Missions To The Moon

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Missions To The Moon

Author : Rod Pyle
ISBN : 1847322522
Genre : Manned space flight
File Size : 69.29 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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From the beginning of recorded history man has gazed into space and yearned to explore. Beginning with the Space Race between the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War, this unique book traces our quest to reach the moon. Through the inclusion of 200 stunning photographs and at least 15 beautifully recreated rare facsimile documents you will witness the first human spaceflight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961, experience the terrifying failures and stunning triumphs of the Apollo Missions, marvel at the first manned landing on the moon by Apollo 11 and gaze into the future of space exploration as space tourism enables us to finally realize the dream of opening up space to everyone. Documents will provisionally include: Hardware diagrams and instructions Astronaut's notes and drawings Declassified Secret Documents
Category: Manned space flight

Apollo Moon Missions

Author : Billy Watkins
ISBN : 0803260415
Genre : History
File Size : 42.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In 1961 President John F. Kennedy challenged the United States to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth before the end of the decade. It seemed like an impossible mission and one that the Russians?who had launched the first satellite and put the first man into Earth orbit?would surely achieve before the Americans. However, the ingenuity, passion, and sacrifice of thousands of ordinary people from all walks of life enabled the space program to meet this extraordinary goal. This is the story of fourteen of those men and women who worked behind the scenes, without fanfare or recognition, to make the Apollo missions successful.
Category: History

Mission To The Moon

Author : Alan Dyer
ISBN : 1416979352
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 57.20 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Offers a detailed account of what took place during the Apollo mission in the summer of 1969 that included the first lunar landing and moonwalk.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

The Apollo Moon Missions

Author : Randy Walsh
ISBN : 9781646200634
Genre : History
File Size : 84.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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As a child I was fascinated by the Apollo Moon missions. As I got older the fascination never waned, until, approximately 15 years ago, I happened to watch a documentary on one of the Apollo missions. In that they discussed the method used for circumnavigating the Moon during the missions. As a trained pilot I remember questioning that method of navigation and from there I started to doubt the validity of the Apollo Moon missions itself, which led to subsequent years of research. This book is culmination of that research and the reasons why I believe that the Apollo Moon missions were faked. Included in Part 1 of this series I discuss the following key factors:  The Saturn V rocket and the fraudulent claims on the powerful F-1 engines, without which the Apollo landings could not have taken place.  The non-existent capabilities of the Apollo guidance computer and the fact that this computer was a fake.  The conflicting and contradictory information regarding the radiation intensity between the Earth and Moon which would have prevented any manned lunar landing.  The inadequate shielding for both the Command Module and Lunar Module which would have ended any manned mission outside of Low Earth Orbit in a matter of minutes if not seconds.  And the incomplete, missing and/or destroyed documents along with the thousands of missing reels of telemetry tapes containing data that has been 'lost' forever
Category: History

Eight Years To The Moon

Author : Nancy Atkinson
ISBN : 9781624144912
Genre : Science
File Size : 63.33 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A Behind-the-Scenes Look At NASA’s incredible Journey to the Moon Space journalist and insider Nancy Atkinson weaves together the riveting story of NASA’s mission to complete “the greatest adventure on which humankind ever embarked.” This incredible account is a keepsake celebrating some of the most important and dramatic events in modern history. Told through over 60 personal interviews and oral histories, as well as personal photographs, this tribute to the men and women who made the Apollo 11 mission a reality chronicles the highs and lows that accompanied the race to the Moon: the devastating flash fire that killed the crew of Apollo 1; the awe of those who saw their years-in-the-making contributions to space exploration blast off from Cape Canaveral; the knuckle-biting descent of Apollo 11 to the lunar surface; a near-catastrophic event on the crew’s flight home; the infectious excitement and jubilation across the world after the astronauts returned safely to Earth. These little-known stories of the dedicated engineers, mathematicians and scientists in the 1960s reveal the “hows” of the Apollo missions and bring to life the wonder and excitement of humanity’s first steps on the Moon.
Category: Science

Use Of Extraterrestrial Resources For Human Space Missions To Moon Or Mars

Author : Donald Rapp
ISBN : 9783642327629
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 71.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book carries out approximate estimates of the costs of implementing ISRU on the Moon and Mars. It is found that no ISRU process on the Moon has much merit. ISRU on Mars can save a great deal of mass, but there is a significant cost in prospecting for resources and validating ISRU concepts. Mars ISRU might have merit, but not enough data are available to be certain. In addition, this book provides a detailed review of various ISRU technologies. This includes three approaches for Mars ISRU based on processing only the atmosphere: solid oxide electrolysis, reverse water gas shift reaction (RWGS), and absorbing water vapor directly from the atmosphere. It is not clear that any of these technologies are viable although the RWGS seems to have the best chance. An approach for combining hydrogen with the atmospheric resource is chemically very viable, but hydrogen is needed on Mars. This can be approached by bringing hydrogen from Earth or obtaining water from near-surface water deposits in the soil. Bringing hydrogen from Earth is problematic, so mining the regolith to obtain water seems to be the only way to go. This will require a sizable campaign to locate and validate useable water resources. Technologies for lunar ISRU are also reviewed, even though none of them provide significant benefits to near-term lunar missions. These include oxygen from lunar regolith, solar wind volatiles from regolith, and extraction of polar ice from permanently shaded craters.
Category: Technology & Engineering

The Apollo Missions

Author : David Baker
ISBN : 9781789504392
Genre : Science
File Size : 71.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Few events have matched the landing of the first man on the Moon for drama and excitement. Watched live on television by 600 million people, Neil Armstrong floated down from the final step of the Eagle's ladder onto the powdery surface of the Moon, uttering the famous line, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." The Apollo Missions relives the experience and all the drama as it unfolded, from the birth of the Apollo space programme and the very first attempts to put an American astronaut into space to Apollo 11's successful Moon landing and its celebrated final splashdown in the Pacific Ocean. Packed with awe-inspiring photographs of the space missions, astronauts, and iconic views of the Earth and the Moon, as well as technical diagrams, flight plans, and tables of statistics, The Apollo Missions tells the thrilling story of the race to the Moon.
Category: Science

Apollo Moonwalks

Author : Gregory Vogt
ISBN : 0766013065
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 86.72 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Discusses the six Apollo missions that landed on the moon, describing the work performed there, what it is like to walk on the moon, and the collection of moon rocks.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Moon Missions

Author : William F. Mellberg
ISBN : IND:30000053123471
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 79.54 MB
Format : PDF
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Explains how and why we went to the Moon and what the astronauts found there, and considers the questions of whether it was worth the cost and should America go back
Category: Technology & Engineering

Lunar Outpost

Author : Erik Seedhouse
ISBN : 0387097473
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 33.16 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Lunar Outpost provides a detailed account of the various technologies, mission architectures, medical requirements and training needed to return humans to the Moon within the next decade. It focuses on the means by which a lunar outpost will be constructed and also addresses major topics such as the cost of the enterprise and the roles played by private companies and individual countries. The return of humans to the surface of the Moon will be critical to the exploration of the solar system. The various missions are not only in pursuit of scientific knowledge, but also looking to extend human civilization, economic expansion, and public engagement beyond Earth. As well as NASA, China’s Project 921, Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency, Russia, and the European Space Agency are all planning manned missions to the Moon and, eventually, to Mars. The Ares-I and Ares-V are the biggest rockets since the Saturn V and there is much state-of-the-art technology incorporated into the design of Orion, the spacecraft that will carry a crew of four astronauts to the Moon. Lunar Outpost also describes the human factors, communications, exploration activities, and life support constraints of the missions.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Falling To Earth

Author : Al Worden
ISBN : 9781588343338
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 73.40 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The astronaut discusses his life, from his childhood growing up on a farm to his years working with NASA, including flying the Apollo 15 mission to the moon in 1971.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

Mission To Moon Farm Secrets Of Bearhaven 2

Author : K. E. Rocha
ISBN : 0545813042
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 90.2 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A few weeks ago, Spencer Plain had never been to Bearhaven. He was rebuilding a computer and eating peanut butter toast and going to school. Normal, human things. But now his parents are missing, he's living with a family of bears and learning how to speak Ragayo (the bears' language), and has already been on a rescue mission that saved two cubs and their mother. Spencer's ready to go on more missions, but when he uncovers a secret that every bear's been keeping from him, he storms out of Bearhaven, determined to find his parents. While he's gone, his best bear cub friend, Kate, is kidnapped, and soon Spencer is caught up in a daring mission to bring her back before it's too late!
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Ken S Moon

Author : Ken Johnston
ISBN : 1986772918
Genre :
File Size : 78.47 MB
Format : PDF
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The story of Ken Johnston's archive of historic NASA photos and his decision to go public with evidence of the manipulation of those images from the Apollo moon missions is the stuff of legend in the alternative history community. The basic story is that Ken discovered a disturbing situation in the secret halls of our hallowed space agency. At the Lunar Receiving Laboratory, Ken was the Director of the Data and Photo Control Department, responsible for all the photographs and data generated by the contributing scientists from around the world. He also produced and edited the NASA Lunar Sample Information Catalog for each of the Lunar landing missions. One day, Ken enters the room where he sees strange activity. Given that he feels a sense of responsibility for the integrity of the NASA collection, he inquires as to what is going on. He spoke with several people who called themselves "strippers" because they were stripping out details in lunar images that might be hard to explain. That day, they were at the task of painting out the stars in particular lunar images. The unusually lame excuse given was that the stars in the lunar sky would "confuse people." This was alarming for Ken to discover. He found out also that "smudging out" anomalies on images was commonplace. Ken's story could be counted as a minority report in NASA's branded panorama of American heroics. The US Government and the American people had allocated significant financial and other resources toward the goal of reaching the moon at the behest of our young President Kennedy. The idea was to see what was there, to share that information to the world, and elevate the knowledge of mankind. To discover that the artifacts of that effort might have been manipulated was highly disappointing. It is this scenario being asserted by Ken Johnston, the very human being, who at one time, had watch over the chain of evidence.

Apollo 11 Mission

Author : Helen Zelon
ISBN : 0823957721
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 64.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Discusses the Apollo 11 mission and describes the first lunar landing.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Taking Science To The Moon

Author : Donald A. Beattie
ISBN : 0801874408
Genre : Science
File Size : 89.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How did science get aboard the Apollo rockets, and what did scientists do with the space allotted to them? Taking Science to the Moon describes, from the perspective of NASA headquarters, the struggles that took place to include science payloads and lunar exploration as part of the Apollo program. Donald A. Beattie-who served at NASA from 1963 to 1973 in several management positions and finally as program manager, Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments-here supplies a detailed, insider's view of the events leading up to the acceptance of science activities on all the Apollo missions.
Category: Science


Author : Al Cimino
ISBN : 9780785837039
Genre : History
File Size : 89.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Apollo follows man's dream of walking among the stars and charts how space travel and space programs have grown since then. In 2019, it will have been 50 years since Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon. When his famous words came crackling across the atmosphere—“That’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” The first moon landing took place on July 20, 1969, during the Apollo 11 mission. Nine days earlier, on July 11, 1969, David Bowie released his iconic “Space Oddity” song about Major Tom the astronaut. The two events resonated with people back on Earth like a match made in the heavens. The crew of Apollo 11—Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins—had been launched into space by the powerful Saturn 5, a three-stage rocket which was about as tall as a 36-story building. It was the culmination of NASA’s human spaceflight program which began 1961. This is the story of the Apollo Missions, with all of its ups and downs—in 1967, a cabin fire killed the entire crew of Apollo 1, and-after an oxygen tank exploded-the Apollo 13 crew limped back to Earth using the lunar module as “lifeboat.” But despite Apollo’s many setbacks, twelve men walked on the Moon and their place in American history was assured forever.
Category: History

How Apollo Flew To The Moon

Author : W. David Woods
ISBN : 9781441971791
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.74 MB
Format : PDF
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Stung by the pioneering space successes of the Soviet Union - in particular, Gagarin being the first man in space, the United States gathered the best of its engineers and set itself the goal of reaching the Moon within a decade. In an expanding 2nd edition of How Apollo Flew to the Moon, David Woods tells the exciting story of how the resulting Apollo flights were conducted by following a virtual flight to the Moon and its exploration of the surface. From launch to splashdown, he hitches a ride in the incredible spaceships that took men to another world, exploring each step of the journey and detailing the enormous range of disciplines, techniques, and procedures the Apollo crews had to master. While describing the tremendous technological accomplishment involved, he adds the human dimension by calling on the testimony of the people who were there at the time. He provides a wealth of fascinating and accessible material: the role of the powerful Saturn V, the reasoning behind trajectories, the day-to-day concerns of human and spacecraft health between two worlds, the exploration of the lunar surface and the sheer daring involved in traveling to the Moon and the mid-twentieth century. Given the tremendous success of the original edition of How Apollo Flew to the Moon, the second edition will have a new chapter on surface activities, inspired by reader's comment on Amazon.com. There will also be additional detail in the existing chapters to incorporate all the feedback from the original edition, and will include larger illustrations.
Category: Science

The Clementine Atlas Of The Moon

Author : Ben Bussey
ISBN : 9780521815284
Genre : Science
File Size : 72.45 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The highly successful Clementine mission to the Moon in 1994 gave scientists their first global look at the Moon, and both the near and far side were mapped. This atlas is based on the data collected by the Clementine mission. It covers the entire Moon in 144 Lunar Aeronautical Charts (LACs), and represents the most complete lunar nomenclature database in existence, listing virtually all named craters and other features. This is the first atlas to show the entire lunar surface in uniform scale and format. A section of color plates shows lunar composition and physical properties.
Category: Science