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Medieval Romance

Author : James F. Knapp
ISBN : 9781487501914
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 79.65 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Medieval Romance is the first study to focus on the deep philosophical underpinnings of the genre's fictional worlds
Category: Literary Criticism

The English Romance In Time

Author : Helen Cooper
ISBN : 9780191530272
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 48.54 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The English Romance in Time is a study of English romance across the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It explores romance motifs - quests and fairy mistresses, passionate heroines and rudderless boats and missing heirs - from the first emergence of the genre in French and Anglo-Norman in the twelfth century down to the early seventeenth. This is a continuous story, since the same romances that constituted the largest and most sophisticated body of secular fiction in the Middle Ages went on to enjoy a new and vibrant popularity at all social levels in black-letter prints as the pulp fiction of the Tudor age. This embedded culture was reworked for political and Reformation propaganda and for the 'writing of England', as well as providing a generous reservoir of good stories and dramatic plots. The different ways in which the same texts were read over several centuries, or the same motifs shifted meaning as understanding and usage altered, provide a revealing and sensitive measure of historical and cultural change. The book accordingly looks at those processes of change as well as at how the motifs themselves work, to offer a historical semantics of the language of romance conventions. It also looks at how politics and romance intersect - the point where romance comes true. The historicizing of the study of literature is belatedly leading to a wider recognition that the early modern world is built on medieval foundations. This book explores both the foundations and the building. Similarly, generic theory, which previously tended to operate on transhistorical assumptions, is now acknowledging that genre interacts crucially with cultural context - with changing audiences and ideologies and means of dissemination. The generation into which Spenser and Shakespeare were born was the last to be brought up on a wide range of medieval romances in their original forms, and they could therefore exploit their generic codings in new texts aimed at both elite and popular audiences. Romance may since then have lost much of its cultural centrality, but the universal appeal of these same stories has continued to fuel later works from Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress to C.S. Lewis and Tolkien.
Category: Literary Criticism

Language Contact At The Romance Germanic Language Border

Author : Jeanine Treffers-Daller
ISBN : 1853596272
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 51.72 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The current volume brings together sociolinguistic analyses of language contact along the Romance Germanic Language Border, shedding more light on the variable and the universal elements in language contact and shift. It covers the whole range of the border, from French Flanders through South Tirol. Every part of it has been treated by outstanding experts. They describe the current state of the art in 'their' portion of the language border and include information on the legal and/or practical status of the language border and the status and function of all languages concerned. Attitudinal and language planning initiatives as well as the standardisation status of the regionally official and minority languages are discussed. Language borrowing, code switching and other language contact phenomena are analysed in detail.
Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

The Auction A Romance

Author : Anna Erishkigal
ISBN : 9780985489670
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 82.55 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Dumped at the altar and left without a home, Rosie Xalbadora takes a job as a governess at the edge of the Australian outback. There she meets Pippa Bristow, a sensitive child who copes with her parent's bitter divorce by escaping into a magical world of fairy queens and unicorns. Pippa's enigmatic single father, Adam Bristow, will do what it takes to keep his daughter safe from his manipulative oil heiress ex-wife. Struggling to shield Pippa from her mother's games, Rosie must face the ghosts of her own painful past while fighting a growing attraction to her handsome, emotionally unavailable employer. But help comes in the form of a quirky, elderly neighbor; a welcoming Outback town, and two horsemen who visit Rosie each night in her dreams. When Rosie and Pippa act impulsively to save a small, white pony from slaughter, their ill-timed compassion puts Adam's custody dispute, Pippa's fantasies, and Rosie's worst fears all up for bid in an epic courtroom showdown. The Auction blends the heart-wrenching, Gothic undertones of Jane Eyre with the can-do spirit of The Horse Whisperer, and just a hint of the supernatural. * Keywords: Australia, Australian romance, Australia romance, Aussie romance, horse romance, horse auction, horse, horses, nanny, nanny romance, governess, governess romance, Jane Eyre, teacher, teacher romance, Australia, Aussie, Oz, Aboriginal myth, Aboriginal mythology, Mimi, Mimis, Dreamtime, Aboriginal Dreamtime, First Australians, Condamine River, fracking, animal abuse, horse abuse, horse slaughter, custody dispute, custody battle, bitter custody dispute, mental illness, divorce, child custody, child abuse, child neglect, bitter divorce, divorce trial, single father, single dad, dating after divorce, australian outback romance books, Jimeta, dressage, natural horsemanship, what to read after The Horse Whisperer, life after divorce, Queensland, Darling Downs, what to read after the thorn birds, Toowoomba, what to read after the man from snowy river, Millmerran, cattle station, cattle ranch, ranch, station, cattle station, ghost, ghosts, ghost rider, fairy, fairies, fairy queen, gothic, Gothic romance
Category: Fiction

Daughter Of The Pyramids A Romance

Author : Esther Pasztory
ISBN : 1462823335
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 81.13 MB
Format : PDF
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Daughter of the Pyramids Naomi is writing a novel set in ancient Mexico and accidentally turns into her heroine, Marigold. Marigold is on a journey from her home in the city of the pyramids, Teotihuacan, to the Maya city of Tikal. While Naomi experiences Marigolds adventures, including a passion for a mysterious Maya lord, she is also desperate to get back to her own world in Morristown, New Jersey. She discovers the secret of time travel but no longer knows whether she wants to live in the present or the past. And, which man will she choose, the young archaeologist or the ruler of Tikal? Colonial Tales are eight short stories set in Colonial Mexico and deal with love, friendship, and betrayal in the New World.
Category: Fiction

A Rainy Day Soccer Romance

Author : Del Nett
ISBN : 9781453507001
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 65.67 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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“A Rainy Day Soccer Romance” is a warm –hearted comedy about a high school girl’s struggle to compete in a boys soccer league. Besides finding romance, she finds an unsympathetic coach and plenty of male humor. This comic novel explores a sixteen-year-old girl’s first exposure to the male world of soccer and the fast approaching excitement of young womanhood. Stacy, the novel’s heroine, feels her skills and soccer successes entitle her to play soccer with the boys. When the Rebels best player, Brad, decides his coach’s treatment of her is unfair, he volunteers to teach her some of his own soccer moves. Shortly, these lessons turn into a budding romance. Since this is Stacy’s first, she is naturally excited and a bit overwhelmed- much like she feels about playing in the boys soccer league. A great help to her are her teammates, the Rebels, a verbal bunch full of jokes and playful humor. “A Rainy Day Soccer Romance” is a comic novel of youth growing up in a world of divorces and frustrated coaches and referees. Yet regardless of the difficult times the Rebels face, they always address them with good cheer and raucous humor. Don’t miss all the great moves this novel throws at you –a young romance, exciting soccer and plenty of laughter. “If you like soccer, you’ll love ““A Rainy Day Soccer Romance”. The love story is a comic delight David Witke, former Sports Editor for the Des Moines Register
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Why We Love

Author : Helen Fisher
ISBN : 9781466829442
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 34.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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A groundbreaking exploration of our most complex and mysterious emotion Elation, mood swings, sleeplessness, and obsession—these are the tell-tale signs of someone in the throes of romantic passion. In this revealing new book, renowned anthropologist Helen Fisher explains why this experience—which cuts across time, geography, and gender—is a force as powerful as the need for food or sleep. Why We Love begins by presenting the results of a scientific study in which Fisher scanned the brains of people who had just fallen madly in love. She proves, at last, what researchers had only suspected: when you fall in love, primordial areas of the brain "light up" with increased blood flow, creating romantic passion. Fisher uses this new research to show exactly what you experience when you fall in love, why you choose one person rather than another, and how romantic love affects your sex drive and your feelings of attachment to a partner. She argues that all animals feel romantic attraction, that love at first sight comes out of nature, and that human romance evolved for crucial reasons of survival. Lastly, she offers concrete suggestions on how to control this ancient passion, and she optimistically explores the future of romantic love in our chaotic modern world. Provocative, enlightening, and persuasive, Why We Love offers radical new answers to the age-old question of what love is and thus provides invaluable new insights into keeping love alive.
Category: Psychology