Making Books

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Making Books

Author : Charlotte Stowell
ISBN : 1856972313
Genre : Book design
File Size : 79.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Focusing on making books out of card, paper, glue, needle and thread, this is one of a hobbies-and-crafts series for beginners, offering an introduction to each topic as well as variations once the basic skills have been mastered. It includes step-by-step diagrams and colour photographs.
Category: Book design

Making Books

Author : London Centre for Book Arts
ISBN : 1616896310
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 83.5 MB
Format : PDF
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From the London Centre for Books Arts, the internationally recognized, artistrun, open-access studio at the forefront of the book-craft community, comes this definitive manual for creating hand-bound books. Making Books: A Guide to Creating Handcrafted Books offers beginners and advanced artists alike a comprehensive overview of the tools, principles, and techniques used in hand bookbinding. Through hundreds of vibrant photographs and clear illustrations showing step-by-step instructions, Making Books leads readers through six bookbinding projects, from pamphlets and concertinas to multisection case bindings, for aspiring binders to learn and master.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Making Books With Kids

Author : Esther K. Smith
ISBN : 9781631590818
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 44.79 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Spread the joy and craft of books in your family with Making Books with Kids. An inspiring collection of ideas and projects for encouraging an artistic spirit in children! Making Books with Kids features more than 25 creative, kid-friendly projects in design, illustration, paper decorating, binding techniques and more. Book artist and author Esther K. Smith offers an exciting resource of easy-to-follow instructions supported throughout with step-by-step, full-color photographs and illustrations. Each sequence is accompanied by finished samples and variations as well as the inspiring work of a prominent book artist. Whether you use these projects independently or as a curriculum for hands-on, family-friendly, bookmaking experiences, you'll find that the lessons in this book are open-ended so they can be explored over and over-with different results each time! Colorful photos illustrate how different people using the same lesson will yield different results, exemplifying the way the lesson brings out each artist's personal style. Making Books with Kids is the perfect book for creative families, friends, and community groups and works as lesson plans for both experienced and new art teachers. Children of all ages and experience levels can be guided by adults and will enjoy these engaging exercises. Spread the love of--and craft of--books in your family with Making Books with Kids.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

The Oxford Handbook Of Organizational Decision Making

Author : Gerard P. Hodgkinson
ISBN : 0199290466
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 76.80 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The Oxford Handbook of Decision-Making comprehensively surveys theory and research on organizational decision-making, broadly conceived. Emphasizing psychological perspectives, while encompassing the insights of economics, political science, and sociology, it provides coverage at theindividual, group, organizational, and inter-organizational levels of analysis. In-depth case studies illustrate the practical implications of the work surveyed.Each chapter is authored by one or more leading scholars, thus ensuring that this Handbook is an authoritative reference work for academics, researchers, advanced students, and reflective practitioners concerned with decision-making in the areas of Management, Psychology, and HRM.Contributors: Eric Abrahamson, Julia Balogun, Michael L Barnett, Philippe Baumard, Nicole Bourque, Laure Cabantous, Prithviraj Chattopadhyay, Kevin Daniels, Jerker Denrell, Vinit M Desai, Giovanni Dosi, Roger L M Dunbar, Stephen M Fiore, Mark A Fuller, Michael Shayne Gary, Elizabeth George,Jean-Pascal Gond, Paul Goodwin, Terri L Griffith, Mark P Healey, Gerard P Hodgkinson, Gerry Johnson, Michael E Johnson-Cramer, Alfred Kieser, Ann Langley, Eleanor T Lewis, Dan Lovallo, Rebecca Lyons, Peter M Madsen, A. John Maule, John M Mezias, Nigel Nicholson, Gregory B Northcraft, David Oliver,Annie Pye, Karlene H Roberts, Jacques Rojot, Michael A Rosen, Isabelle Royer, Eugene Sadler-Smith, Eduardo Salas, Kristyn A Scott, Zur Shapira, Carolyne Smart, Gerald F Smith, Emma Soane, Paul R Sparrow, William H Starbuck, Matt Statler, Kathleen M Sutcliffe, Michal Tamuz , Teri JaneUrsacki-Bryant, Ilan Vertinsky, Benedicte Vidaillet, Jane Webster, Karl E Weick, Benjamin Wellstein, George Wright, Kuo Frank Yu, and David Zweig.
Category: Business & Economics

Making Books By Hand

Author : Mary McCarthy
ISBN : 1564966755
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 81.73 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Create beautiful handmade scrapbooks, photo albums, diaries, blank books, and more!
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

The Nature Of The Book

Author : Adrian Johns
ISBN : 9780226401232
Genre : Literary Criticism
File Size : 50.69 MB
Format : PDF
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In The Nature of the Book, a tour de force of cultural history, Adrian Johns constructs an entirely original and vivid picture of print culture and its many arenas—commercial, intellectual, political, and individual. "A compelling exposition of how authors, printers, booksellers and readers competed for power over the printed page. . . . The richness of Mr. Johns's book lies in the splendid detail he has collected to describe the world of books in the first two centuries after the printing press arrived in England."—Alberto Manguel, Washington Times "[A] mammoth and stimulating account of the place of print in the history of knowledge. . . . Johns has written a tremendously learned primer."—D. Graham Burnett, New Republic "A detailed, engrossing, and genuinely eye-opening account of the formative stages of the print culture. . . . This is scholarship at its best."—Merle Rubin, Christian Science Monitor "The most lucid and persuasive account of the new kind of knowledge produced by print. . . . A work to rank alongside McLuhan."—John Sutherland, The Independent "Entertainingly written. . . . The most comprehensive account available . . . well documented and engaging."—Ian Maclean, Times Literary Supplement
Category: Literary Criticism

Little Book Of Book Making

Author : Charlotte Rivers
ISBN : 9780770435158
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 24.84 MB
Format : PDF
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Making books by hand has never been cooler, with this inspiring guide to 30 top bookmakers working today, plus 21 tutorials for essential techniques to make your own books. Crafters, artists, writers, and book lovers can't resist a beautifully handbound book. Packed with wonderfully eclectic examples, this book explores the intriguing creative possibilities of bookmaking as a modern art form, including a wide range of bindings, materials, and embellishments. Featured techniques include everything from Coptic to concertina binding, as well as experimental page treatments such as sumi-e ink marbling and wheat paste. In addition to page after page of inspiration from leading contemporary binderies, Little Book of Bookmaking includes a practical section of 21 easy-to-follow illustrated tutorials.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Making Books

Author : Simon Goode and Ira Yonemura
ISBN : 9781911595533
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 27.91 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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This is a modern, stylish and practical guide to the traditional craft of bookbinding, written by the founders of the London Centre for Book Arts, a destination workshop space that attracts visitors from all over the world. Accessible enough for complete beginners, while full of inspiration for those with more experience, this is the ultimate guide to making beautiful books by hand. Starting with an introduction to the bindery and a useful inventory of necessary tools and equipment, you’ll also learn about different paper types, and special finishes such as cloth coverings, headbands and ribbon markers. You’ll then find clear step-by-step instructions for six different hand-made book types, from simple pamphlets and concertinas to more elaborate multi-section bindings. Each project includes ideas for variations, resulting in over 20 different possible outcomes. There are also details about more advanced techniques and specialist bindings, as well as handy layout and design advice. A combination of practical and inspirational photography will guide readers clearly through each stage of the process, while showcasing the unique results that can be achieved and offering an exclusive peek into the workings of the authors’ studio.
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Making Books

Author : Paul Johnson
ISBN : 9781551381275
Genre : Education
File Size : 72.48 MB
Format : PDF
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Category: Education

The Making Of Strategy

Author : Williamson Murray
ISBN : 0521566274
Genre : History
File Size : 51.58 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This volume focuses on the processes by which rulers and states have framed strategy from the fifth century BC to the present.
Category: History

More Making Books By Hand

Author : Peter Thomas
ISBN : 9781616739232
Genre : Crafts & Hobbies
File Size : 42.30 MB
Format : PDF
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DIVThis must-have book for newcomers to the popular art of bookmaking teaches all the basics and features easy and interesting projects that allow self-expression and experimentation. More experienced bookmakers and paper enthusiasts will also note that it offers a wealth of practical tips and techniques in one handy resource. All the basic bookmaking techniques include lots of specialized tips. Simple book structures, miniature books, and a wide variety of projects that highlight themes such as travel, music, even wearable books -- a book necklace and earrings -- provide creative variations on traditional ideas. The authors share innovative, unique, and previously unpublished binding structures that incorporate scrolls, flaps, folders, and more. In addition, some book projects are made from unusual materials or found objects, such as a book out of a ukulele, a real accordion book, a book diorama in a cigar box, and other experimental creations. /div
Category: Crafts & Hobbies

The Making Of Black Revolutionaries

Author : James Forman
ISBN : 0295976594
Genre : History
File Size : 57.16 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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An eloquent and provocative autobiography of an activist in the 1960s civil rights movement
Category: History

The Making Of A Land

Author : Ivar B. Ramberg
ISBN : 8292394427
Genre : Science
File Size : 38.64 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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"The Making of a Land - Geology of Norway" takes the reader on a journey in geological time, from primordial times to the present day. A fantastic journey from the summits of Norway's spectacular rugged and weather-beaten mountains to the riches concealed in the sedimentary rocks on the continental shelf. This book displays the treasures of Norwegian geology for everyone to see. Norway's geological resources represent the foundation of its welfare state. During several centuries first the mining, and then the oil industries have been economic mainstays, and this will continue in the future. The book presents a description both of Norway and the planet we inhabit and depend on for our survival. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs and maps from all over the country.
Category: Science

The Making Of Modern Tibet

Author : A.Tom Grunfeld
ISBN : 9781317455837
Genre : Political Science
File Size : 28.75 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An account of Tibet and the Tibetan people that emphasises the political history of the 20th century. This book attempts to reach beyond the polemics by considering the various historical arguments, using archival material from several nations and drawing conclusions focused on available documents.
Category: Political Science

The History Of Making Books

Author : Gallimard Jeunesse (Publisher)
ISBN : 0590476521
Genre : Books
File Size : 67.83 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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A history which includes information on ancient writing, parchment, the invention of paper, printing machines, reproducing images in color, bookbinding, booksellers, and censors.
Category: Books

The Making Of A Leader

Author : Frank Damazio
ISBN : 0914936840
Genre : Religion
File Size : 26.20 MB
Format : PDF
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In his insightful book, The Making of a Leader, Frank Damazio lays out for the serious student a broad discussion of what it means to be responsible for a group of "followers.
Category: Religion

The Making Of The Atomic Bomb

Author : Richard Rhodes
ISBN : 1439126224
Genre : History
File Size : 80.36 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Twenty-five years after its initial publication, The Making of the Atomic Bomb remains the definitive history of nuclear weapons and the Manhattan Project. From the turn-of-the-century discovery of nuclear energy to the dropping of the first bombs on Japan, Richard Rhodes’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book details the science, the people, and the socio-political realities that led to the development of the atomic bomb. This sweeping account begins in the 19th century, with the discovery of nuclear fission, and continues to World War Two and the Americans’ race to beat Hitler’s Nazis. That competition launched the Manhattan Project and the nearly overnight construction of a vast military-industrial complex that culminated in the fateful dropping of the first bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Reading like a character-driven suspense novel, the book introduces the players in this saga of physics, politics, and human psychology—from FDR and Einstein to the visionary scientists who pioneered quantum theory and the application of thermonuclear fission, including Planck, Szilard, Bohr, Oppenheimer, Fermi, Teller, Meitner, von Neumann, and Lawrence. From nuclear power’s earliest foreshadowing in the work of H.G. Wells to the bright glare of Trinity at Alamogordo and the arms race of the Cold War, this dread invention forever changed the course of human history, and The Making of The Atomic Bomb provides a panoramic backdrop for that story. Richard Rhodes’s ability to craft compelling biographical portraits is matched only by his rigorous scholarship. Told in rich human, political, and scientific detail that any reader can follow, The Making of the Atomic Bomb is a thought-provoking and masterful work.
Category: History

Making Books For Fun

Author : Dana Meachen Rau
ISBN : 9780756538590
Genre : Juvenile Nonfiction
File Size : 32.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Describes the basic skills necessary for making simple books, as well as information on the history of this craft.
Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Debating Rationality

Author : Jennifer J. Halpern
ISBN : 0801433789
Genre : Psychology
File Size : 35.52 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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"Debating Rationality is a terrific collection of essays written by an obviously first rate set of scholars. Several recent books have attempted to make similar points, but this volume pushes the ideas in new directions, rather than simply restating what are now established themes."—Roderick M. Kramer, co-author of Trust in OrganizationsDecision makers strive to be rational. Traditionally, rational decisions maximize an appropriate return. The contributors to this book challenge the common assumption that good decisions must be rational in this economic sense. They emphasize that the decision-making process is influenced by social, organizational, and psychological considerations as well as by economic concerns. Relationships, time pressure, external demands for specific types of performance, contractual expectations, human biases, and reactions to unfair treatment alter the decision-making context and the resulting decision outcomes.
Category: Psychology