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Matchlock Musketeer

Author : Keith Roberts
ISBN : 1841762121
Genre : History
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Format : PDF, ePub
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The Matchlock Musketeer follows the lives of soldiers armed with this weapon from its adoption by the English in Queen Elizabeth's reign until its replacement with the flintlock at the end of the 17th century. It was used extensively during the Armada Campaign (1588), the English Civil War (1642-1651), The Restoration (1660) and the Glorious Revolution (1688). The musketeer's experience in battle, skirmish, siege and camp saw both change and continuity during this period. The common experiences of the musketeer (including digging trenches, firing and fighting, and life on campaign) are explored in this title.
Category: History

Armada 1588

Author : John Barratt
ISBN : 9781781597033
Genre : History
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The defeat of the Spanish Armada is one of the turning points in English history, and it was perhaps the defining episode in the long reigns of Elizabeth I of England and Philip II of Spain. The running battle along the Channel between the nimble English ships and the lumbering Spanish galleons has achieved almost legendary status. In this compelling new account John Barratt reconstructs the battle against the Armada in the concise, clear Campaign Chronicles format, which records the action in vivid detail, day by day, hour by hour. He questions common assumptions about the battle and looks again at aspects of the action that have been debated or misunderstood. Included are full orders of battle showing the chains of command and the effective strengths and fighting capabilities of the opposing fleets. There is also an in-depth analysis of the far-reaching consequences of the wreck of Philip II's great enterprise.
Category: History

Italy 1636

Author : Gregory Hanlon
ISBN : 9780192552327
Genre : History
File Size : 49.90 MB
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Italy 1636 is one of the most closely-researched and detailed books on the operation of early modern armies anywhere, and is explicitly inspired by neo-Darwinian thinking. Taking the French and Savoyard invasion of Spanish Lombardy in 1636 as its specific example, it begins with the recruitment of the soldiers, the care and feeding of the armies and their horses, the impact of the invasion on civilians in the path of their advance, and the manner in which generals conducted their campaign in response to the information at their disposal. The next section describes the unfolding of the long and stubborn battle of Tornavento, where Spanish, German, and Italian soldiers stormed the French in their entrenchments, detailing the tactics of both the infantry and the cavalry, and re-evaluating the effectiveness of Spanish methods in the 1630s. The account focuses on the motivations of soldiers to fight, and how they reacted to the stress of combat. Gregory Hanlon arrives at surprising conclusions on the conditions under which they were ready to kill their adversaries, and when they were content to intimidate them into retiring. The volume concludes by examining the penchant for looting of the soldiery in the aftermath of battle, the methods of treating wounded soldiers in the Milan hospital, the horrific consequences of hygienic breakdown in the French camp, and the strategic failure of the invasion in the aftermath of battle. This in turn underscores the surprising resilience of Spanish policies and Spanish arms in Europe. In describing with painstaking detail the invasion of 1636, Hanlon explores the universal features of human behaviour and psychology as they relate to violence and war.
Category: History

The First Battle Of Newbury 1643

Author : John Barratt
ISBN : 9780752496351
Genre : History
File Size : 60.55 MB
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Late summer 1643 saw the Royalists in the English Civil War at the height of their military success. After three months of almost unbroken victories, the king's forces had gained control of much of the north and west of England, whilst Prince Rupert's seemingly invincible cavalry raided out from Oxford to the outskirts of London, Parliament's stronghold. In July the wave of Royalist successes climaxed with the storming of Bristol. It seemed that one more success might be sufficient to topple the Parliamentarian leadership and lead to peace. In a move to consolidate their position prior to a final advance on London, in August the Royalists laid siege to Gloucester. However, an anticipated easy success met with stern resistance until the garrison was eventually relieved by Parliament's principal remaining field army, under the Earl of Essex. But Essex, now deep in hostile territory, faced the difficult task of getting back safely to London. A race with the king's forces ensued, culminating in Essex's road being barred at Newbury. Cut off from his base, Essex had to stand and fight in a battle whose loss would mean the destruction of his army and in all probability total defeat for the Parliamentarian cause. On September 20 1643 some 30,000 men met outside Newbury in one of the largest battles of the English Civil War. John Barratt's history, the first detailed study of the battle of Newbury for over a century, reveals a new interpretation of the battle and discovers the real reason why the Royalists lost.
Category: History

Masters Of The Battlefield

Author : Paul K. Davis
ISBN : 9780199711758
Genre : History
File Size : 45.56 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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"The personality of a general is indispensable," Napoleon once said. "He is the head, he is the all, of an army." In Masters of the Battlefield, Paul K. Davis offers vivid portraits of fifteen legendary military leaders whose brilliance on and off the battlefield embody this maxim. Hailing from the earliest days of Greek warfare to France at the turn of the nineteenth century, these men stand out for their tactical abilities--generals who made a difference in combat, grasping the way an enemy would think or move and reacting not just to ensure victory, but do so in the face of superior forces. Among the leaders discussed in this encompassing work of military history are Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Scipio Africanus, Belisarius, Chinggis Khan, Oda Nobunaga, the Duke of Wellington, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Davis briefly explores the biography of each commander, considering how his upbringing, early experiences, and social and cultural background might have translated into his leadership abilities. Relying on vast research, Davis describes the nature of armies and warfare of the time, from the phalanx battle of Ancient Greece to the artillery-heavy Swedish army under Gustavus Adolphus. He also examines the course of the wars in which each general fought as a background to the particular battles that best illustrates their abilities, and discusses each battle in detail, aided extensively by detailed battlefield maps. Davis concludes each section with an analysis of the tactical skills and principles at which each general excelled. In analyzing these remarkable leaders, Davis offers a picture of warfare throughout history, and shows this history to be directed--and oftentimes wholly decided--by the abilities of a single man. Masters of the Battlefield tells the stories of men who defined eras, reshaped nations, and who, through the introduction of new weapons and tactics, revolutionized the nature of warfare.
Category: History

Cromwell S War Machine

Author : Keith Roberts
ISBN : 9781781596791
Genre : History
File Size : 75.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The New Model Army was one of the best-known and most effective armies ever raised in England. Oliver Cromwell was both its greatest battlefield commander and the political leader whose position depended on its support. In this meticulously researched and accessible new study, Keith Roberts describes how Cromwell's army was recruited, inspired, organized, trained and equipped. He also sets its strategic and tactical operation in the context of the theory and practice of warfare in seventeenth-century Europe.
Category: History

Petun To Wyandot

Author : Charles Garrad
ISBN : 9780776621500
Genre : Social Science
File Size : 67.17 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Charles Garrad’s unique work resurrects the memory of the Petun and traces their route from their creation myth to their living descendants scattered from southwestern Ontario to Kansas and Oklahoma.
Category: Social Science

Weapons Weaponry And Man

Author : Audronė Bliujienė
ISBN : WISC:89103446241
Genre : Baltic States
File Size : 35.91 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Category: Baltic States

Samurai Heraldry

Author : Stephen Turnbull
ISBN : 1841763047
Genre : History
File Size : 80.71 MB
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The dazzling spectacle presented by the armies of medieval Japan owed much to the highly developed family and personal heraldry of samurai society. From simple personal banners, this evolved over centuries of warfare into a complex system of flags worn or carried into battle, together with the striking 'great standards' of leading warlords. While not regulated in the Western sense, Japanese heraldry developed as a series of widely followed practices, while remaining flexible enough to embrace constant innovation. Scores of examples, in monochrome and full colour, illustrate this fascinating explanation of the subject by a respected expert on all aspects of samurai culture.
Category: History