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Music And Mathematics

Author : John Fauvel
ISBN : 0199298939
Genre : Mathematics
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Format : PDF
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From Ancient Greek times, music has been seen as a mathematical art, and the relationship between mathematics and music has fascinated generations. This collection of wide ranging, comprehensive and fully-illustrated papers, authorized by leading scholars, presents the link between these two subjects in a lucid manner that is suitable for students of both subjects, as well as the general reader with an interest in music. Physical, theoretical, physiological, acoustic, compositional and analytical relationships between mathematics and music are unfolded and explored with focus on tuning and temperament, the mathematics of sound, bell-ringing and modern compositional techniques.
Category: Mathematics

Music Theory And Mathematics

Author : Jack Moser Douthett editor
ISBN : 1580462669
Genre : Mathematics
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Essays in diatonic set theory, transformation theory, and neo-Riemannian theory -- the newest and most exciting fields in music theory today.
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Author : Raymond Smullyan
ISBN : 9789814644600
Genre : Mathematics
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This is an exciting if not rambling account of events of Raymond Smullyan's four lives — as a mathematical logician, musician, magician, and author — together with thoughts that come to his mind as he recalls them. This book includes topics from some of Smullyan's twenty-six books, as well as many of his favorite anecdotes and jokes. It also presents some generalizations of theorems of the great logicians Gödel and Tarski, and discusses logic in general, and how he won his wife with a logic trick! Smullyan also relates some of his teaching experiences, and expresses his views on mathematical education, and how our present textbooks are primarily responsible for its decline! About his life as a pianist, Smullyan relates a good deal about his experiences with the Piano Society — a wonderful organization to which he is a staunch contributor, and how he has had such delightful relations with many of its members. Last but not least, Smullyan recounts how he has known some lovely ladies over the years. Contents:Early ChildhoodLater ChildhoodHigh SchoolBeginning CollegeUniversity of Chicago, Music, MagicDartmouth, PrincetonAfter GraduationDiagonalization, Love, Logic, a LetterThe Piano SocietyLovely Ladies I Have Known Readership: Music enthusiasts, piano society, math and logic enthusiasts, people interested in magic, people interested in Taoist philosophy, etc. Keywords:Logic;Magic;Mathematics;Gödel;Tarski;Piano Society;JokesReview: “We read of Smullyan's recollections of incidents in his past that support the images of a man who enjoys logic, music, mathematics, puns etc. If you have enjoyed any of Smullyan's books and wish to know more about the author, you will enjoy this breezy set of reflections as well.” Mathematical Association of America
Category: Mathematics

Music Experiment And Mathematics In England 1653 1705

Author : Benjamin Wardhaugh
ISBN : 9781351557085
Genre : Music
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How, in 1705, was Thomas Salmon, a parson from Bedfordshire, able to persuade the Royal Society that a musical performance could constitute a scientific experiment? Or that the judgement of a musical audience could provide evidence for a mathematically precise theory of musical tuning? This book presents answers to these questions. It constitutes a general history of quantitative music theory in the late seventeenth century as well as a detailed study of one part of that history: namely the applications of mathematical and mechanical methods of understanding to music that were produced in England between 1653 and 1705, beginning with the responses to Descartes's 1650 Compendium musicand ending with the Philosophical Transactions' account of the appearance of Thomas Salmon at the Royal Society in 1705. The book is organized around four key questions. Do musical pitches form a small set or a continuous spectrum? Is there a single faculty of hearing which can account for musical sensation, or is more than one faculty at work? What is the role of harmony in the mechanical world, and where can its effects be found? And what is the relationship between musical theory and musical practice? These are questions which are raised and discussed in the sources themselves, and they have wide significance for early modern theories of knowledge and sensation more generally, as well as providing a fascinating side light onto the world of the scientific revolution.
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Emblems Of Mind

Author : Edward Rothstein
ISBN : STANFORD:36105114545341
Genre : Mathematics
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From Kepler and the music of the spheres to Einstein and his violin, wherever we turn music and mathematics seem to bear a strong relationship. Through exploring music and math from the Greeks to the present, the chief music critic for The New York Times seeks to unravel this intriguing mystery.
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Music And Mathematics

Author : Eimear M. O'Brien
ISBN : OCLC:969893245
Genre : Music Theses
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Category: Music Theses

Dance The Motion Of Math Music And Mind

Author : Matthew He
ISBN : 9781496964793
Genre : Poetry
File Size : 44.55 MB
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Dance is not only body movement; Dance is the motion of life. It connects to body motion, heart emotion, mind expression, and soul reflection through a sequence of mathematical forms and shapes. Over the years our society has considered dance and mathematics to be near polar opposites. The two seem to have nothing in common. And yet upon close investigation and exploration the many connections and similarities reveal themselves. This unique collection of dance poems provides an entry to our understanding of the interplays among math, music, motion, and mind. It contains 55 original dance poems/verses on the motions of life, language of body and culture identity, artistry in motion, science of movement, and variations of dances.
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The Oxford Handbook Of The History Of Mathematics

Author : Eleanor Robson
ISBN : 9780191607448
Genre : Mathematics
File Size : 45.13 MB
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This Handbook explores the history of mathematics under a series of themes which raise new questions about what mathematics has been and what it has meant to practise it. It addresses questions of who creates mathematics, who uses it, and how. A broader understanding of mathematical practitioners naturally leads to a new appreciation of what counts as a historical source. Material and oral evidence is drawn upon as well as an unusual array of textual sources. Further, the ways in which people have chosen to express themselves are as historically meaningful as the contents of the mathematics they have produced. Mathematics is not a fixed and unchanging entity. New questions, contexts, and applications all influence what counts as productive ways of thinking. Because the history of mathematics should interact constructively with other ways of studying the past, the contributors to this book come from a diverse range of intellectual backgrounds in anthropology, archaeology, art history, philosophy, and literature, as well as history of mathematics more traditionally understood. The thirty-six self-contained, multifaceted chapters, each written by a specialist, are arranged under three main headings: 'Geographies and Cultures', 'Peoples and Practices', and 'Interactions and Interpretations'. Together they deal with the mathematics of 5000 years, but without privileging the past three centuries, and an impressive range of periods and places with many points of cross-reference between chapters. The key mathematical cultures of North America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and China are all represented here as well as areas which are not often treated in mainstream history of mathematics, such as Russia, the Balkans, Vietnam, and South America. A vital reference for graduates and researchers in mathematics, historians of science, and general historians.
Category: Mathematics

Mathematics And Music

Author : Gerard Assayag
ISBN : 9783662049273
Genre : Mathematics
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In Western Civilization Mathematics and Music have a long and interesting history in common, with several interactions, traditionally associated with the name of Pythagoras but also with a significant number of other mathematicians, like Leibniz, for instance. Mathematical models can be found for almost all levels of musical activities from composition to sound production by traditional instruments or by digital means. Modern music theory has been incorporating more and more mathematical content during the last decades. This book offers a journey into recent work relating music and mathematics. It contains a large variety of articles, covering the historical aspects, the influence of logic and mathematical thought in composition, perception and understanding of music and the computational aspects of musical sound processing. The authors illustrate the rich and deep interactions that exist between Mathematics and Music.
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