Murderous Tommies

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Murderous Tommies

Author : Mark Dunning
ISBN : 9781783378524
Genre : History
File Size : 61.17 MB
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Much has been written about the soldiers executed during WW1 for military offenses, all of whom were conditionally pardoned in 2006. However, until now very little attention has been paid to the cases of men who were tried under the Army Act and executed for murder. The British Army has always been reticent about publicizing courts martial and eighty years elapsed before the government was compelled to prematurely declassify the written proceedings of First World War capital courts martial. Even then, public attention tended to concentrate on cases involving soldiers who had been shot at dawn for offenses other than homicide, and virtually nobody was inclined to seek a posthumous pardon or judicial review for the murderous Tommies. This meant neither the victims nor the convicted mens families were able to discover details about the murder cases. Though readily identifiable online via much-visited war cemetery websites, until now there has been no readily accessible, historically reliable and balanced narrative about the activities and courts-martial of all the murderous Tommies of the Western Front. This book provides for a full account of the cases involving the fourteen soldiers and one officer whose homicidal misdeeds were committed in France and Flanders while hostilities were in progress.Drawing on contemporary records, this carefully researched work chronicles the circumstances in which each of these men either slaughtered one of their comrades or an unarmed civilian. It examines the murderers motives and presents a balanced analysis of each case, including a detailed assessment of the extent to which each condemned man was granted a fair hearing by officers who sat in uneasy judgment as well as those involved in confirming the death sentences.
Category: History

Murder By Numbers

Author : James Moore
ISBN : 9780750987073
Genre : True Crime
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What is the connection between the number 13 and Jack the Ripper? Why was the number 18 crucial in catching Acid Bath murderer John George Haigh? And what is so puzzling about the number 340 in the chilling case of the Zodiac killer? The answers to all these questions and many more are revealed in a unique, number-crunching history of the ultimate crime. James Moore’s Murder by Numbers tells the story of murder through the centuries in an entirely new way ... through the key digits involved. Each entry starts with a number and leads into a different aspect of murder, be it a fascinating angle to a case or revealing insights into murder methods, punishments and, of course, the chilling figures behind the most notorious killers from our past. From the grizzly death toll of the world’s worst serial killer to your own odds of being murdered, this guide will appeal to the connoisseur of true crime and the casual reader alike.
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Author : Ben Black
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 35.65 MB
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The last days of the 20th Century saw a major crackdown on Manchester's warring gangs. But soon new groups emerged, with names like the Young Gooch Crew, the Moss Side Bloods, the Old Trafford Crips, the Longsight Street Soldiers and the Fallowfield Mad Dogs. Younger and even more violent than their predecessors, they baited their rivals with explicit grime tracks and internet videos and unleashed a wave of bloodshed. SHOOTERS tells the story of these gangs and their various alliances, feuds and crimes. Using detailed court testimony and inside accounts, it gives a rare insight into the lethal conflict between the Pitt Bulls and the Longsight Crew; tells how two underworld armourers dubbed Bobby the Gun and the Merchant of Death supplied the gunmen with reactivated weapons; chronicles the infamous bloodbath at the Brass Handles pub in Salford, when two would-be assassins were themselves executed; and reveals the inner workings of the drug-dealing L$$ posse. It also recounts the story of Gooch leaders Colin Joyce and Stephen Amos, whose arrest for murder led to one of Britain’s biggest-ever trials; pieces together the events behind the notorious killings of teenagers such as Jessie James, Giuseppe Gregory and Louis Brathwaite; examines the methods of the audacious armed robbers of Salford; and describes the rise of lethal Asian gangs and their influence in the neighbouring towns of Bolton and Oldham. SHOOTERS is a powerful account of one city’s ongoing struggle with the law of the gun.
Category: True Crime

Style And Form In The Hollywood Slasher Film

Author : Wickham Clayton
ISBN : 9781137496478
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 86.31 MB
Format : PDF
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Style and Form in the Hollywood Slasher Film fills a broad scholastic gap by analysing the elements of narrative and stylistic construction of films in the slasher subgenre of horror that have been produced and/or distributed in the Hollywood studio system from its initial boom in the late 1970s to the present.
Category: Performing Arts

Encyclopedia Of Murder And Violent Crime

Author : Eric Hickey, Ph.D.
ISBN : 9781506320205
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 49.85 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"As a good encyclopedia does, the Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime brings together articles that offer diverse insights into the topic, while at the same time giving the reader a feel for its overall scope." --AGAINST THE GRAIN This comprehensive single-volume encyclopedia contains a wealth of material on killing and other violent behavior, as well as detailed information on a host of criminal cases from local decisions to Supreme Court rulings. The Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime includes nearly 500 entries that range from Antisocial Personality Disorder and the Beltway Snipers to the infamous Zodiac Murders. Entries take several formats, including: substantial essays on criminal terms, pathologies, and criminal justice concise case studies of serial murderers, infamous crimes, and their investigations relatively brief definitions of relevant legal and criminological terms. The Encyclopedia is written by an impressive group of contributors, many leading experts in their fields of criminology, criminal justice, and more. Extra features such as a handy, easy-to-use Reader's Guide, a lavish art program of approximately 50 photographs, and several appendixes enhance and complete the volume. This valuable reference is designed for academic, school, public, and special/private libraries as well as criminal justice agencies.
Category: Social Science

Watching Amanda

Author : Janelle Taylor
ISBN : 9781420127676
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 46.53 MB
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Passion, danger, and the mysteries of the human heart--Janelle Taylor explores them all in her breathtaking bestsellers. In her latest novel of romantic suspense, a struggling young mother inherits a fortune--and becomes the target of a deadly obsession. . . Someone's Watching. . . Amanda Sedgwick never wanted anything from her rich father except love, but William Sedgwick gave her nothing during his lifetime. Now that he's dead, everything has changed. Overnight, Amanda goes from being a single mom with a dead-end job that barely covers the rent to a fabulously wealthy heiress. Her inheritance comes with several conditions, however, one of which is the man who will be making sure she follows her father's eccentric rules to the letter. . . And It's Not Who She Thinks. Ethan Black isn't happy about what William Sedgwick asked him to do--but he owes the old man his life, literally. Playing babysitter to a young woman who barely knew her father when he was alive is hardly what he had in mind, but Amanda is far from the gold-digging brat Ethan expected. Falling in love definitely wasn't in his job description--nor was putting his life on the line when it becomes terrifyingly clear that he isn't the only one watching Amanda. . .
Category: Fiction


Author : Penn Jillette
ISBN : 1429961317
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 58.13 MB
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Twisting the buddy cop story upside down and inside out, Penn Jillette has created the most distinctive narrator to come along in fiction in many years: a sock monkey called Dickie. The sock monkey belongs to a New York City police diver who discovers the body of an old lover in the murky waters of the Hudson River and sets off with her best friend to find her killer. The story of their quest swerves and veers, takes off into philosophical riffs, occasionally stops to tell a side story, and references a treasure trove of 1970's and 1980's pop culture. Sock is a surprising, intense, fascinating piece of work.
Category: Fiction

In A Murderous Time

Author : Roger D. Skillings
ISBN : UOM:39015006194420
Genre : New England
File Size : 84.8 MB
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Category: New England

The Brutal Texan

Author : Roger Harrington
ISBN : 1980749779
Genre :
File Size : 80.42 MB
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The Brutal Texan: The Shocking True Story of Serial Killer Tommy Lynn SellsThe name Tommy Lynn Sells doesn't strike fear in hearts like the names Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy, nor does it ring too many bells with the media-savvy and the true crime aficionados. Sells was one of the most horrific, violent, and active serial killers in recent history. With the influx of mass shootings and terrorist attacks plaguing modern society, the concept of a serial killer seems only to exist in true crime books, documentaries, and podcasts. Having been executed only in2014, Sells is a grim reminder that the serial killers of our society's and history's criminal past are still much active. Sells's decades-long reign of murderous terror spanned eight states earning him the nickname the "Coast to Coast Killer" or the "Cross Country Killer". Law enforcement along with Sells's own confessions concluded a total of 22 total victims. Sells's is believed to have killed upto 60 victims. The story of Tommy Lynn Sells's life is similar to that of other serial killers; full of childhood trauma, abuse, and events that set off a strand of murders. However, Sells's story is unique in comparison to other killers based on his victimology and patterns. Like his contemporary Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins, Sells was also extremely skilled at his crimes and admittedly loved the act of murder which makes him and those similar even more terrifying.

Private Vegas

Author : James Patterson
ISBN : 9781448108428
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 57.23 MB
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Showgirls. Millionaires. Murder. Jack Morgan, head of Private Investigations, the global PI agency of the rich and famous, is being pushed to the limit. His car has been firebombed, his ex is dating someone else, and his twin brother is still out to destroy him. But Private doesn’t rest, and nor do its clients: not the LAPD who need Private’s help catching two scumbags with diplomatic immunity, and not the client who has just confessed to murdering his wife. Add to that Jack’s best friend being held on a trumped-up charge that could see him locked away for a very long time, and it seems like all bets are off...
Category: Fiction

The Serial Killer Files

Author : Harold Schechter
ISBN : 0345472004
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 63.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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THE DEFINITIVE DOSSIER ON HISTORY’S MOST HEINOUS! Hollywood’s make-believe maniacs like Jason, Freddy, and Hannibal Lecter can’t hold a candle to real life monsters like John Wayne Gacy, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and scores of others who have terrorized, tortured, and terminated their way across civilization throughout the ages. Now, from the much-acclaimed author of Deviant, Deranged, and Depraved, comes the ultimate resource on the serial killer phenomenon. Rigorously researched and packed with the most terrifying, up-to-date information, this innovative and highly compelling compendium covers every aspect of multiple murderers–from psychology to cinema, fetishism to fan clubs, “trophies” to trading cards. Discover: WHO THEY ARE: Those featured include Ed Gein, the homicidal mama’s boy who inspired fiction’s most famous Psycho, Norman Bates; Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, sex-crazed killer cousins better known as the Hillside Stranglers; and the Beanes, a fifteenth-century cave-dwelling clan with an insatiable appetite for human flesh HOW THEY KILL: They shoot, stab, and strangle. Butcher, bludgeon, and burn. Drown, dismember, and devour . . . and other methods of massacre too many and monstrous to mention here. WHY THEY DO IT: For pleasure and for profit. For celebrity and for “companionship.” For the devil and for dinner. For the thrill of it, for the hell of it, and because “such men are monsters, who live . . . beyond the frontiers of madness.” PLUS: in-depth case studies, classic killers’ nicknames, definitions of every kind of deviance and derangement, and much, much more. For more than one hundred profiles of lethal loners and killer couples, Bluebeards and black widows, cannibals and copycats– this is an indispensable, spine-tingling, eye-popping investigation into the dark hearts and mad minds of that twisted breed of human whose crimes are the most frightening . . . and fascinating.
Category: True Crime

Loitering With Intent

Author : Stuart Woods
ISBN : 1101046643
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 71.58 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this action-packed thriller from #1 New York Times bestselling author Stuart Woods, Stone Barrington is on the hunt for a man who doesn’t want to be found in Key West... Dumped by his glamorous Russian girlfriend during dinner at Elaine’s and running low on cash, Stone Barrington is not having a good week. So his luck seems to be improving when he’s hired to locate the missing son of a very wealthy man—lucky because the job pays well, and because the son seems to be hiding in the tropical paradise of Key West. But when Stone and his sometime running buddy Dino Bacchetti arrive in the sunny Keys, it appears that someone has been lying in wait. Stone very nearly loses his life after being blindsided at a local bar, and he realizes that the missing son he’s been hired to track may have good reason for not wanting to be found. Suddenly Key West is looking less like Margaritaville and more like the mean streets of New York...
Category: Fiction

Serial Killer Stories Volume 2

Author : Roger Harrington
ISBN : 198103711X
Genre :
File Size : 61.7 MB
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SERIAL KILLER STORIES VOLUME 2: Charles Cullen, Tommy Lynn Sells - 2 Books in 1 Featuring... *Charles Cullen*Tommy Lynn Sells 2 Great Books in 1! Charles Cullen Charles Edmund Cullen is a former nurse who is considered to be the most prolific serial killer in New Jersey history and possibly also in American history. Charles Edmund Cullen was born the youngest of eight children into a large New Jersey family. His childhood was largely an unhappy one, his father died when he was a few months old and Cullen was bullied throughout his schooling. Cullen struggled to fit in and was considered something of a misfit. During this period his mental health became increasingly unstable. Shortly after the birth of his first daughter and the death of his brother Cullen killed his first known victim by means of lethal injection. This occurred whilst he was working at Saint Barnabas Hospital. Despite numerous concerns over his behaviour and while Cullen's mental health continued to deteriorate, including further suicide attempts, he was allowed to continue working in a series of hospitals. This led to as many as40 people losing their lives. Tommy Lynn Sells The name Tommy Lynn Sells doesn't strike fear in hearts like the names Ted Bundy orJohn Wayne Gacy, nor does it ring too many bells with the media-savvy and the true crime aficionados. Sells was one of the most horrific, violent, and active serial killers in recent history. With the influx of mass shootings and terrorist attacks plaguing modern society, the concept of a serial killer seems only to exist in true crime books, documentaries, and podcasts. Having been executed only in 2014, Sells is a grim reminder that the serial killers of our society's and history's criminal past are still much active. Sells's decades-long reign of murderous terror spanned eight states earning him the nickname the "Coast to Coast Killer" or the "Cross Country Killer". Law enforcement along with Sells's own confessions concluded a total of 22 total victims. Sells's is believed to have killed up to 60 victims.

Finding Ourselves At The Movies

Author : Paul W. Kahn
ISBN : 9780231536028
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 69.41 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Academic philosophy may have lost its audience, but the traditional subjects of philosophy—love, death, justice, knowledge, and faith—remain as compelling as ever. To reach a new generation, Paul W. Kahn argues that philosophy must take up these fundamental concerns as we find them in contemporary culture. He demonstrates how this can be achieved through a turn to popular film. Discussing such well-known movies as Forrest Gump (1994), The American President (1995), The Matrix (1999), Memento (2000), The History of Violence (2005), Gran Torino (2008), The Dark Knight (2008), The Road (2009), and Avatar (2009), Kahn explores powerful archetypes and their hold on us. His inquiry proceeds in two parts. First, he uses film to explore the nature of action and interpretation, arguing that narrative is the critical concept for understanding both. Second, he explores the narratives of politics, family, and faith as they appear in popular films. Engaging with genres as diverse as romantic comedy, slasher film, and pornography, Kahn explores the social imaginary through which we create and maintain a meaningful world. He finds in popular films a new setting for a philosophical inquiry into the timeless themes of sacrifice, innocence, rebirth, law, and love.
Category: Philosophy

The Films Of Tommy Lee Jones

Author : Alvin H. Marill
ISBN : STANFORD:36105022955095
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 73.18 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Traces the films of Tommy Lee Jones, including roles in "Eyes of Laura Mars," "JFK," "The Fugitive," "The Client," and "Men in Black"
Category: Performing Arts

The Elements Of Expression

Author : Arthur Plotnik
ISBN : 9781936740246
Genre : Reference
File Size : 49.64 MB
Format : PDF
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More than ever in this completely updated edition, The Elements of Expression helps word users "light up the cosmos or the written page or the face across the table" as they seek the radiance of expressiveness—the vivid expression of thoughts, feelings, and observations. Nothing kills radiance like the murky, generic language dominating today's talk, airwaves, and posts. It tugs at our every sentence, but using it to express anything beyond the ordinary is like flapping the tongue to escape gravity. The Elements of Expression offers an adventurous and inspiring flight into words that truly share what's percolating in our minds. Here writers, presenters, students, bloggers—even well intentioned "Mad Men"—will discover language to convey precise feelings, move audiences, delight and persuade. No snob or scold, the acclaimed word-maven Arthur Plotnik explores the full range of expressiveness, from playful "tough talk" to finely wrought literature, with hundreds of rousing examples. Confessing that we are all "like a squid in its ink" when first groping for luminous expression, he shines his amiable wit on the elements leading, ultimately, to language of "fissionable intensity."
Category: Reference