the heartbreaking and victorious events that helped him overcome the odds. Profoundly honest and never more timely, this book encourages Christians to partner together to turn the ugly legacy of racism wherever it is found into a beautiful community of hope.
Category: Religion

Top Secret Twenty One

Author : Janet Evanovich
ISBN : 9780345542946
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 25.37 MB
Format : PDF
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#1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Don’t miss Janet Evanovich’s short story “Pros and Cons” in the back of the book. Catch a professional assassin: top priority. Find a failure-to-appear and collect big bucks: top score. How she’ll pull it all off: top secret. Trenton, New Jersey’s favorite used-car dealer, Jimmy Poletti, was caught selling a lot more than used cars out of his dealerships. Now he’s out on bail and has missed his date in court, and bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is looking to bring him in. Leads are quickly turning into dead ends, and all too frequently into dead bodies. Even Joe Morelli, the city’s hottest cop, is struggling to find a clue to the suspected killer’s whereabouts. These are desperate times, and they call for desperate measures. So Stephanie is going to have to do something she really doesn’t want to do: protect former hospital security guard and general pain in her behind Randy Briggs. Briggs was picking up quick cash as Poletti’s bookkeeper and knows all his boss’s dirty secrets. Now Briggs is next on Poletti’s list of people to put six feet under. To top things off, Ranger—resident security expert and Stephanie’s greatest temptation—has been the target of an assassination plot. He’s dodged the bullet this time, but if Ranger wants to survive the next attempt on his life, he’ll have to enlist Stephanie’s help and reveal a bit more of his mysterious past. Death threats, highly trained assassins, highly untrained assassins, and Stark Street being overrun by a pack of feral Chihuahuas are all in a day’s work for Stephanie Plum. The real challenge is dealing with her Grandma Mazur’s wild bucket list. A boob job and getting revenge on Joe Morelli’s Grandma Bella can barely hold a candle to what’s number one on the list—but that’s top secret. Praise for Top Secret Twenty-One “The combination of biting dialogue, outrageous characters and intense story lines are consistent throughout. And [Janet Evanovich] novels are the true definition of a guilty pleasure.”—Associated Press “Evanovich doesn’t disappoint. . . . [She] weaves setting, family, romance and crime to pull the plot of Top Secret Twenty-One forward.”—Bookreporter
Category: Fiction

There Was A Woman

Author : Domino Renee Perez
ISBN : 9780292718111
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 45.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"How is it that there are so many lloronas?" A haunting figure of Mexican oral and literary traditions, La Llorona permeates the consciousness of her folk community. From a ghost who haunts the riverbank to a murderous mother condemned to wander the earth after killing her own children in an act of revenge or grief, the Weeping Woman has evolved within [email protected] imaginations across centuries, yet no truly comprehensive examination of her impact existed until now. Tracing La Llorona from ancient oral tradition to her appearance in contemporary material culture, There Was a Woman delves into the intriguing transformations of this provocative icon. From La Llorona's roots in legend to the revisions of her story and her exaltation as a symbol of resistance, Domino Renee Perez illuminates her many permutations as seductress, hag, demon, or pitiful woman. Perez draws on more than two hundred artifacts to provide vivid representations of the ways in which these perceived identities are woven from abstract notions—such as morality or nationalism—and from concrete, often misunderstood concepts from advertising to television and literature. The result is a rich and intricate survey of a powerful figure who continues to be reconfigured.
Category: Social Science

Longing For Winter

Author : Sylvester Hillard
Genre : Drama
File Size : 38.25 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 781
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Longing For Winter: A Black Man's Saga is a biographical novel, spoken through the words of Noel Sheridan, the main character. I chose to write this book as a catharsis of sorts. While most of the characters in this work are fictitious, as are some of the scenarios, the main storyline is factual. With respect to the characters that are based on actual individuals, such as myself, the names have been changed. Being that I have endeavored to address such a controversial subject: race relations, and exposed aspects of American society that are taboo, some may be taken aback by what they read. Further, the reader may wonder if some of the things mentioned in this story actually take place in our society; I can say yes, emphatically! I am most confident in making such a bold statement, because it is rooted in truth. In fact, as I submit this work, I am totally dispossessed. Having experienced such a tumultuous ten years, I wanted to set the record straight about how horribly African American men are far too frequently treated in our society.
Category: Drama

Our Father

Author : Jonathan D. Keaton
ISBN : 9781426748530
Genre : Religion
File Size : 66.22 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 505
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Ernest Lyght and Johnathan Keaton are fathers and United Methodist Bishops who have come together to share their firsthand experience of the responsibilities, trials, and joys of fatherhood. With God the Father as their example, Bishops Lyght and Keaton take a look at their own fathers, themselves as fathers, and the lack of fathers in the homes of African-American families. They lift up examples given to us by Jesus of how fathers can nuture, hold accountable and affirm those around them in the same way God does.
Category: Religion

Reading With The Stars

Author : Leonard Kniffel
ISBN : 9781616082772
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 79.48 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Collects interviews, essays, and speeches from celebrities in the fields of literature, politics, sports, and entertainment that showcase how important the reading experience is to success and happiness.
Category: Biography & Autobiography