Mobile Learning And Stem

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Mobile Learning And Stem

Author : Helen Crompton
ISBN : 9781317596523
Genre : Education
File Size : 90.67 MB
Format : PDF
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In recent years, there has been a renewed focus on STEM education in the United States, fueled by evidence that young learners’ competencies in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are falling behind those of their global peers. Scholars and practitioners are beginning to utilize the new pedagogical opportunities offered by mobile learning to improve the successes of teachers and K-12 students across STEM subjects. Mobile Learning and STEM: Case Studies in Practice is a comprehensive collection of case studies that explore mobile learning’s support of STEM subjects and that utilize mobile technology to facilitate unique and effective K-12 teaching and learning experiences. In addition to its focus on STEM achievement for researchers, this volume is a resource for teachers working to implement mobile learning initiatives into their classrooms. Mobile Learning and STEM also includes research that is applicable to classrooms in nations around the world, where few students from underrepresented racial and socioeconomic backgrounds are entering into STEM jobs. Concluding with a summary of its research and its implications to future scholarship and practice, this book is a springboard for practitioners, specialists, higher education instructors, and researchers who want to establish better practices in schools and raise student achievement in STEM subjects.
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Teaching And Learning Stem

Author : Richard M. Felder
ISBN : 9781118925812
Genre : Education
File Size : 77.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Rethink traditional teaching methods to improve student learning and retention in STEM Educational research has repeatedly shown that compared to traditional teacher-centered instruction, certain learner-centered methods lead to improved learning outcomes, greater development of critical high-level skills, and increased retention in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Teaching and Learning STEM presents a trove of practical research-based strategies for designing and teaching courses and assessing students' learning. The book draws on the authors' extensive backgrounds and decades of experience in STEM education and faculty development. Its engaging and well-illustrated descriptions will equip you to implement the strategies in your courses and to deal effectively with problems (including student resistance) that might occur in the implementation. The book will help you: Plan and conduct class sessions in which students are actively engaged, no matter how large the class is Make good use of technology in face-to-face, online, and hybrid courses and flipped classrooms Assess how well students are acquiring the knowledge, skills, and conceptual understanding the course is designed to teach Help students develop expert problem-solving skills and skills in communication, creative thinking, critical thinking, high-performance teamwork, and self-directed learning Meet the learning needs of STEM students with a broad diversity of attributes and backgrounds The strategies presented in Teaching and Learning STEM don't require revolutionary time-intensive changes in your teaching, but rather a gradual integration of traditional and new methods. The result will be continual improvement in your teaching and your students' learning.
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Promoting Active Learning Through The Integration Of Mobile And Ubiquitous Technologies

Author : Keengwe, Jared
ISBN : 9781466663442
Genre : Education
File Size : 65.35 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Once considered disruptive to learning, technology has increasingly become an integrated and valued part of the modern classroom. In particular, mobile technologies provide the ability to encourage evocative student learning through new experiences. Promoting Active Learning through the Integration of Mobile and Ubiquitous Technologies showcases the widely varied ways that technology can be applied to enhance classroom learning. Closely examining and critiquing the best methods in assimilating technologies, this publication is a valuable resource for faculty, teachers, administrators, technology staff, directors of learning centers, and other education technology leaders interested in incorporating new technologies within the classroom for engaging student learning.
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Mobile Learning Applications In Early Childhood Education

Author : Papadakis, Stamatios
ISBN : 9781799814887
Genre : Education
File Size : 57.84 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Mobile technologies combined with an interdisciplinary approach to knowledge and organization of learning experiences that are meaningful to children could create a creative and interactive learning environment different from that of traditional teaching. Making good use of mobile learning with appropriate devices will increase the learning motivations of the students and help them bring about positive performance. Mobile Learning Applications in Early Childhood Education is a collection of innovative research on the methods and applications of mobile learning techniques and strategies within diversified teaching settings. While highlighting topics including computational thinking, ubiquitous learning, and social development, this book is ideally designed for researchers, teachers, parents, curriculum developers, instructional designers, academicians, students, and practitioners seeking current research on the application of mobile technology within child education.
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Economics Social Sciences And Information Management

Author : Ford Lumban Gaol
ISBN : 9781315658285
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 32.28 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The 2015 International Congress on Economics, Social Sciences and Information Management (ICESSIM 2015), held 28-29 March 2015 in Bali, Indonesia, aimed to provide a platform for the sharing of valuable knowledge and experience in the context of changing economics and social settings. Information technology has changed many aspects in our life, inc
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Mobile Learning

Author : Scott McQuiggan
ISBN : 9781118894309
Genre : Education
File Size : 38.8 MB
Format : PDF
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Explore the game-changing technology that allows mobile learning to effectively reach K-12 students Mobile Learning: A Handbook for Developers, Educators and Learners provides research-based foundations for developing, evaluating, and integrating effective mobile learning pedagogy. Twenty-first century students require twenty-first century technology, and mobile devices provide new and effective ways to educate children. But with new technologies come new challenges—therefore, this handbook presents a comprehensive look at mobile learning by synthesizing relevant theories and drawing practical conclusions for developers, educators, and students. Mobile devices—in ways that the laptop, the personal computer, and netbook computers have not—present the opportunity to make learning more engaging, interactive, and available in both traditional classroom settings and informal learning environments. From theory to practice, Mobile Learning explores how mobile devices are different than their technological predecessors, makes the case for developers, teachers, and parents to invest in the technology, and illustrates the many ways in which it is innovative, exciting, and effective in educating K-12 students. Explores how mobile devices can support the needs of students Provides examples, screenshots, graphics, and visualizations to enhance the material presented in the book Provides developers with the background necessary to create the apps their audience requires Presents the case for mobile learning in and out of classrooms as early as preschool Discusses how mobile learning enables better educational opportunities for the visually impaired, students with Autism, and adult learners. If you're a school administrator, teacher, app developer, or parent, this topical book provides a theoretical, well-researched discussion of the pedagogical theory and mobile learning, as well as practical advice in setting up a mobile learning strategy.
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Innovative Mobile Learning Techniques And Technologies

Author : Ryu, Hokyoung
ISBN : 9781605660639
Genre : Computers
File Size : 40.32 MB
Format : PDF
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"This book includes the challenges and practical experience of the design of M-Learning environments, covering current developments in M-learning experiences in both academia and industry"--Provided by publisher.
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Mobile Learning And Mathematics

Author : Helen Crompton
ISBN : 9781317804215
Genre : Education
File Size : 59.19 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Mobile Learning and Mathematics provides an overview of current research on how mobile devices are supporting mathematics educators in classrooms across the globe. Through nine case studies, chapter authors investigate the use of mobile technologies over a range of grade levels and mathematical topics, while connecting chapters provide a strong foundational background in mobile learning theories, instructional design, and learner support. For current educators, Mobile Learning and Mathematics provides concrete ideas and strategies for integrating mobile learning into their mathematics instruction—for example, by sharing resources that will help implement Common Core State Standards, or by streamlining the process of selecting from the competing and often confusing technology options currently available. A cutting edge research volume, this collection also provides a springboard for educational researchers to conduct further study.
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The New Landscape Of Mobile Learning

Author : Charles Miller
ISBN : 9781136265754
Genre : Education
File Size : 80.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The New Landscape of Mobile Learning is the first book to provide a research based overview of the largely untapped array of potential tools that m-Learning offers educators and students in face-to-face, hybrid, and distance education. This cutting edge guide provides: • An essential explanation of the emergence and role of Apps in education • Design guidelines for educational Apps • Case studies and student narratives from across the US describing successful App integration into both K-12 and Higher Education • Robust, research-based evaluation criteria for educational Apps Although many believe that Apps have the potential to create opportunities for transformative mobile education, a disparity currently exists between the individuals responsible for creating Apps (i.e. developers who often have little to no instructional experience) and the ultimate consumers in the classroom (i.e. K-20 educators and students). The New Landscape of Mobile Learning bridges this gap by illuminating critical design, integration, and evaluation narratives from leaders in the instructional design, distance education, and mobile learning fields.
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Blended Learning Designs In Stem Higher Education

Author : Christopher N. Allan
ISBN : 9789811369827
Genre : Education
File Size : 79.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This book offers a set of learning principles to support the design of rich learning experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) higher education, including detailed evaluations and discussions for a variety of science subjects. Further, it presents a professional learning framework that can be used to support the implementation of blended learning technologies to increase buy-in from academic staff, to support grass roots initiatives, to develop a sense of community, and to sustain change. The principles developed here will help readers to think about blended learning from a learner’s perspective, put learning first, and develop activities that will help learners achieve better learning outcomes. In addition, the book addresses how to design rich, evidence-based, blended learning experiences that support learning. It demonstrates a range of learning principles in practice, with step-by-step instructions, and includes templates, supporting material, instructions and other resources to help teachers embed and adapt designs in their own subject. Readers will be equipped with an expanded toolkit of resources, designs, ideas and activities that can be directly applied in a variety of subject areas.
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Digital Media For Learning

Author : Florence Martin
ISBN : 9783030331207
Genre : Education
File Size : 61.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book provides a comprehensive overview on the theories, processes, and solutions relevant to effectively creating, using, and managing digital media in a variety of instructional settings. In the first section of the book, the authors provide an overview of the theories, development models, and principles of learning with digital media. In the second section, the authors detail various digital media solutions, including: Instructional Videos, Instructional Simulations and Games, Online Learning, Mobile Learning, and Emerging Learning Technologies. Overall, this book emphasizes the theoretical principles for learning with digital media and processes to design digital media solutions in various instructional settings. The readers are also provided with multiple case studies from real world projects in various instructional settings.
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Going Mobile

Author : Darrell M. West
ISBN : 9780815726265
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 38.33 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The world is going mobile at an astounding pace. Estimates show 80 percent of global Internet access will take place through mobile devices by 2016. Smartphones, tablets, and handheld devices have reshaped communications, the global economy, and the very way in which we live. The revolution is an electronic nirvana: for the first time in human history we have sophisticated digital applications to help us learn, access financial and health care records, connect with others, and build businesses. But the one trillion dollar mobile industry is still relatively young. Leaders in both the public and private sectors need to figure out how to apply mobile technologies or mobile devices to optimize education, health care, public safety, disaster preparedness, and economic development. And the ever-expanding mobile frontier presents new challenges to law, policy, and regulations and introduces new tensions; one person's idea of cautious deliberation can be another's idea of a barrier to innovation. In Going Mobile, Darrell M. West breaks down the mobile revolution and shows how to maximize its overall benefits in both developed and emerging markets. Contents 1. The Emergence of Mobile Technology 2. Driving Global Entrepreneurship 3. Alleviating Poverty 4. Invention and the Mobile Economy 5. Mobile Learning 6. Improving Health Care 7. Medical Devices and Sensors 8. Shaping Campaigns and Public Outreach 9. Disaster Relief and Public Safety 10. Looking Ahead
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Stem Project Based Learning

Author : Robert M. Capraro
ISBN : 9789462091436
Genre : Education
File Size : 38.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This second edition of Project-Based Learning (PBL) presents an original approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) centric PBL. We define PBL as an “ill-defined task with a well-defined outcome,” which is consistent with our engineering design philosophy and the accountability highlighted in a standards-based environment. This model emphasizes a backward design that is initiated by well-defined outcomes, tied to local, state, or national standard that provide teachers with a framework guiding students’ design, solving, or completion of ill-defined tasks. This book was designed for middle and secondary teachers who want to improve engagement and provide contextualized learning for their students. However, the nature and scope of the content covered in the 14 chapters are appropriate for preservice teachers as well as for advanced graduate method courses. New to this edition is revised and expanded coverage of STEM PBL, including implementing STEM PBL with English Language Learners and the use of technology in PBL. The book also includes many new teacher-friendly forms, such as advanced organizers, team contracts for STEM PBL, and rubrics for assessing PBL in a larger format.
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Stem Education 2 0

Author : Alpaslan Sahin
ISBN : 9789004405400
Genre : Education
File Size : 28.78 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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STEM Education 2.0. discusses the most recent research on important selected K-12 STEM topics by synthesizing previous research and offering new research questions.
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Cases On E Learning Management Development And Implementation

Author : Yang, Harrison Hao
ISBN : 9781466619340
Genre : Education
File Size : 20.55 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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New technologies can help teachers and trainers empower learners and create exciting new learning opportunities for students. However, these facilitators must also create e-learning contexts which are properly scaffolded to serve the needs of learners. Cases on E-Learning Management: Development and Implementation meets this challenge by providing innovative case studies covering a range of topics such as teacher education, mobile and blended learning strategies, e-learning tutorial content, digital cognitive games, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, and distance education. This casebook will enhance the work of educators, instructional designers, trainers, administrators, and researchers in the areas of online learning and distance learning.
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Stem Education

Author : Information Resources Management Association
ISBN : 9781466673649
Genre : Science
File Size : 66.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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"This reference brings together an impressive array of research on the development of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics curricula at all educational levels"--Provided by publisher.
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Engineering In Elementary Stem Education

Author : Christine M. Cunningham
ISBN : 9780807776711
Genre : Education
File Size : 77.81 MB
Format : PDF
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This comprehensive introduction will help elementary educators integrate engineering into their classroom, school, or district in age-appropriate, inclusive, and engaging ways. Building on the work of a Museum of Science team that has spent 15 years developing elementary engineering curricula, this book outlines how engineering can be integrated into a broader STEM curriculum, details its pedagogical benefits to students, and includes classroom examples to help educators tailor instruction to engage diverse students. Featuring vignettes, case studies, videos, research results, and assessments, this resource will help readers visualize high-quality elementary engineering and understand the theoretical principles in context. Book Features: Frameworks to help teachers create curricula and structure activities.A focus on engaging the diversity of learners in today’s classrooms.Experiences from the nation’s leading elementary education curriculum that has reached 13.3 million children and 165,000 educators. “Wondering how to infuse engineering into your teaching and curriculum? Here’s the book for you!” —From the Foreword by Richard A. Duschl, Penn State University “Schools or districts looking to introduce engineering in ways that enhance science and mathematics learning can use the inclusive teaching strategies in this book.” —Linda Curtis-Bey, executive director of STEM, NYC Department of Education “Dr. Cunningham lays out an innovative and achievable vision for elementary school engineering that engages all students.” —Heidi Carlone, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro
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