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Must Try Harder

Author : Paula McGuire
ISBN : 9781911246862
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 48.14 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Paula McGuire’s world was shrinking. Bullied as a child and plagued by excessive social anxiety, she had become a recluse. Unable to even go into a shop on her own, Paula’s life was effectively over before she hit 30. But then something changed. She isn’t even quite sure what. But after years of running away from life, Paula decided to grab it by the balls ... She didn’t do anything too difficult to start with – just learning all 17 Commonwealth Games sports! After that, she threw herself into life modeling and astronaut training. Next, Paula plans to swim around the entirety of the United Kingdom. At the time of writing, Paula can’t swim ... somehow that isn’t discouraging her one bit! Must Try Harder tells the remarkable story of a life transformed by facing up to fear. Paula’s funny, heartfelt, and above all, inspiring story shows us that we each have the power to do amazing things.
Category: Self-Help

Must Try Harder

Author : Norman McGreevy
ISBN : 9781780337395
Genre : Humor
File Size : 25.27 MB
Format : PDF
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A side-splitting collection of the most earnest and mangled attempts at the English language made by generations of schoolchildren. Be they funny, irreverent or just plain silly, Mr McGreevy's Absolute Howlers are guaranteed to have you weeping with laughter. Four separate editions cover howlers in Science, History, English and Geography. Includes, amongst hundreds of others, the following howlers: Coal is decayed vegetarians. Socrates died of an overdose of wedlock. Joan of Arc was burnt to a steak. The King wore a scarlet robe trimmed with vermin. In the middle of the 18th Century all the morons moved to Utah. The German Emperor's lower passage was blocked by the English. The French Revolution was caused by overcharging taxis. Nets are holes surrounded by pieces of string. In biology today we digested a frog. The seventh commandment is 'Thou shall not admit adultery'. Pompeii was destroyed by an overflow of saliva from the Vatican. A census taker is a man who goes from house to house increasing the population. Adolescence is the stage between puberty and adultery.
Category: Humor

Must Try Harder

Author : Daniel Ken
ISBN : 1519034946
Genre :
File Size : 83.40 MB
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Eight years after the events described in his previous book, Bog Standard, the old Technology College has been demolished and in its place is the brand new £150million William Edward Arnott Learning Village, complete with primary-colored open-plan learning areas, glossy wall-photographs of radiant children and an 'integrated e-learning package'. Problem is, while the name may have changed, and the walls are now made of plasterboard rather than asbestos, the students are still as crazy as ever, the paperwork, exam-scams and Ofsted-obsessions have multiplied on a geometric scale, the Wunderkind Deputy Head has introduced a whole new teaching system, and the school is now run by a new generation of Stepford teachers.And if teaching is becoming ever-more arcane and confusing, his cosy work-life balance is threatened by wife Merlene's not-unreasonable demands that they start a family. Daniel Ken, former blogger and committed classroom teacher finds that, if he is even to survive in this brand new teaching arena, he Must Try Harder.

English In Mind Level 2b Combo With Audio Cd Cd Rom

Author : Herbert Puchta
ISBN : 0521706300
Genre : Foreign Language Study
File Size : 75.23 MB
Format : PDF
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The English in Mind Combos offer flexibility in a contemporary English course for teenagers. Each Combo contains eight Student's Book units with the corresponding Workbook material grouped into two modules, and offers approximately 40 to 45 hours of classwork. Clear learning objectives at the beginning of each module, plus 'Check your Progress' sections at the end, help students and teachers plan learning more effectively. There are free Audio CDs/CD-ROMs combining an interactive CD-ROM and audio material. The English in Mind Combos can be used with mixed-ability classes. Combo Starter A is for complete beginners. Combos 1A and 1B are for elementary students; 1A contains a 16-page starter section to review key language. Combos Levels 2A, 2B, 3A and 3B take students from pre-intermediate to intermediate level.
Category: Foreign Language Study

The 1 Improvement Mindset

Author : Kieran O'Connor
ISBN : 9780244502386
Genre : Education
File Size : 30.5 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The simplest solutions are the best ones. Despite this fact, most people endlessly create and pursue complex solutions to the problems in their life. Perhaps you have fallen into the same trap? Ever fallen for the myth of 'Just Try Harder'? What about feeling like you get in your own way at times? It's not possible to find the simplest, best solutions via applying complexity as stressed thought patterns cannot access the creative mechanisms of the human mind. This is not to disrespect hard work. It's just best kept for when you really need it and not just your everyday, autopilot, default mode. The 1% Improvement Mindset shows you how to simply shift your thinking about making true progress towards what you want... with incremental steps. You'll soon find yourself relaxing into problems, improving with ease and naturally creating effective and simple solutions.
Category: Education

Memoirs Of A White Man

Author : Michael Anthony
ISBN : 9781469115337
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 77.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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What if you are born with no barriers in life? You never experience racial prejudice, extreme poverty, or lack of education. Your parents provided responsible guidance and support; opportunity was abound. What if you took that scenario and really worked hard? What if you pushed forward to see how far these perfect circumstances could take you? What if you accepted an unwritten responsibility to make a change in the world; to leave your mark? Retired businessman Michael Anthony takes you on his journey of self-discovery, exploring deep rooted opinions, and the logical path for the future and survival of Mankind. Anthony directs us to first establish whats important in life, before we set our lifetime goals. Living life with a true purpose can be the secret to your happiness; understanding the virtues can be mans common thread. Every experience in life, both good and bad, has a lesson. New author, Michael Anthony explores many of his amazing life experiences in search of their true meanings. Educated, and retired at the age of 42, Anthony again finds himself in a world of no boundaries, no barriers, free to think, reflect, and to make a change. Whats important in life can only be revealed when we acknowledge our own immortality. Time is our greatest asset; how we spend it determines our true selves.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

The Sustainable Development Strategy Written And Oral Evidence

Author : Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Environment Audit Committee
ISBN : 0215020189
Genre : Sustainable development
File Size : 64.47 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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sustainable development Strategy : Illusion or reality?, thirteenth report of session 2003-04, Vol. 2: Written and oral Evidence
Category: Sustainable development

Principles Of International Politics

Author : Bruce Bueno de Mesquita
ISBN : 9781452202983
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 42.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Renowned scholar Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, who set the standard for the scientific approach to international relations and transformed the field, has returned with a reformulated fifth edition based on extensive reviewer feedback and guided by an emphasis on questions about the causes and consequences of war, peace, and world order. More than ever before, the strategic perspective in international relations is examined with complete clarity, precision, and accessibility. What hasn't changed is Bueno de Mesquita's commitment to covering the fundamentals of IR. The foundational topics and examination are all there: the major theories of war, the domestic sources of international politics, an exploration of the democratic peace, the problems of terrorism, the role of foreign aid, democratization, international political economy, globalization, international organizations, international law, and the global environment. The first part of the book, "Foundations" offers highly accessible coverage of key concepts, introducing students to different ways to think about the national interest and showing them how to use game theory and the strategic perspective/selectorate theory to better understand what happens in all aspects of international affairs. This section uses debate over North Korea's nuclear weapons development as an ongoing example to build concepts and build confidence in the student's how of basic modeling ideas. Also covered is a basic, intuitive introduction to game theory and other evidence and logic based tools for analyzing international relations. Part II, "War," next provides a more thorough evaluation of how domestic political incentives and the domestic institutions of governance shape choices about conflict initiation, escalation, and termination. It also surveys major theories of war and conflict, working through hypotheses derived from constructivism, neo-realism, liberalism and selectorate theory and evaluating them against the evidence to see what actually works and what doesn't. Chapters in Part III, "Peace," build on the logic of collective action to help students see why it is so difficult to get national governments to do "what is right" even when they can agree on what is right, with chapters covering the effectiveness of international organizations and international law, as well as a thorough evaluation of environmental issues, human rights enforcement and the domestic and the international political economy of trade. Part IV, "World Order" emphasizes efforts to promote the spread of democracy and economic prosperity. It also addresses how to understand and deal with terrorism. Whether examining terrorism, the spread of democracy or the alleviation of poverty, chapters in this section carefully examine which strategies work, which do not, and why. The Arab Spring provides a useful ongoing example of the strengths and weaknesses of foreign aid policy and military intervention policies. No other introductory text delivers such an easily-understood contemporary explanation of international politics, while truly enabling students to learn how to mobilize the key concepts and models themselves-thus develop a new method for thinking about world affairs. More than ever before, Principles provides a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of international affairs, systematically compares the accuracy of competing approaches to international relations, and walks students through the simple, intuitive models and games that capture the essence of the strategic, selectorate viewpoint.
Category: Political Science


Author : Anne Yero
ISBN : 9780761844624
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 70.71 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Anne Yero has worked intimately with battered women for over a decade. She has learned a great deal, not only about the women she's encountered, but also about her own past history. Yero shares her personal journey, about her childhood, her marriage to Lee, about their early years together on the south rim of the Grand Canyon, the births of their three beautiful children, and then the very painful yet liberating years as their marriage faltered and then dissolved. It was through this experience that she learned about exercising personal power, making peace with the past, understanding that loss is part of living a full life, and then finally, about how to be an active participant in a healthy relationship.
Category: Biography & Autobiography