Mesillat Yesharim

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Mesillat Yesharim

Author : Moses Hayyim Luzzatto
ISBN : 9780827611221
Genre : Religion
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Mesillat Yesharim is a classic of Jewish ethical literature. Written by one of the leading kabbalists of the late Middle Ages, it is also a window into the kabbalist’s understanding of the connection between ethics and mystical vision. Luzzatto, one of the great Hebrew stylists of his time, is acknowledged by some as the first writer of modern Hebrew; thus Mesillat Yesharim is also important for its place in Hebrew literature. This translation, published originally in 1936 by JPS, is a landmark in Jewish publishing. It made this Hebrew text finally available to English readers, and it gave us insights into the groundbreaking work that Kaplan did in orienting American Jews to the deep connection between ethical living and religious belief. It is no wonder that this book has become the centerpiece of the modern-day Mussar Movement, which inspires so many on their spiritual path. Rabbi Ira Stone, consummate teacher and stirring speaker, is a major force in the resurgence of the Mussar Movement. In his introduction, he presents Luzzatto and Mesillat Yesharim in their historical context, and gives us new insights into Kaplan’s emerging theology. Stone also explains the principles of reading that he uses in his commentary and teaching to make this medieval text so inspiring to readers today. This volume contains the original Kaplan translation, as well as those sections of the text that Kaplan omitted, along with Stone’s new commentary. The original Hebrew text is in the back of the book.
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Mesillat Yesharim

Author : Rav Yaakov Bar Yosef
ISBN : 9781329314627
Genre : Religion
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Mesillat Yesharim this New Edition employs the word (Allaha for Eli) - (G-d יהוה YHVH) and it introduces the Aramaic rendering of (Maran for Lord / Adonai) and (Milta for Word), Along with other Ancient Galilean Aramaic renderings. Path of the Just Due weight was given to the ancient versions as establishing a tradition of interpretation, out of the four levels of interpretation Parshat, Remez, D’rash, Sod the Parshat method was employed, as was Onkelos method of interpretation of the Torah.
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Torah Lishmah

Author : Norman Lamm
ISBN : 088125133X
Genre : Religion
File Size : 72.61 MB
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Rabbi Israel Salanter And The Mussar Movement

Author : I. Etkes
ISBN : 0827604386
Genre : Religion
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Israel Salanter was one of the most original and influential Jewish leaders and thinkers of Eastern European Jewry in the modern period. One of Salanter’s most striking innovations was the transformation of the issue of ethics from the domain of theology to the realm of psychology. Immanuel Etkes traces Salanter’s unique view of Mussar doctrine, especially his introduction of modern psychology to the traditional understanding of personal ethical development.
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Sanctuary Of The Divine Presence

Author : J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus
ISBN : 9781594779510
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 34.24 MB
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Kabbalistic initiatory teachings for becoming a vessel for illumination, prophecy, and peace by creating an inner dwelling place for God’s divine presence • Reveals practices for self mastery and revelation based on the holy design of the first Hebrew Sanctuary, the lives of the Hebrew Prophets, and the Tree of Life • Shows how the Tree of Life’s ten sefirot correspond to the Torah’s prophetic Ten Songs of Creation; to alchemical ritual practices of fire, water, air, and earth; and to specific parts of the body, emotions, and aspects of the soul Many synagogues and churches, including the First and Second Temples of the Hebrews, follow an archetypal design first used in the Ohel Moed, or Tent of Meeting, and its sacred Tabernacle, which housed the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments. Drawing from a wealth of sources including the Hebrew Bible, the oral Mishnaic tradition of Judaism, and 16th-century Judaic texts, Zohara Hieronimus explains how, like the Ohel Moed, we are designed to receive and reflect the divine qualities of the Creator. Exploring the kabbalistic initiatory teachings within the Chassidic tradition of Judaism and the lives and writings of the Hebrew prophets, she reveals how our physical and spiritual worlds are not separate but interdependent, one affecting the other, often in unexpected and sometimes miraculous ways. Examining the ten-part system of Kabbalah’s Tree of Life as reflected in the holy design of the Hebrews’ first Sanctuary, Hieronimus shows how the Tree of Life’s ten sefirot correspond to the Torah’s prophetic Ten Songs of Creation; to alchemical ritual practices of fire, water, air, and earth; and to specific parts of the body, emotions, and aspects of the soul. Starting from Malchut (Kingdom) at the bottom of the Tree of Life and ascending to Keter (Crown) at the top, the author discusses related biblical and scholarly texts and traditional Hebrew practices and teachings that can lead to spiritual enlightenment, illumination, and peace, allowing each of us to become a sanctuary for God’s presence through self-refinement, ritual devotion, and prayer, as practiced since biblical times.
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Author : Moshe Ḥayyim Luzzatto
ISBN : STANFORD:36105130517027
Genre : History
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A bi-lingual Hebrew-English Version, fully annotated. Mesillat Yesharim Dialogue Version. Mesillat Yesharim Thematic Version. Mesillat Yesharim, the basic ethical work, is presented here in twin versions, both written by RaMHaL. Mesillat Yesharim Dialogue Version is published for the first time from an autograph manuscript, Moscow Guenzburg 1206. Mesillat Yesharim Thematic Version is based on the first edition published in Amsterdam, 1740, during the author's lifetime, and corrected from parallel passages in the newly found manuscript.
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Neuropsychologist S Journal

Author : Judith Bendheim Guedalia
ISBN : 9789655241334
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 55.19 MB
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Drawing on case studies from the areas of neuropsychology as well as developmental, rehabilitation, and medical psychology, this book distills nearly 40 years of Dr. Judith Guedalia’s interventional styles—christened “Judi-isms” by the author—and highlights the intersection between psychology and Judaism. These interventional styles, as well as the remarkable case studies, are complemented by useful advice that readers at all levels of interest can incorporate into their own lives.
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Judaism And The Gentile Faiths

Author : Joseph P. Schultz
ISBN : 0838617077
Genre : Religion
File Size : 87.3 MB
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Examines the historic development of Jewish religions thought in the cross-cultural context of the world's major faiths. The law, ethics, and mysticism of Judaism are compared with their counterparts in Confucianism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Christianity, and the secular formulations of religion in modern times.
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The Great Torah Commentators

Author : Avraham Yaakov Finkel
ISBN : UOM:39015018507833
Genre : Religion
File Size : 20.50 MB
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As author Avraham Yaakov Finkel says in his introduction to The Great Torah Commentators, no words are adequate to describe the Torah. "Only by actually tasting the words of our sages, by biting into them, can we gain an insight into the profound wisdom and beauty of the Torah. The selections in this book are intended to serve as tidbits to arouse the reader's appetite to study the masters from their sources." The Great Torah Commentators groups the sages into seven areas of expertise: (1) Torah, (2) Mishnah, Talmud, and Midrash, (3) Halachah, (4) Mussar (Ethics), (5) Chasidism, (6) Philosophy, and (7) Kabbalah. Giants, among them Rashi, the Vilna Gaon, the Chafetz Chaim, Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, Moshe Chaim Luzzatto, the Baal Shem Tov, Nachman of Bratzlav, the Ari, and the Maharal of Prague, come to life through Finkel's masterful selection and translation of their writings. Included with the biographies and samples of these great sage's works are their portraits or photographs, and facsimiles of pages of their commentaries. When an authentic sage comments on the Torah, his words are also considered, in a real sense, to be "Torah" by the student of tradition. And every subject “from the most earthly to the most ethereal “is worthy of inquiry. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in The Great Torah Commentators by Avraham Yaakov Finkel
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Equity In Jewish Law

Author : Aaron Kirschenbaum
ISBN : 088125326X
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 90.73 MB
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Journey To A Nineteenth Century Shtetl

Author : Yekhezkel Kotik
ISBN : 0814334210
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 83.12 MB
Format : PDF
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Annotation A masterpiece of modern Yiddish literature, the first volume of memoirs by Yekhezkel Kotik, translated into English and annotated.
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Leaves Of Faith

Author : Aharon Lichtenstein
ISBN : 0881256684
Genre : Literary Collections
File Size : 72.54 MB
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Where its predecessor dwelt primarily upon the content, mode, and practitioners of Torah study, this volume focuses upon issues--some theoretical, others pragmatic; some current, others timeless--which concern the practice and implementation of Torah. It opens with an inquiry into whether, and to what extent, Halakhah recognizes the validity and value of an ethic which, in some sense, lies beyond its scope. This is followed by two essays--focused upon events in Israel but of more general significance, as well--which deal with the character--and bounds of Jewish polity. Tangentially related is the subject of the next chapter--straddling the communal and the personal--regarding the parameters of tolerance. The next several chapters treat more purely personal topics--response to suffering, Shabbat prayer, and shemittah. They are followed by discussions of aspects of the sensitive areas of conversion, abortion, and the Israeli chief rabbinate, commingled with two essays, more sociologically oriented, on Jewish self-identification and communal service, and an exchange concerning Baruch Goldstein. These are, in turn, followed by two chapters focused upon modern or centrist Orthodoxy, particularly. The volume concludes with a series of responses to major questions posed in various symposia, in which participants were asked, descriptively and prescriptively, both to evaluate the current Jewish scene and to chart a suggested course for its future direction.
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Jewish Values

Author : Louis Jacobs
ISBN : 9781606082386
Genre : Religion
File Size : 35.23 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What does it mean to trust in God? How can man love God? If timidity is unwholesome, why does Scripture speak of the fear of God? When should a lie be told? What ought to be our attitude to warfare? Of what relevance is the ideal of holiness to men and women of this age? How can pride be conquered? Can a man love his neighbor as himself? In Jewish Values, these and many other ethical and religious questions are considered in the light of Jewish teachings. It is the author's thesis that a gap exists between traditional views as presented in the classic sources of Judaism and their application in the lives of our contemporaries, but he is convinced that this gap can be bridged. This book is a contribution to the building of such a bridge or, at least, as the author suggests, it is a surveyor's plan of part of the work to be done.
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Soul Of Jewish Social Justice

Author : Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz
ISBN : 9789655241860
Genre : Religion
File Size : 84.57 MB
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The Soul of Jewish Social Justice offers a novel intellectual and spiritual approach for how Jewish wisdom must be relevant and transformational in its application to the most pressing moral problems of our time. The book explores how spirituality, ritual, narratives, holidays, and tradition can enhance one’s commitment to creating a more just society. Readers will discover how the Jewish social justice ethos can help address issues of education reform, ethical consumption, the future of Israel, immigration, prison reform, violence, and business ethics.
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Communings Of The Spirit

Author : Mordecai M. Kaplan
ISBN : 0814331165
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 28.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Selections from the diary of the founder of Reconstructionism in America, covering Kaplan's early years as a rabbi, teacher of rabbis, and community leader.
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An Introduction To Judaism

Author : N R M de Lange
ISBN : 0521466245
Genre : Religion
File Size : 37.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This book is intended for students of religion and others who seek an introduction to Judaism.
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Mesilat Yesharim

Author : Moshe Ḥayyim Luzzatto
ISBN : UVA:X000694903
Genre : Jewish ethics
File Size : 51.19 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Category: Jewish ethics