Man Myth Messiah Answering Historys Greatest Question

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Man Myth Messiah

Author : Rice Broocks
ISBN : 9780718005931
Genre : Religion
File Size : 41.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Did Jesus Really Exist? The search for the historical Jesus continues to be headline news. Any speculative theory seems to get instant attention as the debate rages about His real identity and the claims made in His name. Did Jesus really exist? Is there real historical evidence that demonstrates that He lived and actually said and did the things the Gospels record? Is there any validity to the speculative claims that the Jesus story was a myth, borrowed from a variety of pagan cultures of the ancient world? In this follow-up to the book God’s Not Dead (that inspired the movie), Man, Myth, Messiah looks at the evidence for the historical Jesus and exposes the notions of skeptics that Jesus was a contrived figure of ancient mythology. It also looks at the reliability of the Gospel records as well as the evidence for the resurrection that validates His identity as the promised Messiah. Man, Myth, Messiah will be released concurrent to the God’s Not Dead movie sequel, which will cover the same theme.
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The Human Right

Author : Rice Broocks
ISBN : 9780718093662
Genre : Religion
File Size : 28.56 MB
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A different kind of evangelism book Just as the author’s book God’s Not Dead laid out the logical reasoning for God’s existence, and Man Myth Messiah established the existence and identity of Jesus Christ, now Rice Broocks brings a definitive book on the logical necessity to make the proclamation of the Gospel our highest priority. In fact, it is actually the ultimate justice issue and, therefore, the most important of all human rights. Consciously or subconsciously, many now believe that demonstrating tolerance is more important than truth. Fundamentally, the right to know the truth is even greater than the freedom to believe. Because Jesus Christ is the Truth, then humanity shouldn’t be denied the right to hear about Him, make its own decision, and then have the freedom to tell others. This unique book is written to achieve the following goals: To recast the gospel as a human rights issue To reset the gospel as our top priority To explain why truth exists in the first place To defend the truth of the Bible To explain why God’s design and purpose make gender issues absurd To show that immorality is wrong regardless of the law of man What is truth? Does God really exist? Is the Bible true? All of this will be examined more closely in this book. Jesus claimed He was the Truth, not just spoke the truth. Therefore, if Christ is the Truth, and all deserve to know what is true, then the most basic right of all is to know Jesus Christ and make Him known.
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A Thematic Access Oriented Bibliography Of Jesus S Resurrection

Author : Michael J. Alter
ISBN : 9781725252752
Genre : Religion
File Size : 88.50 MB
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The keystone of Christianity is Jesus’s physical, bodily resurrection. Present-day scholars can be significantly challenged as they forage through voluminous documents on the resurrection of Jesus. The literature measures well over seven thousand sources in English-language books alone. This makes finding specific sources that are most relevant for specific scholarly purposes an arduous task. Even when a specific book is relevant, finding the parts of the book that are most relevant to the resurrection rather than other topics often requires additional effort. A Thematic Access-Oriented Bibliography of Jesus’s Resurrection addresses these challenges in several ways. First, the bibliography organizes more than seven thousand English sources into twelve main categories and then thirty-four subcategories, which are designed to help you find the most relevant literature quickly and efficiently. Embedded are pro and con arguments which support efficient access through brief annotations and then annotate the diversity and complexity of the field of religion by including sources that represent a diverse range of views: theistic (e.g., Christian, Jewish, Muslim, etc.), agnostic, and nontheistic. The objective of this bibliography is to provide convenient access to relevant sources from a variety of perspectives, allowing you to browse or find the one source accurately and with ease.
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Break Open Your Box

Author : Matthew M. Plank
ISBN : 9781512799842
Genre : Religion
File Size : 75.21 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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We have been given the most precious giftlife. What we choose to do with it is ultimately up to us. We are all uniquely created. God has a mission designed for each one of us; that includes you. Break Open Your Box invites you on a journey to better discover yourself and your purpose as you piece your life together. You will be introduced to the secrets of living a meaningful life through seeking God, making connections with others, and finding the right perspective. Once you realize your potential, you will be closer than ever to achieving personal fulfillment. Whats more, with your renewed, infectious spirit, you will blaze a trail for others to follow. A note from the editor: In this work, the author delves into a timeless question, What does it take to achieve happiness and personal fulfillment? Drawing upon life experiences, wisdom from previous generations, and biblical truths, the writer shares the secrets of a meaningful life, encouraging readers to seek God through scripture, listen to those who have traveled lifes road before them, and seek personal connections with those around them while maintaining a positive outlook.
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Jesus Fact Fiction

Author : Rose Publishing
ISBN : 9781628620221
Genre : Religion
File Size : 86.81 MB
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The character of Jesus Christ looms large in the history of the world. This one man has influenced more people and cultures than anyone else. But the "new critics" and popular culture have distorted truths about the greatest man in history. In Jesus: Fact and Fiction, author Robert M. Bowman busts current myths and answers popular questions about Jesus such as: •Was Jesus a mythical figure? •Are the Gnostic gospels better sources for Jesus than the New Testament Gospels? •Where was Jesus during his "lost years"? •Did the "Jesus family tomb" belong to Jesus Christ? •Is Jesus just one of the world's many religious founders? •Did the early church twist the Old Testament to support its claim that Jesus was the Messiah? •and other questions.
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Questions And Answers

Author : Harold Patrick Morgan
ISBN : IND:30000116428966
Genre : Questions and answers
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Author : Russell M. Lawson
ISBN : 9781532694714
Genre : Religion
File Size : 80.58 MB
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This book is the culmination of many years spent addressing two questions: Why did Christ come when He did? And what happened as a result? The first question has exercised the minds of countless theologians, philosophers, and historians, those who assume through faith that the Son of God could determine whence He appeared among humans. Why during the Roman Empire? Why during the reign of Herod the Great or his successor Herod Archelaus? Why not centuries earlier, or centuries later? Why at this particular time, two thousand years ago? Such answers as have been proposed—that He arrived as the Messiah to fulfill God's promise to the Jews; that He arrived when the Pax Romana provided the stability and continuity necessary for the spread of Christianity throughout the Mediterranean region; that He arrived when humans needed Him most—are sufficient, if not wholly satisfactory, answers to the question. One way to approach the question, Why did Christ come when He did?, is to ask the corollary, And what happened as a result?, which provides a host of new possibilities. He came to establish the Church; He came to replace the Old Testament Law, the old covenant, with a new covenant; He came to inaugurate the Great Commission, to spread His Word throughout the world; He came to save the world; He inaugurated the greatest revolution in thought, culture, and society, the world has ever seen before and since. Which one is true? What is the answer?
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The Almost Immaculate Deception

Author : Eileen McCourt
ISBN : 1720549370
Genre :
File Size : 35.1 MB
Format : PDF
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The Jesus of religion, the Jesus of faith has always been portrayed by the Roman Catholic Church as a unique Jesus. Unique that is, in both his life events and in his claim to be the Jewish Messiah. This claim of the uniqueness of Jesus, upon which the early Christian Church was founded has been maintained and fostered for almost 2,000 years. But the stark reality is that Jesus was not unique! This book dispels the myths surrounding the events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth as expounded by the Roman Catholic Church and explains very clearly where indeed the origins of the story of the life of this most famous historical person truly lie. And what about the doctrines, dogmas and teachings on which the Roman Catholic Church professes to have been founded? Where did they originate? Is the Roman Catholic Church built on the teachings of Jesus or on the writings of Paul? Who was Mary Magdalene? What was her relationship with Jesus? Why has the Roman Catholic Church for centuries castigated her as a sinner and a prostitute? What is the connection between Copernicus, Galileo and Mary Magdalene? How did it come about that Rome, after centuries of persecuting the Christians, became the leader of the world-wide Roman Catholic Church? The answers to all these questions lie within this book! Prepare to be shocked! But the truth will always out! And so it is!

Behold The Lamb A Harmony Of The Gospels

Author : C. Austin Tucker
ISBN : 0989038122
Genre : Bibles
File Size : 65.64 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The riveting story of Jesus Christ leaps off the page in this new chronological and harmonized Bible translation that presents an orderly account of the greatest story ever told. This Bible's unique, novel-like format transforms words on paper to an encounter with the King of kings and Lord of lords.
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Man Myth Magic Illu Juda

Author : Richard Cavendish
ISBN : NWU:35556025207820
Genre : Mythology
File Size : 22.96 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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History Today

Author : Peter Quennell
ISBN : UOM:39015046807452
Genre : History
File Size : 66.62 MB
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The Freethinker

Author :
ISBN : UOM:39015073793419
Genre : Free thought
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The Alternative

Author :
ISBN : IND:30000089192896
Genre : Periodicals
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