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Making Peace With The Earth

Author : Vandana Shiva
ISBN : 0745333761
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 46.85 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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In this compelling and rigorously documented exposition, Vandana Shiva demolishes the myths propagated by corporate globalization in its pursuit of profit and power, and reveals its devastating environmental impact. Shiva argues that consumerism lubricates the war against the earth and that corporate control violates all ethical and ecological limits. She takes the reader on a journey through the world's devastated eco-landscape, one of genetic engineering, industrial development, agribusiness and land-grabs in Africa, Asia and South America. She concludes that exploitation of this order is incurring an ecological and economic debt that is utterly unsustainable. Making Peace with the Earth boldly makes the claim that a paradigm shift to earth-centered politics and economics is our only chance of survival, envisioning how collective resistance to corporate exploitation can open the way to a new environmentalism.
Category: Business & Economics

Making Peace With The Earth

Author : Grace Ji-Sun Kim
ISBN : 2825416681
Genre : Religion
File Size : 31.59 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The greatest untapped natural resource for addressing the world's most pressing problems comes from the energy of religiously committed people. This book gathers the expertise of activists, theologians, and faith-based organizations to inspire and encourage churches everywhere in grassroots work and advocacy for climate justice. No issue so violates the core of Christian convictions as the jeopardizing of human life and creation through climate change. Writing from the concrete experiences and efforts of churches in Greece, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Germany, tropical Africa, Latin America, and the Pacific Islands, the book's contributors also address related issues of health, human rights, land and deforestation, food security, migration, divestment, as well as creation spirituality and theology. The book points out that making peace with the earth will not be easy, but now is the time for religious leaders, church people, and organizations to make the climate their priority. [Subject: Religious Studies, Christianity, Environmental Studies]
Category: Religion

Making Peace With The Earth

Author : Jérôme Bindé
ISBN : 1845454987
Genre : Nature
File Size : 55.57 MB
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The current world situation is fraught with potential future conflicts and calls for global responses. The point needs to be made yet again that sustainable development concerns us all and is a vital prerequisite for effectively combating poverty, since it is the poorest individuals that are most affected by drought and other natural catastrophes looming over the planet. Today, though, we understand that our war on nature is a world war...As part of the current reform of the United Nations system, a wide-ranging debate has now begun concerning the governance of the environment at a world-wide level and the need for better coordination of everybody's efforts. [from the Preface] Unesco is actively involved in the debate as reflected in this volume that outlines some of the fundamental themes outlined here by prominent thinkers and offered as a forum for discussion.
Category: Nature

Making Peace With Being On Earth

ISBN : 8793297572
Genre :
File Size : 50.41 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Become one of the few spiritual seekers who are at peace with being on this planet

Making Peace With The Land

Author : Fred Bahnson
ISBN : 9780830834570
Genre : Religion
File Size : 81.30 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Agriculturalist Fred Bahnson and theologian Norman Wirzba develop a vision for community renewal based on reconciliation with the land. With a balance of theological and practical insight, the authors lead communities into practices of local food production, eucharistic eating and delight in God s provision.
Category: Religion

Making Peace With The 60s

Author : David Burner
ISBN : 0691059535
Genre : History
File Size : 47.98 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Provocative argument about how liberalism self-destructed in the 1960s. Making Peace with the 60s will fascinate baby-boomers and their elders, who either joined, denounced, or tried to ignore the counterculture. It will also inform a broad audience of younger people about the famous political and literary figures of the time, the salient moments, and, above all, the powerful ideas that spawned events from the civil rights era to the Vietnam War. Finally it will help to.
Category: History

Making Peace With Your Emotions

Author : Women of Faith
ISBN : 9781418549305
Genre : Religion
File Size : 79.70 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Many of us women see our emotions as a weakness to be overcome instead of a gift that God gave us as a reflection of Himself. Through this much-needed study guide, women will see the unique value in their emotions and explore twelve Bible passages and characters that expressed raw emotion. Emotions discussed include grief, jealousy, anger, fear, sadness, joy, hope, and optimism. You will feel more empowered to handle negative emotions in a healthy way, and you will have a deeper appreciation for emotions in general. You will have confidence that your emotions are not only good, but godly. Women of Faith Study Guides sold to date: More than 2 million
Category: Religion

The Poesis Of Peace

Author : Klaus-Gerd Giesen
ISBN : 9781317021162
Genre : Religion
File Size : 58.94 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Exploring the relations between the concepts of peace and violence with aesthetics, nature, the body, and environmental issues, The Poesis of Peace applies a multidisciplinary approach to case studies in both Western and non-Western contexts including Islam, Chinese philosophy, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Established and renowned theologians and philosophers, such as Kevin Hart, Eduardo Mendieta, and Clemens Sedmak, as well as upcoming and talented young academics look at peace and non-violence through the lens of recent scholarly advances on the subject achieved in the fields of theology, philosophy, political theory, and environmentalism.
Category: Religion

Making Peace With God And Nature

Author : Kamran Pirnahad
ISBN : 9780595479634
Genre : Religion
File Size : 50.2 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Author, Kamran Pirnahad, has strived to tame human's ignorance, and mend the lack of unity of hearts and souls. It has been the author's sincere intentions to establish a lasting loving relationship between God and humanity. Ultimately, as this relationship will mature with time, and as humanity grows with the love of God, it is going to become crucial to learn how to make peace with God, as well. Now there is hope that humanity can embrace salvation, and once more become one and united with God, at the end of the long journey of faith on Earth. Kamran Pirnahad's purpose of authorship throughout his entire career of writing has been to show how humanity can reach the gates of salvation and peace, without being devoured by the complexities of fallible and inadequate systems of thought. It has been the author's goal to open a new path for mankind to serve the Truth and the Truce, and promote faith and humanity in an inspirational and profound way. The author has diligently sought with grace and out of humbleness, to reconcile and reckon with all other systems of beliefs, and to reveal God's ultimate plan for humanity to enter His Abode of Peace and Serenity.
Category: Religion

Making Peace With Your Father

Author : David Stoop
ISBN : 9780830734412
Genre : Religion
File Size : 48.59 MB
Format : PDF
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In this revised and updated copy of his best-selling book, Dr. David Stoop encourages readers to celebrate the positive influences their dads had on them and to make peace with their fathers for the difficulties and problems they may have caused. "Making Peace with Your Father" offers a comprehensive look at the role of the father, a study of father-absence, and a thorough description of the impact of abusive fathers. Readers will learn the 11-step process that gives hope and healing for relationships with fathers. This is a journey toward healing that all of us must take if we want to be whole whole.
Category: Religion