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The Mindfulness Colouring Book

Author : Emma Farrarons
ISBN : 0752265628
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 38.12 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The bestselling adult colouring book!Working with your hands is one of the best ways to soothe anxiety and eliminate stress. This stunning, pocket-sized colouring book offers a practical exercise in mindfulness that draws on your creativity and hones your focus.Beautifully illustrated, The Mindfulness Colouring Book is filled with templates for exquisite scenes and intricate, sophisticated patterns, prompting you to meditate on your artwork as you mindfully and creatively fill these pages with colour. Take a few minutes out of your day, wherever you are, and colour your way to peace and calm.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

The Mindfulness Colouring And Activity Book

Author : Gill Hasson
ISBN : 9780857086785
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 56.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Colour and Doodle Your Stress Away It’s impossible to stay 'on' all the time. Just as a car engine overheats if you continue to rev it, keeping your mind in high gear puts it under a level of pressure it can't sustain. If you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or agitated, and unable to think clearly, take your foot of the pedal, and clear your mind with The Mindfulness Colouring and Activity Book, from Gill Hasson, the author of the best-selling book Mindfulness. This portable book contains colouring, games, and activities all designed to give you a break from your everyday concerns, switch off your mind, wind down and relax. They give your mind something specific to focus on, allowing thoughts to flow easily but without any complex thinking or planning. Each activity provides a balance between challenge and skill. The level of engagement keeps your attention so focused that you become fully absorbed in the moment, preventing stressful thoughts from entering your head. The Mindfulness Colouring and Activity Book includes: • Colouring • Zentangles • Optical illusion activities • Origami • Mazes • Word Puzzles • Doodling activities • Drawing games • Observation games
Category: Business & Economics

Mindfulness Colouring With Words Of Affirmation

Author : Nana E a Eshun
ISBN : 9798634287904
Genre :
File Size : 72.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Our mindfulness colouring pages are a great way of taking your attention away from the daily routine. Relax and use the words of affirmation to focus on your positive attributes, as well as close friends and family. Share the pages with your loved ones and grace them with your colouring skills, as well as a positive message.

The Mindfulness Colouring Diary

Author : Emma Farrarons
ISBN : 0752265792
Genre :
File Size : 58.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Record your thoughts and activities in this beautiful colouring diary, filled with illustrations from The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons. Each day is dated, but not named making this gorgeous diary suitable for use in any calendar year. With rounded edges and a beautiful foiled cover, The Mindfulness Colouring Diary is a perfectly portable way to achieve mindfulness every day.Any activity, done right, can be an exercise in mindfulness. Colouring in these exquisite scenes and intricate, sophisticated patterns will help you soothe anxiety and eliminate stress as you make entries for each day of the year.Let this pocket-sized colouring diary be your daily window of peace and calm as you mindfully fill the days with your thoughts and the pages with colour. *October release

Mindfulness Colouring Pattern

Author : James Manning
ISBN : 1789708443
Genre : Art
File Size : 63.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Advanced coloring (colouring) books for adults with 30 coloring pages: Pattern (Adult colouring (coloring) books)
Category: Art

The Present Mindfulness Colouring Book

Author : Debra Danilewitz
ISBN : 0968985335
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 29.8 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The Present, explains the concepts of mindfulness and at the same time encompasses a process of being in the present moment focusing on the task at hand, reading and colouring the book. The Present, is unique in that it incorporates focused attention on the task at hand in the present moment, actively reading and being mindful whilst doing the activity of colouring. Planting seeds of mindfulness in children allows for mindful learning, enabling the development of resilience in children, which enhances their daily functioning. The practice of mindful awareness has a variety of well-documented impacts, including a reduction in stress, an increase in emotion regulation, and an improvement in sustained attention, focus and executive functioning. Mindfulness practice can change the landscape of a classroom as it helps strengthen relationships with students and their relationships with each other. Children have a remarkable capacity for articulating the wisdom of mindfulness. This can be used in educational and or therapeutic training or university settings, as well as for the general public because mindfulness is new for most people. This book is suitable for all beginners of mindfulness. Colouring books are extremely current today and allow time spent on doing the task and understanding the principles of mindfulness and this book would fill in the gap for current books of mindfulness out in the market already as it is a interactive workbook.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

The Mindfulness Colouring Book For Adults

Author : Elizabeth James
ISBN : 1785950932
Genre : Art
File Size : 83.74 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
Download : 578
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The MINDFULNESS Colouring Book for Adults is a beautiful and relaxing creative colouring book for all ages ! Switch off, unwind, and unleash your inner creativity as you lose yourself in the flow of colouring in these stunning patterns and designs. Each of these beautiful individual designs are printed on a single page with the reverse left blank - so no bleed through, and perfect whether you use pencils, pens or paints. Collect the whole ' Really Relaxing Colouring Book' series, the lovely ' Completely Calming Colouring Books' and ' Colour Me Calm' series or try our unique ' Cool Colouring Books' Collection too!
Category: Art

Mindfulness Colouring With Affirmations For Kids And Adults

Author : Kylie Johnson
ISBN : 0648097102
Genre : Color
File Size : 69.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book is a unique creative activity designed as a mindfulness practice to connect adults and children in the present moment together. A great excuse to switch off all screen devices, unwind, distress and relax with children using colouring as a mindfulness activity to practice daily.
Category: Color

Mandalas For Mindfulness

Author : Sharmell Day
ISBN : 0993196020
Genre : Art
File Size : 72.26 MB
Format : PDF
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Mandalas for Mindfulness is a beautifully designed colouring book for adults filled with intricate and sophisticated mandala designs created to help you relax and unwind. Spending just a few minutes a day creatively filling these pages with colour can help you to experience mindfulness, which is a very simple form of meditation achieved by focusing on the present moment. Each one of the 48 unique mandala inspired designs has been printed on a single page, leaving the reverse page blank to avoid bleed through. So find yourself a comfortable place to relax, grab your favourite coloured pencils and fined tipped pens and lose yourself in a world of mandalas, creativity and of course beautiful colours.
Category: Art