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Missing In Death

Author : J. D. Robb
ISBN : 9780748132478
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 63.67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An exclusive J.D. Robb short story. Aboard the Staten Island ferry, a tourist comes across something she shouldn't have seen - something someone needs kept very quiet. Soon no one can find her. But if she didn't jump, and she's not on board, where is she? Homicide Lieutenant Eve Dallas is called to the scene and is quickly faced with a shocking web of lies. With time running out and a deadly trail of intimidation and revenge emerging, Eve and her team must find out just what was seen on that ferry . . . Set between Kindred in Death and Fantasy in Death.
Category: Fiction

Ritual In Death Missing In Death

Author : J. D. Robb
ISBN : 9781405517683
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 90.90 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Dark, mystifying and powerful forces are at work in these two superb J. D. Robb short stories. Ritual in Death When a naked, knife-wielding man who thinks he has killed someone crashes a glamorous ball she's attending, Lieutenant Eve Dallas is almost relieved. The clues point towards ritual murder, but Eve knows there is nothing supernatural about a deadly lust for power . . . Set between Salvation in Death and Promises in Death. Missing in Death Aboard the Staten Island ferry, a tourist sees something she shouldn't have - soon no one can find her. But if she didn't jump, and she's not on board, where is she? Lieutenant Eve Dallas and her team know that all the answers lie in just what she was seen on that ferry . . . Set between Kindred in Death and Fantasy in Death.
Category: Fiction

If I Am Missing Or Dead

Author : Janine Latus
ISBN : 9781416539612
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 75.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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In April 2002, Janine Latus's youngest sister, Amy, wrote a note and taped it to the inside of her desk drawer. Today Ron Ball and I are romantically involved, it read, but I fear I have placed myself at risk in a variety of ways. Based on his criminal past, writing this out just seems like the smart thing to do. If I am missing or dead this obviously has not protected me... That same spring Janine Latus was struggling to leave her marriage -- a marriage to a handsome and successful man. A marriage others emulated. A marriage in which she felt she could do nothing right and everything wrong. A marriage in which she felt afraid, controlled, inadequate, and trapped. Ten weeks later, Janine Latus had left her marriage. She was on a business trip to the East Coast, savoring her freedom, attending a work conference, when she received a call from her sister Jane asking if she'd heard from Amy. Immediately, Janine's blood ran cold. Amy was missing. Helicopters went up and search dogs went out. Coworkers and neighbors and family members plastered missing posters with Amy's picture across the county. It took more than two weeks to find Amy's body, wrapped in a tarpaulin and buried at a building site. It took nearly two years before her killer, her former boyfriend Ron Ball, was sentenced for her murder. Amy died in silent fear and pain. Haunted by this, Janine Latus turned her journalistic eye inward. How, she wondered, did two seemingly well-adjusted, successful women end up in strings of physically or emotionally abusive relationships with men? If I Am Missing or Dead is a heart-wrenching journey of discovery as Janine Latus traces the roots of her own -- and her sister's -- victimization with unflinching candor. This beautifully written memoir will move readers from the first to the last page. At once a confession, a call to break the cycle of abuse, and a deeply felt love letter to her baby sister, Amy Lynne Latus, If I Am Missing or Dead is an unforgettable read.
Category: Biography & Autobiography

How To Deal With Death And Missing Your Loved Ones

Author : Deriyun McGee
ISBN : 9781984574367
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 52.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Losing a loved one is indeed the most tragic event a person can experience in my opinion. If you are reading this book, that means we are united by pain. I want to start off by saying my condolences to you and your family. I’m sure there are a lot of people giving you advice on how you should deal with your grief. The truth is, most of them probably can only imagine what you are going through. They usually mean well, but the fact of the matter is that they can’t identify with the pain and hurt associated with death because they have never really lost a close family member or loved one. To look up and see that person who helped raise you in a coffin is a feeling I know too well. I have lost my mom, dad, grandfather, and two brothers. It has taken me a while to get my mind in a happy place. I would like to share with you some of the things that I do to help me move on while missing my loved ones.
Category: Self-Help

The Dead Duke His Secret Wife And The Missing Corpse

Author : Piu Marie Eatwell
ISBN : 9781781856079
Genre : True Crime
File Size : 56.43 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The extraordinary story of the Druce-Portland affair, one of the most notorious, tangled and bizarre legal cases of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras. In 1897 an elderly widow, Anna Maria Druce, made a strange request of the London Ecclesiastical Court: it was for the exhumation of the grave of her late father-in-law, T.C. Druce. Behind her application lay a sensational claim: that Druce had been none other than the eccentric and massively wealthy 5th Duke of Portland, and that the – now dead – Duke had faked the death of his alter ego. When opened, Anna Maria contended, Druce's coffin would be found to be empty. And her children, therefore, were heirs to the Portland millions. The legal case that followed would last for ten years. Its eventual outcome revealed a dark underbelly of lies lurking beneath the genteel facade of late Victorian England.
Category: True Crime

Missing Presumed Dead

Author : Gale St. John
ISBN : 9780738735238
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 28.71 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Take a rare insider’s look at a mysterious world most people have only seen on television. Join Gale St. John on her amazing journey as a psychic sleuth who has helped find missing persons from Ohio to Kathmandu, with victims ranging from innocent young children to Mafia bosses. Missing and Presumed Dead shows you how Gale is able to tune in to a missing person, describing what she sees, hears, and feels to detect whether the individual is alive or not. Discover her extensive work with specially trained dogs that search for the missing. Experience high profile cases, including the ones where spirits help Gale save lives. Each extraordinary account—from those that made national headlines to those that are still unsolved—sheds light on the dramatic life of a psychic detective. Praise: “The heart-pounding suspense will keep you turning pages thinking you know the answers, while realizing nothing is like it seems.”—Marta Sosa, producer and host of the online radio show “Missing in America”
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Missing Presumed Dead

Author : James Hawkins
ISBN : 9781770700291
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 29.97 MB
Format : PDF
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Short-listed for the 2002 Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Novel Detective Inspector David Bliss has been transferred from London, England, to Hampshire in what appears to his new subordinates and superiors as a move down the career ladder. His first day on the job begins with a murder: Jonathan Dauntsey, son of the Major, willingly confesses to murdering his father. It’s an open-and-shut case, until the investigation stalls when the police can’t find the body. D.I. Bliss follows a trail of clues that lead him back in time to the point where the central presumption of the case - a murdered father - comes into question. Who did Jonathan Dauntsey murder, if anyone at all? As the mystery of the murder begins to resolve itself, so does the mystery of Bliss’s transfer from the big city to a small town.
Category: Fiction

Death Bereavement And Mourning

Author : Samuel C. Heilman
ISBN : 1412821304
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 40.71 MB
Format : PDF
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An encounter with the death of another is often an occasion when the bereaved need to be sustained in their loss, relieved of the anxiety that the meeting with death engenders, and comforted in their grief. It is a time when those left behind often seek to redress wrongs in themselves or in the relationships that death has shaken and upset. In both collective and individual responses to the trauma of encountering death, we witness efforts to counter the misfortune and to explain the meaning of the loss, to turn memory into blessing, to reconcile life with death, to regenerate life, and redeem both the bereaved and the dead. Sometimes loss may transform the bereaved in ways that lead to growth and maturity; other times a loss leads to unremitting anger or melancholia. There may be a variety of spiritual expressions that the bereaved experience in their time of loss, but there appears to be some common elements in all of them. Overtime, survivors' feelings are transformed into growing exploration of the spiritual, a profound sense of rebirth, newfound feelings of self-mastery or confidence, and a deeply held conviction that "life goes on." The contributions to this volume are based on a conference held in New York on the first anniversary of September 11, 2001. Contributors include Peter Metcalf, Robert Jay Lifton, Ilana Harlow, Robert A. Neimeyer, Samuel Heilman, and Neil Gillman. This sensitive and heartfelt volume relates specifically to issues of death, bereavement, and mourning in the aftermath of the attack on the World Trade Center, but the applications to other individual and catastrophic events is obvious. The contributions do not simply explore how people deal with bereavement or are psychologically affected by extreme grief: they address how people can try to find meaning in tragedy and loss, and strive to help restore order in the wake of chaos. The multidisciplinary perspectives include those of anthropology, psychology, theology, social work, and art. Samuel Heilman is the Distinguished Professor of Sociology and holder of the Harold Proshansky Chair in Jewish Studies and Sociology at the City University of New York, and has also taught at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv University, and the Universities of New South Wales and Melbourne. He is the author of several books, including Synagogue Life and The People of the Book, both published in paperback by Transaction.
Category: Self-Help

Presumption Of Death

Author : Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Justice Committee
ISBN : 0215041860
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 26.30 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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When a person goes missing their family can suffer serious financial repercussions, as well as inevitable pain and distress. Having examined the law and processes the Committee have found that such suffering is exacerbated by: a legislative patchwork of bewildering complexity; the inability to administer the financial situation of their missing relatives; a lack of information about the actions they are able to take; and ignorance of the correct procedures to be followed by police, lawyers, banks, insurers and others. This report puts forward a threefold recommended approach. Firstly, the introduction of a presumption of death act to clarify the legal position. Such an act should be modelled on the legislation in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Presumption of death orders, however, can only solve some of the problems families face. It will only be appropriate to declare a missing person dead several years after their disappearance. In that time, their financial affairs can be devastated beyond hope of recovery. The Committee also therefore recommends that legislation be introduced to allow for a system of guardianship orders, similar to those in Australia. These will allow for the administration of the missing person's property in his or her best interests if they have not returned after three months, as well as support for dependents. Finally, they call on the Government and industry to provide effective guidance for families in very difficult and distressing circumstances, as well as those who provide services for them.
Category: Family & Relationships

Writing Death And Absence In The Victorian Novel

Author : J. Zigarovich
ISBN : 9781137007032
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 64.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book asks why Brontë, Dickens, and Collins saw the narrative act as a series of textual murders and resurrections? Drawing on theorists such as Derrida, Blanchot, and de Man, Zigarovich maintains that narrating death was important to the understanding of absence, separation, and displacement in an industrial and destabilized culture.
Category: Literary Criticism