Mesmerism Hypnotism And Suggestion

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Magnetism Mesmerism Hypnotism

Author : Helena Petrovna Blavatsky
Genre : Religion
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Magnetism is the intangible Spirit and ultimate essence of every atom, whether pertaining to animate or inanimate, organic or inorganic substance. It is invisible to all but the eyes of another immortal Spirit. Mesmerism is a lesser branch of Magic, and as old as man. Magic is indissolubly blended with the religion of every country and is inseparable from its origin. Magnetism is the key to the mystery of man’s nature and to Occultism or Eastern Magic. It prolongs life and heals the sick much better than modern medicine can ever do. The Magnetiser’s Vital Force, intensely concentrated by the his will, pours out of his system into the patient’s. Afterward, he can then use the sun to make good of the loss of vitality and rebalance his prana. Magnetism has been studied in the temples of ancient Egypt and Greece, and mastered as it may never hope to be mastered in our age of profound idiocy. Full health is only possible when there is a perfect magnetic equilibrium in one’s system. The therapist heals simply by restoring magnetic balance in his patient by the force of his benevolent desire and will. The chief agent in any therapeutic operation is the Human Will plus dominion over the Elemental Spirits. But the will of a selfish operator is more likely to injure rather than heal. Though Christians practice Mesmerism by another name, Christian law and societies with their boasted civilization become with every day more like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men’s bones and befoulment. Mesmerism is key to the world’s psychological sciences, from the remotest antiquity down to our time. In Mesmerism, the curative agency is the animal aura, force, or fluid in one person, by means of which a peculiar action is set up in the physical system of another. The power of the mantram is occult sound through which the adept commands the elemental forces of nature. But mantram ignorantly employed can be a treacherous weapon, whose mystical power has caused it to turn and stab the user. Astrology, Mesmerism, and Homeopathy are far more scientific and true than the scientists of gross matter could ever imagine. The magnetic fluid projected by a living human body is Life itself. Indeed, it is the same life-atoms that a man in a blind passion throws off unconsciously, though he does it quite as effectively as a Mesmeriser who transfers them from himself to any object consciously and under the guidance of his will. The process of Hypnotism is a purely mechanical one, i.e., the fixing of the eyes on some bright spot, a metal or a crystal. The eye serves as a medium between that bit of metal or crystal and the brain, and attunes the molecular vibrations of the nervous centres of the latter into unison with the vibrations of the bright object held. It is this unison that produces the hypnotic state. In Mesmerism, i.e., the hypnotization by preliminary passes, it is the will of the operator himself that acts upon the nervous system of the patient. And it is again through the vibrations — only atomic, not molecular — produced by that act of energy called will in the ether of space (therefore, on quite a different plane) that the super-hypnotic state (i.e., “suggestion,” etc.) is induced. The source of the vital essence of Mesmerism or Animal Magnetism was located by the ancients between the earth and the starry sky. It is the Akasha-tattva of the Indians personified by the breath of Cybele, the Anatolian mother goddess, adopted and adapted by Greek colonists of Asia Minor. Between Mesmerism and Hypnotism there is an abyss: the one is beneficent, the other maleficent. Hypnotism is produced by the withdrawal of the nervous fluid from the capillary nerves which, being like the sentries that keep the doors of our senses opened, are anaesthetized and get closed.
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Easy Guide To Mesmerism And Hypnotism

Author : Marco Paret
ISBN : 9780979399749
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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This unique Book is the new enlarged and complete version of the earlier "Easy Guide to Mesmerism and Hypnotism," with added text and notes. Dr. Paret personally reviewed this new Edition as he applies with incredible success this ancient methodology into which he was personally initiated. Mesmerism is completely different from modern hypnosis. Mesmerism is the Western school corresponding to the use of Prana or Ki (Chi) in Orient. Parts of the teachings of this school were never completely disclosed in print. Dr. Paret, who is a genuine practitioner, wrote a serie of notes which allow a better understanding of practical applications of these techniques and their actualness. Many of the powerful results of Mesmerism are scarcely reachable if only pursued through verbal hypnosis. Dr. Paret therefore accompanies you through your reading. You will not only find here the original text of Dr. Coates, but also a better understanding of the original school of magnetism. If you really want to immerse in this powerful world, this is your occasion!
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Complete Hypnotism

Author : A Alpheus
ISBN : 1636371418
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CONTENTS INTRODUCTION--History of hypnotism--Mesmer--Puysegur--Braid--What is hypnotism?--Theories of hypnotism: 1. Animal magnetism; 2. The Neurosis Theory; 3. Suggestion Theory CHAPTER I--How to Hypnotize--Dr. Cocke's method-Dr. Flint's method--The French method at Paris--At Nancy--The Hindoo silent method--How to wake a subject from hypnotic sleep--Frauds of public hypnotic entertainments. CHAPTER II--Amusing experiments--Hypnotizing on the stage--"You can't pull your hands apart!"--Post-hypnotic suggestion--The newsboy, the hunter, and the young man with the rag doll--A whip becomes hot iron--Courting a broom stick--The side-show CHAPTER III--The stages of hypnotism--Lethargy-Catalepsy--The somnambulistic stage--Fascination CHAPTER IV--How the subject feels under hypnotization--Dr. Cocke's experience--Effect of music--Dr. Alfred Warthin's experiments CHAPTER V--Self hypnotization--How it may be done--An experience--Accountable for children's crusade--Oriental prophets self- hypnotized CHAPTER VI--Simulation--Deception in hypnotism very common--Examples of Neuropathic deceit--Detecting simulation--Professional subjects--How Dr. Luys of the Charity Hospital at Paris was deceived--Impossibility of detecting deception in all cases--Confessions of a professional hypnotic subject CHAPTER VII--Criminal suggestion--Laboratory crimes--Dr. Cocke's experiments showing criminal suggestion is not possible--Dr. William James' theory--A bad man cannot be made good, why expect to make a good man bad? CHAPTER VIII--Dangers in being hypnotized Condemnation of public performances--A commonsense view--Evidence furnished by Lafontaine; by Dr. Courmelles; by Dr. Hart; by Dr. Cocke--No danger in hypnotism if rightly used by physicians or scientists CHAPTER IX--Hypnotism in medicine--Anesthesia--Restoring the use of muscles--Hallucination--Bad habits CHAPTER X--Hypnotism of animals--Snake charming CHAPTER XI--A scientific explanation of hypnotism--Dr. Hart's theory CHAPTER XII--Telepathy and Clairvoyance--Peculiar power in hypnotic state--Experiments--"Phantasms of the living" explained by telepathy CHAPTER XIII--The Confessions of a Medium--Spiritualistic phenomena explained on theory of telepathy--Interesting statement of Mrs. Piper, the famous medium of the Psychical Research Society

Complete Hypnotism Mesmerism Mind Reading And Spiritualism The Original Classic Edition

Author : Emereo Pty Limited
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Complete Hypnotism Mesmerism Mind-Reading and Spiritualism by A. Alpheus - The Original Classic Edition Finally available, a high quality book of the original classic edition. This is a new and freshly published edition of this culturally important work, which is now, at last, again available to you. Enjoy this classic work today. These selected paragraphs distill the contents and give you a quick look inside: Soon after this Burdin, a member of the Academy, offered a prize of 3,000 francs to any one who would read the number of a bank-note or the like with his eyes bandaged (under certain fixed conditions), but it was never awarded, though many claimed it, and there has been considerable evidence that persons in the hypnotic state have (sometimes) remarkable clairvoyant powers. ...It may be stated that most English and American operators fail to see any distinction between magnetism and hypnotism, and suppose that the effect of passes, etc., as used by Mesmer, is in its way as much physical as the method of producing hypnotism by concentrating the gaze of the subject on a bright object, or the like. ...I hope to be able to prove, what I firmly hold, both from my own personal experience and experiment, as I have already related in the Nineteenth Century, that there is no such thing as a potent mesmeric influence, no such power resident in any one person more than another; that a glass of water, a tree, a stick, a penny-post letter, or a lime-light can mesmerize as effectually as can any individual. ...Luys, to the effect that the physical magnet and electricity may affect persons in the hypnotic state, and that certain drugs in sealed tubes placed upon the patients neck during the condition of hypnosis will produce the same effects which those drugs would produce if taken internally, or as the nature of the drugs would seem to call for if imbibed in a more complete fashion. ...This definition follows: An abnormal state into which some persons may be thrown, either by a voluntary act of their own, such as gazing continuously with fixed attention on some bright object held close to the eyes, or by the exercise of another persons will; characterized by suspension of the will and consequent obedience to the promptings of suggestions from without.


Author : L. W. De Laurence
ISBN : 1594622167
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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In bringing before the public this book on Hypnotism, Mesmerism, and Suggestive Therapeutics, or the treatment of disease by Hypnotism and Suggestion, I- feel that no apology is necessary for introducing so important a subject. No method of treatment has during the last few years attracted so much interest among men of science and members of the medical profession, as has the science of Hypnotism and Suggestion. The dangers of Hypnotism and Mesmerism have been proven chimerical; and are merely imaginary, for in proper hands no undesirable medical results can occur through its practice, and there is, I believe, hardly one authenticated case of its being used for a criminal purpose in the countries where it is extensively used, especially by the medical profession. More than this can hardly be said of any system of medical treatment. The treatment of disease by Hypnotism and Suggestion has been very successful where it has been practiced By qualified physicians and intelligent operators whose knowledge and experience has taught them the use of Hypnotism and Mesmerism in its practical application, and many noted physicians unhesitatingly advocate its use as a powerful auxiliary in combating many forms of nervous and other diseases, not readily reached by other means. Bodily disease is always mental in origin, mental in action, mental in character, and mental in cure, and but for the action of the life or vital forces on the diseased organs and functions of the body no disease would ever be cured. The physician gives medicine to, as he says, assist nature, which consists of the life and vital forces, or mind, of which he has no true knowledge. Hypnotism and Suggestion is the fundamental principle of curing and healing every disease. No matter what other means may be employed, when nature or the life forces within the body fails to react on the diseased functions and organs, all the medicine and physicians in the universe cannot effect a cure, or prevent a death.
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A Critical History Of Hypnotism

Author : Saul Marc Rosenfeld
ISBN : 9781477177167
Genre : Psychology
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Despite more than two centuries of having tacitly recognized its enormous potential utility, the phenomenon of hypnosis has always been commonly regarded with outright Fear and Loathing. How is it possible that something as beneficial to humanity as hypnosis ever came to be viewed in such a horrible manner? I intend to show that the history of hypnotism provides us with the clue to this unfortunate legacy; and I've neither spared anyone's feelings nor pulled any punches in this quest to reveal the shamefully appalling level of incompetence and ignorance that has characterized the (mis)use of this phenomenon since its discovery by Mesmer more than two hundred years ago.
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The Law Of Psychic Phenomena

Author : Thomas Jay Hudson
ISBN : 9783849623333
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The primary object of this book is to assist in bringing Psychology within the domain of the exact sciences. It has long been felt by the ablest thinkers of our time that all psychic manifestations of the human intellect, normal or abnormal, whether designated by the name of mesmerism, hypnotism, somnambulism, trance, spiritism, demonology, miracle, mental therapeutics, genius, or insanity, are in some way related ; and consequently, that they are to be referred to some general principle or law, which, once understood, will simplify and correlate the whole subject-matter, and possibly remove it from the domain of the supernatural.

Catholic World

Author :
ISBN : HARVARD:32044105216063
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Death By Suggestion

Author : Donald K. Hartman
ISBN : 1984128434
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DEATH BY SUGGESTION gathers together twenty-two short stories from the 19th and early 20th century where hypnotism is used to cause death-either intentionally or by accident. Revenge is a motive for many of the stories, but this anthology also contains tales where characters die because they have a suicide wish, or they need to kill an abusive or unwanted spouse, or they just really enjoy inflicting pain on others. The book also includes an introduction which provides a brief history of hypnotism as well as a listing of real life cases where the use of hypnotism led to (or allegedly led to) death.


Author : L. W. deLaurence
ISBN : 0787313564
Genre :
File Size : 60.3 MB
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1900 a complete system of method, application and use, including all that is known in the art & practice of mesmerism & mental healing, prepared for the self instruction of beginners as well as for the use of advanced students & practitioners. Illustrat.


Author : Judith Pintar
ISBN : 1444305301
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 89.1 MB
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Hypnosis: A Brief History crosses disciplinary boundaries toexplain current advances and controversies surrounding the use ofhypnosis through an exploration of the history of its development. examines the social and cultural contexts of the theories,development, and practice of hypnosis crosses disciplinary boundaries to explain current advances andcontroversies in hypnosis explores shifting beliefs about the nature of hypnosis investigates references to the apparent power of hypnosis overmemory and personal identity
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The Medical Brief

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015069804931
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