Metros In France

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In The Metro

Author : Marc Augé
ISBN : 0816634378
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 81.73 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Tourists climb the Eiffel Tower to see Paris. Parisians know that to really see the city you must descend into the metro. In this revelatory book, Marc Auge takes readers below Paris in a work that is both an ethnography of the city and a personal narrative. Guiding us through history, memory, and physical space, Auge juxtaposes the romance of the metro with the reality of multiethnic urban France. His work is part autobiography, with impressions from a lifetime riding the trains; part meditation on self and memory reflected in the people and places underneath Paris; part analysis of a place where the third world and the first world meet, where remnants of cultures move and press together; and part a reflection on anthropology in an era of globalization and urban development. Although he is a pillar of French thought, In the Metro is Auge's first major critical and creative work translated into English. It shows him to be firmly rooted in a tradition of literary ethnography that reaches back to Claude Levi-Strauss and Michel de Certeau, but also engaged in current theoretical debates in literary and cultural studies. In Auge's idiosyncratic and innovative approach, the act of observing the quotidian is elevated to an art. The writer and his history become part of the field he observes, and anthropology interacts with a site -- urban life -- usually reserved for sociology and cultural studies. Throughout, Auge reveals a passion for his milieu, seeing the metro as a place rich with history and literature -- an eclectic egalitarian society.
Category: Political Science

Going To Live In France

Author : Alan Hart
ISBN : 1857038541
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 86.75 MB
Format : PDF
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This clearly written compendium of information and advice for all visitors to France covers all areas of life, but especially financial, legal and commercial topics. The book also includes information regarding recreational and retirement issues.
Category: Business & Economics

Murder In The M Tro

Author : Gayle K. Brunelle
ISBN : 0807137359
Genre : History
File Size : 67.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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On the evening of May 16, 1937, the train doors opened at the Porte Dorée station in the Paris Métro to reveal a dying woman slumped by a window, an eight-inch stiletto buried to its hilt in her neck. No one witnessed the crime, and the killer left behind little forensic evidence. This first-ever murder in the Paris Métro dominated the headlines for weeks during the summer of 1937, as journalists and the police slowly uncovered the shocking truth about the victim: a twenty-nine-year-old Italian immigrant, the beautiful and elusive Laetitia Toureaux. Toureaux toiled each day in a factory, but spent her nights working as a spy in the seamy Parisian underworld. Just as the dangerous spy Mata Hari fascinated Parisians of an earlier generation, the mystery of Toureaux's murder held the French public spellbound in pre-war Paris, as the police tried and failed to identify her assassin. In Murder in the Métro, Gayle K. Brunelle and Annette Finley-Croswhite unravel Toureaux's complicated and mysterious life, assessing her complex identity within the larger political context of the time. They follow the trail of Toureaux's murder investigation to the Comité Secret d'Action Révolutionnaire, a secret right-wing political organization popularly known as the Cagoule, or "hooded ones." Obsessed with the Communist threat they perceived in the growing power of labor unions and the French left wing, the Cagoule's leaders aimed to overthrow France's Third Republic and install an authoritarian regime allied with Italy. With Mussolini as their ally and Italian fascism as their model, they did not shrink from committing violent crimes and fomenting terror to accomplish their goal. In 1936, Toureaux -- at the behest of the French police -- infiltrated this dangerous group of terrorists and seduced one of its leaders, Gabriel Jeantet, to gain more information. This operation, the authors show, eventually cost Toureaux her life. The tale of Laetitia Toureaux epitomizes the turbulence of 1930s France, as the country prepared for a war most people dreaded but assumed would come. This period, therefore, generated great anxiety but also offered new opportunities -- and risks -- to Toureaux as she embraced the identity of a "modern" woman. The authors unravel her murder as they detail her story and that of the Cagoule, within the popular culture and conflicted politics of 1930s France. By examining documents related to Toureaux's murder -- documents the French government has sealed from public view until 2038 -- Brunelle and Finley-Croswhite link Toureaux's death not only to the Cagoule but also to the Italian secret service, for whom she acted as an informant. Their research provides likely answers to the question of the identity of Toureaux's murderer and offers a fascinating look at the dark and dangerous streets of pre--World War II Paris.
Category: History

Living Studying And Working In France

Author : Saskia Reilly
ISBN : 9781466869103
Genre : Travel
File Size : 55.26 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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The essential book on how to make a life in France. More than 90,000 Americans live abroad in France, making it home to one of the largest expatriate communities in the world. This is a savvy and insightful book full of hard-earned advice on how to make the most of your overseas experience in France. Following in the footsteps of the successful Living, Studying, and Working in Italy, this international guide will help Americans grow into French culture and help them feel at home in a country famous for its cultural and social particularities. Saskia Reilly and Lorin Kalisky, two Americans who have spent extensive time in France, provide detailed information ranging from health care procedures in France to how to put together a résumé (known as a CV in France). With material on networking, jobs, choosing the right study program, and navigating the French Internet, Living, Studying, and Working in France is the essential guide for anyone who wants to live, study, or work in France.
Category: Travel

Operation Construction And Functionality Of Direct Current Machines

Author : Amin, Muhammad
ISBN : 9781466684423
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 37.38 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Direct current machines are a quickly evolving domain whose applications affect many aspects of modern life from computers and printers to toys, electric vehicles, and traction applications. As their many uses continue to grow, it has become apparent that understanding these machines is the key to understanding our future. Operation, Construction, and Functionality of Direct Current Machines brings together many concepts, from the most basic working principles and construction of DC machines to more advanced topics such as electro-magnetism, armature reaction, parallel operations, and many more. Highlighting theoretical concepts and numerical problems, this book is an essential reference source for students, educators, and anyone interested in the field of electric machines.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Modern France

Author : Malcolm Cook
ISBN : 9781134734757
Genre : History
File Size : 71.17 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Modern France is an up-to-date and accessible introduction to the nature of French society at the end of the twentieth century. The book examines the transition of France and French life as the nation moves from an industrial to a post-industrial economy, and the cultural and social dislocations that such an evoltuion implies. Sociological concepts and categories of class, race, gender, age and region are discussed as well as how they combine together to produce inequalities and identities. These concepts are then applied to a range of issues such as work, politics, education, health, religion and leisure. Modern France reveals the nature of French society at a critical moment in her evolution and how a member of the European Union reflects distinctiveness and commonality in the development of Europe as a whole.
Category: History

The Complete Jewish Guide To France

Author : Toni L. Kamins
ISBN : 9781466852815
Genre : Travel
File Size : 26.20 MB
Format : PDF
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The Complete Jewish Guide to France is the only resource you need to embark on a trip through Jewish France. Travel writer and journalist Toni L. Kamins catalogs information on well-known sights and little-known treasures, such as the Marais district (Paris's celebrated Jewish neighborhood), ancient ghettos, beautiful old synagogues around the country, and many other places. She includes information on transportation and lodging, plus hundreds of places to buy kosher food. Selected photographs and maps fill out the picture. Kamins also recounts the nearly two thousand years of French-Jewish history beginning with evidence that Jews may have lived in France as early as the first century, and continuing right up to the present day. The Complete Jewish Guide to France has everything you need to know to make your trip to France a success-and to put it into a historical context that will make it even more worthwhile.
Category: Travel

France 1996 Memoirs Of A Writer In France

Author : Mary Hilaire Tavenner
ISBN : 9781465320131
Genre : Travel
File Size : 55.76 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Visit the author's website at In 1996, Hilaire Tavenner and a small group of companions went to France from a city in Ohio named for Alsace Lorraine, France. Lorain, Ohio is the home of the Tavenner family for six generations. Her father, Robert Henderson Tavenner was a French Protestant and her mother, Mary Catherine Montgomery was an Irish Catholic. This was not an unusual combination for "the International City" on the shores of Lake Erie, famous for its eighty ethnic and church denominations! Lorain is also well known for its literary giants such as Helen Steiner Rice and Toni Morrison. Dr. Tavenner had been in a convent in upstate New York for almost twenty years and has a lifetime of devotion to Saints of the Church. Her interest in and love for the Miraculous Medal took her to France with a plan to write of her experiences when she came home. The first half of France, 1996 contains most interesting true stories of St. Catherine Laboure and the Miraculous Medal, St. Vincent de Paul, Sr. Louise de Marillac, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque, St. Joan of Arc, as well as St. Bernadette and Lourdes and her travels to Taize and Cluny. The book is written in hybrid fashion in that the first half is more expository than narrative. The second half of the book, "A Week in Paris" is more narrative than expository. It describes some of the most famous locations in the world and the "typically-tourist-yet-personal-and-unique experiences" she and her companions had while there! The reader cannot help but to glean some of the most fascinating historical events and landmarks of France as s/he reads through, "A Week in Paris". The book is really two books in one. You will laugh as you hear her tell of being "mooned" in front of the world famous Opera House and just as equally be amazed to hear her speak of this most remarkable French nation! France, 1996 is a must-read for anyone planning to visit France. Dr. Tavenner has marvelous insights into pre-planning, places to stay and money-saving ideas! The book was originally written as a Christmas gift to her family in 1996, but soon became so popular, many more copies were made and sold to friends and strangers who proclaimed it a "most delightful, informative, and entertaining book." In fact, some readers responded with, "Too amazing to be true!" But it is. France, 1996 is really a series of articles, many of which have already been published around the country. Dr. Tavenner is a well-known public speaker, educator and writer. Each story of this book begins exactly the same way--for the purpose of identifying chapters from this particular book.
Category: Travel


Author : Robert Prosser
ISBN : 0237528053
Genre : France
File Size : 78.86 MB
Format : PDF
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France today is one of the most modern countries in the world. It has taken a central role in fostering the economic integration of Europe along with the development of the Euro currency
Category: France

Fodor S France 2012

Author : Fodor's
ISBN : 9780876371428
Genre : Travel
File Size : 62.10 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Get inspired and plan your next trip with Fodor’s ebook travel guide to France. Intelligent Planning: Discover all of the essential, up-to-date travel insights you expect in a Fodor’s guide, including Fodor’s Choice dining and lodging, top experiences and attractions, and detailed planning advice. Easy Navigation for E-Readers: Whether you’re reading this ebook from start to finish or jumping from chapter to chapter as you develop your itinerary, Fodor’s makes it easy to find the information you need with a single touch. In addition to a traditional main table of contents for the ebook, each chapter opens with its own table of contents, making it easy to browse. Full-Color Photos and Maps: It’s hard not to fall in love with France as you flip through a vivid full-color photo album. Explore the layout of city centers and popular neighborhoods with easy-to-read full-color maps. Plus get an overview of French geography with the convenient atlas at the end of the ebook. What’s Covered? Get to Know France: The Ile-de-France region is the nation’s heartland. Here Louis XIV built vainglorious Versailles, Chartres brings the faithful to their knees, and Monet’s Giverny enchants all. To the south, the Loire Valley offers a parade of royal and near-royal chateaus that magnificently capture France’s golden age of monarchy. Northwest Normandy is sculpted with cliff-lined coasts and a dramatic past marked by Mont-St-Michel’s majestic abbey, Rouen’s towering cathedral, and the D-Day beaches. Brittany, a long arm of rocky land stretching into the Atlantic, is a place unto itself with its own language and time-defying towns such as Gauguin’s Pont-Aven and the pirate haven of St-Malo. The region of Alsace-Lorraine may look and sound German, but its main sights---18th-century Nancy, medieval Strasbourg, and the lovely Route du Vine---remain proudly French. For those travelers looking to imbibe, trips to Champagne Country, the capital of bubbly, or Burgundy, whose vineyards are among the world’s best, cannot be missed. Lyon is France’s natural hub where you can ski Mont Blanc or take a heady trip along the Beaujolais Wine Road. Don’t forget Provence, famed for its Lavender Route, the honey-gold hill towns of Luberon, and vibrant cities. The pebble beaches and zillion-dollar houses of the French Riviera have always captivated sun lovers and socialites from amorous St-Tropez and beauteous Antibes, to sophisticated Nice. The southwestern region, The Midi-Pyrenees is less glamorous than the Riviera and Provence but has an array of must-sees including the “pink city” of Toulouse and fairy-tale Carcassonne. The Dordogne is a stone-cottage pastoral studded with fairy-tale castles, storybook villages, and France’s top prehistoric sights. You’ll fall under Basque Country’s spell with Bay of Biscay resorts like Biarritz, coastal villages such as St-Jean-De-Luz, or the Pyrenean peaks. Relax by sampling the wines of Bordeaux, the standard against which others are measured. They've made the city rich and the owners of its vineyards even richer. No trip to France would be complete without a stop in Paris. A quayside vista that takes in the Seine, a passing boat, Notre-Dame, the Eiffel tower, and mansard roofs all in one generous sweep is enough to convince you that this is indeed the most beautiful city on Earth. Note: This ebook edition is adapted from Fodor’s France 2011 but differs in some content. Additionally, the ebook edition includes photographs and maps that will appear on black-and-white devices but are optimized for devices that support full-color images.
Category: Travel

Fodor S France 2014

Author : Fodor's
ISBN : 9780770432423
Genre : Travel
File Size : 88.37 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 886
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Covering the worlds of culture and history, the dernier cri in fashion and cuisine, what's hot/what's not, day trips, night life, and all the memorable sites---from beautiful Paris to Mont-St-Michel---that have made, and keeps, France as one of Europe's most popular destination , this edition delivers non-fail super-trips to France-bound travelers, whether beginner or veteran. Expanded Coverage: A new chapter on Corsica covers the must-do attractions of this popular island in the Mediterranean. And cruise port and bustling hub Lorient has been added to our Brittany coverage. Plus ever-changing Paris---with its wide array of white-hot restaurants, shops, and clubs---is represented in detail. Indispensable Trip Planning Tools: For both practical expertise and cultural background Fodor's France 2013 fits the bill, from hands-on, detail-packed "Getting Here and Around" sections (all about traveling by car, bus, and train) to in-depth "Eating and Drinking Well" sections that bring readers up to speed on the best in food and wine. Discerning Recommendations: Fodor’s France offers savvy advice and recommendations from local writers to help travelers make the most of their visit. Fodor’s Choice designates our best picks, from hotels to nightlife. “Word of Mouth” quotes from fellow travelers provide valuable insights. ABOUT FODOR'S AUTHORS: Each Fodor's Travel Guide is researched and written by local experts.
Category: Travel


Author : Barbara Ender
ISBN : 2884520546
Genre : Guidebooks
File Size : 61.77 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The charm is eternal, but Paris is on the move, changing graciously with the times. A glass pyramid tops off the Louvre in brilliant, luminous style, Place de la Concorde has been spruced up, and old districts have been revitalised. Thanks to the legendary Parisian elegance, the modern and the historic happily coexist in the city on the Seine, as romantic as ever. This Way Paris is crammed with addresses -- priceless recommendations and practical hints, perfect for a weekend break or a fortnight's adventure.
Category: Guidebooks

Art Nouveau In Fin De Si Cle France

Author : Debora L. Silverman
ISBN : 0520080882
Genre : Art
File Size : 30.26 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Examines the political, social, economic, intellectual, and artistic factors that influenced the development of art nouveau
Category: Art

Metro Pour L Ecosse

Author : Gill Ramage
ISBN : 0435381504
Genre :
File Size : 69.64 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 332
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For Foundation/General/Intermediate 1, this text includes grammatical progression and clear explanations for pupils; optional primer sections revising earlier material; opportunities to practise all four skills; and sections focusing on key areas such as extended writing and speaking practice.

Our Global Village France Ebook

Author : Ann C. Edmonds
ISBN : 9780787783891
Genre : History
File Size : 82.49 MB
Format : PDF
Download : 437
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Bring the world a little closer with these multicultural books. An excellent way for students to appreciate and learn cultural diversity in an exciting hands-on format. Each book explores the history, language, holidays, festivals, customs, legends, foods, creative arts, lifestyles, and games of the title country. A creative alternative to student research reports and a time-saver for teachers since the activities and resource material are contained in one book.
Category: History

France Under Fire

Author : Nicole Dombrowski Risser
ISBN : 9781107025325
Genre : History
File Size : 46.69 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
Download : 791
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A social, military and political history of the French refugee crisis tracing the impact of government responses upon civilian lives.
Category: History

The New Urban Sociology

Author : Michael T. Ryan
ISBN : 9780429974038
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52.88 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
Download : 880
Read : 718

Widely recognized as a groundbreaking text, The New Urban Sociology is a broad and expert introduction to urban sociology that is both relevant and accessible to the student. A thought leader in the field, the book is organized around an integrated paradigm (the sociospatial perspective) which considers the role played by social factors such as race, class, gender, lifestyle, economics, culture, and politics on the development of metropolitan areas. Emphasizing the importance of space to social life and real estate to urban development, the book integrates social, ecological and political economy perspectives and research through a fresh theoretical approach. With its unique perspective, concise history of urban life, clear summary of urban social theory, and attention to the impact of culture on urban development, this book gives students a cohesive conceptual framework for understanding cities and urban life. In this thoroughly revised 5th edition, authors Mark Gottdiener, Ray Hutchison, and Michael T. Ryan offer expanded discussions of created cultures, gentrification, and urban tourism, and have incorporated the most recent work in the field throughout the text. The New Urban Sociology is a necessity for all courses on the subject.
Category: Social Science

France Since 1800

Author : D. L. L. Parry
ISBN : 9780199252299
Genre : History
File Size : 77.43 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In this concise history of France since 1815, David Parry and Pierre Girard examine distinctive features of contemporary France, tracing their origins, and investigating their continuities and transformations. Each chapter focuses on a particular chronological period: beginning by setting the scene in terms of political events, the narrative then broadens out to consider the wider issues of society, economics, religion, the arts, gender relations, and France's relationship with Europe andwith the rest of the world. This clearly written, accessible text will appeal to undergraduates studying French history, politics, and culture, as well as the general reader.
Category: History