Martin Mcguinness

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Martin Mcguinness

Author : Liam Clarke
ISBN : UOM:39015043709073
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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Martin McGuinness has variously been described as "the second most powerful man in Britain after Rupert Murdoch, " "the personification of the armed struggle, " and "IRA Godfather of Godfathers." Yet McGuinness, now the first Minister for Education in the Northern Ireland Assembly, is also a devout Catholic and the father of four. In his native Derry, he is equally revered and reviled. In this new biography, Liam Clarke and Kathryn Johnston uncover the truth behind the enigmatic, intensely private individua who holds the peace process in the palm of his hand. Drawing on interviews with friends and family, IRA volunteers, police officers, IRA victims, civil servants, and politicians, they tell the story of how McGuinness steered the IRA through war to peace.
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Martin Mcguiness

Author : Henry McDonald
ISBN : 178073168X
Genre : Politicians
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Martin Mcguinness

Author : Jude Collins
ISBN : 9781781176023
Genre : Political Science
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In Martin McGuinness, The Man I Knew, Jude Collins offers the reader a range of perspectives on a man who helped shape Ireland's recent history. Those who knew Martin McGuinness during his life talk frankly about him, what he did and said, what sort of man he was. Eileen Paisley speaks of the influence she believes her husband, Ian, had on him; former Assistant Chief Constable Peter Sheridan recounts how the Derry IRA targeted him as a Catholic RUC policeman; peace talks chairman Senator George Mitchell comments on the role he played in talks that led to the Good Friday Agreement; and Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams remembers the man who for so many years was his closest colleague. Other contributors include; Ulster Unionist MLA Michael McGimpsey, prominent Irish-American Niall O’Dowd, peace talks chairman Senator George Mitchell, 54th Comptroller of the State of New York Thomas P. Di Napoli and Presbyterian minister David Lattimer.
Category: Political Science

In Defence Of Conspiracy Theories

Author : Brian Nugent
ISBN : 9780955681226
Genre : History
File Size : 30.21 MB
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This book is an attempt to address the widespread criticism of 'conspiracy theories', raising issues like: the control and negligence of the main organs of the media and police which make it difficult for true information to reach the public (and hence the public remain in ignorance of - and dismiss as a 'conspiracy theory' - the true facts); and the public's habit of underestimating the complexity of modern day politics. A number of complex political plots and allegations are described in detail including: the 1641 Rebellion, British Intelligence manipulation of the 1919-21 Irish leaders, Secret Societies and the role of Occult organisations in Ireland and around the world, the allegations that Martin McGuinness is a British agent, and the motivation behind large scale immigration into Ireland. The author also addresses the question of value systems in modern Western societies and asks are even these being manipulated in order to assist the process of political control.
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Ruair Br Daigh

Author : Robert W. White
ISBN : 9780253048325
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
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"In a very real sense, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh can . . . be said to be the last, or one of the last Irish Republicans. Studies of the Provisional movement to date have invariably focused more on the Northerners and the role of people like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. But an understanding of them is not possible without appreciating where they came from and from what tradition they have broken. Ruairí Ó Brádaigh is that tradition and that is why this account of his life and politics is so important." —from the foreword by Ed Moloney, author of A Secret History of the IRA At his death in 2013, Ruairí Ó Brádaigh remained a divisive and influential figure in Irish politics and the Irish Republican movement. He was the first person to serve as chief of staff of the Irish Republican Army, as president of the political party Sinn Féin, and to have been elected, as an abstentionist, to the Dublin parliament. He was a prominent, uncompromising, and articulate spokesperson of those Irish Republicans who questioned the peace process in Northern Ireland. His concern was rooted in his analysis of Irish history and his belief that the peace process would not achieve peace. He believed that it would support the continued partition of Ireland and result in continued, inevitable, conflict. The child of Irish Republican veterans, Ó Brádaigh led IRA raids, was arrested and interned, escaped and lived "on the run," and even spent a period of time on a hunger strike. Because he was an effective spokesman for the Irish Republican cause, he was at different times excluded from Northern Ireland, Britain, the United States, and Canada. He was also a key figure in the secret negotiation of a bilateral IRA-British truce in the mid-1970s. In a brief afterword for this new edition, author Robert W. White addresses Ó Brádaigh's continuing influence on the Irish Republican Movement, including the ongoing "dissident" campaign. Whether for good or bad, this ongoing dissident activity is a part of Ruairí Ó Brádaigh's enduring legacy.
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Transitional Justice And The Disappeared Of Northern Ireland

Author : Lauren Dempster
ISBN : 9781351239363
Genre : History
File Size : 44.46 MB
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This book employs a transitional justice lens to address the ‘disappearances’ that occurred during the Northern Ireland conflict – or ‘Troubles’ – and the post-conflict response to these ‘disappearances.’ Despite an extensive literature around ‘dealing with the past’ in Northern Ireland, as well as a substantial body of scholarship on ‘disappearances’ in other national contexts, there has been little scholarly scrutiny of ‘disappearances’ in post-conflict Northern Ireland. Although the Good Friday Agreement brought relative peace to Northern Ireland, no provision was made for the establishment of some form of overarching truth and reconciliation commission aimed at comprehensively addressing the legacy of violence. Nevertheless, a mechanism to recover the remains of the ‘disappeared’ – the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains (ICLVR) – was established, and has in fact proven to be quite effective. As a result, the reactions of key constituencies to the ‘disappearances’ can be used as a prism through which to comprehensively explore issues of relevance to transitional justice scholars and practitioners. Pursuing an interdisciplinary approach, and based on extensive empirical research, this book provides a multifaceted exploration of the responses of these constituencies to the practice of ‘disappearing.’ It engages with transitional justice themes including silence, memory, truth, acknowledgement, and apology. Key issues examined include the mobilisation efforts of families of the ‘disappeared,’ efforts by a (former) non-state armed group to address its legacy of violence, the utility of a limited immunity mechanism to incentivise information provision, and the interplay between silence and memory in the shaping of a collective, societal understanding of the ‘disappeared.’
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The New Politics Of Sinn F In

Author : Kevin Bean
ISBN : 9781846311444
Genre : History
File Size : 81.97 MB
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Sinn Féin (“ourselves” or “we ourselves”) began innocuously enough, at least in etymology, when founder Arthur Griffith asked the publishers of an Oldcastle paper if he might use their name for a new political party that he was setting up. Since that 1905 founding, however, and through its journey from revolutionary movement to potential political partner in the state it was pledged to destroy, the modern political meaning of Sinn Féin reflects a contradictory and tension-heavy history of Irish republicanism. The New Politics of Sinn Féin is a powerful and revealing assessment of the ideological and organizational development of provisional republicanism since 1985. The first half of the volume chronicles the processes of change that transformed the republican movement from its revolutionary origins to its current role as a civic and legislative power, while the second half explores the ideological implications of this transition. Arguing that the political movement remains a site of contestation between elements of the universal and the particular, Kevin Bean looks especially to the tensions between civic and ethnic conceptions of identity and the nation as a way to define Sinn Féin in its current incarnation—making this an essential volume for anyone concerned with the contemporary state of Irish politics.
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Policy Statement

Author : British Information Services. Policy and Reference Division
ISBN : STANFORD:36105021031146
Genre : Great Britain
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Never Give Up

Author : Gerry Adams
ISBN : 9781781175385
Genre : Political Science
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* Author is a high profile public figure with a strong following. * Writes for the first time about the death of close friend Martin McGuinness. * Guaranteed to generate media interest.
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Divided We Stand

Author : John Horgan
ISBN : 9780199323920
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 80.85 MB
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Terrorism has returned to the streets of Northern Ireland. In the years after the 1998 Real IRA bombing of Omagh, which killed 29 people, violent dissident Republican groups have re-emerged as a major security threat to a region that has been denied peace, stability, and prosperity for too long. Those responsible have many names. They are breakaways, splinter factions, spoilers, and "residual" terrorists. The Real IRA, Continuity IRA, and Óglaigh na hÉireann are only some of the groups now responsible for a growing wave of bombings, shootings, threats, and intimidation across Northern Ireland. Commonly known as "the dissidents," these are the rejectionists for whom there seems to be no negotiated settlement, no peace deal, no consensus solution that will convince them to accept the will of the majority of the people on the island of Ireland. Divided We Stand: The Strategy and Psychology of Ireland's Dissident Terrorists presents the results of meticulous research conducted by the International Center for the Study of Terrorism at the Pennsylvania State University. Since 2007, John Horgan, Director of the center, has led a research project to monitor the activities of Ireland's new terrorists. Drawing on one of the largest open-source militant databases ever assembled, Divided We Stand describes the activities, histories, motivations, psychology, and strategy of the small, dynamic, and rapidly evolving splinter groups that continue to erode peace, stability, and normalization in Northern Ireland.
Category: Psychology

A Secret History Of The Ira

Author : Ed Moloney
ISBN : 9780141900698
Genre : History
File Size : 48.81 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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For decades the British and Irish had 'got used to' a situation without parallel in Europe: a cold, ferocious, persistent campaign of bombing and terror of extraordinary duration and inventiveness. At the heart of that campaign lies one man: GerryAdams. From the outbreak of the troubles to the present day he has been an immensely influential figure. The most compelling question about the IRA is: how did a man who condoned atrocities that resulted in huge numbers of civilian deaths also become the guiding light behind the peace process? Moloney's book is now updated to encompass the anxious and uneasy peace that has prevailed to 2007.
Category: History

Irish On The Inside

Author : Tom Hayden
ISBN : 1859844774
Genre : Biography & Autobiography
File Size : 59.93 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Tom Hayden explores the losses wrought by Irish American conformism, in his own life and beyond. When David Trimble claimed recently that Irish republicans needed house-training, I felt the echo of my master's voice down through the ages, that of the Vikings, the British, and the WASPs, and knew why I am Irish. Now and then someone has to defecate on the master's rug. Tom Hayden first realized he was 'Irish on the inside' when he heard civil rights marchers in Northern Ireland singing 'We Shall Overcome' in 1969. Though his great-grandparents had been forced to emigrate to the US in the 1850s, Hayden's parents erased his Irish heritage in the quest for respectability. In this passionate book he explores the losses wrought by such conformism. Assimilation, he argues, has led to high rates of schizophrenia, depression, alcoholism and domestic violence within the Irish community. Today's Irish-Americans, Hayden contends, need to re-inhabit their history, to recognize that assimilation need not entail submission. By recognizing their links to others now experiencing the prejudice once directed at their ancestors, they can develop a sense of themselves that is both specific and inclusive: 'The survival of a distinct Irish soul is proof enough that Anglo culture will never fully satisfy our needs. We have a unique role in reshaping American society to empathize with the world's poor, for their story is the genuine story of the Irish.'
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The Race For The Ras 2012

Author : Tom Reddy
ISBN : 9780717153442
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 69.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Political intrigue, high drama and farce characterised Ireland s presidential campaign of 2011. Consistent opinion poll-topper David Norris was the first to declare and the first to crash out after it was revealed he had appealed for clemency for his former lover who was convicted of statutory rape of a teenage boy. A month later, he was back in the race. A media frenzy erupted again when it emerged that new party leader, Micheál Martin, had tried but failed to convince broadcasting legend Gay Byrne to run for Fianna Fáil. Fine Gael’s Enda Kenny favoured parachute candidate Pat Cox but Gay Mitchell bucked party HQ and won the nomination. Weeks later, both he and Special Olympics organiser Mary Davis laid claim to the exact same slogan as they unveiled their poster campaign! Martin McGuinness was a surprise entry into the field and was dramatically confronted and challenged throughout the campaign about his past as an IRA commander. Former presidential candidate Dana was the final entrant into the field. When her campaign car skidded off the road it launched speculation about an assassination attempt. But it was the revelations on the final TV debate on Frontline and a fake tweet that became a game changer for Dragons Den star Seán Gallagher and resulted in the election of poet and politician Michael D. Higgins with over one million votes to secure the Áras. The whole story is here, recalling the highs and lows in the most gripping election ever.
Category: Political Science

A Leap Of Faith

Author : David Latimer
ISBN : 1780731809
Genre : Northern Ireland
File Size : 30.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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In A Leap of Faith, David Latimer recounts his remarkable friendship with Martin McGuinness - and reminds us all about the importance of building bridges between faiths if we are to truly share the future.' President Bill Clinton
Category: Northern Ireland

Joe Cahill

Author : Brendan Anderson
ISBN : 9781847174284
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 31.63 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'I was born in a united Ireland, I want to die in a united Ireland.' Born in Belfast in 1920, Joe Cahill has been an IRA man motivated by this ambition all his life. IRA activists rarely speak about their lives or their organisation, but here Cahill gives his full and frank story, his viewpoint, his experiences -- from Northern Irish prison cells of the 1940s, on a death sentence, to Washington when the Good Friday Agreement was being negotiated. He tells of the visit he made to Colonel Gaddafi to arrange for arms and ammunition, and the fateful voyage of the Claudia; Bloody Sunday and the burning of the British Embassy in Dublin; the high-drama helicopter escape of IRA prisoners from Portlaoise Jail. This is the story of an extraordinary journey, Cahill's own life mirroring the growth, changes and development of the republican movement as a whole through more than sixty years of intense involvement.
Category: Political Science

Times Of Troubles

Author : Andrew Sanders
ISBN : 9780748655137
Genre : History
File Size : 76.88 MB
Format : PDF
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How 'The Troubles' in Ulster defined the Scottish and British military experience post-WW2.
Category: History

Reconciliation After Terrorism

Author : Judith Renner
ISBN : 9781136583711
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 48.38 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Reconciliation after Terrorism brings together scholars from the hitherto disparate fields of terrorism and reconciliation studies, in order to examine whether reconciliation is a possible strategy for dealing with and ending a terrorist conflict. Although terrorist activities often play a role in situations of conflict and transition, terrorists are generally not taken into consideration as active participants by researchers and practitioners. In some cases, the terrorists turn into political actors during the reconciliation process and their past is not an issue anymore, as it was the case with the ANC in South Africa. This book examines the notion of reconciliation with terrorists from a theoretical and empirical perspective. The notion of engagement and reconciliation with terrorist groups is generally seen as problematic, if not impossible. This is somewhat surprising, given that the idea of societal reconciliation has become a common response to state terror- although not usually in situations of conflict with sub-state terrorist actors. Similar to state terror, sub-state terrorism is a sign of a deep societal rift which reconciliation measures may help to overcome. The text investigates the reconciliatory process further, raising the central questions: (a) what constitutes ‘reconciliation’ as a process and an outcome; and (b) how can reconciliation be facilitated in a situation of social conflict. This book will be of much interest to students of terrorism studies, transitional justice, conflict resolution, peace and conflict studies and IR in general. * * *Reconciliation after Terrorism was featured in the Terrorism Bookshelf: Top 150 Books on Terrorism and Counterterrorism, selected and reviewed by Joshua Sinai. -Perspectives on Terrorism , Vol. 6, No 2, 2012* * *
Category: Political Science

Northern Ireland Since 1969

Author : Paul Dixon
ISBN : 9781317866565
Genre : History
File Size : 25.77 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The conflict in Northern Ireland since 1969 has cost over 3,600 lives and about 100,000 people in Northern Ireland live in a household where someone has been injured in a troubles-related incident. This has been a key issue in British and Irish politics and the recent peace process in Northern Ireland and the current ‘War on Terrorism’ has stimulated international involvement and a desire to ‘learn the lessons’ of ‘the troubles’. Although Northern Ireland has a population of just 1.5 million people it is one of the most researched territories of the world. There is considerable controversy over the interpretation of the history of Northern Ireland, not least since 1969. This new addition to the Seminar Studies in History Series provides a comprehensive introduction to the difficult topic, reviewing different perspectives on the recent history of the conflict in Northern Ireland while at the same time providing an authoritative overview. Each book in the Seminar Studies in History series provides a concise and reliable introduction to complex events and debates. Written by acknowledged experts and supported by extracts from historical Documents, a Chronology, Glossary, Who’s Who of key figures and Guide to Further Reading, Seminar Studies in History are the essential guides to understanding a topic.
Category: History

The Trigger Men

Author : Martin Dillon
ISBN : 9781780573762
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 88.24 MB
Format : PDF
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In The Trigger Men, bestselling author Martin Dillon delves into the dark and sinister world of Irish terrorism and counter-terrorism. Over three decades he has interviewed and investigated some of the most professional, dangerous and ruthless killers in Ireland. Now Dillon explores their personalities, motivations and bizarre crimes.Many of Ireland's assassins learned their trade in fields and on hillsides in remote parts of Ireland, while others were trained in the Middle East or with Basque separatist terrorists in Spain. Some were one-target-one-shot killers, like the sniper who terrorised the inhabitants of Washington State in the autumn of 2002, while others were bombers skilled in designing the most sophisticated explosive devices and booby traps. Another more powerful group of 'trigger men' were the influential figures in the shadows, who were experts in motivating the killers under their control. All of these men, whether they squeezed the trigger on a high-powered rifle, set the timer on a bomb or used their authority to send others out to commit horrific and unspeakable acts of cruelty, are featured in this book. The Trigger Men takes the reader inside the labyrinthine world of terrorist cells and highly classified counter-terrorism units of British Military Intelligence. The individual stories are described in gripping, unflinching detail and show how the terrorists carried out their ghastly work. Dillon also explores the ideology of the cult of the gunmen and the greed and hatred that motivated assassins in their killing sprees. There are penetrating insights into the mindset of the most infamous assassins: their social and historical conditioning, their callousness......
Category: Political Science

The Long War

Author : Brendan O'Brien
ISBN : 0815605978
Genre : History
File Size : 54.43 MB
Format : PDF
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This study provides a detailed, accurate, objective and lively account of the modern IRA and Sinn Fein movements from the first stirrings of the contemporary armed struggle through to the Good Friday Agreement and after."
Category: History