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Mikoyan Mig 19

Author : Yefim Gordon
ISBN : 1910809071
Genre : History
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Created by the famous Mikoyan Design Bureau in the early 1950s, the MiG-19 fighter was the Soviet Union’s first true supersonic fighter that could exceed Mach 1 in level flight. The baseline version with conventional elevators (known to the West as Farmer-A) achieved initial operational capability with the Soviet Air Force as early as 1954, concurrently with its American counterpart, the F-100 Super Sabre. Vertical maneuverability was soon found to be inadequate and led the Mikoyan OKB to create a version with an all-flying horizontal tail--the MiG-19S Farmer-C day fighter, which was built and operated on a much wider scale. The radar-equipped first Soviet supersonic all-weather interceptor, the MiG-19P soon followed together with the MiG-19PM armed with a quartet of beam-riding air-to-air missiles. Special versions also included the SM-50 and SM-51 prototypes equipped with a liquid-fuel rocket booster to improve high-altitude performance and the SM-30 with a zero-length launch capability. In addition to serving its home country, the MiG-19 was exported to the Soviet Union's Warsaw Pact allies including China who created its own variants which had no Soviet equivalent such as the JJ-6 trainer and the radical Q-5 attack aircraft. In this latest book in the Famous Russian Aircraft series, the authors describe the MiG-19's development and its operational history at home and abroad including its involvement in conflicts in Asia and the Middle East. Over 600 black and white and color photos, many hitherto unpublished combine with color side views and cutaway drawings to provide a detailed insight for historians and modelers alike.
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Mikoyan Mig 15

Author : Yefim Gordon
ISBN : 1857803337
Genre : History
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When the Mikoyan Gerevich MiG-15 first appeared in combat against the Western powers during the Korean War it caused consternation amongst its opposition. Its performance far outstripped any jet fighter aircraft produced by the West at the time and its duels with the US F86 Sabre have entered into aviation legend. The success of the MiG-15 was such that it went on to become the most widely produced jet fighter aircraft in history, and although figures vary it is believed over 12,000 were built plus another 6,000 under licence. The protoype of the distinctive fighter, built by the Mikoyan design bureau, with its high swept wing and tailplane and nose intake first flew in 1947, and was first deployed in the Korean War at the start of the 1950s. Although it suffered from handling problems when involved in dogfights with the F86, and a number were shot down, it had been built primarily with the role of interceptor in mind and was highly effective against the US heavy bombers. The MiG-15 was produced in a number of variants, both in single seat and two-seat versions and remained in service as a trainer aircraft for Warsaw Pact countries into the 1970s. Its improved successors, the MiG-17 and MiG-19 became the standard Soviet jet fighters of the early Cold War, including the Vietnam War. The MiG-15 was also produced in Czechoslovakia, Poland and China and aircraft were exported throughout the world. Its rugged build has ensured that a number survive in flying condition today. This book is a worthy addition to the acclaimed 'Famous Russian Aircraft' series, with a comprehensive history of the aircraft's development, design history and use, throughout the world. The comprehensive text is supported by almost 1000 photographs and line drawings as well as over a 100 detailed colour profiles. This will be the definitive book on the market of this historic Soviet jet fighter.
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Flight Craft 8 Mikoyan Mig 31

Author : Yefim Gordon
ISBN : 9781473823921
Genre : History
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The MiG-31 started life as an advanced derivative of the famous MiG-25P interceptor, becoming the first Soviet fourth-generation combat aircraft. First flown in 1975, it differed from its progenitor primarily in having a crew of two (pilot and weapons systems operator), a highly capable passive phased-array radar _ a world first _ and new R-33 long-range missiles as its primary armament. The maximum speed was an impressive Mach 2.82, the cruising speed being Mach 2.35. The type entered service in 1981; more than 500 copies were built between 1981 and 1994. The powerful radar and other avionics allowed the MiG-31 to operate as a 'mini-AWACS' scanning the airspace and guiding other interceptors to their targets; a flight of three such aircraft in line abreast formation could cover a strip 800 km (500 miles) wide. To this day the MiG-31 remains one of the key air defence assets of the Russian Air Force. The book describes the MiG-31's developmental history, including upgrade programmes, and features a full and comprehensive survey of the various MiG-31 model-making kits currently available on the market.
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Russia At War From The Mongol Conquest To Afghanistan Chechnya And Beyond 2 Volumes

Author : Timothy C. Dowling
ISBN : 9781598849486
Genre : History
File Size : 44.69 MB
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This easy-to-use reference explores the people and events that shaped Russian military history—and impacted Europe, Asia, and the world—over the past eight centuries. • Helps readers understand the sociopolitical history of Russia and how it continues to exert a major influence in international affairs • Showcases the complex role conflict has played in Russia throughout its history • Includes an introductory essay that discusses how warfare in Russia has progressed over the centuries • Offers entries on wars, battles, organizations, leaders, armies, weapons, and other aspects of war and military life • Provides a ready reference for readers with little or no prior knowledge of Russian history
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Mikoyan Mig 29

Author : Hans Halberstadt
ISBN : IND:30000112565308
Genre : Political Science
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Briefly traces the history of the MIG-29, describes its physical characteristics and capabilities, and compares it with Western fighters.
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Fast Movers

Author : John Sherwood
ISBN : 9780743206365
Genre : History
File Size : 66.4 MB
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The war in the skies above Vietnam still stands as the longest our nation has ever fought. For fourteen years American pilots dropped bombs on the Southeast Asian countryside -- eventually more than eight million tons of them. In doing so, they lost over 8,588 fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. They did not win the war. Ironically, Vietnam, though one of our least popular wars, produced one of the most effective groups of warriors our nation has ever seen -- men of dedication, professionalism, and courage. In Fast Movers, official navy historian John Sherwood offers an authoritative social history of the air war, focused around fourteen of these aviators -- from legends like Robin Olds, Steve Ritchie, and John Nichols to lesser-known but equally heroic fighters like Roger Lerseth and Ted Sienecki. Sherwood draws on nearly 300 interviews to tell stories of great pilots and great planes in the words of the men themselves. Fliers recall jets such as McDonnell Douglas's famous F-4 Phantom, "a Corvette with wings"; the F-05 Thunderchief, the workhorse of the war; the F-8 Crusader, the last of the gun fighters; and the block-nosed but revolutionary A-6 Intruder with its fully computerized attack systems, terrain mapping radar, and digital all-weather navigation system. Ultimately, though, it was the men who mattered. Sherwood shows us the brash confidence of famous iconoclast Robin Olds, who does not hide his thrill of the hunt -- and the kill. Roger Sheets looked like Don Knotts but prepped his "Vulture Flight" of Marine A-6s with the simple, unequivocal line, "Gentlemen, let's go out and kill something." But Sherwood lets us know that it wasn't all glory, that pilots suffered fear just like other soldiers. Ed Rasimus later admitted he thought that an assignment to Thailand was "like getting diagnosed with terminal cancer: everyone is hoping the cure will come before you die." There were things worse than death, too. Fast Movers offers fascinating portraits -- based on Sherwood's interviews and just-declassified naval archives -- of Vietnam's POWs. Pilots lucky enough to suffer only broken bones and burns from the violence of 1960s-era Martin-Baker ejection seats struggled to find honorable ways to negotiate half-decade-long periods in captivity. Passive resistance, like Commander Jeremiah Denton's famous blinking of TORTURE in Morse Code, was sometimes successful, often brutally reprised. Escape was impossible. Those who avoided shootdown learned to live with other frustrations. Most wanted to "go downtown" (bomb Hanoi) but were foiled by their civilian superiors, who dictated the numbers and types of aircraft that could be used in a given strike, the kinds of ordnance that could be levied against a target, and even the flight paths that could be flown. Against all odds, the pilots spawned a culture of success in the midst of failure and frustration. Fast Movers captures a hidden and crucial story of America's least successful war.
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Model Fighter Planes

Author : Ed Radlauer
ISBN : 0516080105
Genre : Airplanes
File Size : 51.28 MB
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Presents information about nineteen fighter planes dating from World War I through the present which would be useful to the builder of model airplanes.
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Aviation Week

Author :
ISBN : UVA:X001601293
Genre : Aeronautics
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Author : R. A. Beli︠a︡kov
ISBN : UOM:39015031781324
Genre : History
File Size : 37.81 MB
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This tour de force sets new standards for accuracy as it reveals the most important design bureau in the Russian aircraft industry.
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