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Making Peace With Being On Earth

ISBN : 8793297572
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Become one of the few spiritual seekers who are at peace with being on this planet

Peace On Earth

Author : Michael Amaladoss
ISBN : 8171096093
Genre : Peace
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Category: Peace

Peace On Earth

Author : Thomas Matyók
ISBN : 9780739176290
Genre : Religion
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Peace on Earth: The Role of Religion in Peace and Conflict Studies provides a critical analysis of faith and religious institutions in peacebuilding practice and pedagogy. The work captures the synergistic relationships among faith traditions and how multiple approaches to conflict transformation and peacebuilding result in a creative process that has the potential to achieve a more detailed view of peace on earth, containing breadth as well as depth. Library and bookstore shelves are filled with critiques of the negative impacts of religion in conflict scenarios. Peace on Earth: The Role of Religion in Peace and Conflict Studies offers an alternate view that suggests religious organizations play a more complex role in conflict than a simply negative one. Faith-based organizations, and their workers, are often found on the frontlines of conflict throughout the world, conducting conflict management and resolution activities as well as advancing peacebuilding initiatives.
Category: Religion

Making Peace With The Earth

Author : Jérôme Bindé
ISBN : 1845454987
Genre : Nature
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The current world situation is fraught with potential future conflicts and calls for global responses. The point needs to be made yet again that sustainable development concerns us all and is a vital prerequisite for effectively combating poverty, since it is the poorest individuals that are most affected by drought and other natural catastrophes looming over the planet. Today, though, we understand that our war on nature is a world war...As part of the current reform of the United Nations system, a wide-ranging debate has now begun concerning the governance of the environment at a world-wide level and the need for better coordination of everybody's efforts. [from the Preface] Unesco is actively involved in the debate as reflected in this volume that outlines some of the fundamental themes outlined here by prominent thinkers and offered as a forum for discussion.
Category: Nature

On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Author : David Vincent Meconi
ISBN : 9781467445351
Genre : Religion
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With the 2015 publication of Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’, many people of faith have found themselves challenged to seek new ways of addressing serious ecological questions — issues essential to the flourishing of all creatures and not just human beings. This volume brings together fifteen select scholars to consider pressing contemporary environmental concerns through the lens of Catholic theology. Drawing from the early church fathers and other authoritative voices in the Christian tradition, the contributors to On Earth as It Is in Heaven show how ancient, creedal Christianity offers significant insights into our current ecological dilemmas and speaks powerfully about what it means for us today to care well for God’s good creation. CONTRIBUTORS and TOPICS Robert Louis Wilken on honoring centipedes and toads — and all of God’s created works Christopher J. Thompson on not reducing creatures to “resources” solely to be “used” Steven A. Long on understanding the created order as a participation in the divine, eternal law Marie George on human stewardship of creation as both kingship and kinship Matthew Levering on “be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth” — a good idea? Dawn M. Nothwehr, OSF, on sustainability from a Franciscan perspective John A. Cuddeback on land use and household stewardship Faith Pawl on animal flourishing and suffering Paul M. Blowers on evolutionary theory and the promise of restoration for all creation Christopher A. Franks on Job, poverty, gratitude, and “a gentle life” Jonathan J. Sanford on how Aristotle and Maritain illuminate our obligation to care for creation Paige E. Hochschild on contemplating rather than dominating nature, building on Augustine and George Grant Chris Killheffer on how monastic sources help us rethink gluttony and its remedies David Vincent Meconi, SJ, on the wonderful, awe-filled interrelationship between creatures and their Creator Esther Mary Nickel, RSM, on the liturgy as the space in which all creation is consecrated before the cross of Christ
Category: Religion

Peace In Uganda

Author : S. A. H. Abidi
ISBN : 9789970822027
Genre : Political Science
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Always Be Tolerant Organization (ABETO) was established and registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation in June 1996. The inspiration was in pursuit of the Commonwealth conference resolution to embrace tolerance. In the year 2002, ABETO conceived the idea of bringing out a series of publications stressing the value of Tolerance as a tool for resolving conflicts and to educacte Ugandans as well as the international community about the pressing problems and conflicts within the society. This publication therefore is third in a series of ABETO publications, after Living Beyond Conflict for Peace and Tolerance, published in 2002 and Diplomatic Approach to Peace: Ambassadors and Commissions Speak out published in 2005. Focussing again on the situation on Northern Uganda some of the topic covered in Peace in Uganda The Role of Civil Society are: The Importance of People's Participation in Conflict Resolution in Eastern, Central and Western Uganda; Promoting Sustainable Peace in Northern Uganda Through Agricultural Development; The Role of Women in Advancement of Society; The Importance of Cultural Institutions in Nation Building.
Category: Political Science

Peace On Earth

Author : Dr Kenneth Rex Larsen
ISBN : 9781462059034
Genre : Fiction
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It is Christmas Eve and the Vanity Fair Mall Santa Claus is nearly finished being jolly old Saint Nicholas for another year. But there is something different about this Santa. He is renting a body from mortal Ken Larsen. Santa listens carefully to Christmas wishes and speaks words of wisdom to each child, but when ten-year-old Billy Mitchell sits on his lap and asks for world peace, Santa suddenly realizes it is the one wish he is unable to grant. After Ken's shift as Santa ends, he heads to his girlfriend Sandy's home with his red bag on his shoulder. They exchange gifts, and it seems like a peaceful Christmas Eve until the doorbell rings. Suddenly Ken finds himself precariously perched on a dilapidated fire escape outside Sandy's window-with her jealous husband inside. Things go from bad to worse when Ken slips on the icy platform and plunges to his death. But all is not lost when Ken meets Jesus and learns he must return to his body and travel to Israel and help the world make peace. Limited only by Santa's rules, Ken must do everything within his newfound spiritual powers to grant Billy's wish. In this fictional parable, one man holds the weight of the world on his shoulders as he makes an unprecedented attempt to achieve worldwide peace.
Category: Fiction

Heaven On Earth

Author : Richard Landes
ISBN : 9780199831814
Genre : Religion
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Millennialists through the ages have looked forward to the apocalyptic moment that will radically transform society into heaven on earth. They have delivered withering critiques of their own civilizations and promised both the impending annihilation of the forces of evil and the advent of a perfect society. And all their promises have invariably failed. We tend, therefore, to dismiss these prophets of doom and salvation as crackpots and madmen, and not surprisingly historians of our secular era have tended to underestimate their impact on our modern world. Now, Richard Landes offers a lucid and ground-breaking analysis of this widely misunderstood phenomenon. This long-awaited study shows that many events typically regarded as secular--including the French Revolution, Marxism, Bolshevism, Nazism--not only contain key millennialist elements, but follow the apocalyptic curve of enthusiastic launch, disappointment and (often catastrophic) re-entry into "normal time." Indeed, as Landes examines the explicit millennialism behind such recent events as the emergence of Global Jihad since 1979, he challenges the common notion that modern history is largely driven by secular interests. By focusing on ten widely different case studies, none of which come from Judaism or Christianity, he shows that millennialism is not only a cultural universal, but also an extremely adaptive social phenomenon that persists across the modern and post-modern divides. At the same time, he also offers valuable insight into the social and psychological factors that drive such beliefs. Ranging from ancient Egypt to modern-day UFO cults and global Jihad, Heaven on Earth both delivers an eye-opening revisionist argument for the significance of millennialism throughout history and alerts the reader to the alarming spread of these ideologies in our world today.
Category: Religion

The Search For Peace

Author : Wanda Winters-Gutierrez
ISBN : 9780768429671
Genre : Religion
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Takes the reader on a journey exploring unresolved issues, unhealed hurts, unmet needs and other 'negative core beliefs' that hinder all of us on life's journey towards an experience of Divine peace. This work exposes the techniques of Satan as he seeks to sabotage each of us who have set out on this journey.
Category: Religion