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Loving Kindness Meditation

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ISBN : 1610593685
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Loving-kindness is a type of meditation practiced by Buddhists throughout the world, but it is a word that appears in many religious texts, including the Bible, Jewish liturgy and the Book of Common Prayer. The book pairs images with poetry and meditation instructions.
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Can Lovingkindness Meditation Increase Trust And Trustworthiness In Strangers

Author : Liweilan Ma
ISBN : 9783668712249
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Bachelor Thesis from the year 2016 in the subject Economics - Other, grade: 1,0, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) (ECON), language: English, abstract: Kindness and trust are essential part of our society, since they are required everywhere where humans interact with each other. However, nowadays rising societal isolation and distrust within the society can be observed, therefore, we ask the question whether and how these qualities can be fostered. In this study, we designed an economical experiment in order to examine whether the traditional Buddhist practice called lovingkindness meditation can increase trust, trustworthiness and kindness. In order to assess the effects of time spent on practice, one treatment is a brief loving kindness meditation in a controlled laboratory context, while the second is an intervention lasting eight weeks. In comparison to the neutral control groups, a significant increase of trust, trustworthiness and kindness of the lovingkindness meditation group is expected. In addition, we hypothesized that participants of the field experiment will show larger positive effects in these three measurements than those of the laboratory treatment.
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Guided Journal For Lovingkindness Meditation

Author : Ever Metta
ISBN : 1726149625
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This guided journal can help you develop a lovingkindness reflective practice, or give you the space to reflect on your current lovingkindness meditation practice. Lovingkindness meditation is a means of directing love and positive energy within yourself, and out into the world around you...to great effect. Scientific studies referenced in the resources section at the end show amazing benefits of this particular kind of meditation, ranging from increasing gray matter volume to decreasing migraines and chronic pain. Lovingkindness meditation is accessible to everyone - you don't have to be a yogi - and is thought to have long-term impact. Even short amounts of time can make a difference - so it's not necessary to go on a retreat or isolate yourself from the world. It's not necessary to purchase an expensive meditation cushion and sit on it for hours at a time. It can be practiced in any comfortable position - standing, sitting, lying down. And it can be practiced anywhere. Phrases are usually recited silently, so no one will know what you're doing! Why not try it while you're commuting to work, waiting in line, or for a health appointment? ***Also available with alternative cover designs***

The Gift Of Loving Kindness

Author : Mary Brantley
ISBN : 9781572245624
Genre : Self-Help
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Loving-kindness, the English translation of the Pali word metta, is defined as unconditional well-wishing and openhearted nurturing of ourselves and others, just as we are. By practicing loving-kindness, you can learn to treat yourself and others-even strangers-like dear friends, putting aside criticism and judgment and choosing instead to open your heart to greater generosity, forgiveness, and compassion. While Buddha taught loving-kindness meditation as an antidote to fear, it can also quiet feelings of anger, judgment, and worry by helping you see the innate goodness within yourself and others. Whether used as part of a formal meditation practice or as daily mindfulness exercises, the 100 meditations in The Gift of Loving-Kindnessmake it easy to open your heart and share the seeds of loving-kindness with others. The Gift of Loving-Kindnessskillfully guides us to train our minds and hearts in the practice of loving-kindness meditation. The meditative exercises in this book can spark one's journey into greater love and compassion or enrich it anywhere along the path. Combining internal reflection and mindful exploration of our heart's capacity, these pragmatic exercises open us to genuine transformation. -Sharon Salzberg, author of Lovingkindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness Keep The Gift of Loving-Kindnesson your bed table and let its wisdom guide you. This book offers a rich assortment of contemplations that will open and free your heart. -Tara Branch, Buddhist teacher and author of Radical Acceptance: Embracing your Life with the Heart of a Buddha Simply reading these words will awaken you. Actually doing even one of these practices could profoundly transform your life. I offer warm and deep thanks to the authors for blessing us with these hundred doorways to the deepest and best parts of ourselves as human beings. -Jeffrey Brantley, MD, author of Calming Your Anxious Mind Use this practical and heartfelt book to discover how to open your heart in any circumstance. New scientific evidence confirms that filling your heart with loving-kindness can broaden your mind and build your best possible future. -Barbara L. Fredrickson, Ph.D., recipient of the Templeton Positive Psychology Prize Perhaps the greatest power of loving-kindness meditation lies in its elegant simplicity. It is a gentle, easy-to-learn practice, yet its effects are profound, like a deep massage for the mind and soul. The authors present this ancient wisdom in a way that can soothe, deepen, and enrich our busy, modern lives. -Rebecca Elliott, Ph.D., psychologist
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A Grounded Theory Exploration Of Lovingkindness Meditation Practitioner Experience Reports Of Effects And Clinical Relevance

Author : Catherine C. Corcoran
ISBN : OCLC:71764823
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Findings have implications for research exploring qualities, such as self-nurturing, compassion, empathy, and feelings of connection with others, that appear to be fostered by the practice of lovingkindness meditation. In addition, the findings have potential implications for clinical applications, including that of lovingkindness meditation as a mode of or basis for psychological interventions. Implications, potential clinical applications, and suggestions for future research are discussed.
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Beginning Instructions For Lovingkindness Meditation

Author : Bhante Vimalaramsi
ISBN : 1986741338
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In this booklet are the instructions for Loving-kindness Meditation (Metta) and the Practice of the Brahma Viharas which is based on the earliest Buddhist suttas, and if practiced correctly, will lead you to the supreme goal of Nibbana - in this very life. This booklet gives easy to follow instructions for a daily practice. Just 30 minutes a day gets you on a path to a deep experience of the truth. A month or two can even yield your first jhana experience because of the special "relax" step that is added for eliminating hindrances. For over 40 years Bhante Vimalaramsi researched and practiced many methods without finding any real satisfaction. He went back to the earliest Buddhist teachings. He found what he was seeking. Bhante's method of "The 6Rs", based on Right Effort, is the key to the cessation of craving and the elimination of ignorance. Bhante Vimalaramsi has been a monk since 1986 and practiced with many of the major Buddhist teachers in Asia. He now teaches all over the world and is the abbot of the Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center near St. Louis, Mo, USA.

A Big Little Something

Author : Preston Cox
ISBN : 1733224203
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The world could use a bit more love, kindness, and empathy. This illustrated, lovingkindness meditation for children shows us that we all have a little something to give that can make a big difference. This book is a tool to guide the thoughts of children, encouraging them to think more deeply about themselves and those around them and across the world while offering words of kindness and well-being.

8 Minute Meditation Expanded

Author : Victor Davich
ISBN : 9780698196636
Genre : Body, Mind & Spirit
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New and expanded, the bestselling, innovative program that advanced the mindfulness revolution People are always looking for new ways to reduce stress, increase productivity, and lead more well-rounded, happier lives. Many have sought a solution in meditation. However, simple, clear instruction is often difficult to find, and most teachers and books make meditation seem like a chore—something you have to do for up to an hour each day. 8 Minute Meditation is the first program created to give beginners the exact tools they need to learn to meditate and do it in a time-frame that even the busiest people can easily handle: just 8 minutes a day. The new tenth anniversary edition of 8 Minute Meditation surveys the latest mindfulness developments. It also contains the complete, original 8 Minute Meditation program, one of the all-time best-selling mindfulness programs in history. Features include clear, supportive step-by-step instruction, FAQs, and “troubleshooting” your mindfulness practice. All in the time between two television commercials!
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