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Making Noise Making News

Author : Mary Chapman
ISBN : 9780199988297
Genre : History
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For most people, the US suffrage campaign is encapsulated in images of orators such as the tightly coifed Susan B. Anthony, the wimpled Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and others who hectored for women's rights throughout the nineteenth century. The campaign to secure the vote for US women, however, was also a modern and print-cultural phenomenon, waged with humor, style, and creativity. In this fascinating cultural history, Mary Chapman demonstrates the importance of the aesthetically innovative print culture produced by US suffragists in the two decades leading up to the passage of the 19th Amendment, seven decades after women's rights activists first met at Seneca Falls. A century before the advent of social media", suffragists mobilized the masses [fashioned a "suffragist spring" through creative forms of propaganda including advocacy journals, guest-edited mainstream magazines, banners, voiceless speech placards, publicity stunts, poetry, and fiction. These propaganda forms made the public sphere much more inclusive even as they also perpetuated an image of the suffragist New Woman as native-born, white, and middle-class. Making Noise, Making News also understands modern suffragist print culture as a demonstrable link between the Progressive Era's political campaign for a voice in the public sphere and Modernism's aesthetic efforts to re-imagine literary voice. Chapman charts a relationship between modern suffragist print cultural "noise" and what literary modernists understood by "making it new!", asserting that the experimental tactics of US suffrage print culture contributed to, and even anticipated, the formal innovations of US literary modernism. Drawing on little-known archives and featuring over twenty visually stunning illustrations, Making Noise, Making News provides startling documentation of Marianne Moore's closeted career as a suffrage propagandist, the persuasive effects of Algonquin Table's Alice Duer Miller's popular poetry column,Asian-American author Sui Sin Far's challenge to the racism and classism of modern suffragism, and Gertrude Stein's midcentury recognition of intersections between suffrage discourse and literary modernism."
Category: History

Making Noise Making Sounds

Author : Louise Spilsbury
ISBN : 9781406274523
Genre :
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This engaging book explains how sounds are made, with easy-to-understand examples and hands-on, fun experiments.

Making Noise

Author : Hillel Schwartz
ISBN : 1935408127
Genre : History
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Drawing upon such diverse sources as the archives of antinoise activists and radio advertisers, catalogs of fireworks and dental drills, and daybooks of physicists, travel diaries and civil defense pamphlets, Schwartz traces the process by which noise today has become as powerfully metaphorical as the original Babel.
Category: History

Making Joyful Noise

Author : Andrew Malekoff
ISBN : 9781317994251
Genre : Family & Relationships
File Size : 30.22 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This diverse collection of articles by group work professionals who work in the classroom and in the field captures not only the art and science of social work with groups but also its soul, highlighting practice, teaching, and writing ideas that promote the power of group work - and the people who do it. Making Joyful Noise reinforces the value and uniqueness of group work as a positive, optimistic, empowering, and affirming way of working with people. The articles presented here cover a wide range of age groups, populations, and settings and include examples on the use of activity and discussion in groups: a poetry club for children, the meaning of camp for preadolescents, a boxing group for adolescents who live in the inner city, self-defense classes for adults, and caregiver support for the elderly. The book also steps into the classroom to promote the teaching of social group work and the education of advanced group work practitioners and to encourage practitioners to write about their group work practice. Finally, the book presents and illustrates a number of concepts that are unique to group work and that encourage front-line practitioners to “be bold” and to “stay in the mess.” While organized as a tribute to the late Dr. Roselle Kurland, Making Joyful Noise is in and of itself an important collection of articles and essays on social group work and one that is certain to provide all practitioners who are interested in group work with a spark, a smile, and some needed inspiration for their important work. Making Joyful Noise includes: essentials for preserving, promoting, and portraying group work practice the critical relationship between human and professional ethics in group work six common mistakes that practitioners make in regard to group purpose using organizational analysis to improve group work practice creatively blending activity and discussion in diverse settings cultivating collegiality to reduce isolation and enhance practice developing a capacity to “stay in the mess” in group work with people of all ages skills for effectively working with transitions, separation, and loss in group guidelines for practitioners wishing to write for publication and much more! This book is a rich and diverse collection that is required reading for anyone working to promote social work with groups.
Category: Family & Relationships

Filling A Need While Making Some Noise

Author : Kathy Lorenzato
ISBN : 184642447X
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 29.94 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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'This book teaches, provides painful insight, and creates awareness and empathy for the patients, families, and caregivers who are living and working every day within a framework of tragedy. This book is also great entertainment. You will laugh and cry, sometimes simultaneously, throughout your reading.' - From the Foreword by Kay Roskam, Board Certified Music Therapist Filling a Need While Making Some Noise is an inspiring and engaging nuts-and-bolts guide for music therapists who are interested in working in pediatrics. Kathy Lorenzato paints a vivid picture of what it's like to work, as a member of support staff in a teaching hospital, with children and families who are facing tremendous health challenges, and for whom music therapy is part of their treatment or recovery plan. She explains the beneficial effects of music therapy on children with physical or mental illness and offers many helpful suggestions and background information on practicing music therapy in a hospital environment, the kinds of instruments to use and how to work successfully with medical staff and how music therapists can help their patients' families to cope with the hospital experience. Lorenzato also describes the therapy programs she designed to complement the treatment of and recovery from specific medical conditions she has encountered, from cancer to trauma caused by child abuse. This book will be an invaluable resource for music therapists, both newly qualified and experienced, members of the medical and childcare professions and students in these fields.
Category: Psychology

Women Make Noise

Author : Victoria Yeulet
ISBN : 9780956632944
Genre : Music
File Size : 48.56 MB
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‘When was the last time you heard an all-girl band on the radio? Why don’t all-girl bands get attention they deserve?’ In Women Make Noise musicians, journalists, promoters and fans excavate the hidden story of the all-girl band: from country belles of the 20s–40s and girl groups of the 60s, to prog rock goddesses, women’s liberationists and punks of the 70s–80s; from riot grrrl activists and queercore anarchists of the 90s to radical protesters Pussy Riot and the most inspiring all-girl bands today. These aren’t the manufactured acts of some pop svengali, these groups write their own songs, play their own instruments and make music together on their own terms. All-girl bands have made radical contributions to feminism, culture and politics as well as producing some unique, influential and innovative music. It’s time to celebrate the outspoken voices, creative talents and gutsy performances of the all-girl bands who demand we take notice. Including commentary from members of the original 60s girl groups and classic punk-inspired outfits like The Raincoats and The Slits, as well as contemporary Ladyfest heroines like Beth Ditto, this timely exploration shows the world that sidelining all-girl bands is a major oversight. Contributions by Victoria Yeulet, Elizabeth K.Keenan, Sini Timonen, Jackie Parsons, Deborah Withers, Jane Bradley, Rhian E.Jones, Bryony Beynon, Val Rauzier, Elizabeth K. Keenan and Sarah Dougher This book is a celebration of girl bands in all genres: girl bands who make music on their own terms. With a unique focus on the talented girl bands of the past 50 years rather than casting female musicians in the typical solo ‘singer-songwriter’ mode. New perspectives on each genre – from 1960s Motown groups to 1970s prog rock and punk to 1980s protest music, 1990s queercore, riot grrrl and beyond – written by musicians, performers, journalists, promoters and fans. Contents Introducing the All-girl Band: Finding Comfort in Contradiction | Julia Downes 1. Female Pioneers in Old-time and Country Music | Victoria Yeulet 2. Puppets on a String? Girl Groups of the 50s and 60s | Elizabeth K. Keenan 3. Truth Gotta Stand: 60s Garage, Beat and 70s Rock | Sini Timonen 4. Prog Rock: A Fortress They Call ‘The Industry’ | Jackie Parsons 5. Feminist Musical Resistance in the 70s and 80s | Deborah Withers 6. You Create, We Destroy: Punk Women |Jane Bradley 7. Post-Punk: Raw, Female Sound | Rhian E. Jones 8. Subversive Pleasure: Feminism in DIY Hardcore | Bryony Beynon 9. Queercore: Fearless Women | Val Rauzier 10. Riot Grrrl, Ladyfest and Rock Camps for Girls | Elizabeth K. Keenan and Sarah Dougher Epilogue: Pussy Riot and the Future | Julia Downes Notes Bibliography Reviews “Tales of race riots, intimidation and abuse by male music fans and management, and inspiring moments of in-your-face activism provide fascinating background to some of your favourite bands (and many you’ve never heard of). The greatest strength of Women Make Noise is that many of the contributors were themselves part of the bands they are chronicling. These women offer up inspiring, funny and enraging stories of being radical activists and prolific musicians in a world that worked constantly to push them down.” – Gender Focus “Women Make Noise is a wonderful collection of essays, taking the reader from the days of Sassy country and Western women carving out a place in a horrendously sexist fledgeling music industry, all the way up to the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90s and beyond. Each chapter is written with such boundless enthusiasm for the subject matter that it’ll keep you enthralled until you drift slowly out of your comfort zone without even realising it. Read the book cover to cover, have your eyes opened, discover your next favourite band and perhaps think about the role of Women in music a little differently from now on.” – Intuition, review by Owen Chambers “Fascinating, diverse and, most importantly, inspiring – the title alone is as much a rallying cry as a joyous statement of the truth.” – Zoe Street Howe, author of Typical Girls? The Story of The Slits, and other music titles “It’s exhilarating to learn about different generations of female musicians from such diverse, strong voices.” – Kathleen Hanna, American singer, musician, artist, feminist activist, pioneer of the feminist punk riot grrrl movement “A very important and timely contribution to the debates about “women in rock”. All-girl bands have too often been written off as novelties, and this exciting book sheds new light on an under-researched area.” – Lucy O’Brien, author of She Bop: The Definitive History of Women in Rock, Pop and Soul
Category: Music

Make The Noise Go Away

Author : Larry G. Linne with Ken Koller
ISBN : 9781936236749
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 26.53 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Many entrepreneurs embrace the challenge of being their own boss; they desire freedom—both financial and temporal. But, often, the business consumes both time and money and ends up owning the owner. In Make the Noise Go Away, author Larry G. Linne discusses thirteen principles to help business owners reclaim their freedom. Written in parable style, Make the Noise Go Away follows business owner Jim Clancy and second-in-command Brett Giles at Golden Electric Supply. During a weekend retreat at a quiet mountain cabin, the two executives discuss the principles and strategies that make Jim’s noise—all the worries and concerns about his business—go away and allow Brett’s job to be more enjoyable and successful. They talk about important skills and concepts such as maintaining upward communication, setting priorities, practicing effective problem solving, and introducing new ideas. Targeted to both first- and second-in-commands, Make the Noise Go Away provides insights on decision-making skills, methods to protect and nurture great CEO ideas, and strategies for managing the perception of the business by important third parties. With concrete takeaways and tools for implementation, this guide helps clear the way for productivity and success for today’s business executives and their seconds-in-command.
Category: Business & Economics

Handbook Of Noise And Vibration Control

Author : Malcolm J. Crocker
ISBN : 9780471395997
Genre : Technology & Engineering
File Size : 60.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Two of the most acclaimed reference works in the area of acoustics in recent years have been our Encyclopedia of Acoustics, 4 Volume set and the Handbook of Acoustics spin–off. These works, edited by Malcolm Crocker, positioned Wiley as a major player in the acoustics reference market. With our recently published revision of Beranek & Ver′s Noise and Vibration Control Engineering, Wiley is a highly respected name in the acoustics business. Crocker′s new handbook covers an area of great importance to engineers and designers. Noise and vibration control is one largest areas of application of the acoustics topics covered in the successful encyclopedia and handbook. It is also an area that has been under–published in recent years. Crocker has positioned this reference to cover the gamut of topics while focusing more on the applications to industrial needs. In this way the book will become the best single source of need–to–know information for the professional markets.
Category: Technology & Engineering

Who S Making That Noise

Author : Phillip Hawthorn
ISBN : 0794516955
Genre : Juvenile Fiction
File Size : 50.50 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Lift flaps in this luxury edition to find out who's making that noise.
Category: Juvenile Fiction

Words Of The Bible Explained

Author : Pastor Garrick Bridgeforth Sr.
ISBN : 1465352430
Genre : Religion
File Size : 64.92 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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The Christian community is a vibrant and flourishing worldwide community of believers held together by their common faith in Jesus Christ and the divine truths of the Holy Bible. The scriptures are the source of their strength and contain within the promise of eternal salvation that is granted to all who choose to believe. Pastor Garrick Bridgeforth has been called by God to bring a genuine and deeper understanding of the scriptures through his book, Words of The Bible explained. This book’s purpose is to enlighten and deter those who, by either sheer ignorance or selfish, malicious intent, would end up misunderstanding or even intentionally distorting the messages of the Holy Bible, leading themselves and those who follow them away from the original teachings. This book does not read like a standard dictionary of definitions. Instead, the terms and concepts are explained in great depth, analyzed in the context as it is found in the Bible, clarified further with conventional wisdom, and delivered in a way modern readers could understand. Words of The Bible explained is an ideal companion book to have when reading the Bible, expanding a Christian’s understanding of the scriptures. For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to
Category: Religion