Mentored By A Millionaire

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Mentored By A Millionaire

Author : Steven K. Scott
ISBN : 1118039955
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 44.66 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Unlike any book you’ve ever read, Mentored by a Millionaire is made up of fifteen mentoring sessions in which you will be mentored in the strategies, skills, and techniques used by super achievers who have become the world’s most successful men and women. You will be mentored in these sessions by Steve Scott, a man who has not only made millions himself, but has helped dozens of others make millions as well.
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Mentor Made Millionaire

Author : Chad Shannon
ISBN : 9798622306822
Genre :
File Size : 57.82 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Mentor-Made Millionaire is an insightful, thought-provoking dissection of what it takes to be a success in today's money-centric society. It is designed to appeal to individuals on the path to success, managers, and business owners. These days, we see the well-worn phrase 'self-made millionaire' practically everywhere. While Dr. Chad Shannon does not set out in Mentor-Made Millionaire to diminish the hard work put in by those remarkable individuals who achieve this accolade, his aim is to make the reader realize that not one of them could possibly have accomplished that aspirational status all by themselves. This is where Dr. Shannon presents his unique concept of mentor-made success. He details the important steps in the process of seeking out and nurturing strong mentor relationships, and he stresses the importance of the 'pay it forward' philosophy in mentoring others. He also covers the major pitfalls experienced by so many people aiming for success today: relying too much upon the top 20% of their staff, giving away too much information to 'friends, ' attempting to mentor those who are unwilling to be mentored, and facing people who lack commitment. Overall, Mentor-Made Millionaire is an invaluable tool for all leaders, and it provides a simple-yet incredibly powerful-message to its readers: no one can become a success all by themselves.

Millionaires Mentor

Author : Millionaires Mentor Llc
ISBN : 0578570858
Genre :
File Size : 43.12 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Building a cash making machine and retire early.

The Millionaire Mentor

Author : Greg S. Reid
ISBN : 0938716492
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 39.24 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Million Dollar Mind The Millionaire Mentor S Journal To Massive Success

Author : Lorenzo L. Sellers
ISBN : 9781304771322
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 69.38 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Million Dollar Mind is a step-by-step guide to building a lucrative lifestyle, career, or business. Within the book, you will learn what it takes to be successful and how to rebuild your business, career, and your life. Learn what millionaires have been keeping secret from the public and use this ""blueprint"" to build a stronger foundation for your life. The fundamentals within this book are those used by the most wealthiest people in the world and will provide the results one would seek in order to become a millionaire themselves. You will learn: *Key elements of successful thinking *How to set your own price tag in life *What it takes to succeed in any endeavor *How to invest in yourself and others wisely *How to properly plan and use that plan for success *How to effectively use your time daily *How to gain massive results in little time *How to become a superstar in any aspect in life
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The Mentor Of Every Future Millionaire

Author : Lot-venson Smith
ISBN : 1549514261
Genre :
File Size : 35.37 MB
Format : PDF
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I dedicate this book to our intrepid students from around the world who will be using this book as a guide about how to become a millionaire. We will be explaining how and why to become a millionaire. We will let millionaires speak; this is more about motivation. To help you go through, we will come up with some recipes that will help you get to your goal. These recipes were prepared by millionaires. The Table is full; Millionaires have prepared everything for you, just follow their pieces of advice to the letter. That is their field of study, that's why, in this book, I let them speak, I let them motivate you. After reading this book, don't say Smith says, but instead ''Millionaires say". Get yourself motivated by millionaires!

Zero To A Hundred

Author : Jack Oundjian
ISBN : 0993873642
Genre :
File Size : 25.32 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"An eloquent and light-hearted story that will inspire you to take action on your ideas. Combining the wisdom of a purposeful businessman and the innocence of a dreaming teenager, Zero to a Hundred will give you the tools you need to build the life of your dreams. Truly inspirational."

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Author : Steven K. Scott
ISBN : 9780385529433
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.30 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Just as the sun blinds our eyes to a sky filled with stars, Jesus’ deity can blind us to the unseen riches of His humanity. In The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived, Steven K. Scott reveals the hidden treasures to be found in Christ’s life as a human. When you learn from Jesus’ life on earth, your own life will be propelled to a whole new level of achievement, happiness, and success. As you look at Jesus’ life, you will learn how to: •Find new meanings that will raise your life to new heights. •Develop missions that will produce greater creativity and productivity. •Communicate messages that will move the minds and hearts of your listeners. •Act in a manner that attracts others, increases your value, and heightens your self-esteem. •Adopt a method that accelerates extraordinary success. •Discover your incredible worth. •Give and receive a type of love that is truer than any you have experienced before. Let the greatest Man who ever lived turn your purpose-driven life into a purpose-accomplished life! From the Hardcover edition.
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Millionaire Real Estate Mentor

Author : Russ Whitney
ISBN : 0793166861
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 41.97 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Offers advice on ways to successfully invest in real estate, covering such topics as buying foreclosure properties, auctions, property management, commercial real estate, and tax certificates.
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The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Author : Steve Scott
ISBN : 9780385526005
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 84.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Uncovers the six keys Jesus used in his daily life to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and reveals how we can apply them to our careers, relationships, and endeavors enabling us to achieve more successful, happier lives, from finding meaning that motivates us to identifying the purpose that drives us.
Category: Business & Economics

Millionaire Mystique

Author : Jude Miller Burke
ISBN : 9781473644021
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 45.22 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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In The Millionaire Mystique, Jude Miller Burke, PhD, examines today’s self-made female millionaires and shows how they successfully manage career and family life. What can other ambitious women learn from them? Miller Burke backs up her findings using results from an in-depth study of over 100 millionaire women. In The Millionaire Mystique you’ll learn: how to balance your responsibilities at both work and home without guilt, what personality factors wealthy working women have in common and how to foster them for yourself, how to develop the most critical traits for overcoming obstacles to success, and how you can use your childhood and early career experiences to create a direct pathway to your goals.
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The Greatest Words Ever Spoken

Author : Steven K. Scott
ISBN : 0307446123
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.72 MB
Format : PDF
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Every Word of Jesus Right at Your Fingertips Haven’t you wished you could ask Jesus any question and get his immediate help with the biggest problems you face? Now you can. For the first time ever, all of the statements Jesus made in the New Testament have been brought together and organized under more than 200 topics. When you want to know his will in a specific area of life, or you’re seeking the answer to a perplexing question, or you are desperate for his encouragement, comfort, or wisdom–you can easily find the help you need. The moment you turn to the appropriate topic heading, you will have access to the breadth of Jesus’ teaching on that subject. You can also use this book as a guide for studying Jesus’ wisdom on any topic of interest, such as prayer, forgiveness, eternity, anger, temptation, relationships, grace, or knowing God. As you immerse yourself in Jesus’ words, your life and relationships will be transformed, and your faith and spiritual passion will be renewed. Let the greatest words ever spoken bring new vision, power, and joy into your life–one statement at a time.
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How To Be A Part Time Property Millionaire

Author : Sam Saggers
ISBN : 1742841589
Genre : Finance, Personal
File Size : 67.77 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Offers practical real estate strategies, providing insights into the psychology and philosophy of successful real estate investors in Australia. Includes how to translate real estate fundamentals into real wealth, how to use tax effectively and how to buy using your Australian superannuation fund.
Category: Finance, Personal

The One Minute Millionaire

Author : Mark Victor Hansen
ISBN : 9781407024875
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79.51 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Bestselling Chicken Soup author Mark Victor Hansen and financial guru Robert Allen offer a practical inspiring lesson in creating true wealth whether you aspire to become a millionaire or simply beat credit-card debt and have enough money to live on without worrying. Two books for the price of one! On the right side of the page is Hansen's fable of Michelle, a widowed mother whose life is on the brink of ruin; unless she can raise a million dollars quickly she will lose custody of her children. On the left hand side are Robert Allen's rules for achieving financial success. His advice parallels the action in Michelle's story, as he urges readers to identify their fears and doubts, and eliminate from their lives all the roadblocks that limit their potential. They'll learn how to transform Restraining Forces into Driving Forces- whether their goal, like Michelle's, is to become a millionaire or just simply to save money for the future. Together these two halves of The One Minute Millionaire work as a powerful tool of self-discovery, an inspirational lesson in unlocking the winner in everyone.
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The Eventual Millionaire

Author : Jaime Tardy
ISBN : 9781118674741
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 68.88 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
Download : 697
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Become a millionaire by learning from millionaires An Eventual Millionaire is someone who knows they will be a millionaire, eventually. But they want to do it on their own terms—with an enjoyable life and an enjoyable business. Eventual Millionaires are everywhere, from the airplane pilot looking to start his own business for more freedom and money to a student looking to start her life on the right foot to a successful business owner needing inspiration and wondering how to take her business to the next level. There are many ways to become a millionaire, but research has often shown that creating your own business is one of the best ways to build wealth. The Eventual Millionaire will lay the foundation for those looking to start their own business and work their way toward financial independence and a fulfilled life. Contains the insights of more than 100 millionaires and their various experiences Written by Jaime Tardy, founder of and a business coach for entrepreneurs A companion website includes an "Eventual Millionaire Starter Kit" with worksheets, business plan documents, and much more We all want to be successful and enjoy financial security, but we might not know how or don’t think we can do it. The Eventual Millionaire will show you what it takes.
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I Love Cash

Author : Kimberly Maryie Enterprises
ISBN : 9781465394750
Genre : Fiction
File Size : 43.73 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Kendall Cashmon, 26, is a single, sharp, and fiscally savvy investment advisor for a prominent investment firm in Atlanta, GA. Now, after 5 years of being molded into a rich and successful member of the senior advisory team by her mentor and boos, Charlie Chiles, Kendall is seemingly on her way to the top. That is until she receives a bombshell announcement from her trusted mentor, and shes introduced to a new colleague, the sexy and accomplished Xavier Aldrich. Instantly attracted, Xaviers presence at the firm causes internal conflict for Kendall as she begins to question her priorities in life, as falling in love was never supposed to be in the plans. Succeeding Charlies unexpected surprise, the truth about the world of wealth and luxury that Kendall thought she knew so intimately begins to unfold. Kendall will be faced with tough decisions not know who to trust that will challenge her values and ultimately affect her new found love, her career, and the one thing she cherishes most in life.
Category: Fiction

The Unemployed Millionaire

Author : Matt Morris
ISBN : 0470531622
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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A self-made millionaire shows you how to make millions while living life on your own terms At just eighteen years old, Matt Morris founded his first marketing business. At twenty, he dropped out of college to pursue business full-time. At twenty-one, he was homeless and deeply in debt, living out of his car. It was then that he made a life-changing decision to re-invent himself and his career. By twenty-nine, Matt was a self-made millionaire. How did he do it? In The Unemployed Millionaire, Morris reveals how he turned his life around and shatters the myth that it takes money to make money. Thanks to the Internet explosion and the ease of global trade, it is possible for anyone to start a business and market their products worldwide to millions of customers. Here, Morris unlocks the secrets and provides you with the specific moneymaking formula he used to turn his ideas into a fortune. Equips you with a step-by-step formula for turning your great idea into a million-dollar business in as little as twelve months Proves you don’t have to be smart, lucky, or rich to make millions Gives you the specific success principles all millionaires follow Author Matt Morris is an internationally recognized speaker who selectively mentors other entrepreneurs, traveling the world, working very little, and earning millions in the process With a foreword by Les Brown, motivational speaker, bestselling author, and television personality If you're serious about earning millions without working your fingers to the bone, The Unemployed Millionaire gives you the powerful strategies needed to turn your dreams into a reality.
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The Lazy Millionaire

Author : Mark Fisher
ISBN : 9780883911655
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.65 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Perhaps it is what we were taught by our parents or because that is what we learned in Economics class. But what if Leonardo was right? What if you could accomplish more while doing less? The author demonstrates that anyone can become a Lazy Millionaire in the 1 to 10 million-dollar range within a 10-year period. Original.
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Mommy Millionaire

Author : Kim Lavine
ISBN : 9781429917032
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 79.49 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"Mommy Millionaire is an inspiring gift and roadmap to success for anyone who's ever had a dream." —Barbara De Angelis, Ph.D., #1 New York Times bestselling author of HOW DID I GET HERE Real-world advice, secrets and lessons on how to make a million dollars from a mom who turned her kitchen table idea into a successful business while keeping her family and kids Job #1. MOMMY MILLIONAIRE will give you the tools you need to create your fortune, including: * How to develop and patent an idea while saving thousands * How to make a cold call * How to get on QVC * How to work a trade show * How to develop an "elevator pitch" * How to break down the doors of big retailers * Everything you need to know about manufacturing and distribution * How to raise capital from Angel Investors Crammed with detailed information designed to simplify the fundamentals of starting and running your own business, Mommy Millionaire is full of proven strategies for success, revealing rare insights and exclusive insider secrets nobody else will tell you about what it really takes to make a million dollars from your own home.
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