Microemulsions Theory And Practice

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Microemulsions Theory And Practice

Author : Leon Prince
ISBN : 9780323160407
Genre : Science
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Microemulsions: Theory and Practice covers the development of the theory and practice of microemulsion systems. This book is divided into seven chapters that explore the physics and chemistry of microemulsions. This book deals first with the commercial history of microemulsions, from the discovery of carnauba wax emulsions to polymer emulsions. This topic is followed by discussions on the theoretical aspects of microemulsion formulation techniques and the design of other products. The subsequent chapter describes the microemulsion formulation with less solubilizer or emulsifier together with their optical properties. A chapter examines the mixed film theory that explains the dispersions, oil-water interface, and inferences in microemulsions. Another chapter considers the role of microemulsions in micellar solutions and their relations to the concentrations of different compounds. This chapter also looks into the association phenomena of three-component phase equilibria diagrams and liquids crystals to microemulsions. The concluding chapter discusses the role of the capillary and hydrostatic forces on the entrapment of oil in the reservoir and the necessary conditions for the displacement of entrapped oil. The important properties and economic aspects of a microemulsion slug required for the tertiary oil recovery are also covered in this chapter.
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Author : Monzer Fanun
ISBN : 1420089609
Genre : Science
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The effective use of microemulsions has increased dramatically during the past few decades as major industrial applications have expanded in a variety of fields. Microemulsions: Properties and Applications provides a complete and systematic assessment of all topics affecting microemulsion performance and discusses the fundamental characteristics, theories, and applications of these dispersions. Thoroughly encompassing the significant developments of the past ten years, this book describes a wide range of topics, including interactions at microemulsion interfaces, new types of surfactants, and the fundamentals of nanotechnology. It outlines experimental and traditional measurement techniques in a variety of microemulsified systems and provides reliable coverage of applicable techniques. Theory and Characterization Methods The initial chapters cover theoretical aspects of microemulsion formulation, with particular focus on methodologies for preparation. The book also addresses characterization methods, including X-ray diffraction, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), light scattering, and small-angle neutron scattering. It includes discussions of viscosimetry, conductivity, ultrasonic velocity, and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). Practical Applications The remainder of the coverage focuses on current and potential applications of microemulsions. The book examines commercial uses, including biocatalysis and enzymatic reactions, nutrition, the extraction of contaminated solids, pollution control, dispersion of drugs, and oil recovery. The contributors also discuss the use of microemulsions as a reaction medium for the formation of polymeric and inorganic nanoparticles, and applications in electrokinetic chromatography. Comprising the work of an international community of colloid scientists, this book explains why microemulsions are used for the intended application, how they are made, and how they react. Each chapter contains a description of the fundamental phenomena and principles involved in microemulsion processes, emphasizing the mechanism of microemulsion formation and deformation. A summary of recent research, the book eliminates the need to search through dozens of arcane online journal articles for critical information.
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Author : Dinesh O. Shah
ISBN : 0824799909
Genre : Science
File Size : 42.53 MB
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"Based on the plenary and invited lectures presented at the International Symposium on Micelles, Microemulsions, and Monolayers. Reviews the progress achieved in the last 25 years and describes new directions for research on micellar, microemulsion, and monolayer systems and their technological potential."
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Theory And Practice Of Physical Pharmacy E Book

Author : Gaurav Jain
ISBN : 9788131232651
Genre : Medical
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A core subject in pharmaceutics, physical pharmacy is taught in the initial semesters of B. Pharm. The methodical knowledge of the subject is required, and is essential, to understand the principles pertaining to design and development of drug and drug products. Theory and Practice of Physical Pharmacy is unique as it fulfils the twin requirements of physical pharmacy students: the authentic text on theoretical concepts and its application including illustrative exercises in the form of practicals. Covers all the topics included in various existing syllabi of physical pharmacy Provides an integrated understanding of theory and practical applications associated with physicochemical concepts Explore the latest developments in the field of pharmaceutics Reviews the relevance of physicochemical principles in the design of dosage form Ensures proper recapitulation through sufficient end-of-chapter questions Provides valuable learning tool in the form of multiple choice questions Multiple choice questions section especially useful for GPAT aspirants
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Industrial Applications Of Microemulsions

Author : Conxita Solans
ISBN : 0824797957
Genre : Science
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"Fills a void in the literature by presenting the basic concepts of microemulsions, essential to understanding their industrial significance, and comprehensive descriptions of the most useful commerical applications. Discusses important issues related to enzymatic reactions and nanoparticle formation. Charts the enormous advances that have occurred in the field over the past decade."
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Microemulsions Structure And Dynamics

Author : Friberg
ISBN : 9781351091497
Genre : Science
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This book describes the microemulsion phenomenon in a systematic manner and not only provides an up-to-date introduction to this topic but aslo serves as the basis for further development in the area.The progress of microemulsion research has taken place in well-defined stages. The introduction period was founded on Schulmans original discovery and was, as expected, focused on the interfacial free energy. Because Schulman obtained his microemulsions from a macroemulsion by the addition of a cosurfactant.The present stage is characterized by an extensively enhanced knowledge about structure and dynamics in these systems. This has led to the realization that the structure of the microemulsions is related both to solutions with critical behaviour and long range order structures, the lyotropic liquid crystals. These two aspects have been elucidated independently by the French groups and by the Lund Spectroscopy group.
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Author : Paul Becher
ISBN : UOM:39015053507490
Genre : Science
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A great introduction to the study and fomulation of emulsions, this book discusses background theory, physical properties of emulsions, theories of emulsion stability and instability, emulsifying agents and their chemistry, formulation procedures and techniques, and industrial applications of emulsification and demulsification.
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Interfacial Catalysis

Author : Alexander G. Volkov
ISBN : 0203910427
Genre : Science
File Size : 86.96 MB
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A comprehensive volume on interfacial catalysis, this book includes contributions from an international group of specialists in chemistry, environmental science, informatics, physiology, nuclear energy, and physics. The editor has organized the material into the main topics of fundamental characteristics, phase transfer catalysis, reversed micelles
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Macro And Microemulsions

Author : Dinesh Ochhavlal Shah
ISBN : CORNELL:31924004069617
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 86.79 MB
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Surfactants In Solution

Author : K.L. Mittal
ISBN : 0306424681
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This and its companion Volumes 5 and 6 document the proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution held in Bordeaux, France, July 9-13, 1984. This symposium was the continuation of the series of symposia initiated in 1976 in Albany, New York under the title "Micellization, Solubilization and Microemulsions". The next two symposia were labelled "Solution Chemistry of Surfactants" and "Solution Behavior of Surfactants: Theoretical and Applied Aspects" held in Knoxville, TN in 1978 and Potsdam, N. Y. in 1980, respectively. In 1982 at the time of the 4th Symposium in this series, it became amply evident that there was a definite need to have more a generic title to describe these biennial events, and after much deliberation it was decided that an appropriate title would be "Surfactants in Solution" as both the aggregation and adsorption aspects of surfactants were addressed. So the 4th Symposium was held in 1982 in Lund, Sweden, under this new rubric, and it was decided to continue these symposia in the future under this appellation. Naturally, the Bordeaux Symposium was dubbed as the 5th International Symposium on Surfactants in Solution, and our logo became SIS which is very apropos and appealing. It was in Bordeaux that the decision was made to hold the 6th SIS Symposium in New Delhi and it is scheduled for August 18-22, 1986 in the capital of India.
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Surface Phenomena In Enhanced Oil Recovery

Author : Shah
ISBN : UCSD:31822010393056
Genre : Science
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It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I present to the international scientific community this collection of papers presented at the symposium on Surface Phenomena in Enhanced Oil Recovery held at Stockholm, Sweden, during August 20-25, 1979. It has been an exciting and exhausting experience to edit the papers included in this volume. The proceedings cover six major areas of research related to chemical flooding processes for enhanced oil recovery, namely, 1) Fundamental aspects of the oil displacement process, 2) Micro structure of surfactant systems, 3) Emulsion rheology and oil dis placement mechanisms, 4) Wettability and oil displacement mecha nisms, 5) Adsorption, clays and chemical loss mechanisms, and 6) Polymer rheology and surfactant-polymer interactions. This book also includes two invited review papers, namely, "Research on Enhanced Oil Recovery: Past, Present and Future," and "Formation and Properties of Micelles and Microemulsions" by Professor J. J. Taber and Professor H. F. Eicke respectively. This symposium volume reflects the current state-of-art and our understanding of various surface phenomena in enhanced oil recovery processes. The participation by researchers from various countries in this symposium reflects the global interest in this area of research and the international effort to develop che science and technology of enhanced oil recovery processes.
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Author : Laurier Lincoln Schramm
ISBN : UVA:X001470365
Genre : Language Arts & Disciplines
File Size : 61.6 MB
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Based on a Short Course sponsored by Canada's Petroleum Recovery Institute. The first book to focus on the occurrence of emulsions in the petroleum industry. Brings together contributions from a wide range of experts. Provides an up-to-date examination of the nature, occurrence, handling, formation, and breaking of petroleum emulsions. Topics covered include emulsion stability; characterization techniques; rheology of emulsions, and flow properties of emulsions in pipes and porous media, well-head productions, and industrial process streams. Using the fundamental concepts, and based on commercial and pilot-scale experiences, Also shows how to approach making desirable emulsions, transporting and handling them, and how to approach breaking undesirable emulsions.
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Particle Size Analysis In Pharmaceutics And Other Industries Theory And Practice

Author : Clive Washington
ISBN : 9780203984178
Genre : Medical
File Size : 40.91 MB
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Recent major advances in particle size analysis, particularly with regard to its application in the pharmaceutical and related industries, provides justification for this title. It is a book for technicians and senior technicians, project and development managers, and formulation More...development scientists in a wide range of industries, pharmaceutics and chemical processing in particular. The author, whose research interests have revolved around PSA for some years, discusses the latest advances with information on the selection of equipment and proficiency in operation. As well as offering a broad introduction to PSA, he describes methodologies and compares their advantages and disadvantages.
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