Measuring The Right To Education

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Measuring The Right To Education

Author : Unesco Institute for Lifelong Learning
ISBN : UOM:39015069219767
Genre : Education
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At a time when hundreds of millions of people in the world lack education, it is of little use to proclaim the right to education unless one can measure the implementation of the right and identify the factors that affect its fulfillment. This publication sets out a methodology for this purpose, tested in field surveys carried out in Burkina Faso, and informed by a range of indicators designed to measure the four capacities of the educational system: acceptability, adaptability, availability and accessibility. This innovative methodology has been development in partnership between the Interdisciplinary Institute for Ethics and Human Rights (IIEHR) and the Association for the Promotion of Non-formal education in Burkina Faso (APENF).
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Measuring The Unmeasurable In Education

Author : Elaine Unterhalter
ISBN : 9780429815249
Genre : Education
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Debates around quality versus quantity in education can generate controversy about how quality is measured. Many question the drive to delineate and quantify precisely what works, suggesting that much value either cannot be measured or is distorted by measurement. This book explores how we can understand measurement in areas of education policy, planning, and practice that have not previously been considered measurable. The contributors ask four main questions: What do we measure and not measure when we try to measure the unmeasurable in education? When attempts have been made to measure the unmeasurable in education, what metrics have been adopted in which contexts, and with what outcomes? Why have measures been adopted as indicators of the unmeasurable, such as human rights? And how have particular organisations approached the problem of measuring the apparently unmeasurable in education, with what epistemological, normative, and conceptual resources, and consequences? The book draws on analyses from philosophy, history, sociology, and economics, with insights from national and international contexts. The contributions consider philosophical distinctions, historical experiences, and contemporary reflections on how to refine existing approaches to measurement of poverty, capability, rights, and the benefits of education. The discussion shows how measuring the unmeasurable takes account of the inequalities, complexities and uncertainties of work in education, thus suggesting a considerable deepening of the notion of education quality and measurement. This book was originally published as a special issue of Comparative Education.
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The Protection Of The Right To Education By International Law

Author : Klaus Dieter Beiter
ISBN : 9789004147041
Genre : Law
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In view of the trend of demoting education from "human right" to "human need", this book seeks to affirm education as a "human right" and to describe the various state duties flowing from the right to education, by systematically analyzing article 13 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.
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Measuring Inclusive Education

Author : Chris Forlin
ISBN : 9781784411459
Genre : Education
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Volume 3 of International Perspectives on Inclusive Education focuses on measuring inclusive education from a range of perspectives. It is grounded upon a review of international conceptualizations of inclusive education and ways in which different systems are measuring its impact and effectiveness.
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The Right To Education In India

Author : Florian Matthey-Prakash
ISBN : 9780199097050
Genre : Law
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What does it mean for education to be a fundamental right, and how may children benefit from it? Surprisingly, even when the right to education was added to the Indian Constitution as Article 21A, this question barely received any attention. The book identifies justiciability—or, more broadly, enforceability—as the most important feature of Article 21A, meaning that children and their parents must be provided with means to effectively claim their right from the State; otherwise, it would remain a ‘right’ only on paper. The book highlights how lack of access to the Indian judiciary means that the constitutional promise of justiciability remains unfulfilled. It deals with the possible alternative means the State may provide for the poor to claim the benefits under Article 21A, and identifies the grievance-redress mechanism created by the ‘Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009’ as a potential system of enforcement. Even though this system is found to be deficient, the book concludes with an optimistic outlook, hoping that rights advocates may, in the future, focus on improving such mechanisms for legal empowerment.
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Education As A Human Right

Author : Tristan McCowan
ISBN : 9781441150592
Genre : Education
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Education is widely recognized as a fundamental human right, yet the nature of the right remains unclear. Is it an entitlement to go to school, to acquire particular forms of knowledge or develop particular skills or attributes? And why exactly is education so important that we might defend all people's right to it? This book provides a much-needed exploration of this key contemporary issue. Highlighting limitations in the approaches of both the Education for All initiative and existing international law, the book presents a radical new vision of how the right can be understood. As well as basic education, there are discussions of higher and lifelong education, of human rights education, and of the intersection of rights-based approaches with others such Amartya Sen's 'capabilities'. The work serves as a stirring defense of the universal right to education against instrumental conceptions of learning, the inactivity of national governments and the abrogation of responsibility of the international community.
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Measuring The Burden Of Disease And Returns To Education In Rural West Africa

Author : Ralph P. Würthwein
ISBN : 3428513282
Genre :
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The success of health economics and its guidance for health policy heavily rests on the availability of reliable empirical evidence on the demographic, economic, and epidemiological environment, on behavioral relationships, and on the impact of policy interventions. For Sub-Saharan Africa, especially the epidemiological situation is unclear, since comprehensive systems of mortality and health statistics are often absent.The economic analysis of health naturally places a special focus on the interrelation between health and economic well-being: the overall disease burden decreases when a country grows richer, and the share of communicable diseases decreases in the process of economic development, whereas the share of non-communicable diseases increases. In those parts of Sub-Saharan Africa that are mainly dominated by traditional subsistence farming, however, it is difficult to examine questions of income and health for simple fundamental reasons. A vital prerequisite for an empirical investigation is the thorough and accurate measurement of income. Yet, both the measurement of the burden of disease and the measurement of income are research tasks that are far from being fulfilled for Sub-Saharan Africa. A further issue that is related with economic well-being and health is education. For poor rural regions predominated by traditional subsistence farming it is far from clear whether investments in human capital are worthwhile.The present study addesses this research gap by producing empirical evidence on the measurement of the burden of disease, the structure of income, and returns to education in rural West Africa. Concretely it deals with the collection and analysis of mortality, morbidity, and socio-economic data in the Nouna Health District in the North-West of Burkina Faso. The study was accepted as a doctoral thesis at the University of Heidelberg. Earlier versions of some of its chapters have been published as working papers or in international journals.

Measuring Inequality Of Opportunities In Latin America And The Caribbean

Author : Ricardo Paes de Barros
ISBN : 9780821377468
Genre : Business & Economics
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Equality of opportunity is about leveling the playing field so that circumstances such as gender, ethnicity, place of birth, or family background do not influence a person s life chances. Success in life should depend on people s choices, effort and talents, not to their circumstances at birth. 'Measuring Inequality of Opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean' introduces new methods for measuring inequality of opportunities and makes an assessment of its evolution in Latin America over a decade. An innovative Human Opportunity Index and other parametric and non-parametric techniques are presented for quantifying inequality based on circumstances exogenous to individual efforts. These methods are applied to gauge inequality of opportunities in access to basic services for children, learning achievement for youth, and income and consumption for adults.
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Fulfilling Social And Economic Rights

Author : Sakiko Fukuda-Parr
ISBN : 9780190226695
Genre : Political Science
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One of the most ambitious legacies of the 20th century was the universal commitment to ensure freedom from want as a human right. But to what extent are countries across the world living up to this commitment? This path breaking book develops an innovative, evidence-based index for comparing performance on education, food, health, work and housing across very differently situated countries and over time. It explores the factors influencing performance and provides empirical evidence to resolve some long standing controversies over the principle of "progressive realization". By defying the boundaries of traditional research disciplines, this work fundamentally advances our knowledge about the status of and factors promoting social and economic rights fulfillment at the dawn of the 21st century.
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American Journal Of Education

Author :
ISBN : UCAL:B3508860
Genre : Education
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Vol. 25 is the report of the commissioner of education for 1880; v. 29, report for 1877.
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Measuring Results In Education

Author : Marion Rex Trabue
ISBN : UCAL:$B240657
Genre : Education
File Size : 21.1 MB
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"The only final test of the validity of methods of teaching is found in the changes which are brought about in the knowledge, habits, thinking, and attitudes of pupils. In like manner, the particular forms of school organization, and the administrative procedures which are followed, must be judged by the results which are secured. The development of the technique of measurement in these fields constitutes one of the most important contributions in education during the past few years. Teachers have always sought to measure the results of their work. In the regular class periods and at stated times tests and examinations have been given in order to determine the progress which pupils are making. The traditional examination, at its best, was a very imperfect instrument. With the development of the technique of measurement in the field of education, it has been possible not only to determine more accurately the achievements of pupils, but also to diagnose their particular difficulties. It seems reasonable to expect that every careful professional worker will in some degree master this important instrument of his profession. In the earlier chapters of this book Dr. Trabue has given many illustrations of the use of the techniques commonly employed in the measuring of results. In the later chapters he has established the validity of the processes of measurement through a discussion of their derivation, and by further illustration of their application. The more important problems with which teachers and supervisors are constantly struggling are used for purposes of illustration. The author has in this manner gained the double advantage of making the book relatively easy to understand, and at the same time placing the student who masters it in possession of the techniques which he will employ in his everyday work"--Introduction. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2015 APA, all rights reserved).
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Commonwealth Education Partnerships 2007

Author : Commonwealth Secretariat
ISBN : 0954962915
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 52.43 MB
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Commonwealth Education Partnership 2007 is an essential overview of the development of education systems in the Commonwealth, focusing on international collaborations and on the partnerships in member countries between government, NGOs and the private sector in education. Focuses in this edition: increasing access and the right to quality education; supporting teachers for quality education; resourcing; and education for the good of all. Published for the Commonwealth Secretariat by Nexus Partnerships.
Category: Social Science

Economic Social And Cultural Rights In Armed Conflict

Author : Gilles Giacca
ISBN : 9780191026911
Genre : Law
File Size : 34.22 MB
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This book addresses the international legal obligation to protect economic, social, and cultural human rights in times of armed conflict and other situations of armed violence. These rights provide guarantees to individuals of their fundamental rights to work, to an adequate standard of living (food, water, housing), to education, and to health. Armed violence can take many forms, from civil unrest or protest and other forms of internal disturbances and tensions to higher levels of violence that may amount to armed conflict, whether of an international or of a non-international character. However, in all such cases the protection of ESC rights is sorely challenged. Situations of actual or potential violence present a number of challenges to the application and implementation of human rights law in general and socio-economic rights obligations more specifically. This book sets out the legal framework, defining what constitutes a minimum universal standard of human rights protection applicable in all circumstances. It assesses the concept and content of ESC rights' obligations, and evaluates how far they can be legally applicable in various scenarios of armed violence. By looking at the specific human rights treaty provisions, it discusses how far ESC rights obligations can be affected by practical and legal challenges to their implementation. The book addresses the key issues facing the protection of such rights in times of armed conflict: the legal conditions to limit ESC rights on security grounds, including the use of force; the extraterritorial applicability of international human rights treaties setting out ESC rights; the relationship between human rights law and international humanitarian law; and the obligations of non-state actors under human rights law and with particular relevance to the protection of ESC rights. The book assesses the nature of these potential challenges to the protection of ESC rights, and offers solutions to reinforce their continued application.
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