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Modern Nature

Author : Lynn K. Nyhart
ISBN : 9780226610924
Genre : Science
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In Modern Nature,Lynn K. Nyhart traces the emergence of a “biological perspective” in late nineteenth-century Germany that emphasized the dynamic relationships among organisms, and between organisms and their environment. Examining this approach to nature in light of Germany’s fraught urbanization and industrialization, as well the opportunities presented by new and reforming institutions, she argues that rapid social change drew attention to the role of social relationships and physical environments in rendering a society—and nature—whole, functional, and healthy. This quintessentially modern view of nature, Nyhart shows, stood in stark contrast to the standard naturalist’s orientation toward classification. While this new biological perspective would eventually grow into the academic discipline of ecology, Modern Nature locates its roots outside the universities, in a vibrant realm of populist natural history inhabited by taxidermists and zookeepers, schoolteachers and museum reformers, amateur enthusiasts and nature protectionists. Probing the populist beginnings of animal ecology in Germany, Nyhart unites the history of popular natural history with that of elite science in a new way. In doing so, she brings to light a major orientation in late nineteenth-century biology that has long been eclipsed by Darwinism.
Category: Science

Modern Nature

Author : Derek Jarman
ISBN : 9781473559011
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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A divine, meditative and inspiring diary of Derek Jarman's famous garden at Dungeness. 'An essential – urgent – book for the 21st Century' Hans Ulrich Obrist WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY OLIVIA LAING In 1986 Derek Jarman discovered he was HIV positive and decided to make a garden at his cottage on the barren coast of Dungeness. Facing an uncertain future, he nevertheless found solace in nature, growing all manner of plants. While some perished beneath wind and sea-spray others flourished, creating brilliant, unexpected beauty in the wilderness. Modern Nature is both a diary of the garden and a meditation by Jarman on his own life: his childhood, his time as a young gay man in the 1960s, his renowned career as an artist, writer and film-maker. It is at once a lament for a lost generation, an unabashed celebration of gay sexuality, and a devotion to all that is living.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Modern Nature

Author : Luke Strongman
ISBN : 9781612331157
Genre : Science
File Size : 32.5 MB
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This book presents ten essays about environmental communication. Chapter one introduces the concept of environmental communication and the ways in which it was conceived, imagined, and developed as a form of interdisciplinary enquiry. Chapter two explores the concept of green communication and education for the sustainable development movement. Chapter three is concerned with one of the major underlying socio-cultural influences of the human/nature divide: that of anthropomorphic or anthropogenic reasoning. Chapter four takes an ecological view of economics and develops an argument for the place of economic intangibles in the modern political economy. Chapters five and six explore specialist aspects of environmental communication practices: Chapter five is concerned with the contexts of psychologists' client and practitioner relationships, and chapter six with the communication domain of the expert courtroom witness. Chapter seven is concerned with exploring the phenomenon of 'social presence' within virtual environments. Chapters eight, nine and ten explore communication practices that are essential within the workplace and organizational environment: Chapter eight frames issues involving understanding ambiguity toleration in business communication; chapter nine explores leadership, management and self-esteem in the organizational communication context; and chapter ten discusses the environmental communication contexts of decision-making and organizational trust. The author has written this book for both general and specialist audiences, for students and teachers of environmental communication, and anyone with an interest in the prevalent concerns of 'modern nature' - the current orientation and practices of human communication in natural, virtual and professional spheres. It will also interest students and teachers of workplace organizations, including non-governmental organizations and business practitioners.
Category: Science

The Problem Of Consciousness In Modern Poetry

Author : Hugh Underhill
ISBN : 0521410339
Genre : Literary Criticism
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Modernist aesthetics have been identified with a sense of cultural crisis, defined by its distance from an ideal of unified consciousness. This original study examines the struggle toward that ideal of unitary subjective experience in modern British and Irish poetry from Hardy to Ted Hughes. Hugh Underhill argues that the poetry's emphasis on inner states underrepresents the extent to which the crisis is in fact socio-historically determined.
Category: Literary Criticism

The Science Of Nature In The Seventeenth Century

Author : John A. Schuster
ISBN : 1402036035
Genre : Education
File Size : 66.91 MB
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The seventeenth century marked a critical phase in the emergence of modern science. But we misunderstand this process, if we assume that seventeenth-century modes of natural inquiry were identical to the highly specialised, professionalised and ever proliferating family of modern sciences practised today. In early modern Europe the central category for the study of nature was ‘natural philosophy’, or as Robert Hooke called it in his Micrographia, the Science of Nature. In this discipline general theories of matter, cause, cosmology and method were devised, debated and positioned in relation to superior disciplines, such as theology; cognate disciplines, such as mathematics and ethics; and subordinate disciplines, such as the ‘mixed mathematical sciences’ of astronomy, optics and mechanics. Thus, the ‘Scientific Revolution’ of the Seventeenth Century did not witness the sudden birth of ‘modern science’ but rather conflict and change in the field of natural philosophy: Aristotelian natural philosophy was challenged and displaced, as thinkers competed to redefine natural philosophy and its relations to the superior, cognate and subordinate disciplines. From this process the more modern looking disciplines of natural science emerged, and the idea of a general Science of Nature suffered a slow demise. The papers in this collection focus on patterns of change in natural philosophy in the seventeenth century, aiming to encourage the use and articulation of this category in the historiography of science. The volume is intended for scholars and advanced students of early modern history of science, history of philosophy and intellectual history. Philosophers of science and sociologists of scientific knowledge concerned with historical issues will also find the volume of relevance. Above all, the volume is addressed to anyone interested in current debates about the origin and nature of modern science.
Category: Education

The Modern West

Author : Emily Ballew Neff
ISBN : 9780300114485
Genre : Art
File Size : 58.13 MB
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Drawing extensively from various disciplines including ethnology, geography, geology, and environmental studies, this groundbreaking book addresses shifting concepts of time, history, and landscape in relation to the work of pioneering American artists during the first half of the 20th century. Paintings, watercolors, and photographs by renowned artists such as Frederic Remington, Georgia O’Keeffe, Ansel Adams, Thomas Hart Benton, Dorothea Lange, and Jackson Pollock are considered alongside American Indian ledger drawings, tempuras, and Dineh sandpaintings. Taken together, these works document the quest to create a specifically American art in the decades prior to World War II. The Modern West begins with a captivating meditation on the relationship between human culture and the physical landscape by Barry Lopez, who traveled the West in the artists’ footsteps. Emily Ballew Neff then describes the evolving importance of the West for American artists working out a radically new aesthetic response to space and place, from artist-explorers on the turn-of-the-century frontier, to visionaries of a Californian arcadia, to desert luminaries who found in its stark topography a natural equivalent to abstraction. Beautifully illustrated and handsomely designed, this book is essential to anyone interested in the West and the history of modernism in American art.
Category: Art

Nature And Salvation In Piers Plowman

Author : Hugh White
ISBN : 085991271X
Genre : Religion
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The idea of the natural recurs throughout Piers Plowman. This book seeks to show that the idea holds a central place in Langland's understanding of the way in which man is saved. This understanding develops over the course of the poem under the kynde wit and kynde knowing, his presentation of Kynde as God, and his understanding of what is involved in being kynde. It shows how, for all the difficulties he finds with it, Langland remains faithful to the idea of the naturaland how that idea repays this faith, enabling profound meditation on the roles of man and God in respect of man's salvation and, more broadly, on the relationship between God and man.
Category: Religion

Early Modern Writing And The Privatization Of Experience

Author : Nick Davis
ISBN : 9781441173591
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 31.99 MB
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Reading a wide range of early modern authors and exploring their cultural-historical, philosophical and scientific contexts, Early Modern Writing and the Privatization of Experience examines the shift in focus from reliance on shared experience to placing of trust in individualized experience which occurs in the writing and culture of the period. Nick Davis contends that much of the era's literary production participates significantly in this broad cultural movement. Covering key writers of the period including Shakespeare, Donne, Chaucer, Spenser, Langland, Hobbes and Bunyan, Davis begins with an overview of the medieval-early modern privatizing cultural transition. He then goes on to offer an analysis of King Lear, Richard II, Henry IV Part 1, The Winter's Tale, and the first three books of The Fairie Queene, among other texts, considering their treatment of the relation between individual life and the life attributed to the cosmos, the idea of symbolic narrative positing a collective human subject, and the forming of pragmatic relations between individual and group.
Category: Literary Criticism

Nature Mind And Modern Science

Author : Errol E. Harris
ISBN : 0415296145
Genre : Philosophy
File Size : 27.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Category: Philosophy