Management Of Water Resources In North America Iii

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Management Of Water Resources In North America Iii

Author : Nathan Buras
ISBN : UOM:39015034546328
Genre : Technology & Engineering
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This collection contains 14 selected papers on the management of water resources in North America presented at the Third North American Conference on Water Resources Management, held in Tucson, Arizona, September 4-8, 1993.
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Water Resources Of North America

Author : Asit K. Biswas
ISBN : 9783662108680
Genre : Science
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Leonardo da Vinci, the eminent Renaissance scholar and philosopher said, "water is the driver of nature". Many may have considered it to be an overstatement in the past, but at the beginning of the third millennium, no sane individual would disagree with Leonardo's view. Water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource for most of the world's citizens. The current trends indicate that the overall situation is likely to deteriorate further, at least for the next two decades, unless the water profession eschews its existing "business as usual" practices, which can only allow incremental changes to occur. Somewhat surprisingly, the water profession as a whole neither realised nor appreciated the gravity of the global water situation as late as 1990, even though a few serious scholars have been pointing out the increasing criticality of the situation from around 1982. For example, the seriousness of the crisis was not a major issue, either at the International Conference on W ater and the Environment, which was organised by the UN system in Dublin and also at the UN Conference on Environment and Development at Rio de Janeiro. Held in 1992, both are considered to be important events for the water sector of the past decade. It is now being increasingly recognised that the Dublin Conference was poorly planned and organised, and thus not surprisingly it produced very little, if any, worthwhile and lasting results.
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Water Resources Update

Author :
ISBN : UIUC:30112004393762
Genre : Water resources development
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Managing Water Resources In A Time Of Global Change

Author : Alberto Garrido
ISBN : 9781135968892
Genre : Business & Economics
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Global change possesses serious challenges for water managers and scientists. In mountain areas, where water supplies for half of the world population originate, climate and hydrologic models are still subject to considerable uncertainty. And yet, critical decisions have to be taken to ensure adequate and safe water supplies to billions of people, millions of farmers and industries, without further deteriorating rivers and water bodies. While global warming is known to cause glaciers’ retreat and reduced snow packs around the world, it is not clear that mountain discharge will be lower. What is widely recognised is that water management must be adapted to accommodate significant regime changes. However, this inevitably involves managing transboundary rivers, adding further complexity to putting principles in practice. This book takes global warming and the importance of mountain areas in world water resources as the starting point. First, it provides detailed reviews of the processes going on in several rivers systems and world regions in Europe (Rhône and Ebro), North America (Canadian Rockies, Western US and Mexico), the Middle East (Jordan), Africa (Tunisia, Kenya and South Africa). These contexts provide case studies and examples that show the difficulties and potential for adaptation to global change. Land-use, economics, numerous modeling approaches are some of the cross-cutting issues covered in the chapters. The volume also includes the views of water practitioners, with two chapters authored by members of the US-Canada International Joint Commission, an industrialist from Western Canada and an environmental leader in Spain. By combining a rich set of contexts and approaches, the volume succeeds in offering a view of the global challenges faced by water agencies, international donors and researchers around the world. A case is made in some chapters to seek adaptive strategies rather than trying to reduce or control resources variability. This requires factoring in land-use, social and economic aspects, especially in developing countries. Another conclusion is that complex problems can and must be posed and negotiated with the help of models, mapping techniques and science-based facts. However complex these may be, there are ways to translate them to easily interpretable and visualisations of alternative scenarios and courses of action. This book provides numerous examples of the potential of such approaches to draft environmental programmes solve transboundary disputes and reduce the economic consequences of droughts and climate instability.
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Management Of Water Resources

Author : Musa Asad
ISBN : 0821344374
Genre : Nature
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"Although procedures for pricing "retail" distribution have been established for a long time, methods for pricing bulk or "wholesale" water supplies are still evolving." How to finance the infrastructure and service of bulk water supply, and how to use pricing to achieve efficient allocation and use of water as a resource are the central issues that emerge from discussions about bulk water pricing. Efficiency will lead to allocating water resources better, reducing water losses caused by poor maintenance of the supply systems, and increased monitoring of water quality. At first glance, Brazil may not appear to be a relevant country from which to draw lessons in distributing scarce water resources, since it contains 12 percent of the world's fresh water supply. However, with its vast territory and issues of regional drought and population explosion, Brazil provides a unique environment in which to demonstrate how adequate pricing of bulk water on a regional level can help allocate water efficiently. This paper offers a framework for bulk water pricing reform and examines the lessons from recent analytical work and practice in Brazil, as well as relevant international experience. It then offers recommendations for the development of both water pricing and allocation policies to facilitate continued implementation of bulk water pricing in Brazil.
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Managing Water Resources Under Climate Uncertainty

Author : Sangam Shrestha
ISBN : 9783319104676
Genre : Science
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This book aims to come up with views to address the queries of planners, policymakers, and general people for water resources management under uncertainty of climate change, including examples from Asia and Europe with successful adaptive measures to change the challenge of climate change into opportunities. The availability of clean water is a major global challenge for the future due to a rapidly growing population and urbanization where further stress in water resources is expected due to the impact of climate change. The wide range of impacts includes for example changes in hydrology, moisture availability, spatial and temporal variations in magnitude of stream flow, and dwindling of water levels with adverse effect on wetlands and ecosystem. As a consequence, water management has become a serious issue and was identified as a global societal challenge, and climate change forecasting has become one of the key issues in recent research on sustainable water resources management.
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Deceiving Dis Appearances

Author : Harlan Koff
ISBN : 9052013691
Genre : Political Science
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The impact of recent shifts in global geopolitics and economic markets has led to the re-conceptualization of national borders. Scholars have shifted their analysis away from the narrow idea of «borders», and moved their attention towards the wider view of «borderlands», «border regions», and «border zones», thus, leading to the conceptual re-definition of border politics. These recent approaches have identified border areas as socially constructed territories that demonstrate many of the characteristics of independent polities. Border communities seem to have come to life, creating a degree of autonomy and separation from central state actors. While the rich literature in border studies identifies important changes in local political and economic systems, it does not necessarily identify the mechanisms that create these changes: Why has integration occurred in some border regions while others are being reinforced? Why has integration failed in some cases where opportunity structures are positive, while it has succeeded in others saddled with more limited constraints? The essays in this volume address such fundamental questions.
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Water Resource Management

Author : R.B. Mandal
ISBN : 818069318X
Genre : Water-supply
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Papers presented at the fifth BAG conference held at Bhagalpur during 18-19 October 2003.
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Modeling And Computation In Engineering Iii

Author : Lei Zhang
ISBN : 9781315749457
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 65.92 MB
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The demands of modeling and computation in engineering are rapidly growing as a multidisciplinary area with connections to engineering, mathematics and computer science. Modeling and Computation in Engineering III contains 45 technical papers from the 3rd International Conference on Modeling and Computation in Engineering (CMCE 2014, 28-29 June 201
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Decision Making In Natural Resource Management

Author : Michael J. Conroy
ISBN : 9781118506233
Genre : Science
File Size : 39.8 MB
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This book is intended for use by natural resource managers andscientists, and students in the fields of natural resourcemanagement, ecology, and conservation biology, who are confrontedwith complex and difficult decision making problems. The book takesreaders through the process of developing a structured approach todecision making, by firstly deconstructing decisions into componentparts, which are each fully analyzed and then reassembled to form aworking decision model. The book integrates common-senseideas about problem definitions, such as the need for decisions tobe driven by explicit objectives, with sophisticated approaches formodeling decision influence and incorporating feedback frommonitoring programs into decision making via adaptive management.Numerous worked examples are provided for illustration, along withdetailed case studies illustrating the authors’ experience inapplying structured approaches. There is also a series of detailedtechnical appendices. An accompanying website providescomputer code and data used in the worked examples. Additional resources for this book can be foundat: ahref=""
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Water Resources Management

Author :
ISBN : 0821326368
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 36.66 MB
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Also available in Arabic, French, and Spanish:Arabic: Stock No. 12639 (ISBN 0-8213-2637-2) / Price code 006French: Gestion des ressources en eau. La Banque mondiale. Document de politique generale de la Banque mondiale / Stock No. 12637 (ISBN 0-8213-2637-6) / $6.95 / Price code 006Spanish: La ordenacion de los recursos hidricos. El Banco Mundial. Documento de poljtica del Banco Mundial / Stock No. 12638 (ISBN 0-8213-2638-4) / $6.95 / Price code 006All editions: $6.95 / Price code 006.This study examines new World Bank policies that deal with scarce water resources in developing countries. It provides a framework to help governments design effective water management programs.Countries can tailor the framework to suit their needs. The study describes key policy goals that each country program should adopt. It discusses ways to make industry control pollution and conserve water. It suggests means of making water more accessible and sewage collection and treatment more efficient.Practical ways to modernize irrigation techniques and hydropower systems, to protect ecosystems, minimize resettlement, and maintain biodiversity are outlined. Low-cost methods of providing drinking water for the rural poor and water for industry and agriculture are recommended.The study also recommends institutional and regulatory reforms that use incentives to promote more efficient water use and services, employ new water conservation technology, and let communities join in water management.The study describes the conditions that would affect World Bank lending to individual countries. It reviews the water management problems that would get urgent consideration. It also examines how Bank support is affected by a country's commitment to sound water management.
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Historical Environmental Variation In Conservation And Natural Resource Management

Author : John A. Wiens
ISBN : 9781118329757
Genre : Science
File Size : 43.32 MB
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In North America, concepts of Historical Range of Variability are being employed in land-management planning for properties of private organizations and multiple government agencies. The National Park Service, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, and The Nature Conservancy all include elements of historical ecology in their planning processes. Similar approaches are part of land management and conservation in Europe and Australia. Each of these user groups must struggle with the added complication of rapid climate change, rapid land-use change, and technical issues in order to employ historical ecology effectively. Historical Environmental Variation in Conservation and Natural Resource Management explores the utility of historical ecology in a management and conservation context and the development of concepts related to understanding future ranges of variability. It provides guidance and insights to all those entrusted with managing and conserving natural resources: land-use planners, ecologists, fire scientists, natural resource policy makers, conservation biologists, refuge and preserve managers, and field practitioners. The book will be particularly timely as science-based management is once again emphasized in United States federal land management and as an understanding of the potential effects of climate change becomes more widespread among resource managers. Additional resources for this book can be found at:
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Reducing Poverty Through Investments In Agricultural Water Management

Author : Van Koppen, Barbara
ISBN : 9789290906155
Genre : Water-supply, Agricultural
File Size : 27.27 MB
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The overall goal of the Collaborative Program on ‘Investments in Agricultural Water Management in Sub-Saharan Africa’ is to contribute to broad-based sustainable poverty reduction and smallholder agricultural growth. The component on ‘Poverty considerations in investments in agricultural water management’ focuses in more detail on poverty and gender dimensions. It consists of two parts. The first part is thematic and elaborates poverty and gender issues emerging from the literature that complement the other components of the Collaborative Program. Part two is empirical. Acknowledging the lack of empirical data on poverty impacts of investments in agricultural water management, the Collaborative Program initiated case studies throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Eight case studies on ‘Agricultural Water Development for Poverty Reduction in Eastern and Southern Africa’, for which the field research was conducted in 2003/2004, were supported by IFAD (Peacock,2005). Further, the African Development Bank supported three case studies in West Africa in 2004, two by Kamara et al. (2004), and one by Babatunde Omilola (2005). Part two synthesizes the empirical findings of these case studies.
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Economic Valuation Of Water Resources In Agriculture

Author : R. Kerry Turner
ISBN : 9251051909
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 29.49 MB
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The purpose of this report is to produce a review on water resource valuation issues and techniques specifically for the appraisal and negotiation of raw (as opposed to bulk or retail) water resource allocation for agricultural development projects. The review considers raw water in naturally occurring watercourses, lakes, wetlands, soil and aquifers, taking an ecosystem function perspective at a catchment scale, and takes account of the demands from irrigated and rainfed agriculture. It is hoped that the review will have particular application to developing countries where agreed methods for reconciling competing uses are often absent, but nevertheless takes account of valuation approaches that have been made in post industrial economies.
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