Music And Theology

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Music As Theology

Author : Maeve Louise Heaney
ISBN : 9781621894292
Genre : Religion
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The conversation between music and theology, dormant for too long in recent years, is at last gathering pace. And rightly so. There will always be theologians who will regard music as a somewhat peripheral concern, too trivial to trouble the serious scholar, and in any case almost impossible to engage because of its notorious resistance to words and concepts. But an increasing number are discovering again what many of our forbears realized centuries ago, that the kinship between this pervasive feature of human life and the search for a Christian 'intelligence of faith' is intimate and ineradicable. Maeve Heaney's ambitious, wide-ranging, and energetic book pushes the conversation further forward still. Her approach is unapologetically theological, grounded in the passions and concerns of mainstream doctrinal theology. And yet she is insisting . . . that music must be given its due place in the ecology of theology. Although convinced that music should not be set up as a rival to linguistic or conceptual articulation, let alone swallow up 'traditional' modes of theological language and thought, she is equally convinced that music is an irreducible means of coming to terms with the world, a unique vehicle of world-disclosure, and as such, can generate a particular form of 'understanding': 'there are things which God may only be saying through music.' If this is so, it is incumbent on the theologian to listen. --Jeremy Begbie, from the Foreword
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Music And Theology

Author : Don E. Saliers
ISBN : 9781426719448
Genre : Religion
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Music and Theology will be a volume in the Horizons in Theology series. It will offer a relatively brief but highly engaging essay on the major concerns and questions regarding Music as it intersects with theology—past and present. Don Saliers is a senior scholar in this field, one who is able to address in a clear and concise style the scope and contours of this question as it relates to theological inquiry and application. He will sketch the nature and significance of the subject, the history of reflection, the current lines of inquiry, and his own contribution to the discussion. The scope of the essays cannot be exhaustive and completely interdisciplinary. Instead, Saliers will open the broader lines of discussion in suggestive, evocative, and programmatic ways. The Horizons in Theology serve as supplements and secondary required texts in colleges and seminaries, as well as the interested nonspecialist reader.
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Music Theology And Justice

Author : Michael O'Connor
ISBN : 9781498538671
Genre : Music
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Using a variety of methodological perspectives, this volume explores ethical and doctrinal implications in the social practice of music. Grouped according to the threefold ministry of Christ (prophet, priest, shepherd) the essays discuss a wide range of musics—from medieval chant and psalmody to protest songs, metal, and Daft Punk.
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Music And Theology

Author : Daniel Zager
ISBN : 9781461701514
Genre : Music
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Music and Theology is a Festschrift honoring Dr. Robin A. Leaver, reflecting his interests in the history of sacred music with particular emphasis on studies related to Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750).
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Music And Theology In Nineteenth Century Britain

Author : Dr Martin Clarke
ISBN : 9781409495093
Genre : Music
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The interrelationship of music and theology is a burgeoning area of scholarship in which conceptual issues have been explored by musicologists and theologians including Jeremy Begbie, Quentin Faulkner and Jon Michael Spencer. Their important work has opened up opportunities for focussed, critical studies of the ways in which music and theology can be seen to interact in specific repertoires, genres, and institutions as well as the work of particular composers, religious leaders and scholars. This collection of essays explores such areas in relation to the religious, musical and social history of nineteenth-century Britain. The book does not simply present a history of sacred music of the period, but examines the role of music in the diverse religious life of a century that encompassed the Oxford Movement, Catholic Emancipation, religious revivals involving many different denominations, the production of several landmark hymnals and greater legal recognition for religions other than Christianity. The book therefore provides a valuable guide to the music of this complex historical period.
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Theology Music And Time

Author : Jeremy S. Begbie
ISBN : 0521785685
Genre : Religion
File Size : 43.32 MB
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Demonstrates the unique and important role that music plays in theology.
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Exploring Music As Worship And Theology

Author : Mary E. McGann
ISBN : 0814628249
Genre : Music
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Exploring Music as Worship and Theology addresses a central challenge to liturgical scholars and pastoral leaders?how to understand the diverse, culturally shaped worship patterns that exist in our multi-cultural church. It situates music as a central lens through which to explore a community?s liturgical practice, and offers a practical method for studying and interpreting the lived experience of a musical-liturgical assembly. Exploring Music as Worship and Theology invites greater attention to the diverse cultural music emerging in our various Christian assemblies, and underscores the need for greater dialogue between our theories of liturgy, music, and the actual practice of local communities.Chapters are ?Interdisciplinary Orientations to Musical-Liturgical Practice,? ?The Research Process,? and ?Creative Dialogue with Liturgical Studies.??. . . offers new insights and wisdom on Christian faith and practice as expressed in Christian music and music making.? The Midwest Book Review?In an era when much writing about liturgy and music betray little more than authorial bias, it is refreshing to read a work stepping back from the ?culture wars? to concentrate on method. . . . Required reading for seminarians and clergy, for graduate students in liturgical studies, and for Christian music ministers.? Mike Joncas University of St. Thomas". . . makes a significant contribution to the pastoral imperative of liberating our liturgical celebrations from the rigid patterns imposed by the rubrical priorities which for centuries have been accepted as the absolute standard and norm for liturgical worship. Recognizing this rubricism 'had all but dried up our liturgical imagination,' McGann offers readers the fruit of her work with an African American Catholic community. Her observations have far-reaching implications for the authentic inculturation of the liturgy in our multi-cultural world. Rigid models cannot meet the needs of this pastoral reality. McGann's methods can aid liturgical leaders to embrace this imperative with fresh insight and much-needed imagination." Louis Weil Professor Church Divinity School of the Pacific"As the U.S. Church increasingly becomes a community of immigrants and refugees, we have a choice on how to welcome this new diversity among us. Will they be forced into American standards of liturgy or will there arise a mutual respect and interchange? Mary McGann's work, moving from theory to pastoral practice, offers fresh ritual and liturgical insights for our changing times. Ultimately, her work will assist pastoral musicians and liturgists in breaking out of Western-European attitudes toward music making and ritual. Her concerns and procedures offer a path out of dominant culture thinking and open rich possibilities for the Church of the 21st century." Rufino Zaragoza, O.F.M. San Damiano Retreat Center Oakland, California". . . a wonderful guide for imagining a church where theology and practice cooperate, where the richness of cultural and experiential diversity informs all liturgy, and where academic study is done with integrity and inclusivity. All this is presented through the medium of liturgical music which opens the door to expansive possibilities using precise and practical suggestions of how to understand the many meanings that ritual and music play in the expression and creation of the Body of Christ." Lizette Larson-Miller Associate Professor of Liturgical Leadership Graduate Theological Union ". . . a truly interdisciplinary and integrated method and research process for studying and interpreting what occurs in the lived liturgical experiences of our faith communities. Professor McGann's book is also a much needed resource as we now take more seriously the task of articulating a plurality of liturgical theologies that actually reflect the diversity of these communities." Michael B. Aune Academic Dean Professor of Liturgical and Historical Studies Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary"McGann draws on three fields?liturgical studies, ethnomusicology, and ritual studies?to distill for us the foundational role of music in liturgical life. Even more significantly, she articulates its theological import and potential for ritual communities today. McGann brings both expertise in all the theoretical literature and much practical experience to this new frontier in pastoral liturgy. And it is on the fluid frontier of how we worship that theology in this century will have to find its footing. McGann points the way." Catherine Bell Bernard J. Hanley Professor of Religious Studies and Department Chair Asian Studies Program Director Santa Clara University". . . an important book for those who work in the field of liturgical studies. In a clear and engaging manner, Mary McGann makes a significant contribution to the topic of method in liturgical theology by offering an interdisciplinary approach for studying music as liturgical performance. Drawing on theories from the fields of liturgical studies, ethnomusicology, and ritual studies, she offers a new model for incorporating empirical field research into liturgical theology, one which allows music to be explored as a theological act." Margaret Mary Kellerher, O.S.U. Associate Professor and Department Chair Department of Religion and Religious Education Catholic University of America?This small volume will be a useful guide to those interested in doing empirical field research in the area of worship music.? New Theology Review? . . . offers a method of exploring music as worship and theology that goes far deeper than many people are accustomed to using . . . is not merely for scholars but could be used . . . for parishes, especially by music directors, diocesan personnel, or synods.? Ministry & Liturgy
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Music Theology And Worship

Author : Jonathan L. Friedmann
ISBN : 0786464615
Genre : Music
File Size : 44.28 MB
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This book offers a representative collection of insightful essays about devotional music from nineteenth-century scholars and practitioners. Addressing the social and theological import of church music, this text also explores the divine quality of the human voice, the spiritual efficacy of congregational singing, and a host of topics pertinent to church life. Those interested in the relationship of music and religion will find value in the descriptions, opinions, and analyses.
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Redneck Liberation

Author : David Fillingim
ISBN : 086554896X
Genre : Music
File Size : 36.60 MB
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In this unique book, David Fillingim explores country music as a mode of theological expression. Following the lead of James Cone's classic, "The Spirituals and the Blues, Fillingim looks to country music for themes of theological liberation by and for the redneck community. The introduction sets forth the book's methodology and relates it to recent scholarship on country music. Chapter 1 contrasts country music with Southern gospel music--the sacred music of the redneck community--as responses to the question of theodicy, which a number of thinkers recognize as the central question of marginalized groups. The next chapter "The Gospel according to Hank," outlines the career of Hank Williams and follows that trajectory through the work of other artists whose work illustrates how the tradition negotiates Hank's legacy. "The Apocalypse according to Garth" considers the seismic shifts occuring during country music's popularity boom in the 1980s. Another chapter is dedicated to the women of country music, whose honky-tonky feminism parallels and intertwines with mainstream country music, which was dominated by men for most of its history. Written to entertain as well as educate and advance, "Redneck Liberation will appeal to anyone who is interested in country music, Southern religion, American popular religiosity, or liberation theology.
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Music As Prayer

Author : Thomas H. Troeger
ISBN : 9780199330089
Genre : Art
File Size : 90.2 MB
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This book explores how making and listening to music can be an act of prayer. From an impressive range of perspectives, theologians, poets, musicians, even scientists all give witness to the deeper dimensions of music.
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Creative Chords

Author : Jeff Astley
ISBN : 0852444249
Genre : Music
File Size : 26.15 MB
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This collection of papers provides a synoptic view of the relationship between music, theology and Christian learning. It includes theological reflections on the nature and power of the musical experience, together with psychological, philosophical and educational perspectives; and draws on practical experience and empirical research. Topics covered include: Composing, performing and listening; worship and hymnody; classical music and jazz; Christian theology and spirituality; aesthetics, education and learning, and the psychology of music. Contributors include: James MacMillan, Martin Haselbock, Jeremy Begbie, John Sloboda, Bill Hall, Ian Ground, Michael Sadgrove
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Resonant Witness

Author : Jeremy S. Begbie
ISBN : 9780802862778
Genre : Religion
File Size : 53.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Resonant Witness gathers together a wide, harmonious chorus of voices from across the musical and theological spectrum to show that music and theology can each learn much from the other and that the majesty and power of both are profoundly amplified when they do. With essays touching on J. S. Bach, Hildegard of Bingen, Martin Luther, Karl Barth, Olivier Messiaen, jazz improvisation, South African freedom songs, and more, this volume encourages musicians and theologians to pursue a more fruitful and sustained engagement with one another. What can theology do for music? Resonant Witness helps answer this question with an essential resource in the burgeoning interdisciplinary field of music and theology. Covering an impressively wide range of musical topics, from cosmos to culture and theology to worship, Jeremy Begbie and Steven Guthrie explore and map new territory with incisive contributions from the very best musicians, theologians, and philosophers. Bennett Zon Durham University This volume represents a burst of cross-disciplinary energy and insight that can be celebrated by musicians and theologians, music-lovers and God-lovers alike. John D. Witvliet (from afterword)
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Melting The Venusberg

Author : Heidi Epstein
ISBN : 0826416489
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.51 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book begins with a pointed critique of the foundations of the understanding of Western music: that music from Pythagoras to the Renaissance has been viewed as the source and model of order in the universe and in society. Unfortunately that order was rigidly hierarchical, so that over the centuries music reinforced established social prejudices, particularly those against women. Nowhere was this more evident than in religious music that was regarded by male ecclesiastics and scholars as the instrument of choice for taming hysterical female eruptions. Through her mordant commentary on a rich selection of texts by major thinkers from two millennia of Christian theology, Heidi Epstein shows in the first part of Melting the Venusberg that music as the erotic embodiment of human engenderment has been ignored or suppressed, while music as the expression of transcendent harmony, order, and restraint has been extolled. The second re-constructive part of Melting the Venusberg draws on ignored sources and lost tropes from the Christian tradition as well as on insights from the music and thought of historical and contemporary woman composers and performers from Hildegard of Bingen and Lucrezia Vizzana to Rosetta Tharpe and Diamanda Galas. Through this recuperative synthesis, music's theological significance changes keys, as it moves beyond its symbolic function as divinely ordained, harmonious microcosm into more dissonant metaphorical registers. Those who have ears to hear will be delighted.
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Jesus Dub

Author : Robert Beckford
ISBN : 9781134388967
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 27.38 MB
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Robert Beckford explores the dialogue between two central institutions in African Caribbean life: the church and the dancehall. He highlights how Dub – one of the central features of dancehall culture – can be mobilized as a framework for re-evaluating theology, taking apart doctrine and reconstructing it under the influence of a guiding theme. Engaging with the social and cultural heritage that informs Christian African Caribbean culture, including the influence of slavery, Revival Christianity and working class Jamaican life, Black theology and music ranging from post-war Sound System to American Hip Hop, Jesus Dub is a detailed exploration of how throughout history, music and faith have been transformed in response to racialised oppression. Finally, Beckford demonstrates that dub style appears in the teachings of Jesus, and that Dub is a tool which can provide new ways of envisaging and practising spiritual gifts and financial giving, proposing a more inclusive theology for everyone.
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Secular Music And Sacred Theology

Author : Tom Beaudoin
ISBN : 9780814680247
Genre : Music
File Size : 77.17 MB
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When the basic conceptions of the world held by whole generations in the West are formed by popular culture, and in particular by the music that serves as its soundtrack, can theology remain unchanged? The authors of the essays in this important volume insist that the answer is no. These gifted theologians help readers make sense of what happens to religious experience in a world heavily influenced by popular media culture, a world in which songs, musicians, and celebrities influence our individual and collective imaginations about how we might live. Readers will consider the theological relationship between music and the creative process, investigate ways that music helps create communities of heightened moral consciousness, and explore the theological significance of songs. Contributors to this fascinating collection include: David Dalt Maeve Heaney Daniel White Hodge Michael J. Iafrate Jeffrey F. Keuss Mary McDonough Gina Messina-Dysert Christian Scharen Myles Werntz Tom Beaudoin is associate professor of theology at Fordham University, specializing inpractical theology. His books include Witness to Dispossession: The Vocation of a Postmodern Theologian; Consuming Faith: Integrating Who We Are with What We Buy; and Virtual Faith: The Irreverent Spiritual Faith of Generation X. He has given nearly 200 papers, lectures, or presentations on religion and culture over the last thirteen years. He has been playing bass in rock bands since 1986 and directs the Rock and Theology Project for Liturgical Press ( "
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The Polyphony Of Life

Author : Andreas Pangritz
ISBN : 9781532661525
Genre : Religion
File Size : 29.60 MB
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This fascinating book, which explores an intriguing idea formulated by Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the very last months of his life, has up until now been available only to German readers. Since Polyphonie des Lebens first appeared twenty-five years ago, a whole new generation of scholars has come into contact, in English as well as in the original German, with the entire collection of his works, as well as with a huge body of Bonhoeffer studies that have provided an exhaustive assessment of the man and his theology. But now with this brand new English edition of a book that explores a neglected but significant aspect of his life, readers may be surprised to discover how Bonhoeffer’s interest in music influenced him—he seriously considered becoming a professional musician as a teenager, but chose the path of theology instead—and that not only did music provide him with a rich inner world of solace during his daily life while confined in Tegel Prison during 1943 and 1944, but music also lent him a remarkable metaphor for the fragmentary nature of life itself. In Polyphony of Life Andreas Pangritz explores Bonhoeffer’s musical development and its impact on his theology and so fills in an important gap in the record of Bonhoeffer’s life and thought.
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Theology As Performance

Author : Philip Stoltzfus
ISBN : 9780567174734
Genre : Religion
File Size : 30.67 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Theology as Performance breaks new ground in the growing conversation between modern theology and philosophical aesthetics. Stoltzfus proposes that significant moments in the Western development of the concept of God, in particular as represented in the figures of Friedrich Schleiermacher, Karl Barth, and Ludwig Wittgenstein, have been deeply influenced by concepts and approaches borrowed from the discipline of musical aesthetics. Each thinker develops fundamentally different ways of writing about God that have in significant respects been derived from each one's reading and writing about music. The aesthetic implications of Schleiermacher's so-called subjectivist turn, Barth's objectivist reaction, and Wittgenstein's language-game pragmatism can thus be fully understood only by attending to the musical culture and distinctly musicological discourses that gave rise to them. Stoltzfus constructs two trajectories of thought with which to trace theological reflection upon music throughout the pre-modern period: the traditions of Orpheus and Pythagoras. Schleiermacher's aesthetic approach, then, becomes a modern representative of the Orpheus trajectory, and Barth's approach a representative of the Pythagoras trajectory. Stoltzfus interprets Wittgenstein as putting forward a radical critique of these trajectories and pointing toward a third, "performative" theological-aesthetic method. Theology as Performance offers a provocative rethinking of the aesthetic roots of modern theology.
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Luther S Theology Of Music

Author : Miikka E. Anttila
ISBN : 9783110310276
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The sweetness of music is something that has puzzled Christian theologians for centuries. In this study, Luther’s theology of music is approached from the point of view of pleasure. It examines the significance of joy, beauty and pleasure in relationship with music and Luther’s theology. The notion of music as the supreme gift of God requires also a discussion about the idea of ‘gift’. Music opens up new perspectives into Luther’s thinking. Luther has seldom been reckoned among aesthetic theologians. Nevertheless, Luther has a peculiar view on beauty, understanding faith as a kind of aesthetic contemplation.
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Music And Theology In The European Reformations

Author : David Burn
ISBN : 2503582265
Genre : Music
File Size : 48.4 MB
Format : PDF
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Throughout the history of the Church, music has regularly been placed under the critical microscope. Nonetheless, the intensity of thought concerning music's role in the liturgy and in spiritual life in general reached a peak during the period of the European Reformations. This multidisciplinary collection examines the debates and controversies around music and theology during that time from both Catholic and various Protestant perspectives. It includes twenty essays from musicologists, theologians, Biblical scholars, and Church historians that attempt to answer the following questions: What difference did the theological and ecclesiological developments of the sixteenth century make to musical forms and practices? What continuities of practice existed with former times? How was the desire to restore the church to an imagined pristine state manifest in music and liturgy? How did developments in exegesis arising from the massively increased knowledge and access to the Bible in Hebrew and Greek affect the way composers wrote and congregations heard? Why did some reformers embrace music, while others rejected it?
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God S Mind In That Music

Author : Jamie Howison
ISBN : 9781621894698
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80.13 MB
Format : PDF
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As part of the growing literature on theology and the arts, God's Mind in that Music explores the substantial theological insight expressed in the music of jazz legend John Coltrane. Focusing on eight of Coltrane's pieces, themes under consideration include lament (Alabama), improvisation (My Favorite Things and Ascension), grace (A Love Supreme), and the Trinity (The Father and the Son and the Holy Ghost). By attending to the traditions of theology and of jazz criticism, and through a series of interviews with musicians, theologians, and jazz writers, Jamie Howison draws the worlds of theology and jazz into an active and vibrant conversation with each other. Built around a focused listening to John Coltrane's music as heard against the background of his life and social context, and interacting with the work of a range of writers including James Baldwin, Dorothee Soelle, Jeremy Begbie, and James Cone, God's Mind in that Music will be of interest not only to those interested in the intersection of music and theology, but also to Coltrane fans, students of jazz studies, and anyone who believes that music matters.
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