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Love Letters Of The Great War

Author : Mandy Kirkby
ISBN : 9781447249931
Genre : Literary Collections
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Format : PDF, ePub
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From the private papers of Winston Churchill to the tender notes of an unknown Tommy in the trenches, Love Letters of the Great War brings together some of the most romantic correspondence ever written. Many of the letters collected here are eloquent declarations of love and longing; others contain wrenching accounts of fear, jealousy and betrayal; and a number share sweet dreams of home. But in all the correspondence – whether from British, American, French, German, Russian, Australian and Canadian troops in the height of battle, or from the heartbroken wives and sweethearts left behind – there lies a truly human portrait of love and war. A century on from the First World War, these letters offer an intimate glimpse into the hearts of men and women separated by conflict, and show how love can transcend even the bleakest and most devastating of realities. Edited and introduced by Mandy Kirkby, with a foreword from Orange Prize-winner Helen Dunmore.
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Love Letters Of Great Women

Author : Ursula Doyle (Ed.)
ISBN : 9780330536141
Genre : Literary Collections
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Format : PDF
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From the private papers of Anne Boleyn and Emily Dickinson to those of Empress Josephine and Queen Victoria, Love Letters of Great Women is an anthology of some of the most romantic letters in history. As a companion to Love Letters of Great Men, this collection gives the other side of the story: the secret hopes and lives of some of the greatest women in history, from writers and artists to politicians and queens. Includes letters by: Anne Boleyn * Edith Wharton * Mary Wordsworth * Nell Gwyn (mistress of Charles II) * Queen Victoria * the Empress Josephine * Mary Wollstonecraft * Katherine Mansfield * George Sand Praise for Love Letters of Great Men: 'The most romantic book ever' Daily Mail 'Inspired by the Sex and the City movie... Famous men caught with pen in hand and heart in mouth' The Times
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The Great War Letters Of Roland Mountfort

Author : Roland Mountford
ISBN : 9781906510794
Genre : Soldiers
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Between 1914 and 1918, Roland Mountfort served in the ranks with the Royal Fusiliers (10th and 25th Battalions) on the Western Front. He was a shrewd and highly literate observer of military life and his letters provide an excellent record of a young man's experiences in the Army during the Great War. This title features his letters.
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Love And Death In The Great War

Author : Andrew J. Huebner
ISBN : 9780190853921
Genre : History
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Americans today harbor no strong or consistent collective memory of the First World War. Ask why they fought or what they accomplished, and "democracy" is the most likely if vague response. The circulation of confusing or lofty rationales for intervention started from the moment President Woodrow Wilson secured a war declaration in April 1917. Yet amid those shifting justifications was a more durable and resonant one: Americans would fight for home and family. This book merges the stories of several American families with analysis of wartime popular culture. It argues that family, in lived experience and as symbolic motivator, gave the war meaning, recovering the conflict's personal dimensions. But that narrative had undergone transformative challenges by war's end.
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Landscapes And Voices Of The Great War

Author : Angela K. Smith
ISBN : 9781351856409
Genre : History
File Size : 65.46 MB
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This volume aims to provide a wider view of First World War experience through focusing on landscapes less commonly considered in historiography, and on voices that have remained on the margins of popular understanding of the war. The landscape of the western front was captured during the conflict in many different ways: in photographs, paintings and print. The most commonly replicated voicing of contemporary attitudes towards the war is that of initial enthusiasm giving way to disillusionment and a sense of overwhelming futility. Investigations of the many components of war experience drawn from social and cultural history have looked to landscapes and voices beyond the frontline as a means of foregrounding different perspectives on the war. Not all of the voices presented here opposed the war, and not all of the landscapes were comprised of trenches or flanked by barbed wire. Collectively, they combine to offer further fresh insights into the multiplicity of war experience, an alternate space to the familiar tropes of mud and mayhem.
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Love Tommy

Author : Andrew Roberts
ISBN : 9781780968933
Genre : History
File Size : 48.76 MB
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A legacy of an empire and a nation at war, Love Tommy, is a collection of letters housed at the Imperial War Museum sent by British and Commonwealth troops from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa from the front line of war to their loved ones at home. Poignant expressions of love, hope and fear sit alongside amusing anecdotes, grumbles about rations and thoughtful reflections, eloquently revealing how, despite the passage of time, many experiences of the fighting man are shared in countless wars and battles. From the muddy trenches of the Somme to frozen ground of the Falklands to the heat and dust of Iraq, these letters are the ordinary soldier's testament to life on the front line.
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The Hours After

Author : Gerda Weissmann Klein
ISBN : 0312273509
Genre : Literary Collections
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The love letters of Gerda and Kurt Klein, revealing one of the greatest love stories ever told. Over fifty years ago, Gerda Weissmann was barely alive at the end of a 350-mile death march that took her from a slave labor camp in Germany to the Czech border. On May 7, 1945, the American military stormed the area, and the first soldier to approach Gerda was Kurt Klein. She guided him to her fellow prisoners who lay sick and dying on the ground, and quoted Goethe: "Noble be man, merciful and good." Perhaps it was her irony, her composure, her evident compassion in the face of tragedy, that struck Kurt Klein. A great love had begun. Forced to separate just weeks after liberation and hours after their engagement, Gerda and Kurt began a correspondence that lasted until their reunion and wedding in Paris a year later. Their poignant letters reflect upon the horrors of war and genocide, but above all, upon the rapture and salvation of true love.
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Men Of Letters

Author : Duncan Barrett
ISBN : 0749575204
Genre : History
File Size : 65.24 MB
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Stories of the lives and losses of the Post Office Rifles in World War I—men who came from all ranks and walks of life, brought together by their common pre-war employment as Post Office workers When World War I broke out, the post office was the biggest employer in the world. Spanning many ranks and walks of life, 12,000 men fought bravely with the Post Office Rifles. By the war’s end, 1,800 of them had been killed. Those same men who not long before had been sorting and delivering mail, found themselves hoping their own letters would get through to their loved ones at home, and relying on the letters and parcels sent to them for their own much needed morale-boosts. Using the personal stories and letters of the men who joined the Post Office Rifles, this is a moving account of how the war touched the lives of ordinary men—how it changed communities, how women took up men’s working roles, and, of course, the vital role the mail played in the war. Love letters, letters from the front line, much-welcomed parcels of food and cigarettes, and sad letters of condolence—together these tell the story of the fallen heroes.
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France And The Great War

Author : Leonard V. Smith
ISBN : 0521666317
Genre : History
File Size : 31.65 MB
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France and the Great War tells the story of how the French community embarked upon, sustained, and in some ways prevailed in the Great War. In this 2003 book, Leonard Smith and his co-authors synthesize many years of scholarship, examining the origins of the war from a diplomatic and military viewpoint, before shifting their emphasis to socio-cultural and economic history when discussing the civilian and military war culture. They look at the 'total' mobilization of the French national community, as well as the military and civilian crises of 1917, and the ambiguous victory of 1918. The book concludes by revealing how traces of the Great War can still be found in the political and cultural life of the French national community. This lively, accessible and engaging book will be of enormous value to students of the Great War.
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Public Schools And The Great War

Author : Anthony Seldon
ISBN : 9781473831698
Genre : History
File Size : 64.66 MB
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In this pioneering and original book, Anthony Seldon and David Walsh study the impact that the public schools had on the conduct of the Great War, and vice versa. Drawing on fresh evidence from 200 leading public schools and other archives, they challenge the conventional wisdom that it was the public school ethos that caused needless suffering on the Western Front and elsewhere. They distinguish between the younger front-line officers with recent school experience and the older 'top brass' whose mental outlook was shaped more by military background than by memories of school.??The Authors argue that, in general, the young officers' public school education imbued them with idealism, stoicism and a sense of service. While this helped them care selflessly for the men under their command in conditions of extreme danger, it resulted in their death rate being nearly twice the national average.??This poignant and thought-provoking work covers not just those who made the final sacrifice, but also those who returned, and?whose lives were shattered as a result of their physical and psychological wounds. It contains a wealth of unpublished detail about public school life before and during the War, and how these establishments and the country at large coped with the devastating loss of so many of the brightest and best. Seldon and Walsh conclude that, 100 years on, public school values and character training, far from being concepts to be mocked, remain relevant and that the present generation would benefit from studying them and the example of their predecessors.??Those who read Public Schools and the Great War will have their prevailing assumptions about the role and image of public schools, as popularised in Blackadder, challenged and perhaps changed.
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