My Dearest Dearest Albert

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My Dearest Dearest Albert

Author : Karen Dolby
ISBN : 9781782439714
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 41.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Using excerpts from her letters and diaries, this book shows the very human face of Queen Victoria, from spirited young princess to caring Queen, passionate bride and loving mother to great-grandmother of a royal dynasty who gave her name to the age of improvement. Photographs of Queen Victoria most often show a plump Empress wearing widow's black; serious and regal. The posed portrait photos were stiff, formal affairs, partly because subjects needed to stay still for the exposure and partly because in Victorian England life was a serious business. In reality, the character of Alexandrina Victoria, Queen of Great Britain and Ireland, and latterly in her long reign, Empress of India, is rather different. In private, at least, Victoria had a reputation for being fun-loving and entertaining. Victoria kept a daily journal from the age of thirteen, which by the time of her death ran to 122 volumes. She writes openly and in great detail, revealing herself to be emotional and honest about her own feelings and experiences, as well as her opinions of other people. She praises Albert and pours out her love and desire for her husband, her adored lover, friend and companion. This book shows the redoubtable Victoria at her most human, whether enthusing over her hobbies and interests, delighting in her children and grandchildren, commenting on the ten different Prime Ministers who served during her reign, or sharing her love for her dearest, dearest Albert.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

To My Dearest Son Albert

Author : Son Daughter Letters Journals
ISBN : 1657943224
Genre :
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Letters to Your Son as you watch him grow: A Thoughtful Gift For New Fathers, Mothers & Parents Write Memories now, Read them later & Treasure this lovely time capsule keepsake foreverLetters to Your Son is the perfect baby keepsake gift. Offers parents, especially mothers, a unique way to send love, support, and advice to a son of any age. Use this custom journal book to capture all of the moving, proud or funny moments throughout your son's childhood while they are still clear in your mind. One idea is to make writing a letter to your son an annual tradition where you write a letter every year on his birthday. Or write a personal letter to your son on a regular basis to share thoughts, memories, love, advices and words of wisdom. What messages would you want to remind your son of? A lovely way to write down dreams, thoughts and hopes for your child to read in the future! Give this book to your son when he turns eighteen, starts his career, gets married or when he goes through a difficult period in his life. Features: Lines on both sides durable matte black Soft cover with the name of your son 120 pages cream paper. Size is 6"x9" perfect for purses, bags or desks. Date line at the top to help organize your letters. This under eight dollar gift is a perfect to: show your love to your son Appreciation week gift. End of year gift, New year gift. Christmas gift, Birthday gift, Graduation gift, First anniversary gift, Thanks giving gift, new birth gift, Father's Day gift, Mother's Day gift. Men and Husband, Wife, Boys, Teen, Mom, Dad, Grandfather, Grandmother, Grandparents, Family members . Cheap, Under $8.

Victoria Rebels

Author : Carolyn Meyer
ISBN : 9781442422469
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 79.56 MB
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Queen Victoria’s personal journals inform this “intimate and authentic portrait” (Booklist) of one of history’s most prominent female leaders. Queen Victoria most certainly left a legacy—under her rule as the longest reigning female monarch in history. But what was she really like? To be a young woman in a time when few other females held positions of power was to lead in a remarkable age—and because Queen Victoria kept personal journals, this historical novel from award-winning author Carolyn Meyer shares authentic emotional insight along with accurate information, weaving a fascinating story of intrigue and romance.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Private Life Of Victoria

Author : Alexander Macdonald
ISBN : 9781788880947
Genre : History
File Size : 71.67 MB
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Now the second-longest-reigning monarch after Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria ruled at the height of Britain's power on the world stage and was a symbol of stability at home and abroad. Against this background of pomp and power, she was a passionate woman who led an often turbulent private life. Victoria was just eight months old when her father died and his paternal role was taken by her uncle Leopold of Saxe-Coburg and Sir John Conroy, an ally of her mother. The two of them sought to control Victoria and isolate her from others. This is the story of the Queen of England who had to fight to forge her own way in the world, and who found true romance with Prince Albert only to have happiness snatched from her when he died of typhoid at the age of 42.
Category: History

A Right Royal Scandal

Author : Joanne Major
ISBN : 9781473863422
Genre : History
File Size : 69.13 MB
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Almost two books in one, A Right Royal Scandal recounts the fascinating history of the irregular love matches contracted by two successive generations of the Cavendish-Bentinck family, ancestors of the British Royal Family. The first part of this intriguing book looks at the scandal that erupted in Regency London, just months after the Battle of Waterloo, when the widowed Lord Charles Bentinck eloped with the Duke of WellingtonÕs married niece. A messy divorce and a swift marriage followed, complicated by an unseemly tug-of-war over Lord CharlesÕ infant daughter from his first union. Over two decades later and while at Oxford University, Lord CharlesÕ eldest son, known to his family as Charley, fell in love with a beautiful gypsy girl, and secretly married her. He kept this union hidden from his family, in particular his uncle, William Henry Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck, 4th Duke of Portland, upon whose patronage he relied. When his alliance was discovered, Charley was cast adrift by his family, with devastating consequences. A love story as well as a brilliantly researched historical biography, this is a continuation of Joanne and SarahÕs first biography, An Infamous Mistress, about the eighteenth-century courtesan Grace Dalrymple Elliott, whose daughter was the first wife of Lord Charles Bentinick. The book ends by showing how, if not for a young gypsy and her tragic life, the British monarchy would look very different today.
Category: History

The Young Victoria Classic Histories Series

Author : Alison Plowden
ISBN : 9780752467221
Genre : History
File Size : 39.2 MB
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I delight in this work', wrote the young Victoria shortly after she became Queen. She was an engaging creature, high-spirited and eager to be 'amused'. But her early years were difficult ones. Fatherless from the age of eight months, she was brought up at Kensington Palace in an atmosphere thick with family feuds, backbiting and jealousy - the focus of conflicting ambitions. Though her uncle William IV was anxious to bring her into Court circles, her German mother and the calculating John Conroy were equally determined that she should remain under their control. The 'little Queen', who succeeded to the throne a month after her eighteenth birthday, was greeted by a unanimous chorus of praise and admiration. She met and married Albert, marking the end of her childhood and the beginning of a glorious legend.
Category: History

Albert Lunel

Author : Henry Brougham Baron Brougham and Vaux
ISBN : NYPL:33433112045780
Genre :
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The Life Of His Royal Highness The Prince Consort

Author : Theodore Martin
ISBN : 9781108059794
Genre : History
File Size : 49.27 MB
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A lawyer by profession, Theodore Martin (1816-1909) gained literary distinction as both a humorous essayist and versatile translator. He found his greatest success, however, in the role of biographer to Prince Albert (1819-61). Commissioned by Queen Victoria to memorialise her late husband, this five-volume work was first published between 1875 and 1880. Intended as a continuation of the biography begun by Charles Grey (also reissued in this series), it has been described as 'less adulatory in tone than might be expected'. A treasury of letters and memoranda, it presents a detailed portrait of the character, words and deeds of a man whose life was necessarily immersed in the great events of his time. Volume 1 covers Albert's youth, his marriage to Victoria and the early years as her husband, up until the birth of their sixth child, Princess Louise, in 1848.
Category: History


Author : A. N. Wilson
ISBN : 9780698170056
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 87.60 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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“[A] shimmering and rather wonderful biography.” —The Guardian (London) When Queen Victoria died in 1901, she had ruled for nearly sixty-four years. She was the mother of nine and grandmother of forty-two and the matriarch of royal Europe through her children’s marriages. To many, Queen Victoria is a ruler shrouded in myth and mystique, an aging, stiff widow paraded as the figurehead to an all-male imperial enterprise. But in truth, Britain’s longest-reigning monarch was one of the most passionate, expressive, humorous, and unconventional women who ever lived, and the story of her life continues to fascinate. A. N. Wilson’s exhaustively researched and definitive biography includes a wealth of new material from previously unseen sources to show us Queen Victoria as she’s never been seen before. Wilson explores the curious set of circumstances that led to Victoria’s coronation, her strange and isolated childhood, her passionate marriage to Prince Albert and his pivotal influence even after death, and her widowhood and subsequent intimate friendship with her Highland servant John Brown, all set against the backdrop of this momentous epoch in Britain’s history—and the world’s. Born at the very moment of the expansion of British political and commercial power across the globe, Victoria went on to chart a unique course for her country even as she became the matriarch of nearly every great dynasty of Europe. Her destiny was thus interwoven with those of millions of people—not just in Europe but in the ever-expanding empire that Britain was becoming throughout the nineteenth century. The famed queen had a face that adorned postage stamps, banners, statues, and busts all over the known world. Wilson’s Victoria is a towering achievement, a masterpiece of biography by a writer at the height of his powers. *Read the book, then watch the PBS series "Victoria," starring Jenna Coleman (Dr. Who), Rufus Sewell (Pillars of the Earth), Dame Diana Rigg (Game of Thrones), and Tom Hughes (About Time).*
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Shooting Victoria

Author : Paul Thomas Murphy
ISBN : 9781453249376
Genre : History
File Size : 46.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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“A fresh, lively ” perspective on Victorian England, as seen through the eight assassination attempts on Queen Victoria (Publishers Weekly, starred review). During Queen Victoria’s sixty-four years on the British throne, no fewer than eight attempts were made on her life. Seven teenage boys and one man attempted to kill her. Far from letting it inhibit her reign over the empire, Victoria used the notoriety of the attacks to her advantage. Regardless of the traitorous motives—delusions of grandeur, revenge, paranoia, petty grievances, or a preference of prison to the streets—they were a golden opportunity for the queen to revitalize the British crown, strengthen the monarchy, push through favored acts of legislation, and prove her pluck in the face of newfound public support. “It is worth being shot at,” she said, “to see how much one is loved.” Recounting what Elizabeth Barrett marveled at as “this strange mania of queen-shooting,” and the punishments, unprecedented trials, and fate of these malcontents who were more pitiable than dangerous, Paul Thomas Murphy explores the realities of life in nineteenth-century England—for both the privileged and the impoverished. From these cloak-and-dagger plots of “regicide” to Victoria’s steadfast courage, Shooting Victoria is thrilling, insightful, and, at times, completely mad historical narrative. Whether through film (Jean-Marc Vallée’s The Young Victoria), biography (Julia Baird’s Victoria: The Queen), television (Daisy Goodwin’s Victoria), or revisionist fantasy (Paul Di Filippo’s The Steampunk Trilogy) there is a strong interest in Victorian England. Now Paul Thomas Murphy approaches this period from an eccentric, entirely new, and unexplored angle, combining legal, social, and political history into a book that is both “enlightening [and] great fun” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).
Category: History

Queen Victoria S Book Of Spells

Author : Ellen Datlow
ISBN : 9781429960915
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 69.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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"Gaslamp Fantasy," or historical fantasy set in a magical version of the nineteenth century, has long been popular with readers and writers alike. A number of wonderful fantasy novels owe their inspiration to works by nineteenth-century writers ranging from Jane Austen, the Brontës, and George Meredith to Charles Dickens, Anthony Trollope, and William Morris. And, of course, the entire steampunk genre and subculture owes more than a little to literature inspired by this period. Queen Victoria's Book of Spells is an anthology for everyone who loves these works of neo-Victorian fiction, and wishes to explore the wide variety of ways that modern fantasists are using nineteenth-century settings, characters, and themes. These approaches stretch from steampunk fiction to the Austen-and-Trollope inspired works that some critics call Fantasy of Manners, all of which fit under the larger umbrella of Gaslamp Fantasy. The result is eighteen stories by experts from the fantasy, horror, mainstream, and young adult fields, including both bestselling writers and exciting new talents such as Elizabeth Bear, James Blaylock, Jeffrey Ford, Ellen Kushner, Tanith Lee, Gregory Maguire, Delia Sherman, and Catherynne M. Valente, who present a bewitching vision of a nineteenth century invested (or cursed!) with magic. A Kirkus Reviews Best Fiction Book of 2013 At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Category: Fiction

The Hancocks Of Marlborough

Author : John Loadman
ISBN : 9780191580413
Genre : Science
File Size : 26.40 MB
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This book began with the aim of telling the almost forgotten story of Thomas Hancock, the rubber developer who in his own day was acknowledged as one of the great scientific pioneers of the Industrial Revolution. But as research progressed, it was clear that Thomas and his five brothers, the Hancocks of Marlborough, together constituted a unique family which made a tremendous yet virtually unknown contribution to nineteenth-century science and art. Walter designed and ran the first steam carriages to carry passengers on the common roads of England and so began the age of mechanized transport. Thomas founded the UK rubber industry when he discovered how to vulcanize rubber reliably; his company survived for some 120 years before being taken over. Charles was a well established painter who was also instrumental in the manufacture of gutta percha-coated undersea cables, used by the electric telegraph to begin the global information highway. Other brothers, John, James and William all made significant contributions to the development of Victorian science and culture. This book tells the story of the family and the remarkable people in it, from the Great Fire of Marlborough in 1653 to the present day, using the Hancock family archive of many unpublished and previously unknown documents.
Category: Science

The Oxford Book Of Marriage

Author : Helge Rubinstein
ISBN : 0192829300
Genre : Marriage
File Size : 39.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Rubinstein takes readers on a very special tour--both richly intimate and at times wildly amusing--of the many faces of married life. It's all here: the first meetings and courtship and proposals through the many ups and downs of married life until "death do us part". "A juicy extra wedding gift and a great place to crib a toast".--Mirabella.
Category: Marriage

Plays Of The Year

Author : John Courtenay Trewin
ISBN : UOM:39015067454184
Genre : English drama
File Size : 28.18 MB
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Category: English drama

The Mammoth Book Of How It Happened

Author : Jon E. Lewis
ISBN : PSU:000058192481
Genre : History
File Size : 65.12 MB
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A collection of firsthand accounts documents key events in human history, from the painting of the Sistine Chapel and the 1955 World Series to the Gulf War and September 11, as recorded in journals, letters, journalist reports, and other venues. Reprint.
Category: History

Victoria And Albert

Author : Joanna Richardson
ISBN : UOM:39015005359727
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 75.84 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Great Britain

Queen Victoria

Author : Juliet Gardiner
ISBN : STANFORD:36105022353648
Genre : Great Britain
File Size : 26.31 MB
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A biography of the nineteenth-century queen drawing on the journal that she kept from childhood, her letters, contemporary documents, and letters written to her and about her.
Category: Great Britain