Money On The Silk Road

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Money On The Silk Road

Author : Sen Hua
ISBN : UVA:X004896482
Genre : History
File Size : 71.55 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book focuses on the money of Eastern Central Asia to c. AD 800, a period of over 900 years, across a vast geographical area with a very diverse population of different cultures and traditions. The only relevant historical accounts are those found in the Chinese dynastic histories, yet these contain few references to money in Eastern Central Asia. This study therefore depends almost entirely on the archaeological evidence for money found at sites in the region, in the form of coins and contemporary documentary evidence. The book is arranged in four parts. The first part presents the background to the study, the second the numismatic evidence, the third gives the evidence for money in the contemporary documents excavated at sites in Eastern Central Asia, and the concluding part brings together the data from the numismatic and documentary evidence to create a new framework for money in early Eastern Central Asia.
Category: History

The Silk Road

Author : British Library
ISBN : 193247613X
Genre : Art
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The Silk Road

Author : Valerie Hansen
ISBN : 9780190218423
Genre : History
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The Silk Road is as iconic in world history as the Colossus of Rhodes or the Suez Canal. But what was it, exactly? It conjures up a hazy image of a caravan of camels laden with silk on a dusty desert track, reaching from China to Rome. The reality was different--and far more interesting--as revealed in this new history. In The Silk Road, Valerie Hansen describes the remarkable archeological finds that revolutionize our understanding of these trade routes. For centuries, key records remained hidden--sometimes deliberately buried by bureaucrats for safe keeping. But the sands of the Taklamakan Desert have revealed fascinating material, sometimes preserved by illiterate locals who recycled official documents to make insoles for shoes or garments for the dead. Hansen explores seven oases along the road, from Xi'an to Samarkand, where merchants, envoys, pilgrims, and travelers mixed in cosmopolitan communities, tolerant of religions from Buddhism to Zoroastrianism. There was no single, continuous road, but a chain of markets that traded between east and west. China and the Roman Empire had very little direct trade. China's main partners were the peoples of modern-day Iran, whose tombs in China reveal much about their Zoroastrian beliefs. Silk was not the most important good on the road; paper, invented in China before Julius Caesar was born, had a bigger impact in Europe, while metals, spices, and glass were just as important as silk. Perhaps most significant of all was the road's transmission of ideas, technologies, and artistic motifs. The Silk Road is a fascinating story of archeological discovery, cultural transmission, and the intricate chains across Central Asia and China.
Category: History

The Silk Road

Author : Frances Wood
ISBN : 0520243404
Genre : Art
File Size : 29.67 MB
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Covering five thousand years of history and delving deeply into the archives the British Museum and other famous collections of art and antiquities, this fascinating tour of a storied trade route introduces readers to the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of this legendary trail. (History)
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Silk Roads

Author : Jeffrey D. Lerner
ISBN : 9781789254730
Genre : History
File Size : 76.4 MB
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In recent decades, there has been a new surge of interest in the history and legacies of the Silk Roads both within academic and public discourses. A field of Silk Roads Studies has come into its own. Consciously mirroring the temperament of its subject, the field has moved out of the narrow niches of particular disciplines to become a truly interdisciplinary endeavor. New research findings about the historical operations of the Silk Roads and interpretations of their legacies for the modern and contemporary world have broken down geographical and temporal divides that once demarcated the Silk Roads as primarily pre-modern and Old World-centered conduits of globalization. In light of these developments, the time is ripe to begin formulating a new definition of the contour of Silk Roads Studies and laying a new foundation for further work in this field. Silk Roads: From Local Realities to Global Narratives brings together leading scholars in multiple disciplines related to Silk Roads studies. It highlights the multiplicity of networks that constituted the Silk Roads, including land and maritime routes, and approaches the Silk Roads from Antiquity to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative from Afro-Eurasia to the Americas. This holistic approach to understanding ancient globalization, exchanges, transformations, and movements - and their continued relevance to the present - is in line with contemporary academic trends toward interdisciplinarity. Indeed, the Silk Roads is such an expansive topic that many approaches to its study must be included to represent accurately its many facets. The volume emphasizes exchange and transformation along the Silk Roads - moments of acculturation or hybridization that contributed to novel syncretic forms. It highlights the multiplicity of networks that constituted the Silk Roads, including land and maritime routes, and approaches to the Silk Roads from Antiquity to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative from Afro-Eurasia to the Americas.
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Managing Supply Chains On The Silk Road

Author : Çağrı Haksöz
ISBN : 9781466551275
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76.1 MB
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Historically important trade routes for goods of all kinds for more than 3000 years, the Silk Road has once again come to prominence. Managing Supply Chains on the Silk Road: Strategy, Performance, and Risk present emerging supply chain practices from the Silk Road regions that include China, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Iran, Central Asia, Lebanon,
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Silk Road

Author : Eileen Ormsby
ISBN : 9781743518113
Genre : Computers
File Size : 21.73 MB
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It was the 'eBay of drugs', a billion dollar empire. Behind it was the FBI's Most Wanted Man, a mysterious crime czar dubbed 'Dread Pirate Roberts'. SILK ROAD lay at the heart of the 'Dark Web' - a parallel internet of porn, guns, assassins and drugs. Lots of drugs. With the click of a button LSD, heroin, meth, coke, any illegal drug imaginable, would wing its way by regular post from any dealer to any user in the world. How was this online drug cartel even possible? And who was the mastermind all its low roads led to? This is the incredible true story of Silk Road's rise and fall, told with unparalleled insight into the main players - including alleged founder and kingpin Dread Pirate Roberts himself - by lawyer and investigative journalist Eileen Ormsby. A stunning crime story with a truth that explodes off the page.
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Aurel Stein On The Silk Road

Author : Susan Whitfield
ISBN : IND:30000087285676
Genre : Archaeologists
File Size : 66.28 MB
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This work presents an illustrated account of the adventures of the great Silk Road explorer and archaeologist Sir Aurel Stein, whose expeditions included the discovery of an amazing hoard of Buddhist paintings, hidden since the 11th century inside a secret cave at Dunhuang.
Category: Archaeologists

The Steel Woman Of The Silk Road

Author : Aqila Khaterzai Karimi
ISBN : 9781460216170
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 36.15 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Laila is full of dreams and wonder as she spends her childhood chasing the azure blue skies of her hometown in Afghanistan. But with the onset of womanhood, Laila is forced to flee her hometown and abandon the promise of an education in an effort to survive the emergence to power of the Taliban in post-Soviet Afghanistan. Laila and the women around her must use ingenuity, strength, and a fierce resolve to survive the daily ministrations of a society seeking to keep them in the dark. Can Laila fight the drug abuse around her and find personal autonomy in a setting of forced docility? Through the atrocities committed against these women and the strength these same women must exhibit in order to survive, we see with poetic and searing insight the realities of everyday life: the daily lives, loves, and perseverance of truly remarkable women.
Category: Fiction

Tearing Up The Silk Road

Author : Tom Coote
ISBN : 9781859643020
Genre : Travel
File Size : 56.3 MB
Format : PDF
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Tearing up the Silk Road is an irreverent travelogue that details a journey along the ancient trade routes from China to Istanbul, through Central Asia, Iran and the Caucasus. As Tom Coote struggles through the often arbitrary borders and bureaucracies of China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Turkey, it becomes apparent that the next generation will see themselves in a very different light to their predecessors. New forms of identity are emerging, founded more upon shared cultural preferences and aspirations, than on the remnants of tribal allegiance. While rushing through from East to West, Tom Coote meets, befriends and argues with an epic range of characters; from soldiers and monks to pilgrims, travellers and modern day silk-road traders. All are striving for something more and most dream of being somewhere else. By bus, train and battered car - through deserts, open plains and mountain ranges - Tom finds himself again and again at the front line of a desperate war for hearts and minds. Through rapidly expanding megacities, to ancient ruins, and far more recently created wastelands, it is the West that is winning the souls while the East grows ever stronger. The real clash of civilisations, however, seems set to be not between the East and the West, but between the few who have so much, and the masses now uniting to demand so much more.
Category: Travel

The New Silk Road

Author : B.
ISBN : 9780230302075
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 89.62 MB
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The rise of the Arab world and China are part of the same story, once trading partners via the Silk Road. This is a fully revised and updated account of how China is spurring growth in the Arab world, taking into account new developments that have taken place since the first edition.
Category: Business & Economics

The Origins Of Business Money And Markets

Author : Keith Roberts
ISBN : 9780231526852
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.28 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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To understand business and its political, cultural, and economic context, it helps to view it historically, yet most business histories look no further back than the nineteenth century. The full sweep of business history actually begins much earlier, with the initial cities of Mesopotamia. In the first book to describe and explain these origins, Roberts depicts the society of ancient traders and consumers, tracing the roots of modern business and underscoring the relationship between early and modern business practice. Roberts's narrative begins before business, which he defines as selling to voluntary buyers at a profit. Before business, he shows, the material conditions and concepts for the pursuit of profit did not exist, even though trade and manufacturing took place. The earliest business, he suggests, arose with the long distance trade of early Mesopotamia, and expanded into retail, manufacturing and finance in these command economies, culminating in the Middle Eastern empires. (Part One) But it was the largely independent rise of business, money, and markets in classical Greece that produced business much as we know it. Alexander the Great's conquests and the societies that his successors created in their kingdoms brought a version of this system to the old Middle Eastern empires, and beyond. (Part Two) At Rome this entrepreneurial market system gained important new features, including business corporations, public contracting, and even shopping malls. The story concludes with the sharp decline of business after the 3rd century CE. (Part Three) In each part, Roberts portrays the major new types of business coming into existence. He weaves these descriptions into a narrative of how the prevailing political, economic, and social culture shaped the nature and importance of business and the status, wealth, and treatment of business people. Throughout, the discussion indicates how much (and how little) business has changed, provides a clear picture of what business actually is, presents a model for understanding the social impact of business as a whole, and yields stimulating insights for public policy today.
Category: Business & Economics

Personal Finance An Encyclopedia Of Modern Money Management

Author : Barbara Friedberg
ISBN : 9781440830327
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 82.83 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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This jargon-free resource explains the who, what, why, and where of contemporary personal finance in simple, easy-to-grasp language, covering the key people, events, terms, tools, policies, and products that make up modern money management. • Supplies accessible, comprehensive financial information that explains complex topics in simple language • Shows the relationship between personal finance and everyday life, from renting an apartment to saving for retirement • Answers a wide variety of personal finance questions • Provides a resource suitable for both personal and scholarly use
Category: Business & Economics

Author : 吴敦夫
ISBN : 7508507061
Genre : Art, Chinese
File Size : 59.83 MB
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Category: Art, Chinese

Shadow Of The Silk Road

Author : Colin Thubron
ISBN : 9780061809620
Genre : Travel
File Size : 27.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Shadow of the Silk Road records a journey along the greatest land route on earth. Out of the heart of China into the mountains of Central Asia, across northern Afghanistan and the plains of Iran and into Kurdish Turkey, Colin Thubron covers some seven thousand miles in eight months. Making his way by local bus, truck, car, donkey cart and camel, he travels from the tomb of the Yellow Emperor, the mythic progenitor of the Chinese people, to the ancient port of Antioch—in perhaps the most difficult and ambitious journey he has undertaken in forty years of travel. The Silk Road is a huge network of arteries splitting and converging across the breadth of Asia. To travel it is to trace the passage not only of trade and armies but also of ideas, religions and inventions. But alongside this rich and astonishing past, Shadow of the Silk Road is also about Asia today: a continent of upheaval. One of the trademarks of Colin Thubron's travel writing is the beauty of his prose; another is his gift for talking to people and getting them to talk to him. Shadow of the Silk Road encounters Islamic countries in many forms. It is about changes in China, transformed since the Cultural Revolution. It is about false nationalisms and the world's discontented margins, where the true boundaries are not political borders but the frontiers of tribe, ethnicity, language and religion. It is a magnificent and important account of an ancient world in modern ferment.
Category: Travel

Foreign Devils On The Silk Road

Author : Peter Hopkirk
ISBN : 9781848546325
Genre : History
File Size : 52.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Silk Road, which linked imperial Rome and distant China, was once the greatest thoroughfare on earth. Along it travelled precious cargoes of silk, gold and ivory, as well as revolutionary new ideas. Its oasis towns blossomed into thriving centres of Buddhist art and learning. In time it began to decline. The traffic slowed, the merchants left and finally its towns vanished beneath the desert sands to be forgotten for a thousand years. But legends grew up of lost cities filled with treasures and guarded by demons. In the early years of the last century foreign explorers began to investigate these legends, and very soon an international race began for the art treasures of the Silk Road. Huge wall paintings, sculptures and priceless manuscripts were carried away, literally by the ton, and are today scattered through the museums of a dozen countries. Peter Hopkirk tells the story of the intrepid men who, at great personal risk, led these long-range archaeological raids, incurring the undying wrath of the Chinese.
Category: History

Southern Silk Road

Author : Christoph Baumer
ISBN : 9748304396
Genre : History
File Size : 78.3 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An illustrated study of the history and civilizations of the Southern Silk Road', written by one of the world's leading authorities and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. It offers an exploration of this ancient cultural crossroads, its various cultures and the history of the region. Based on the author's expeditions into the region in th 1990s, this is an illustrated study of the history and civilizations of the 'Southern Silk Road', written by one of the world's leading authorities and Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society. It recounts early migrations into the'
Category: History

Mural Paintings Of The Silk Road

Author : Kazuya Yamauchi
ISBN : UCSD:31822034589820
Genre : History
File Size : 50.24 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The papers of a colloquium on the subject of Mural paintings of the Silk Road attended by art historians, historians and archaeologists, scientists and conservators from East and West, held in Tokyo in 2006.
Category: History

The Silk Road A Very Short Introduction

Author : James A. Millward
ISBN : 9780199323852
Genre : History
File Size : 55.86 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The phrase "silk road" evokes vivid scenes of merchants leading camel caravans across vast stretches to trade exotic goods in glittering Oriental bazaars, of pilgrims braving bandits and frozen mountain passes to spread their faith across Asia. Looking at the reality behind these images, this Very Short Introduction illuminates the historical background against which the silk road flourished, shedding light on the importance of old-world cultural exchange to Eurasian and world history. On the one hand, historian James A. Millward treats the silk road broadly, to stand in for the cross-cultural communication between peoples across the Eurasian continent since at least the Neolithic era. On the other, he highlights specific examples of goods and ideas exchanged between the Mediterranean, Persia, India, and China, along with the significance of these exchanges. While including silks, spices, and travelers' tales of colorful locales, the book explains the dynamics of Central Eurasian history that promoted Silk Road interactions--especially the role of nomad empires--highlighting the importance of the biological, technological, artistic, intellectual, and religious interchanges across the continent. Millward shows that these exchanges had a profound effect on the old world that was akin to, if not on the scale of, modern globalization. He also disputes the idea that the silk road declined after the collapse of the Mongol empire or the opening of direct sea routes from Europe to Asia, showing how silk road phenomena continued through the early modern and modern expansion of the Russian and Chinese states across Central Asia. Millward concludes that the idea of the silk road has remained powerful, not only as a popular name for boutiques and restaurants, but also in modern politics and diplomacy, such as U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's "Silk Road Initiative" for India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.
Category: History