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Make Money Simple Again

Author : Bryce Holdaway
ISBN : 0648294129
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 25.34 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Life has become so fast-paced and complicated. Through technological innovation, we're connected 24/7, we're busier than ever before and finding it hard to balance all aspects of our lives - not least the family budget! Best-selling authors Bryce Holdaway and Ben Kingsley's new book offers a simple, proven approach that will make money simple again, helping you to spend less than you earn so that you can save and invest for your financial future. History leaves clues; back in the day our grandparents would receive cash (remember that?) in a paper pay-packet (I kid you not), then they would physically set aside the dollars to 'rent/mortgage', 'food and bills' and 'savings' - often in those old-fashioned flour jars - one for each area of expense. It was simple, and it worked. Bryce and Ben's teachings draw on this proven logic of allocating income to various financial commitments, both short and longer term, ensuring you have the right amount of money for today, but just as importantly for tomorrow. Of course, in our grandparents' days, there was no 'tap and go', no credit cards, store cards or one-click purchasing, all geared to take our money from us. The authors recognise that all these options challenge our financial willpower, but their experience, from working with thousands of people, in all stages of life, over almost two decades prove that their system works. The MoneySMARTS money management system outlined in this amazing new book, cuts through the today's challenges of digital (invisible) money, to showcase a proven, rules-based approach to ensure you are in complete control of your finances. In Make Money Simple Again they will show you how to: o Know where your money goes o Take control of your spending o Trap your cash flow surplus each month o Pay off your debts sooner o Ensure you don't leave any 'money on the table' o Make every dollar work harder for you o Pay for holidays, kids' education, property and other big-ticket items o Achieve total control of your money in this new age and invest for your financial future. Using their MoneySMARTS system, will give you financial peace in less than 10 minutes a month!
Category: Business & Economics

Money Rules

Author : Jean Chatzky
ISBN : 9781609618612
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 27.71 MB
Format : PDF
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A powerfully simple, must-have manifesto on money with more than 90 wealth-building rules from the Today show's finance guru In a time of great financial uncertainty, this is the book everyone must read. The bottom line: Money is simple--people make it complicated. Now, bestselling personal finance author Jean Chatzky has distilled this simplicity into a smart, immediate, and entertaining set of rules that will change readers' financial lives. Chatzky removes the stress associated with all things money and says it clearly: Readers who follow these basic yet crucial approaches to spending, saving, investing, increasing their income, and most importantly, protecting what they have, will build the wealth and financial stability they've been dreaming of. Chatzky's advice is reassuring, straightforward, and often counterintuitive, including: "Date your stocks; don't marry them." " 'More money' won't always make you 'more happy.'" "To spend less, carry Benjamins, not Jacksons." "If you can't explain it, don't invest in it." " 'Free' can be very expensive." Written in her trademark warm, witty voice, and with a special Dos and Don'ts section, this is the only book readers really need to achieve true financial health and happiness.
Category: Business & Economics

Making Money Made Simple

Author : Noel Whittaker
ISBN : 9781459616790
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 78.2 MB
Format : PDF
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This is the book that smashed sales records and sold over a million copies around the world. Making Money Made Simple illustrates the essentials of money, investment, borrowing and personal finance in a way that only Noel knows how.
Category: Business & Economics

Making Money Simple

Author : Peter Lazaroff
ISBN : 9781119537878
Genre : Business & Economics
File Size : 85.90 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Simplify your financial life and ensure financial success into the future Feeling paralyzed by the overwhelming number of complex decisions you need to make with your money? You don’t need to be an expert to achieve financial freedom. You just need a framework that makes the right choices simple and easy to make. Making Money Simple provides that much-needed process so you can get on the right track to long-term financial security. This valuable resource provides a solid foundation for all the nuanced personal finance decisions you need to make as you go through your career, hit major life milestones, and look to grow wealth. It’s a blueprint for financial achievement—even through tough-to-navigate situations where there are no clear-cut rules. After you read Making Money Simple, you’ll be able to create your personal plan for success using proven wealth management methods and real-world financial strategies. From basic financial principles to advanced investing techniques, you’ll get comprehensive coverage of fundamental financial topics with easy-to-follow advice from author Peter Lazaroff, who draws from his expertise as the Chief Investment Officer of a multi-billion-dollar wealth management firm to give you the tools you need to simplify your financial situation and make the right moves at every opportunity. Getting your finances in order doesn’t have to be hard. It doesn’t require fancy, convoluted investment strategies. Nor does it require keeping track of detailed spreadsheets. You just need this step-by-step process to get your financial house in order and keep it that way forever. It doesn’t matter what your specific situation is. We all need to understand our money—and what to do with it. Making Money Simple shows you how to: ● Develop clear financial goals and plan for your future ● Understand the three crucial elements of building a strong financial house ● Implement effective investment strategies to grow your wealth and avoid costly mistakes ● Learn ten smart questions to ask when hiring financial professionals For those seeking to secure a solid financial future, Making Money Simple: A Complete Guide to Getting Your Financial House in Order and Keeping It That Way Forever is the roadmap to get you there.
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How To Get A Grip Forget Namby Pampy Wishy Washy Self Help Drivel This Is The Book You Need

Author : Matthew Kimberley
ISBN : 9781843584667
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
File Size : 33.87 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Do you want to get your life back on track? Are you treading water in your career? Does your relationship need a lift? Are you more fat than fit? Well, Get a Grip then! This is the self-help manual for people who hate self-help.You know the key to having more energy has nothing to do with crystals and chakras and everything to do with how much sleep you get. But you still choose reruns of Desperate Housewives over a good night's shut-eye. You know that neglecting your friends will leave you destitute and lonely but you're still too damn lazy to pick up the phone and get in touch. You know you could get through your to-do list in half the time -- yet you're still stalking your ex on Facebook. You know you need a kick up the backside -- and that's what you'll find within the pages of this book. If you're sick of being mollycoddled by self-help that deals in platitudes and endless steps for a new you, join How to Get a Grip in its campaign to help you get your life back on track by telling you what you already know. Implement How to Get a Grip's idiot-proof instructions to morph, overnight from being a friendless, wimpy and subservient doormat, perpetually vexed by the iniquities and raw deals that life throws at you, to being a total superhero. And what's more -- you'll have fun while you do it. No-nonsense lessons in life in a language that you will appreciate straight from the successful blog www.howtogetagrip. com
Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

John Coates

Author : Marie Beardmore
ISBN : 9780861969036
Genre : Performing Arts
File Size : 31.19 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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John Coates is best known as the producer of The Snowman, When the Wind Blows, Wind in the Willows, Willows in Winter, and Famous Fred, and as the man behind the Beatles film Yellow Submarine. This intimate biography takes the reader on a journey through Coates’s early life, his years as an army officer in the 11th Hussars in World War II, and his postwar life as a distributor for Rank films throughout Asia, before returning to England and eventually taking over TV Cartoons. With a foreword by Raymond Briggs and an epilogue by Coates himself, this abundantly illustrated work also includes a DVD of selections from Coates’s work.
Category: Performing Arts

Powerful Profits From Slots

Author : Victor H Royer
ISBN : 9780818407826
Genre : Games & Activities
File Size : 90.5 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Stack The Odds In Your Favor . . . And Walk Away A Jackpot Winner! The slot floor of the 21st century is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. You can increase your winning percentages in today's high-tech world of computerized slots if you understand how they work—and how to make them work for you. With 98 percent of today's casino visitors playing slots at least once, the casinos are raking in an incredible $350 billion annually. Fully updated, this indispensable book gives you the tools you need to cash in on some of the profits. Discover: Why some slots pay more—and which machines pay the most The best way to measure your win potential How to set loss and win limits Why playing maximum coins is important on most machines Why "old-time" three-reel machines can have a better payout The RNG—what it is and how it works The insider secrets of the machine's programming How to recognize when you're in a pay cycle—and when you're not And much, much more Tested Strategies From A Leading Casino Expert In this guide, noted casino consultant and gambling authority Victor H. Royer shares his secrets. Using his proven techniques, you'll learn how to make informed choices in today's technology-fueled casinos, avoid common pitfalls and gimmicks, and select the best games. Whether you're playing reel spinners or multi-denominational video slots, you'll go home with more money than you brought in! 120,000 Words
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Frugal Living Made Easy A Guide To Simple Living

Author : Amanda Green
ISBN : 9781634280280
Genre : Self-Help
File Size : 52.76 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Frugal Living Made Easy: A Guide to Simple Living" is a book that helps the reader to rediscover the simple, stress free lifestyle. It can be a bit difficult to make the transition but if the will is there, it can be done quite easily. The book is a great guide to what needs to be done to get back to the simple lifestyle; it helps the reader to free themselves of debt and to learn how they can make do with only the necessary things. The author also places a lot of focus on how to plan meals on a budget.
Category: Self-Help

The Little Boy Cook

Author : Joe Baxter Davis
ISBN : 1458202593
Genre : Cooking
File Size : 62.61 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Joe Baxter Davis tells the story of his family who lived on a farm in Equality Alabama. Daddy worked in town as an auto body man and painter. Some of the time Mama taught school across the county and only was home only on the weekends. So my older brother Winston and my younger brother Michael and I did the farm work. We raised food to eat and to trade at the local store for things we could not raise. We took care of the animals, built fences, cut wood to heat the house, milked the cows and all the other chores. Even though we were young boys, we were farmers. Mama and Daddy depended on us. It may be hard to understand today what our farm life was like in the 1940s, but we all worked very hard to provide for our family, it was our way of life. When I was eight, I had to have surgery on my leg for osteomylitis, a bone disease. After a long time in the hospital I went back to the farm, but I was on crutches and could not do the farm work with my brothers. But guess what Mama and Daddy had a plan. They asked me to be the family cook. So in 1945 I became the full time cook. I was so happy. I had always loved to watch Mama cook but now it was my job. I would get up early in the morning and help build fi res in the fireplace and in the little kitchen stove, then I would make home made biscuits and cook bacon and sausage and eggs for the family. I was the full-time cook. I enjoyed cooking so much and my brothers and Mama and Daddy acted like they really enjoyed the food. Maybe they were just hungry. the Little Boy Cook is a collection of good old county recipes and memories from the past and recipes from family and friends.
Category: Cooking